A Word To Mankind (2001)

Beam of Light

An article from “Stimme der Wassermannzeit Nr.107”.

  1. As never before in the long history of Earth and its people, wars and crimes, as well as manifold brutalities prevail, which constantly increase in step with the overpopulation.
  2. The old venerable relationships between planet and man have changed drastically for the worse, especially since the middle of the nineteenth century and the trend is continuing noticeably.
  3. Not only has mankind sunk into an abyss of boundless depravity, but it has also brought this decay to the planet and the entire animal world and nature as a whole.
  4. All governments and those responsible and the majority of the population have become the keepers of evil.
  5. While they talk of peace and better quality of life as well as of better interpersonal relationships, aid for the hungry, environmental protection and many other good things, the governments and responsible people secretly re-arm and prepare deadly…

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