The Innermost Self

…If the life is viewed and considered in all its situations and variations, then it can be recognised that life means a constant struggle, a continuous careful study of one’s own innermost (self) and outer self. The innermost self, which exists in the deepest consciousness, reflects the values of the creational spirit, but in opposition to that, the human being forms the outer self, the outer personality, according to his/her own views and understandings, by means of his/her thoughts and feelings and will. And, as a rule, this outer self, this outer personality, which is also released outwardly in the environment as one’s conduct, completely contradicts the innermost self which has a creationally-given nature.

…The human being’s innermost, spiritual-creational self is his/her most precious possession, the most valuable pearl of his/her life, the greatest of all treasures concealed in him/her and the greatest value that he/she carries around with himself/herself. His/her innermost self, his/her true self, which has a creational nature, is the true stone of wisdom. It does not consist of silver, gold or precious stone, rather, it consists of creational energy and true creational love – constantly ready to penetrate the human being’s deepest consciousness and also his/her external consciousness, so that he/she listens to it and orientates himself/herself accordingly, in order to live in the creational-natural sense, to be progressive and to fulfill his/her life according to the laws and recommendations. But the human being almost never listens to the call of the innermost spiritual-creational self and only seldom feels its pulsating impulses which call upon him/her to really live, to be human, to create knowledge, true love and wisdom, and to be evolutive.

…As a human being, one must never forget the sense of the life and never the existence of the innermost self. Only in one situation – namely when one is overcome by current events or if one is occupied with things that are established outside of the high values of the sense of life and of the innermost self – may one sometimes briefly give oneself over to forgetfulness. So, it does not mean that one must constantly only dedicate oneself to the evolution, rather that one has the freedom to occupy oneself also with different, and purely worldly, things. Yet one ought to always be mindful of this: that everything worldly is only a concurrent matter in the happenings of the sense of life and thereby in the happenings of the evolution – a matter which is indeed necessary, but which ought never to be overvalued. If one lives correctly, the life consists of a fascination about the eternal becoming and passing, and of the constant up and down and back and forth of all necessary things and motions, which call forth transformations and which are required for the entire life and evolution, as well as for the everyday life of the human being. Yet, for the human being, along with the material existence, exists the existence of the spiritual-creational, which is the actual and true life. Therefore, for him/her, the single hope is that which is inescapable, and the higher, joyous Ziel of going over into the next highest level, where, however, all instruction and all learning continue. Therefore, the human being must always – and even right here and now, in this moment – make the effort to do his/her duty.

excerpts from The Innermost Self

An excerpt from the book Ein Quentchen Wissen, Sinn und Weisheit (A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and Wisdom) by Eduard “Billy” Albert Meier,_Sense_And_Wisdom_(book)


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