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Right Whales Killed by Speeding Ships

July 22, 2021

North Atlantic right whales were named for being the “right” kind of whale to hunt— because they were found close to shore, swim slowly and float when dead.

They once numbered up to 21,000 but were hunted close to extinction in the early 20th century, with only around 100 remaining by the 1920s.

Whaling North Atlantic right whales was banned in 1935, leading their numbers to bounce back to as many as 483, but the progress has since been reversed.

Entanglement in fishing gear used to catch crab and fish is the other leading cause of North Atlantic right whale death.

Most vessels are exceeding speed limits in areas designated to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales, of which only around 360 remain, a report said Wednesday.

Collisions with vessels are one of two leading causes of injury and death for North Atlantic right whales, with research showing that slowing vessel speeds to 10 knots (11.5 mph, 18.5 kph) reduces the risk of death by 80 to 90 percent.

“Vessels are speeding, North Atlantic right whales are dying, and there’s not enough accountability,” said Whitney Webber, campaign director at Oceana.

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SpaceX Super Heavy Booster 3 rolled to launch pad — SpaceFlight Insider

July 6, 2021

On July 1, 2021, SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster 3 was rolled to the launch pad at Boca Chica for testing. Credit: Elon Musk / SpaceX SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster No. 3 stacked at the company’s high bay facility made an appearance last week. The vehicle was transported down Boca Chica’s Highway 4 on July 1,…

SpaceX Super Heavy Booster 3 rolled to launch pad — SpaceFlight Insider

Humans choose to live in a world full of hate, war, and disharmony – Updated June 20, 2021

July 2, 2021

psychicjordan's Blog

During 1 of my visits to the top level of the astral plane Universal Consciousness basically told me “Humans choose to live in a world full of hate, war, and disharmony.”. I argued because I couldn’t believe humans could be stupid enough to destroy the Earth and themselves again (as they have done in some previous Universe Cycles) instead of choosing love, peace, and harmony. It’s because they use their Freewill to do so.

I’d like to suggest visiting the following and using what you learn from them to try to change for the better sooner:

“SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer – Original Full-Length Documentary Film (FREE!) @ YouTube

OFFICIAL Unacknowledged Trailer @ YouTube

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (Official Trailer) @ YouTube

Director’s Cut – Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (Official Trailer 2) @ YouTube

The Cosmic Hoax – an…

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Warning: Part 11 – Woo Woo and Koo Koo ascension bullshit “experiencers”

June 27, 2021

I will retract my accusation of these people being frauds when they can present 1 piece of physical evidence of whatever they are “experiencing” that justifies charging people money to hear them babble pure nonsense.

In the meantime, they have been added to the list of professional bullshit artists:

Since when did SNAKE OIL get so expensive?

However, I DO have a useful resource for those seeking the truth about paranormal events and abilities.

And that would be the world’s only expert on the subject, who wrote this book:

Available here:

Here is the UNCLASSIFIED Pentagon UFO UAP report

June 26, 2021


The report is so worthless, I can’t even label this post in the “disclosure” category..

“we don’t know”

“many explanations”

“the only UAP we identified was a balloon”

“we need more data”

“we just started collecting data”

“we need more money”

Guardian Galactic Guessing Game

June 23, 2021

For centuries, Earthlings have gazed at the heavens and wondered about life among the stars. But as humans hunted for little green men, the extraterrestrials might have been watching us back.

In new research, astronomers have drawn up a shortlist of nearby star systems where any inquisitive inhabitants on orbiting planets would be well placed to spot life on Earth.

The scientists identified 1,715 star systems in our cosmic neighbourhood where alien observers could have discovered Earth in the past 5,000 years by watching it “transit” across the face of the sun.

Among those in the right position to observe an Earth transit, 46 star systems are close enough for their planets to intercept a clear signal of human existence – the radio and TV broadcasts which started about 100 years ago.

The researchers estimate that 29 potentially habitable planets are well positioned to witness an Earth transit, and eavesdrop on human radio and television transmissions, allowing any observers to infer perhaps a modicum of intelligence. Whether the broadcasts would compel an advanced civilisation to make contact is a moot point.

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Well that can’t be good!

June 19, 2021

The US Navy blasted near its newest carrier with thousands of pounds of explosives in the Atlantic Ocean to simulate how the ship would perform in battle conditions.

Aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) completed the first scheduled explosive event of full ship shock trials – and appears to have passed with flying colors.

The US Navy wanted to check its newest and most advanced carrier by detonating powerful explosions to determine whether the ship is ready for war.

Images and video footage show an enormous burst of water shooting up from the ocean as a result of the 40,000-pound (18,144-kg) blast.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the explosion, which occurred off the Florida coast last Friday, registered as a 3.9-magnitude earthquake.

