The great whole

“The earth, the universe, the human being, nature and its fauna and flora are altogether works of creational-natural laws and recommendations as well as their causality, and everything together is the great whole of a single existence and of a jointly connected existence and life. The creational-natural laws and recommendations are the result of the creational impulses themselves, which, as immeasurable, [fluctuating] spirit-energy, form the BEING and being and are existent in everything. It (the spirit-energy) consists of only one single pure fluid, the spirit-energy itself, out of which, through the energetical impulses, all powers proceed and all the existences of the fine-fluidal and course-substantial are formed. Thus, there is only one single substance throughout the entire universe, because even the coarse-substantial is, in its finest form, of a spirit-energetical nature and thus creational energy. Out of this creational energy, everything streams and everything exists, and therefore, also the human being is a part of this great whole, and the great whole is a part of the human being and of everything existing. And if he/she (the human being) knows this, then he/she knows that he/she is greater than he/she can assess.”


SSSC, 19. September 2013, 23.54 h, Billy


Translation: Bruce Lulla, USA — with a little/lotta help from his friend Mariann U., Switzerland

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