Comments from Michael Horn’s letter to Freedom of the Press Foundation

Melissa Osaki says:

It just goes to show how efficient the powers that be have been in making the UFO subject a source of ridicule and embarrassment for people. No one in the public eye wants to be associated with it because that’s what the powers that be have convinced people to think. That only crazy, tinfoil hat wearing lunatics talk about UFO’s and prophecies. With estimates of 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy alone and they expect us to believe that we are the only intelligent life in the universe? That’s the most insane, arrogant and special kind of stupid a person can contrive. Sadly, a lot of these people know deep down that you are right, but they are afraid of the media ridicule and backlash. We need to turn the collective tide and make it more embarrassing to hide the truth than to expose the truth!

  • Hopefully, when Gaia [TESS] maps our galaxy and the James Webb telescope starts finding numerous Earth-like planets, those who believe we are ‘alone’ will start to become the ridiculed ones. The religious will have some thinking to do eventually.


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