TTSA and AATIP is Old News

Another Meier witness is UFO researcher Erwin Mürner from Zurich. He stated to MAGAZIN 2000plus: “I have known Billy Meier since 1976.

At that time I visited him in Wetzikon with a group of people. Together with him we went to the landing sites and conversed with him. This intrigued me. Shortly afterward I sighted a UFO with my parents and my wife just when I was about to take them to one of those landing sites. The object was round. Suddenly it shot into the air. Then it stopped, dashed off sideways and then it came back to the center before disappearing in a downward motion, like a falling leaf.

Billy gave me several of his photos. The picture that impressed me the most was of a UFO and an Air Force Mirage fighter plane. I made serious efforts to uncover the truth about it. Then the following occurred: A UFO convention was being held at the Zurich Novotel, where I met a man who was with the Air Force. We entered into a conversation, and when he told me he was with the Air Force, I asked him about the photo. He confirmed the photo was authentic and that they knew everything about the contacts. I met with the man several more times, during which he said he was part of the Army’s Special Services. At our next meeting he carried a black briefcase, from which he removed a portfolio, a dossier, which he allowed me to read . . . and on page 3 was the story about the Mirage!

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In brief, the article stated that those who have knowledge about this case must keep it a secret for the rest of their lives. Thereupon I asked my acquaintance what he thought of Billy Meier, and he told me the military knew that everything was true but the people aren’t allowed to know about it.”

Later Mürner was even able to glean the name of the Mirage pilot, and he contacted him. The Air Force officer confirmed the incident without revealing any details.

Does the Swiss Air Force have additional information about Meier’s contacts? It is certainly not coincidental that years ago the Swiss Army seized the elevated area above the Meier Farm as a site for a rocket launching ramp; today it is only used as an observation post.

Evidence exists which demonstrates that the Swiss Air Force could very well know about the authenticity of Meier’s contacts. As we reported in the May 1998 edition of MAGAZIN 2000plus No.127, an official of the Swiss Military Airspace Safety Monitoring Unit informed Swiss ufologist Luc Bürgin and the MUFON-CES research group about recorded data pertaining to radar sightings of unknown flying objects in the Swiss air space. According to their information, 236 UFO radar sightings took place in the airspace above the land of the Swiss confederates between the 25-month period from April 1, 1993 to April 31, 1995. Particularly noteworthy were the clusters of UFO radar positions above the Zurich highlands—precisely in the area where Billy Meier has his contacts.


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extraterrestrial metal allloy analysis:

Tom Delonge uses Meier photo without credit or permission or explanation in order to promote his fictional book:  (and documentary, which hasn’t even come out yet)?    

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