Former NASA kook unknowingly corroborates speed of light info

Why do I call them a kook?  Because they were interviewed by the pathetic frauds at Thirdphaseofmoon, the UFO disinfo youtube channel, who only very rarely reveal the Meier case, and will post any and every fake UFO video there is without analysis.

disclosure drudge 4.29.19

And I refuse to post the link, which leads to one of those online Brittish tabloids that call this strange or weird news, and then attack your computer browser with dozens of invasive tracking cookies.    There was a link at the VERY END of the article about a man who claims to have traveled in time and took photos of dinosaurs.  hmm…

But this lady who used to work for NASA made the DrudgeReport, albeit at the very bottom corner, talking about how time travel might be possible based on the speed of light that is decreasing based on laser light measurements.

Now where have I heard that before?

19. Already in this Transformation Belt, time begins to run into the past, from which aging originates.
20. This means that in this Transformation Belt, chronons begin to exist, then are aging and becoming tachyons and are representing the past. By the way, tachyons may be proven by the terrestrial scientists in a short time.
21. At the same time, the speed also decreases from the Transformation Belt in an irregular manner but in a certain half-life.
22. The irregular decrease in speed, which amounts to 147 times the speed of light in its starting point and expansion point, comes about through mutually self-influencing and different time streams that have already changed in their speed.

Students of the Meier material have long known that:

a. the speed of light has a half life

Which was revealed in Contact 143 which took place on…

March 22nd, 1981.


b. time travel is possible

3. I have already explained to you the possibility of time travel into the past or future.
4. In accordance with our technology, we are in a position to undertake such trips and to now also employ them for the benefit of your coming mission.
5. As it has been decided, you will travel back with me into various epochs in order to be able to examine the truth of events there and then and to recognise that your traditions and the assertions of your religious antiquity researchers, and so forth, are false and unreal and only in very rare cases correspond to the actual occurrences.


Maybe in a few hundred years, NASA scientists and UFO skeptics will catch up to the rest of us.

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