It measured the seismic impact some 100 miles off the coast of Ponce Inlet, a town south of Daytona Beach.

Meier Corroboration #210 – Meier Aids the FBI

June 15, 2021

This one is quite amazing. A New York Times article makes it all the more interesting. Pay close attention to the dates, as well as the language in the NYT article…

CR 34

September 14th, 1975


282. The latter group, the American, is to be inspired by the aforementioned malignant intelligences to commit an extraordinary crime.
283. If they succeed, it would lead to a worldwide catastrophe.
284. But this should be prevented by a countermeasure.

What are you going to do?

285. Nothing, because this task is up to you.
286. The time has now come for you, when you are to steer such events in certain directions for the benefit of humankind.
287. This means that you are to influence influential persons to take certain steps.

You demand a great deal from me, and besides, I have not done such things for years. I don’t know if I can still do it.

288. It will, because if you have learned something, then it is always present to you.

Well, then I will try it, even if it doesn’t suit me….
290. You are to direct only certain events and influence them for the better, but only where it becomes an absolute necessity.
291. In this case the point is that you make sure that some certain people are led on a certain track.
292. Otherwise you should not influence certain events in the future.
293. So you should not steer the events, but only influence them in such a form that very specific steps are taken, whereby very malignant degenerations cannot occur.

If this is so, then I am reassured. So, if I understand correctly, I am just supposed to give the police a hand.

294. Sure, that’s the point.
298. How long do you think it will take you to influence?
299. I think you can have it all done by next Thursday, the 18th of September.

The time will be enough. But now tell me what I am supposed to do or who I am supposed to influence – and why don’t you do that?

300. It’s an Earth-human matter, and we have no authority to do anything about it.
301. Your job is to influence different people in San Francisco in America and give them knowledge of the SLA hideout where the gang members William and Emily Harris, Wendy Yoshimura and Patty Hearst are located.
302. This gang must be held in secure police custody for at least some time to prevent a worldwide disaster.
303. The most important person that you have to influence is the person of the leading man who is leading the search for these criminals.
304. His name is Mister BATES, Charles Bates, and he is an official of the American FBI under his own name.
305. Here – this is a city map of San Francisco, and here is the Municipality called Mission District.
306. Only Mexican-Americans live here with small exceptions and here, here in this house, the gang of criminals has settled down and is hiding.
307. These are the dates that you are supposed to broadcast.
I will try and paralyze the anarchist resistance, if that’s all right.

308. Sure, bloodshed is not necessary.

Fine, then I’ll see that the robber’s den is smoked out on Thursday, 18th of September 1975.

Sept. 20, 1975

By Douglas E. Kneeland Special to The New York Times

This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19—A “cold trail” that led to a set of fingerprints in a Pennsylvania farmhouse eventually wended its tortuous way to Patricia Hearst in a second‐floor Mission District apartment here yesterday.

It was disclosed last March as a Federal grand jury investigation opened in Harrisburg, Pa., that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had apparently tracked Miss Hearst and her fugitive companions in the selfstyled Symbionese Liberation Army, William and Emily Harris, to the farmhouse in South Canaan, Pa., about 20 miles northeast of Scranton.

The only problem was that the F.B.I. was said to have discovered the rural hideout last October, some time after it had been abandoned.

At the time, Miss Hearst’s father, Randolph A. Hearst, dismissed the lead as “a cold trail.” He said Charles W. Bates, special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s San Francisco office, had told him that the bureau had information that his daughter and the others had been at the farmhouse sometime in the summer of 1974.

“This is not a red‐hot sighting,” Mr. Hearst said.

Maybe not. But it led eventually to the arrest of Miss Hearst yesterday afternoon in the $180‐a‐month, one‐bedroom flat at 625 Morse Street, ac cording to F.B.I. agents.

At first, it was reported that Miss Hearst’s fingerprints had been found at the farmhouse. That was later denied, causing those who followed the Hearst case to further discount the value of the South Canaan investigation.

Few paid much attention to the announcement that the F.B.I. had discovered a third set of prints in the house, along with those of William and Emily Harris. The bureau said the third set of prints belonged to another fugitive—Wendy Yoshimura, a 32‐year‐old JapaneseAmerican free‐lance artist, wanted in connection with a 1972 plot to blow up the Navel Architecture Building at the University of California at Berkeley.

It was the first time, everyone involved in the case agreed, that her name had come up in connection with the radical group or Miss Hearst.

But it was not the last time.

At midafternoon yesterday, when Jerry Prill, who owns the house on Morse Street, led Tom Padden, an F.B.I. agent, and Tim Casey, a San Francisco police inspector, up the back stairs to the second‐floor apartment, it was Wendy Yoshimura who came to the door.

