We are all climbing the mountain of truth

Trying to reach the culmination of understanding is like trying to climb a mountain from the base to the peak.  We all start at the bottom and want to get to the top.  But since we all have different upbringings, we all must find our own way to get there.  Imagine a large mountain like Chimborazo.  Some of us start on one side, some on the other (beliefs).  Along the way we may slip or stumble, but eventually we continue (learning from mistakes).  Some people are better equipped than others (education).  Some have more determination (confidence) than others.  Some take their time (take pictures of themselves to share on social media), while others race upwards with little rest.  Perhaps we meet people along the way, and gain information on how to climb more efficiently, or learn a better route.  Or perhaps not.  Some people might have safety equipment while others climb without it.  Hopefully we can all strive to improve our position in an upward or positive movement or direction.  The way to the top is a struggle, but the higher you climb, the better your view becomes.

Chimborazo peak, Ecuador: the closest place to space on ...

GOTT p.563

GOTT 28:435-341

425) And if you do not stand strong and firm on the current step of your development in the life, then you will have great strain to climb up to the next step, because you will need the preceding step as a firm foundation.

426) These steps correspond to your consciousness-based development-state, and according to how this state is given, it will be possible for you to develop yourselves further and to climb up the next step.

427) If you make a conscious effort to climb up the steps of your upward-striving development during your existence one by one, then it will become clear to you that you can only reach the next step, if you have correctly fulfilled the development on the preceding step.

428) Only through the full, absolute fulfilment of a development-step is it possible to climb up to the next higher one; but if you do not fulfil it through the perception, the cognition, the cognisance, the knowledge, the practical experience and its living, the taking-in, comprehending and experiencing it through living it in the present, then you cannot get the essence of the whole, i.e. the wisdom, which builds the state of the higher development reached.

429) If you do not fulfil this developmental process through the real experiencing of the present through living it, namely in the realm of the material as well as in your inner and in the fine-fluidal, then nothing can contribute to the ripeness in you, so you are, from your present development-step, not able to recognise and step on the next one; only with the equipment of the true experiencing of the present through living it in all domains of your existence, in your inner, in the fine-fluidal and material, do you create the energy and power to perceive your next development-step and also to climb up to it.

430) In this wise it goes on and on through your entire actual life and it went on like this in all your previous lives as always new personalities, and it will also be so in your new lives as new personalities, once you have left your present existence.

431) Truly, you need only look after your high fulfilments of your consciousness-evolution and hence pay due attention to your individual development-steps which, for the purpose of your evolution, you must build and use yourselves in order to reach your fulfilment.

human spiritual evolution

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