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IFO sighting ETFO sighting flying saucer photos

October 21, 2019

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Meier Corroboration #193 – Jupiter Ring

October 15, 2019

July 17th, 1975

Billy: Although, it wasn’t such a huge experience as in the storm zone of the red eye on Jupiter. But just regarding this prevented sun, I have another question: you told me that the ring or the very thin ring system around Jupiter disappears; therefore, it can no longer be ascertained. There, I ask myself what you actually meant with that, namely whether you addressed the outer or the inner ring.

Quetzal: 10. I spoke of the outer and extremely fine ring. 11. The inner ring which is denser, in contrast to the outer one, is narrow and practically extends down to Jupiter’s atmosphere in a fine and visible vapor.
12. This ring remains and will also be ascertained in the coming time through the efforts of earthly astronomers and astrophysicists.

Billy: Then those who are super clever will still have to vindicate me, whom they insulted as a liar and spinner in 1975 after my great journey, when I explained that I had seen a similar ring on Jupiter as the one on Saturn.

Quetzal: 13. For this vindication, however, you will still have to wait an even longer time.

PIOOSR, p.90, CR 210

March 9, 1979

The Voyager spacecraft has discovered a ring around Jupiter, a finding that had eluded the largest telescopes on Earth.

“We have discovered a thin, flat ring of particles surrounding Jupiter,” the University of Arizona’s Dr. Bradford Smith said today at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, from which the historic flight to Jupiter has been directed. “Jupiter now joins Saturn and Uranus as planets with rings and leaves Neptune as the only one of the giant outer planets without a known ring.”

What is believed to be a single ring circling Jupiter was found last Sunday inside the orbit of Amalthea, the smallest and innermost of Jupiter’s 13 known moons.

Smith said scientists do not know the composition of the ring but believe it is no thicker than 20 miles. The ring circles Jupiter’s equator 35,000 miles from the planet’s could tops.

,,,The discovery of a ring around Jupiter was made with more than a little luck, even though the photographs taken Sunday in a search for a ring had been planed for several years.

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Neptune Ring:

March 9, 1979

The Voyager spacecraft has discovered a ring around Jupiter, a finding that had eluded the largest telescopes on Earth.

“We have discovered a thin, flat ring of particles surrounding Jupiter,” the University of Arizona’s Dr. Bradford Smith said today at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, from which the historic flight to Jupiter has been directed. “Jupiter now joins Saturn and Uranus as planets with rings and leaves Neptune as the only one of the giant outer planets without a known ring.”

May 1, 1989

Billy: So the Sun, with its radiation, still has a quite requisite strength even at this great distance. Neptune is, indeed, about 30 times as far from the Sun as the Earth. Also, its equatorial diameter is about 4 times larger than the Earth’s, so about 50,000 kilometers, and its mass is about 16 or 17 times that of the Earth. To my knowledge, it rotates on its own axis approximately every 16 hours. But still to the planet Neptune itself: I admired the large dark spot of a gigantic cyclone or even several of these, as this is likewise the case with Saturn. I also found the ring system of Neptune to be magnificent. My question, now, is whether you can tell me how big the cyclone-storm zone on Neptune is?

Quetzal: 21. The Earth would just fit into the zone.

Billy: So the diameter is more than 12,000 kilometers.

Quetzal: 22. That is correct.

CR 228


Oh My GOTT p.315

October 13, 2019

GOTT 10:59

59) May everything be done in kindheartedness and benevolence (humanity) so that you and all people of your kind (humanity) may take joy in life and lead an existence (life) in dignity, respect (honourableness) as well as in gladness and in happiness, and you can build up (increase) your wellbeing.


Meier Corroboration #192

September 13, 2019


Oct 11, 2015

42. Then here’s what I want to say about neonicotinoids:
43. These are mainly used as seed dressings and for foliar and soil treatment, where they correspond to a group of highly effective insecticides, which all correspond to synthetically produced toxic substances and are fatal to all living beings depending on the amount, including humans.

44. The best known three neonicotinoids are called clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam.

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Sept 12, 2019

Controversial insecticides shown to threaten survival of wild birds

New research at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) shows how the world’s most widely used insecticides could be partly responsible for a dramatic decline in songbird populations.

A study published in the journal Science on Sept. 13 is the first experiment to track the effects of a neonicotinoid pesticide on birds in the wild.