As she saw the drawn guns of the arresting officers, according to Inspector Casey, she bolted backward and Miss Hearst stepped into public view for the first time—at least, as far as investigators were concerned—in the more than 19 months since she was dragged from her apartment in Berkeley by a group of radicals who called themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army.

In Kansas City, Mo., Clarence M. Kelley, director of the F.B.I., confirmed today that the unexpected discovery of Miss Yoshimura’s fingerprints in the South Canaan farmhouse was the key to the arrest yesterday of Miss Hearst, Miss Yoshimura, the Harrises and another person in this bizarre case—Stephen P. Soliah, a 27‐year‐old house painter. Mr. Soliah was said to have rented the apartment on Morse Street where Miss Hearst and Miss Yoshimura were found, and was charged with harboring fugitives.

Often Frustrated

Acknowledging that he had often been frustrtated during the last year and a half by ??cople asking, “Why can’t you ?? Patty Hearst?” Mr. Kelley said with evident pride at a news conference today in Kansas City:

“Our intensive nationwide investigation that we conducted led to the identification of Wendy Yoshimura as a wanted fugitive and a reported associate of Patty Hearst. This led to an investigation of her associates. That gave us two addresses in San Francisco, one in the Mission area and another one on Precita Street.”

The Harriscs were arrested early yesterday afternoon as they returned from jogging to their second‐floor apartment at 258 Precita Street, which is also in the old Mission District, an amalgam of Hispanics, blacks and whites.

Just how the F.B.I. came to he staking out 288 Precita Street and what led them to 625 Morse Street is a matter of some confusion.

“We had no idea when we started this investigation what the final outcome would be,” an F.B.I. spokesman said here.

Paul Young, the agent in charge of the bureau’s Sacramento office, said he had passed on the addresses, along with several others, to the F.B.I. office here a few days ago.

“But we had no idea the Harrises and Miss Hearst were there.” Mr. Young said.

Neither the F.B.I here nor in Washington would confirm or deny that. The local spokesman said only that “I don’t know where these particular addresses originated, but along with these addresses we had other addresses that didn’t check out.” He added:

“In checking out these addresses, particularly the one at 288 Precita Street, we found there was an individual there who appeared to be similar to Bill Harris. Then we saw a girl who looked like Emily Harris.

“Then they came out in jogging clothes, and after they jogged for a while, we sealed off the area and then we took them in.”

While Mr. Bates, the chief F.B.I. agent here, would not confirm that any information came from Sacramento, he agreed that the bureau was not necessarily expecting to find the Harrises or Miss Hearst at either of the addresses.

‘Not a Tip’

“It was not a tip, just digging out people who might have information on the periphery. building it up from that,” he said. “We were interested in that house, because of some other angles that we thought might give us some leads that would eventually lead to the fugitives.”

Mr. Bates said the F.B.I. had been staking out the Precita Street house for about two days. Other sources said that agents had been watching the Harrises’ apartment from a blue van with Utah license plates.

While there was no official confirmation as to what led the agents and the police to the two addresses, the general thread of the course of the investigation can be traced through official and unofficial sources.

In its investigation of Miss Yoshimura after her fingerprints were discovered in the Pennsylvania farmhouse, the F.B.I. is said to have routinely checked her friends and acquaintances.

One of those was William H. Brandt, 28, of Chambersburg, PA., a former student at the University of California at Berkeley, who pleaded guilty in August, 1972, of plotting to bomb the Naval Architecture Building on the campus five months earlier.

Two other young men, Paul Rubenstein of University City, Mo., and Michael Bortin of San Francisco, also pleaded guilty. But Miss Yoshimura, who has been described as Mr. Brandt’s girl friend and who also was indicted in the plot, had dropped out of sight.

Sent to Soledad

Meanwhile, Mr. Brandt was sentenced to one to 15 years in prison and sent to Soledad.

While there, he was visited by Kathleen Ann Soliah, said to have been a known associate of S.L.A. members, who reportedly has not been seen by the authorities for several months.

At some point—and it is not clear when — Miss Soliah’s visits to Mr. Brandt, which took place in 1973, apparently came to the attention of the Sacramento office of the F.B.I.

According to Information from Sacramento, it was during a routine check of Miss Soliah’s friends and relatives that the San Francisco addresses, including those where the fugitives were found yesterday, were uncovered.

Miss Soliah is the sister of Stephen Soliah, the house painter who rented the apartment where Miss Hearst and Miss Yoshimura were arrested yesterday. He was picked up shortly afterwards at the same apartment.

For the F.B.I., the bizarre case seems to have come together because they found the fingerprints of Wendy Yoshimura, who was horn in an internment camp for Japanese. Americans in 1943.

After World War II, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Yoshimura, took her to the atom‐bombed city of Hiroshima, where they lived until 1956.

