How Do You Survive The Next Local Catastrophe, Disaster, or Emergency?

How to survive the worldwide starvation crisis caused by Peak Oil;

“What can I do”?

According to the experts you should:
1. Garden with sustainable agriculture techniques (less pesticides and fertilizer (organic or better yet permaculture)).
2. Buy food and manufactured goods made locally
3. Pay down debt
4. Learn skills they will be useful in the future and make friends that have useful skills you don’t have (related to providing food, water, shelter, and medical care. A necessary skill is organic/permaculture gardening/farming). Very important: medical plant and medical skills are the best way to ensure your survival. All others will gladly sacrifice their life to protect your life, so you are around to use your medical knowledge to keep their families alive.
5. I recommend to invest some money into technologies to increase the “carrying capacity” of the planet (high risk investments);
A. decrease environmental impact per capital
B. alternatives for our food system input to improve production
C. alternatives to our current living arrangements,
D. alternatives to our plastics industry,
E. alternatives to disaster capitalism
F. “Savior technologies”, ie faster-than-light travel, “game changer” technologies, ie Cold fusion energy & “delaying technologies”, ie deep drilling technologies ]geothermal[.
6. I also recommend you inform and prepare your family, friends, and others. It is best to initially suggest people have an emergency kit… for any emergency such as flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, loss of electricity due to a winter storm.
Then, if the friend or relative puts together a disaster kit, what I do is introduce Peak Oil (by telling them of the 43 second movie trailer , the “National Geographic Collapse” movie on YouTube, & free book downloads.
7. For the truly motivated, a community based organization to mitigate Climate Change and Peak Oil is:
Google “2052 free book summary download”, & “Plan C”.
See the Facebook page: “National Geographic Collapse movie”
Jeff Harbaugh
Thank you, Jeff!
see also: video of DOTEATCOO:

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