Meier Corroboration #191

May 30th, 2019

A potential therapeutic strategy to treat viral infection and boost immunity against cancer is reported in the May 30 online issue of the journal Cell.  The work, conducted by scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine, found that boosting the body’s production of type 1 interferon helped clear viral infection and increased immunity against cancer by identifying a sensor involved in suppressing interferon production in an animal model.

Interferons are a group of signaling proteins made and released by host cells in response to the presence of several viruses. In a typical scenario, a virus-infected cell will release interferons causing nearby cells to heighten their anti-viral defenses.

Interferons also help the immune system fight cancer and may slow the growth of cancer cells.

September 29th, 2005

Question: Do you know if there is anything that we can do in our daily lives to prevent cancer?  This is the last I ask about this topic.  There are theories that say that it is possibly triggered by the environment, foods, habits. Thank you,

Answer: Various factors play a role in this: nourishment, constitution, heredity, environmental influences, radioactivity (like radon seeping up from the ground and flowing into houses), etc.

You can use gamma interferon, eat yogurt, vitamin C, nourishment additions (minerals etc.), move your body, refrain from smoking and drinking and using drugs, etc. etc.
However, there is no 100%-proof way of preventing cancer.

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