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GOTT p.289

February 2, 2017

39) And the laws and recommendations of the primal power (Creation) not only demand (recommend) to maintain peace, love and freedom and consonance (harmony) amongst all people of your kind (humankind) and to take care not to go out to fight or wage battles (wars), but they also demand (recommend) that you do not practise outrageous (inhumane) punishment on people of your kind (human beings) and that you shall not harm the body and life of people of your kind (fellow human beings), either their inner world (consciousness) or the psyche; truly, you have might over all things, but be fair and use your might rightfully as well.


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Elders and millennials congregate

October 20, 2016


gaia_energy1Elders and millennials congregate.

Fathoms are spanned.

Higher Schools are achieved.

Entrance exams are passed.

The next university has opened.

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A Different Corey to listen to…

September 25, 2016

Corey Müske says:

Note:. Matt Lee:. I did not take any offense to the Coreytron remark! Haha 🙂

Andrew Grimshaw:. What you said about becoming and passing was so deep, and philosophical. Becoming (Werden) and passing (Vergehen), two opposites that make up the cycle of reincarnation. Your post gave me a lot to think about. Cycle of reincarnation = a current lifetime of learning = evolution (consciousness-based evolutionary progress) = reborn to replicate the process, only more profound.

With my passing (death), I can expect a new becoming (being reborn) with a new personality, and a new programmed consciousness-block.

My piece-part of Creation will enliven my new body through my new human brain (Superior coliculus), a minute fragment of the wisdom of all wisdom, the Creation, my spirit-form that will live on throughout the duration of my various lifetimes, always giving and receiving information, but it will be up to my consciousness to connect with the spirit energy through my new subconsciousness, and my new unconscious, which I hope in my new lifetime, I give my thoughts, and feelings more then a passing thought. 🙂

If I can once again find the spiritual teaching, which is the greatest gift Earth humankind has ever received, I will do my best to replicate the learning experience, so I can add to a new lifetime of making/learning/creating through the conscious mind, of accumulating knowledge, wisdom, and love, and all the other virtues, and high values that can be opened in conjunction with the conscious mind (will-power/arduous study/free-will) and the unconscious, which through life-action turns knowledge into all the stored essences of wisdom, love, etc stored in the storage banks, and in the consciousness-block, transmitted through the power of thought, and feelings (6th sense).

OM says lots of people would trade their life to have someone else’s, but very few would trade their life for one in accordance with the laws and recommendations of Creation. I guess that’s where we come in, to courageously tread where very little of Earth humanity dares to tread. I guess that’s where will-power comes in, a being having the free-will to make their life completely their own in congruency with creative-natural laws.

I am not perfect, but I am relative self-perfecting, either fast, or slow (most days slow), I try to work on myself, and be equalised like the Creation, which is 100% negative, and 100% positive energy (Creation = duality of energies)/I often wonder if the Yin-Yang symbol isn’t the work of a former prophet in China, the P’s said they were everywhere, just not as successful as the Nokodemion line of 7.

I also wonder if there was prophet(s) among the meditating Celtic Druids, future generations will have many time travel investigations to pursue! 🙂


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Gaia Portal update June 28 2016

June 29, 2016

Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity.

Feather principals are connected in purpose.

Forestations of Light unveil and display.

The messages refine.

Gaia purpose is restored.

Source: Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity

ÉirePort Group Message and Update, 6-1-16… “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes”

June 3, 2016

This is an alternative posting for the GaiaPortal Gaia Energy messages site. Although it relates to Gaia energetics and potentials, we felt it desirable to communicate in this way as the “Éir…

Source: ÉirePort Group Message and Update, 6-1-16… “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes”

Comments from Michael Horn’s letter to Freedom of the Press Foundation

May 18, 2016

Melissa Osaki says:

It just goes to show how efficient the powers that be have been in making the UFO subject a source of ridicule and embarrassment for people. No one in the public eye wants to be associated with it because that’s what the powers that be have convinced people to think. That only crazy, tinfoil hat wearing lunatics talk about UFO’s and prophecies. With estimates of 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy alone and they expect us to believe that we are the only intelligent life in the universe? That’s the most insane, arrogant and special kind of stupid a person can contrive. Sadly, a lot of these people know deep down that you are right, but they are afraid of the media ridicule and backlash. We need to turn the collective tide and make it more embarrassing to hide the truth than to expose the truth!

  • Hopefully, when Gaia [TESS] maps our galaxy and the James Webb telescope starts finding numerous Earth-like planets, those who believe we are ‘alone’ will start to become the ridiculed ones. The religious will have some thinking to do eventually.


