Meier Corroboration #184

Not one fraudulent UFO celebrity can give you specific information about the future, because there are no legitimate contactees other than Billy Meier.  Prove me wrong.

March 1, 2019

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“Xiang-Dong Wang: We demonstrated for the first time that tomato powder rich in lycopene can effectively reduce fatty liver disease, inflammation, and liver cancer development promoted by the the mice were consuming. Feeding mice tomato powder increased the richness and diversity of beneficial microbiota and prevented the over-growth of some bacteria related to inflammation.

Interestingly, we observed that tomato powder is more effective than the same dose of purified lycopene supplementation to prevent liver cancer development.”

March 16, 1987

If I may address you again on what you once said in reference to tomatoes: these contain active substances which prevent certain types of cancer?
228. That is correct:
229. Tomatoes actually contain certain active substances that can prevent certain types of cancer to a large percentage, and indeed, particularly prostate cancer.
230. However, it is important that always enough tomatoes or tomato products are used for food, and especially in a cooked state, because through the cooking process, the active substances are strengthened.
231. But in a positive, preventive form, other types of cancer are also able to be influenced by the tomatoes’ active substances, as this is also the case with other types of vegetables as well as with fruits and all sorts of herbs and other plants.
232. But about this, in accordance with our directives, I may not give any explanations in an official form, for this would offend against the self-development in terms of the research and insight collection of the Earth people.



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