Since then, the Yoshimuras have worked as landscape gardiners in Fresno, Calif. Their daughter, seeming at the time unscarred by her wartime imprisonment or her life in Hiroshima, was graduated from Roosevelt High School in Fresno in 1963 as a prize‐winning artist.

After spending a year at Fresno City College, she went to Merritt College in Oakland, where her father said he believed she had met “all those radicals.”

Later, she attended the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, became active in the women’s and antiwar movements, and lived in a women’s art collective in Berkeley. She also joined Venceremos, a now‐defunct Bay Area radical group, and spent a summer in Cuba harvesting sugar cane.

Yesterday, when her parents pulled up in front of their Fresno home In their pickup truck after another day of gardening, her mother, Fumiye, said:

“I am relieved, but it is a big shock to me because I didn’t believe she was with Patty Hearst. I didn’t know where she was. It has been so long since we heard from her.”

And last night, at the San Mateo County jail in Redwood City, about 25 miles south of here, where Miss Hearst was being held, she reportedly expressed some surprise herself.

According to Evelyn Broussard, a 23‐year‐old inmate who was being released just as Miss Hearst was being booked, the one‐time fugitive responded, when asked how the F.B.I. ever tracked her down, “I wish to hell I knew.”

Other corroborations:

BUSTED: All Pleiadian contactees, experiencers, and channelers exposed as frauds

June 12, 2021

Plejaren Contact Report 697

Sfath (February 17th, 1945):

64. “That is as far as it goes for the time being, but now I will tell you where I come from, for I have not yet told you, but you yourself have found out that I am not of earthly birth, but that I come from far away from another world.
65. This is very far from the Earth and, moreover, in another spaciousness (note Ptaah: dimension) outside of what you see in the sky with all the stars (note Ptaah: universe).
66. And where I have already led you out into the spaciousness of the sky for the contemplation of the near worlds (note Ptaah: SOL system planets) with my flying apparatus, is only this sky (note Ptaah: world space of this dimension), for the other spaciousness, whence I come, is present far beyond this celestial spatiality.
67. You are not yet able to grasp this, but through my teachings in other terms you will understand in a few days what I have made you think about with my explanation.
68. You will also learn more, as now I have to explain to you, that my homeland in the other spaciousness belongs to a structure of stars (note Ptaah: star cluster), which is called by us ‘Plejaren’, although you must conceal this name when you already begin your task in the next few years and begin to spread your first literary task works (note Ptaah: written missionary works).
69. And it will be very important that you keep silent about my origin as well as about the origin of my flying apparatus.
70. Your silence will be of great importance, for if you become known in the world by name and by association with me and all my successors, there will be much deceit, fraud and slander by malicious men, charlatans and self-seekers, who on the one hand will make themselves known lyingly as associates with me, my successors, or on the other hand also with some fantastic origin from other worlds (note Ptaah: extraterrestrials), which will be cunningly invented by them.
71. This is the reason why, during the next decades, you must not call our name ‘Plejaren’, but in your speeches and written publications you must only call the name ‘Pleiades’, which refers to the structure of stars in this celestial space (note Ptaah: universe), in which the Earth also revolves around the Sun.
72. These are still young and inanimate star formations, which on Earth are also called Atlantides, Atlantiades, Pleiades, 7 Sisters and Gluckhenne (note Ptaah: M45) and which are part of the galactic system of this celestial space, which the inhabitants of Earth call the Milky Way.
73. If you will speak and write of ‘Pleiades’ instead of ‘Plejaren’, then liars, deceivers and slanderers will expose themselves, because their claims to be in contact with beings from the ‘Pleiades’ or with other beings from other alien worlds will become untenable, although they will first be carelessly called so-called ‘true contactees’ by your adversaries.
74. But those who will lie that they are in direct or indirect contact with us Plejaren will then be convicted of the lie by you, when my followers instruct you to name our true origin in due time, namely the star-formations of the ‘Plejaren’, according to which we also call ourselves ‘Plejaren’.
75. And our spaciousness exists far beyond the ‘Pleiades’ of this present celestial spatiality.
76. The lies, deceptions and slander by many malicious, charlatans and self-seekers around the world will come to pass already in 7 years and thus in 1952, when you will have followed my instructions and sent a letter together with Rev. Zimmermann to various media, military and rulers in the United States of America and the Soviet Union in 3 years.”

First Close-up Image of Ganymede in Over Two Decades! — Lights in the Dark

June 8, 2021

The image data are starting to come in from NASA’s Juno spacecraft and if this is any indication, they’re going to be gorgeous! On Monday, June 7, 2021 the Jupiter-orbiting spacecraft passed within just over 1000 kilometers of Ganymede. This is the closest any spacecraft has come to the Solar System’s largest moon since May […]

Here’s Our First Close-up Image of Ganymede in Over Two Decades! — Lights in the Dark

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