The study found that white-crowned sparrows who consumed small doses of an insecticide called imidacloprid suffered weight loss and delays to their migration—effects that could severely harm the birds’ chances of surviving and reproducing.

“We saw these effects using doses well within the range of what a bird could realistically consume in the wild—equivalent to eating just a few treated seeds,” said Margaret Eng, a post-doctoral fellow in the USask Toxicology Centre and lead author on the study.

Although the toxic effects of neonicotinoids were once thought to affect only insects, most notably pollinators such as bees, there is growing evidence that birds are routinely exposed to the pesticides with significant negative consequences.

Our study shows that this is bigger than the bees—birds can also be harmed by modern neonicotinoid pesticides which should worry us all,” said Stutchbury.

22 million lbs of plastics dumped into Great Lakes annually

September 10, 2019

 September 9, 2019 by Tony Briscoe
lake michigan

That’s One small Hop for Man

August 27, 2019

one Giant Hop for Marskind!


We are all climbing the mountain of truth

August 25, 2019

Trying to reach the culmination of understanding is like trying to climb a mountain from the base to the peak.  We all start at the bottom and want to get to the top.  But since we all have different upbringings, we all must find our own way to get there.  Imagine a large mountain like Chimborazo.  Some of us start on one side, some on the other (beliefs).  Along the way we may slip or stumble, but eventually we continue (learning from mistakes).  Some people are better equipped than others (education).  Some have more determination (confidence) than others.  Some take their time (take pictures of themselves to share on social media), while others race upwards with little rest.  Perhaps we meet people along the way, and gain information on how to climb more efficiently, or learn a better route.  Or perhaps not.  Some people might have safety equipment while others climb without it.  Hopefully we can all strive to improve our position in an upward or positive movement or direction.  The way to the top is a struggle, but the higher you climb, the better your view becomes.

Chimborazo peak, Ecuador: the closest place to space on ...

GOTT p.563

GOTT 28:435-341

425) And if you do not stand strong and firm on the current step of your development in the life, then you will have great strain to climb up to the next step, because you will need the preceding step as a firm foundation.

426) These steps correspond to your consciousness-based development-state, and according to how this state is given, it will be possible for you to develop yourselves further and to climb up the next step.

427) If you make a conscious effort to climb up the steps of your upward-striving development during your existence one by one, then it will become clear to you that you can only reach the next step, if you have correctly fulfilled the development on the preceding step.

428) Only through the full, absolute fulfilment of a development-step is it possible to climb up to the next higher one; but if you do not fulfil it through the perception, the cognition, the cognisance, the knowledge, the practical experience and its living, the taking-in, comprehending and experiencing it through living it in the present, then you cannot get the essence of the whole, i.e. the wisdom, which builds the state of the higher development reached.

429) If you do not fulfil this developmental process through the real experiencing of the present through living it, namely in the realm of the material as well as in your inner and in the fine-fluidal, then nothing can contribute to the ripeness in you, so you are, from your present development-step, not able to recognise and step on the next one; only with the equipment of the true experiencing of the present through living it in all domains of your existence, in your inner, in the fine-fluidal and material, do you create the energy and power to perceive your next development-step and also to climb up to it.

430) In this wise it goes on and on through your entire actual life and it went on like this in all your previous lives as always new personalities, and it will also be so in your new lives as new personalities, once you have left your present existence.

431) Truly, you need only look after your high fulfilments of your consciousness-evolution and hence pay due attention to your individual development-steps which, for the purpose of your evolution, you must build and use yourselves in order to reach your fulfilment.

human spiritual evolution

Earthquakes in Kansas

August 18, 2019

drudge 8.18.19

Russian nuclear leak identified

July 30, 2019

The probable culprit behind a mysterious cloud of radioactive particles detected floating above much of Europe in 2017 appears to have been identified.

apophis impact zone and nuke plantszh 7.30.19 nuke radiation leaks

The radiation spike – in the form of an extremely high airborne concentration of the radioactive isotope ruthenium–106 – was detected by scientists in October 2017, but the source of the dramatic radiation surge (almost 1,000 times normal levels) was never definitively confirmed.


India launches robot to the moon

July 23, 2019

India launches robotic mission to land on the moon

July 22, 2019

Seeking to become the fourth nation to successfully land on the moon, India launched an ambitious robotic lunar mission named Chandrayaan 2 on Monday, targeting a touchdown near the lunar south pole Sept. 6.

VIDEO recap:

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