Warning: Part 6-UFO Bullshit series George Adamski

Welcome back to my UFO / new age BS series.


We have so far addressed disinformation (aka B.S.) from Lisa Renee, COBRA, Dustin Deschumps, Kabamur, Dylan Monroe, Kerry Cassidy, and of course the giant forehead David Wilc*ck.  And let’s not forget the TTSA posterboy or shall I say, puppet.

And now we go retro, to one of the biggest names in early UFOlogy, George Adamski.

And I address this because I still see some people touting him as a legitimate witness / photographer of ET UFOs, but alas nothing is better than aliens directly debunking frauds.  And ooh boy it doesn’t get much better than this!  Enjoy the show…

CR 349

…Well, let me see if I can still put it together after all this time. If something doesn’t correspond to the events of that time, then please correct me:
… It was in the late fifties or the beginning of the sixties when this charlatan Adamski gave a show in Zurich at the Volkshaus, Helvetia-Platz, with very strange 8mm films and weak, ridiculous-looking explanations. Interested in the show myself, I contacted Asket, who was present when I attended the Adamski lecture together with Paul Christen and three others, of whom I only know their first names, Kurt, Eddy and probably Erich. So I bought a ticket, saw his films and listened to his speech, which was translated into German by a translator. For my part, I had a translator on loan from the alien Asket, who was also present, but who remained invisible to everyone present due to the technology of her light deflector, which also rejects and redirects radar beams. Unfortunately, the translators did not do their duty correctly, which disturbed me as well as the audience, who became quite displeased. Unfortunately, I cannot remember many details, because it is more than 40 years ago, but I remember that long before the lecture, Asket explained to me that Adamski’s claims were made from thin air and that his UFOs were nothing more than models. During the lecture, Asket and I agreed that I should have a conversation with George Adamski after the film and the explanations were finished and confront him with the truth of the fact that all his films were made with models and that his whole story was just his imagination for the purpose of being famous and traveling the world etc. But since I didn’t know English at that time, I had to rely on Asket’s translator, which then served me well.

Around 23:30, when the audience had left, I approached Adamski and asked him for a very important personal interview, without the audience being present. He agreed to this – for 15 minutes, as he promised. However, it must be said that Asket’s suggestive impulses were necessary. So we went into a small room – Asket, of course, going along unnoticed – where I confronted him and accused him of fraud and charlatanry, which he of course vehemently denied. So I resorted to the remedy that Asket had suggested to me, namely that I could prove to him that he could prove the whole of his claims only from his fingers, explaining to him that I myself had been in contact with extraterrestrials since my childhood and that an extraterrestrial was invisibly present in the room, and that he was not well disposed to his giddiness, he reacted angrily, became loud and hissed that my words were only nonsense, because there was nothing trivial. Then I asked him how he would behave if Asket, who had been invisible until then, suddenly appeared in the room. And again he hissed that there could not be such a thing. And that was exactly the moment when Asket switched off her light redirection device and appeared out of nowhere right in front of Adamski.

Pale as chalk and frightened he opened his eyes and was unable to utter a word. It may have taken him two, three or even four minutes to get his bearings and he stutteringly asked Asket, dressed in a space suit, where she came from and who she was. Of course, she explained the whole context to him, but I can’t remember the details, which led Adamski to apologize to me and explain that I was right with my accusation against him. But he had brought everything up big and now he could not go back etc., because otherwise he would make himself impossible all over the world. I don’t remember what he said, except that he said that he always felt very alone and that he had therefore sought the way through the alleged UFOs and contacts with equally alleged extraterrestrials. That in order to get in contact with people who should admire him, to which he also used his strong suggestive powers to cast a spell on people. Finally we were then more than half an hour in the room, when suddenly there was a knocking at the door, whereupon Asket switched on her cloaking device again in a flash and was absolutely invisible. Then a woman came in who wanted to pick Adamski up and asked if we were finally finished, which I answered with yes, after which I left wordlessly and never heard anything from Adamski personally again. Unfortunately I cannot remember anything more, at least not the exact details of the conversation, neither from myself nor from Adamski or Asket.

20. Your account is correct in every respect.


UPDATE:  Another ET from a different star system also calls out Adamski as a fraud!

Kohun: “You may well be right. It is also your right to know the truth. The names you mentioned are well known to us, but you mispronounced them: The first is called ADAMSKI, the second, Genovese, and the third, Michalek. These are not names of real contact persons, but of malicious swindlers. Neither one nor the other of them has ever had contact with us or any of the other space races.

To the best of our knowledge, they have also never even sighted one of our beam ships. These three are not the only frauds of this kind. There are very many of them. If you hear at a later time such names as Zilar, Menger, Miller and Nelson or Castillo, Siracusa… then you can be sure that these are definitely the names of frauds.”

(There are over a dozen other reports calling out this man)

Read another example of die hard skeptics turned into eye witnesses



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