Excerpt from- Everyday life

“…Every human being must find a consensus, i.e. a concordance with every other human being, in order to live with him/her in love, peace, freedom and harmony. In doing so, there must be no resentment, as also no hatred, no jealousy, no egotism, no anger and no rage, no unhonesty and also nothing else that could affect the relationship in any form. There must also be no falseness and no despondency, to the contrary, however, refreshing humor, human warmth, sincere friendliness and true kindheartedness. Personal deep blows of fate suffered in the life of the human being must not play any role in this, rather it must be learned to laugh in the face of this, because it is only in this wise that the inner peace and the inner freedom and harmony can be found and maintained. And all of this includes also the many and varied questions of the everyday life, of life in and of itself, of the dying and the death as well as of the life-formation, which must be satisfactorily answered in order to understand everything and also in this respect to find the inner peace and inner calm and to be without anxiousness/fear. Also, all sorts of suddenly arising situations, happenings and difficulties must be mastered, which often require an in-depth consideration. In addition, the “teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life” also helps in many things, which invite learning, pausing and dwelling (consideration). This teaching brings many inspirations in times of uncertainty, as well as giving impulses for the thoughts and feelings as well as for the conduct, when the human being delves into the teaching and concerns himself/herself with it in his/her daily life in his/her world of thoughts and feelings.

It is the individual human being who can make a difference, by which a better world-picture arises for him/her and the humankind. Even the slightest ideas, thoughts as well as feelings can set powerful things in motion and bring about changes to the better. A good impulse of an individual can already effectuate a quite valueful change of consciousness to the good in many human beings. And this is not only possible in the realm of simple educated human beings, but also in the case of scholars, with the poor and with the rich as well as in society, just as in families and circles of friends.”

SSSC, January 21, 2010, 12:49 am Billy

source: http://beam2eng.blogspot.com/2018/12/everyday-life.html

and  http://beam.figu.org/artikel/1527700591/lebensalltag

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