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The Human Being IS the Universe

August 29, 2020

343 original skin colors

August 21, 2020

The life form Omedam is the fulfillment of the Law of Creation in order of its own evolution.

The human form is created for the purpose to evolve Creation itself by means of countless lives in the material realm and after that as a pure spirit form by countless transformations in the spiritual realm until re-unification of the spirit form with Creation so that Creation benefits from the spirits knowledge and wisdom and evolves itself a little more.

There were 40,353,607 original human races with 343 different skin colors originally which have multiplied and interbred manyfold.


Reincarnation diagram:

Oh My GOTT p.459

August 13, 2020

GOTT 25:229-234

229) You have since time immemorial been searching for the truth, but you constantly ask yourselves what the truth really is, because that which you today assume to be the truth, you will already tomorrow recognise it again as an erroneous assumption, but only because you have not really found the truth, but only a partial truth or something that you have assumed as belief, i.e. as fiction and which has no proof-power; recognise: truth is not belief, but truth is certainty in recognition of the reality.

230) Therefore you must strive to find the real truth, which does not leave open any doubt and is not subject to any erroneous assumptions, but you have to consider though that even in erroneous assumptions there may be truth-grains to discover that can lead to the effective truth.

231) Truth is, that all cognitions and revelations permanently change their forms in this wise, in that an achieved truth always brings with it further factors that must be researched and fathomed and logically lead to new cognitions, through which the truth deepeningly widens itself and continuously becomes increasingly relatively
absolutely fully developed.

232) Therefore your life continues with the constant searching, researching and fathoming, in which case you ripen through the whole developmental change and change of the learning and the winning of cognitions, knowledge, practical experiences and their living and become steadily wiser.

233) The truth in and of itself remains always the same in its core, does not change and is eternal, but it varies for you human beings in its depth in the wise that it is divided into uncountable steps, i.e. levels that must be climbed up one after the other; this can be compared to school classes, so the first class, i.e. step, i.e. level is the lowest,
then following an exam the next class must be climbed up, then the next one and then the next one after that, until the highest class, which in the consciousness-evolution corresponds to the relative absolute full-development.


234) The truthly truth of all truth, the creational truth of the laws and recommendations thus always remains the same in the depth of its core, does not change and is not subject to any developmental change, but to reach this core you, you humankind of Earth, must begin at the lowest level of the truth-cognition and slowly work yourselves deeper and deeper into the truth, layer by layer, step by step, level by level, through which your truth-cognition will steadily widen and become more and more compact, and you will constantly become more truth-knowing.

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The REAL purpose of ET UFO visits and sightings (disclosure)

August 2, 2020

Question 7:

With your name, Mr. Meier, one associates, particularly in the USA, the debate concerning your fantastic photos and films. However, only a few people are inquiring into your message. What has gone wrong?


The fact that something has gone awry with the dissemination of the Pleiadian ]Plejaren[ messages is only part of the whole problem. At the same time, the actual mission for the dissemination of the truth concerning the Pleiadians, Lyrians, Vegans, humans on Earth and, especially, the spiritual teachings has been pushed far aside. This information became known only on an almost clandestine level. The teachings of Creation, the existence of Creation, the Creative laws, commandments, and guidelines became sidetracked as well, along with the messages and transmissions from higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The actual cause of the suppression of the truth regarding the Pleiadian mission can be placed primarily with the sensationalistic journalists from all branches of the media who, as a rule, did not dare to print the true meaning of the mission because they were themselves afraid of being attacked. Therefore, from the beginning of the mission the journalists have been intent only on creating one-sided UFO sensationalism, without drawing any attention to the actual importance of the mission. With UFO and ET information alone they could sell exciting stories of all types, either positive or negative for that matter. Until now this has not changed, since most branches of the media are still geared to sensationalism instead of reporting information and disseminating the facts of the mission. Of highest priority for the human life form in this mission is the truth of a universal-Creative philosophy, the existence of Creation, its laws and commandments, and the requirement that all forms of life, including humans, be solely responsible for their each and every thought and action. Only through a proper lifestyle can one live and exist to one’s fullest potential; when one acknowledges the existence of a universal, all-encompassing Creation as the universal consciousness; through obedience to, and the use of, Creation’s laws and commandments.

