You’ve Already Been Biochipped

I’ve just received my new card in the mail.  It must be better because they are telling me it’s better (even though it only does the exact same thing as my current card).  Back in the stone age, a few years ago, you actually had to swipe your debit or credit card though a little slot in order to use it.  Then they chipped almost all the cards, so now you have to stick it in a little pocket and wait an eternity for the transaction to process.  But no more!  Without me even asking for it, the company who owns Marshall’s / TJ Maxx, sent me a “contactless” card.  All you have to do is wave it like a magic wand, and you get a bill in the mail a few weeks later.  The weird thing is, I don’t want anything to do with wireless devices or radio waves near my body.  Another thing that struck me as odd:  My current card doesn’t expire for more than 2 years from now.  So I cut up the new card and they can track where my plastic garbage goes.  Maybe it will end up here.  Make no mistake.  We’ve already been biochipped, just on the outside.

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