1. You shall have no other powers and no gods, idols and saints next to Creation.
  2. You shall keep holy the name of Creation and not abuse this name.
  3. You shall make every day into a day of celebration and hallow it (control it).
  4. You shall not break your bond with Creation, including this: You shall not commit adultery.
  5. Honour Creation just as you honour, respect and love your father and mother.
  6. You shall not kill in depravity.
  7. You shall not rob and expropriate.
  8. You shall not bear false witness against the truth, Creation and life.
  9. You shall never, never speak an untruth.
  10. You shall not greedily covet material wealth and your neighbour’s possessions.
  11. Do not curse the truth.[1]
  12. Never, never put Creation’s recommendations and Creation’s laws into unworthy cults.

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