Source: Interview with Billy, 1988

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Be Human

July 12, 2020

Be happy

Be healthy

Be secure

Be creative

Be productive

Be friendly


AIR HORN June 2020

June 21, 2020

Find your CENTER

Lead by Example

June 9, 2020

The human should be free of degeneracies, power, and profiteering of any kind, of backwardness and superficiality in the form of egoism, pettiness, stubbornness and jealousy, because only through the real consciousness and life success can they inspire their fellow human in terms of effective evolutionary truth and the creational natural way they exemplify and also really show.



The Silent Revolution of Truth grows louder

May 30, 2020

Gilbert Vega donated $10
we need to be more open to possibilities and not be so self absorbed

Ellen Gusukuma donated $100
Michael Horn’s immense work is deeply important for enlightening mankind and for saving the planet.

Christine Worthy donated $50
Our world NEEDS this information…. and they NEED to believe!

Xky Erra donated $5
because we need really help

Arnoud Schutte donated $30
It is not a hoax. It is the most important story in the history of mankind on earth

Tony Bodhran donated $25
The world needs to know.

Glen Ave donated $25
Billy Meier is the most important human of our time. The information provided by Billy and the Plejaren from Erra are invaluable for all human kind and the survival of our planet Earth. Keep up the great work Michael Horn.

Dale Coston donated $15
I love the truth.

disc horn

Short descriptions of 8 of Billy Meier’s books

Andy C gets it

May 28, 2020

Hello to all out there that seek the truth . I’ve been following Billy’s information for years now and I just have to say what a hard job he has had given to him by our friends from another world . I feel for the man and all the slander he has had to endure over the years from every possible government agency on the planet and those who seek to profit from bs stories and fantasy facts . So many times now I’ve seen his predictions come to pass and it seems that the pace of these predictions are picking up speed with no brakes . And when it comes to the stupidity of the humans of this world I also see no end in sight . And the current events unfolding around the world is just more proof of Billy’s 100% accurate information but the problem is as we all know his information is only read by those who’s eyes and minds are open which unfortunately is only the tiniest portion of the earth’s population . Over the years I’ve done my best to pass on this information but it’s never heard or dismissed as bs . however I have my two sons reading his information and thankfully they are able to read between the lines when it comes to our corrupt and deceitful media sources . I give thanks to Billy and his tutors for providing the truth to us because without it reading between the lines would be extremely difficult . No one can hide from the laws of cause and effect no matter how powerful you are or how much money you have or how big you ego is . (Trump) . Now as we sit back and watch the world slowly but surely self destruct due mainly to ignorance among a whole bunch of other things . It will be the sheeple that cause the ever increasing rate of destruction around the world mainly those who pray to whatever sky daddy they prey to . And they are the most ignorant of all the sheeple and from what I understand have been the cause of more death and destruction on this planet than anything else since it was created as a tool to rule way back in the day . 13500 years our friends have been visiting our planet and at a guess about 98 % of the earth’s population is still as dumb as a box of rocks . And if we did leave this solar system prematurely It surely would have a negative effect that would be far reaching . So until people can be taught the truth in all schools and education systems on this planet we are going to continue to follow the path of self destruction endlessly as historical evidence has already shown . To Michael horn . And Eduard I thank you for the truth in a world filled with misinformation and bs . And to billy you really do have the hardest job on this planet and I’m glad you have never given up your Task in this life cycle and the many others that came before and still to come you will have my eternal respect and I hope in my next incarnation I find your information again as it has been an excellent source of truth and guidance.


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Positive Balance in Daily Life

May 11, 2020

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