The Spiritual Awakening is Great


“A true human being develops a wish, arising from feelings for others, to be able to use the values of his/her evolution, not only for himself/herself alone, rather also for his/her fellow human beings.  The evolution is the illuminating essence of the striving for that which is higher and more absolutely fully developed, and the striving is the beating heart, so to speak, for making progress.  To develop this heart of the striving, in the consciousness, and to make it beat, means to patiently bring to maturity the seeds of the duty, when there is a comprehensiveness of the cognition of the truth that the human being lives for the evolution and the relative absolutely-full-development in order to thereby one day become one with the Creation.  If the seed of the striving for that which is higher is nurtured and the evolution is thereby brought to bloom, then the human being becomes raised above all that which is untruthly, disharmonious and terrible and finds his/her way back to the origin of his/her identity, to his/her true nature and his/her true inner nature, which is human.  And once he/she finds the source and the roots of his/her being human in the true and real sense, and finds himself/herself, as a human being, then the feelings for the fellow human beings then also awaken in him/her and thereby also the wish to share with others his/her knowledge and the truth which has been found, as well as the love and harmony resulting from that.  Therefore, may this precious cognition as well as the knowledge, the truth and the feelings for others, as well as the wish, awaken in all those in whom these high values are still slumbering.

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