We are all climbing the mountain of truth

Trying to reach the culmination of understanding is like trying to climb a mountain from the base to the peak.  We all start at the bottom and want to get to the top.  But since we all have different upbringings, we all must find our own way to get there.  Imagine a large mountain like Chimborazo.  Some of us start on one side, some on the other (beliefs).  Along the way we may slip or stumble, but eventually we continue (learning from mistakes).  Some people are better equipped than others (education).  Some have more determination (confidence) than others.  Some take their time (take pictures of themselves to share on social media), while others race upwards with little rest.  Perhaps we meet people along the way, and gain information on how to climb more efficiently, or learn a better route.  Or perhaps not.  Maybe you might see some people doing stupid things on the mountain that you would never do (bad habits). Some people have safety equipment.  Others may fall and bump their head as they tumble.  The way to the top is a struggle, but the higher you go, the cleaner the air, the better the view, and the less people there are.

Chimborazo peak, Ecuador: the closest place to space on ...

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