Food Domes or Smaller Families?

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3 Responses to “Food Domes or Smaller Families?”

  1. Pocahontas Says:

    Be fruitful and multiply, so they say. I vacilate between these two concepts. On one hand, the food domes should be old hat by now and on the other hand, we do not need to be controlled anymore than we already are. I struggle with these two concepts for various reasons.

    • gregdougall Says:

      Who says “be fruitful and multiply”? Who are “they”? And why should you obey their commands without thinking for yourself? 8.8 billion now. 9 billion by 2020. “They” tell us were at only 6.5, 7 billion now. TJ, DODECA, GOTT

  2. Pocahontas Says:

    I was being sarcastic. The christian faith preaches this to their followers. As far as your concept, I have trouble due to the fact that we already have a horrific control system. This is all I was pointing out. We are in prison. I can understand your concept and it seems like it may be the only means to get things under “control” at this stage of the game, but . . .

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