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Billy Meier Live Q&A AMA Zoom Conference Tuesday 1pm EST

August 28, 2020

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NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper on UFO pics

August 22, 2020

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Paging David Wilcock, Stephen Greer, SETI, MUFON, Contact In the Desert, Michio Kaku, Neil Degasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Linda Moulton Cowe, Nick Pope, Jill Tartar, and all the other career frauds.  The truth will always prevail in the end, despite your efforts to cover it up.





343 original skin colors

August 21, 2020

The life form Omedam is the fulfillment of the Law of Creation in order of its own evolution.

The human form is created for the purpose to evolve Creation itself by means of countless lives in the material realm and after that as a pure spirit form by countless transformations in the spiritual realm until re-unification of the spirit form with Creation so that Creation benefits from the spirits knowledge and wisdom and evolves itself a little more.

There were 40,353,607 original human races with 343 different skin colors originally which have multiplied and interbred manyfold.


Reincarnation diagram:

If someone ever claims there is no evidence…

August 16, 2020

..They are lying!

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Knowing is better than Believing

August 6, 2020

New video from a friend:


Warning: Part 8 – bullshit artist Matias de Stefano of Gaia TV

August 6, 2020

You know, I really didn’t think this expose would turn into an ongoing series, but the new age bullshit never ends.    Please avoid our newest fraud, Matias de Stefano.  I will have to come up with a nickname for him like I did for all the other frauds.

Why is he completely full of shit?

  1. He speaks of Pleiadians instead of Plejarens.  Pleiadians don’t exist. He says their ships are little light merkabas like the one below in between his creepy little fingers.  Plejarens have actual ships made of metal, not computer graphics.

bs guy 1

2. He speaks of “reptilians” as if they exist.  They don’t.  At least not on this planet.  Again, computer graphics artwork does not count as evidence in a court of law.

4. He also talks about Annunaki as if they exist.  THEY DON’T.  Giant fraud this guy guy 2

5. He speaks of Atlantis.  He says it was not about pyramids.  But it was.  I published that in 2013.  And I 100% guarantee you he does not even know the 4 locations of Atlantis.  I published that in 2014.

bs guy 3

And just like that, our new bullshit artist has earned his new nickname… Pedro.

bs guy 5

Please let me remind you, as I posted a few days ago,

The REAL purpose of ET UFO visits and sightings (disclosure)

Nature News for this week

August 4, 2020

Increased global mortality linked to arsenic exposure in rice-based diets

Why aren’t sea trout thriving anymore?

Dolphin calf entangled in fishing line only lived two years following rescue

More carbon in the ocean can lead to smaller fish

How climate change made the melting of New Zealand’s glaciers 10 times more likely

Surface clean-up technology won’t solve ocean plastic problem

Finding toxic carcinogenic metals faster in foods and water

Biodiversity loss could be making us sick – here’s why

1st big Southern California wildfire of 2020 keeps on raging

Brazilian Amazon fires surge in July

Climate change to steepen food prices

Iran: decades of unsustainable water use has dried up lakes and caused environmental destruction

Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects

Do you see a pattern forming here?

Cause >>> Effect

The REAL purpose of ET UFO visits and sightings (disclosure)

August 2, 2020

Question 7:

With your name, Mr. Meier, one associates, particularly in the USA, the debate concerning your fantastic photos and films. However, only a few people are inquiring into your message. What has gone wrong?


The fact that something has gone awry with the dissemination of the Pleiadian ]Plejaren[ messages is only part of the whole problem. At the same time, the actual mission for the dissemination of the truth concerning the Pleiadians, Lyrians, Vegans, humans on Earth and, especially, the spiritual teachings has been pushed far aside. This information became known only on an almost clandestine level. The teachings of Creation, the existence of Creation, the Creative laws, commandments, and guidelines became sidetracked as well, along with the messages and transmissions from higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The actual cause of the suppression of the truth regarding the Pleiadian mission can be placed primarily with the sensationalistic journalists from all branches of the media who, as a rule, did not dare to print the true meaning of the mission because they were themselves afraid of being attacked. Therefore, from the beginning of the mission the journalists have been intent only on creating one-sided UFO sensationalism, without drawing any attention to the actual importance of the mission. With UFO and ET information alone they could sell exciting stories of all types, either positive or negative for that matter. Until now this has not changed, since most branches of the media are still geared to sensationalism instead of reporting information and disseminating the facts of the mission. Of highest priority for the human life form in this mission is the truth of a universal-Creative philosophy, the existence of Creation, its laws and commandments, and the requirement that all forms of life, including humans, be solely responsible for their each and every thought and action. Only through a proper lifestyle can one live and exist to one’s fullest potential; when one acknowledges the existence of a universal, all-encompassing Creation as the universal consciousness; through obedience to, and the use of, Creation’s laws and commandments.

Source: Interview with Billy, 1988

Key words: disclosure, ET, alien, life, sighting, contact, alien

New Link, No Commercials SROT

July 27, 2020

The greatest ET UFO IFO UAP documentary ever made.

“Silent Revolution of Truth”


The Leader (by months) in Covid19 Coronavirus news

July 20, 2020

21 Things FIGU [verifiably] published about Covid19 before anyone else in the world

PR Newswire Reference Page

FIGU published FIRST, Corroborations came much later by WHO, CDC, MSM, etc.

  1. Pandemic: February 25th

                            March 11, CDC:,COVID%2D19%20Outbreak.

