“New” Scientific Discovery Published 27 Years Ago by UFO contactee

Specific information about rare form of lightning already given to UFO contactee by extraterrestrials in 1989

Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier claims to still be in face-to-face contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings for more than 74 years. His over 1,200, stunningly clear, still irreproducible, pre-digital era, UFO photos, films and video are the best physical evidence available, some were recently used in the new season of X-Files television shows, etc.

Even more amazing are the 26,000+ pages of information Meier’s published, containing large amounts of specific, prophetically accurate, scientific and world event related information. Despite well over 150 corroborated examples of his preemptive scientific accuracy, anti- truth, anti-scientific vested interests have consistently worked to suppress the Meier case; there have also been 22 documented attempts on his life for his trouble.

While Meier was the first person to specifically warn about unnatural, manmade climate change and global warming in the 1950s, even so-called “environmentalists” have shied away from his information, preferring the limelight of resource-wasting conferences and acting as if they’re the first to discover that we’re actually in some kind of trouble here on Earth.

Like a Bolt out of the Blue

A major, “new” scientific discovery about how certain very powerful types of lightning strikes begin during a thunderstorm was just published. As you can read, it was previously thought a “negative breakdown” of charge, which moves upwards from the ground, caused the initial sparks. “However, a rare type of lightning* called narrow bipolar events (NPE), which can be far more powerful than typical lightning strikes, is caused by the flow of positive charge. It typically occurs when charge jumps from the positive top of the storm clouds to pools of negative charge on the ground.” So they concluded that the narrow bipolar events (NPE) are the result of “positive breakdown” of charge moving downwards through the cloud, rather than upwards. (NOTE: “Previously thought” means that science – and scientists – periodically get upgraded, as actual new, factual knowledge is discovered and confirmed.)

Perhaps what Ptaah told Billy Meier, in 1989, will seem familiar and even…helpful, now that our scientists have learned a little more:

68. The positive cloud-to-ground lightning originates from the lower, positively charged area of the flash.

69. Positive cloud-to-ground lightning flashes, which originate from the upper, positively charged center, are *relatively rare.

70. Such flashes of lightning occur almost exclusively at the end of a respective active phase of a thunderstorm cell.

71. The positively charged center only builds up when the negatively charged center is nullified.

72. Such a positive discharge results, then, through a single and very powerful lightning flash, which descends to the ground.

73. It is also to be noted that ground-to-cloud lightning flashes with branches shoot up into the clouds, whereby leading flashes of lighting shoot up from the Earth – from mountain tops, towers, and other tall buildings, etc. – into the clouds.

74. With cloud-to-ground lightning, a cylindrical tube shoots down to the ground from the negatively charged center of the thundercloud, which is filled with the cloud’s charge.

75. In addition, the tube varies in its diameter and can exhibit several tens of meters.

76. Moreover, connected to it is a very thin and approximately one-centimeter thick, highly ionized plasma core.
77. This leading flash of lightning shoots down to the ground in a jerky and zigzagging manner, and indeed, at a speed of about 300 kilometers per second.

78. The jerky pre-shootings of the leading flashes of lightning occur in steps of several 20-meters, whereby the interim times of a step move to others within the range of a microsecond.

79. Once the tip, the head of the leading flash of lightning, has reached a distance of between ten and several hundred meters, the electric field strength of the objects that are stationary on the ground – such as buildings, towers, and trees, as well as mountain tops – increases in such a way that the electrical stability of the air is exceeded, and then, so-called “catching discharges” go out of the objects, and the head of the leading flash of lightning shoots toward and meets with these.

90. Positive cloud-to-ground lightning also transports in itself a much greater energy charge than what is the case with the negative surge current.

91. This is also the reason why positive cloud-to-ground lightning is much more dangerous than just negative cloud-to-ground lightning.

(Please also note that scientists use the words “narrow bipolar events” while Ptaah describes a “cylindrical tube”. Scientists mention “pools of negative charge on the ground”, Ptaah speaks of “the electric field strength of the objects that are stationary on the ground”.)

It’s the Funding, Stupid

Don’t be concerned that it’s been enormously difficult to find scientists not only intellectually curious and honest enough to take notice of the Meier case but who’ll shout it from the rooftops. We won’t wait for “scientists” at ASU CSI because they’re too busy discussing Looney Tunes, Daffy Duck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and zombies. The party-goers at SETI don’t want to know, certainly the corporate shills at MUFON are too busy reporting to the CIA and State Department, the paper tigers are too meek and the “futurists” prefer to appear trendy and important, rather than risk soiling their pants by confronting the real thing. For all of the aforementioned, money is a bigger consideration than the truth.

Fortunately, one courageous scientist has opened the door to critical inquiry. And maybe a few more will push their way through and examine the historical, singularly authentic contacts between Meier and the Plejaren. It could lead to helping us assure our own very threatened future survival – which is the reason for the contacts – if we’ll just get off our egos long enough to pay attention and do the necessary work ourselves.

Of course for this to happen, lightning would have to strike – in many places – more than once.


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From: http://theyflyblog.com/2016/03/05/major-new-scientific-discovery-published-by-billy-meier-27-years-ago/


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