Warning: Part 4 new age bullshit from Cobra and Justin Deschumps

Update 3.22.20: No, COBRA’s stupid meditation did not stop the Virus in Italy or anywhere else!

Yes the fraud COBRA loves tricking new agers with totally fake and false information.   And poor Justin of Silliness in the Storm loves to roll around in it.  Here is the latest warning.. what you need to avoid are frauds with no discernment or truth:

COBRA | Urgent Meditation to Stop the Coronavirus Outbreak in Italy



Yes, COBRA is a fraud, just like anyone else who posts stuff from “pleiadeans”, because there is no life in the Pleiades.

Justin Deschumps has no discernment and refuses to publish REAL information from the Plejaren federation like this:

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

More warnings: https://gregdougall.wordpress.com/?s=Bullshit&submit=Search



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