  1. Self-isolate, Lockdown: February 25th

                                                March 15, Wikipedia:

  1. Airborne: February 25th

                          March 17, NIAID:

  1. Spreads on surfaces: February 25th

                                             May 8th, NYT:

  1. Hospitals, contamination: February 25th

                                                    April 13, CIDRAP:

  1. Asymptomatic spreaders: February 25th

                                                  July, CDC:

  1. Asians initially more likely: February 25th

                                                        June, BBC:

  1. More aggressive: February 25th

                                      March, Newsweek:

  1. Kids less sick : February 25th

                                 May, Atlantic:

  1. Reasons China suppressed: February 25th

                                                        March, The Diplomat:

  1. WHO not declaring pandemic: February 25th

                                                        February 26, New Scientist:

  1. Infants in womb, children: February 3rd

                                                      July, USA Today:

  1. Multi-organ: February 3rd

                               July 13, Mirror:

  1. CDC says coronavirus cases 10 times higher (link missing): May 1st 

                                                                                  June, CDC:

  1. CDC wrong, too slow: March 12th

                                              March 26, Propublica:

  1. Coronavirus may last two years: March 2nd

                                                                May, CNBC:

  1. Disappearance of antibodies over time: June 13th

                                                                            July 8, CMI:

  1. Danger to food supply: March 11th

                                                March 26, Bloomberg:

  1. Entrance of coronavirus through eyes: February 3rd

                                                                         May, Web MD:

  1. Droplets, aerosols: March 16th

                                          June 13, NCBI:

  1. Animals can transmit COVID-19: March 16th

                                                                   June 22 CDC:

22.Virus remains in body after recovery: February 3rd 

                                                              July 19, Jerusalem Post:

Additional Information

Swiss Source Foretold SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Womb in February First Case Confirmed in France

Baby boy infected with coronavirus in womb

85 infants under age 1 tested positive for coronavirus in one Texas county

Regarding information from February 2020, pertaining to specific warnings about SARS-CoV-2 infections in the womb, affecting children, adolescents, etc., the first publication on our blog was on April 30, where we linked to the authorized English translation from the Swiss sources.

4) Due to the changing dangerousness of the coronavirus, in the coming weeks, first older human beings and also persons with an underlying medical condition will become infected, which also will lead to high mortality rates. Therefore, initially younger human beings, especially adolescents and children, are less susceptible to the coronavirus. However, through its independent mutation, new genetic variations come about, which will become more dangerous and aggressive; consequently they will then also spread to younger human beings, infect them and likewise claim victims.

It can be seen that the claimed date of first publication is February 3rd, while there is also this information: “Official Announcement from FIGU Switzerland 30-Mar-2020 & 2-Apr-2020”

While, in over 42 years of research, we’ve never found, nor been provided with, evidence that they have backdated info, etc., the March – April dates are still months before the first confirmed case in France, in July.

The following has a claimed publication date of May 30, which we verifiably published on June 29:

“This, in turn, clearly demonstrates the irresponsibility of all these persons, who consciencelessly accept that, yet again, as a result of their low intelligence, hundreds of thousands of coronavirus infections will occur, and by the end of June there will be more than 10 million of them. Correspondingly, the number of infections and corona deaths in various countries will also increase sharply, as will the number of infections of new-born babies, because the embryo in the womb will already be infected by the virus.”

(Note: This same document includes the following information about the number of corona infections and deaths to be announced at the end of June:
“According to our latest calculations, this leads to more than 10 million infected ones worldwide by the end of June, while the number of corona deaths will still be around 500 000, as we calculated early on and as I have explained to you on several occasions already.“

These numbers verifiably proved to be accurate.)

We first published the following, from 1989, here, where we linked to the source here:

“700. In the same way, this will be the case in the new millennium for a serious lung disease that results from a laboratory accident in China during criminal experiments for new biological weapons and is spread throughout the world.”

Regarding the information from Contact Report 251, 1995,  it’s been on since 2003 and Mr. James Moore attests to having a “hardback volume 7, copyright 2005, in my possession”:

Regarding “Virus continues to exist in body after recovery”, see the claim of publication for May 30, here on June 29:

“Furthermore it must be said, as I already explained earlier, that the coronavirus results in a form of disease that allows recovery but not an effective cure, because the virus – in a form unrecognisable by medical-virological examinations – continues to exist in a purely impulse-based form and, depending on the circumstances, can sooner or later become acutely effective again. It is not that condition which arises when recovery takes place and then, after a certain time, a reactivation takes place, because in a case such as this the effect of the virus continues to exist despite recovery, namely through the inclusion of a viral deposit in antibodies, whereby however, this possibility is still unknown to terrestrial medicine and cannot yet be researched by it.”

While the original publication date for the following is claimed to be February 3, it’s contained in the document claimed to be published on May 22, which we verifiably published on June 6.

6)  The coronavirus can never be finally eliminated, rather it will remain existent under the surface for a very long time, namely for many millennia, thousands of centuries or even millions of years, just as other viruses can continue to exist likewise and depending on their type.

10)  Even after a recovery, a corona affection can lead to possible life-long health disorders and various organic afflictions and illnesses.

14)  Further research cognitions show that immunities, which used to be present after recovery from previous diseases, can be reversed after an illness from the corona virus and consequently old ailments and diseases can reappear again.

Regarding “Disappearance of antibodies over time”, pertaining to these articles:

Research is coalescing around the idea that coronavirus antibodies may last just a few months

(July 13)

Disappearance of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in a Covid-19 patient after recovery

(July 9)

Please see:

Disappearance of Antibodies Confirms Information from Plejaren

[24th Memo] out today

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