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Europa’s icy crust

April 17, 2016

All the worlds may be ours except Europa but that only makes the ice-covered moon of Jupiter all the more intriguing. Beneath Europa’s thin crust of ice lies a tantalizing global ocean of liquid water somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 kilometers deep—which adds up to more liquid water than is on the entire surface of the Earth. Liquid […]

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Ceres Displays Unexpected Flare-ups in Brightness to Ground-Based Survey

March 17, 2016

The evaporation or eruption of volatiles on Ceres could be causing unexpected flare-ups in brightness

Source: Ceres Displays Unexpected Flare-ups in Brightness to Ground-Based Survey

The World Requires Wise Advisors

December 28, 2015
In today’s world, in which the earlier anchored certainties, virtues, love, peace, freedom and harmony as well as evolutionary knowledge and wisdom break away, (in which) all good values disintegrate more and more, (in which) more and more wars are stirred up and led through the state powers who are criminals against humanity, (in which) criminality and overpopulation know no more bounds, (in which) nature and the climate are destroyed through the fault of humans, as well as that they themselves are misled through religions and sects, most urgently required – as never before – is the compliance with wise advice and guidelines which humanity follows, and (by which he) can find the way back to the fixed certainties and all the higher values.
The advice and guidelines must point to the future and be such that they would be found, from out of the already long-existing political, religious and sectarian confusion, in the truth and reality of the creational laws.
To this end, no imaginary gods, no saints, representatives of gods, sect gurus, and no preachers, and so forth, are required, rather sages who establish the true and effective creationally-conditioned guidelines of life through their practical knowledge and life-experience, as well as through their knowledge, and may lead humanity in a world of peace, freedom and love as well as harmony.
Sages who can also teach the powerful of the governments, so that these can lead their countries in the correct manner and bring them to prosperity instead of driving them into immeasurable debt, robbing and overburdening the citizens with taxes.
And sages are needed who understand how to teach the people according to the creational laws and bring the people onto the path of the true human being so they do not acclaim the criminal state powers who entangle their countries and populations in war conflicts with other countries.
Religions and sects are kept free of tax by countries, whereby the main religions even assert a claim over countries in order to withdraw money from the pockets of the citizens – not only their believers, rather also all persons in their jurisdiction who belong to no religion – by means of horrendous taxes.
And all that so the preachers and other religious leaders can have horrendous salaries, and build, tend and maintain “temples of God”, while many of the little believing lambs go hungry, live in wretchedness, or not seldom also die in great need.
The society of today – as never before – sees facing itself in any relationship, such glaring contradictions that these can no longer be described in their individual forms.
Old and young fight each other, just as also do the West, East, North and South, poor and rich, single people and families, and murderous terrorism rules, and indeed on account of countries, just as it is also through religious, sectarian and ideological murder fanatics.
Up to the year 1990 it could not have been suspected how the entire thing has formed up into the present time, because, first at this time, deep trenches were torn open that cross through everything worldwide and bring need and destruction as well as corruption.
In the name of a false solidarity, countries shovel up monstrous mountains of debt that is not only imposed upon the presently living citizens, rather it is already pre-programmed for those as yet unborn generations until far into the future.
With a complete lack of responsibility, the authoritative criminal governments drive the debts into immeasurable heights – often with the electoral assent won from the citizens suggestively duped by the governments and other politicians – whereby the minority of reasonable people who speak out and defend themselves against it would simply be outvoted and screamed down by the criminals.
This is blatant cynicism in its most consummated form.
The term, “solidarity”, thereby only elicits derisive laughter, because this term only applies to those who hold power in their filthy hands and for those who walk conformably with those filthy-handed ones.
Were today’s state of humanity observed in general, then it would be horrifyingly determined that, in spite of all the welfare, the high standards of living and the conjured up solidarity, a valuable and arresting moral power emanates neither from the religions or sects, nor from the country, nor legal corporations, nor out of the majority of humans.
Seen collectively, that entirety is the revenge of the displaced truth in respect to the compliance with the Creational laws.
The vengeance is (in the form of) the grasping for power, for war, murder, homicide, for robbery, rape, the destruction of families, terrorism, prostitution, overpopulation, the destruction of the environment, destruction of the climate, the will to rule and tyranny, slander, lies and deceit as well as destruction, and so on and so forth.
Truly, there are more and more tendencies towards retreating into intoxications of every kind, into addictions and consumption, as however also in the private spheres and in personal relationship groups.
But a blatant retreat results also with regard to public life and with regard to the maintenance of healthy and valuable interpersonal relationships.
The majority of humans is only still intent on withdrawal into the self-made cocoon, therein – closed off from the the outside world and environment – to increasingly atrophy.
So it comes to be that the older the human is, the less value he places in creating and maintaining true friendships, because to him, mutual support, love and affection mean less and less, and often nothing more at all.
All important and exceedingly important factors are forgotten, whereby the entire concentration is directed only towards absurdities.
Actually, the majority of humans has fallen into a state in which disputes participated in with neighbors, as well as discussions, are just as rarely or no longer to be found, as neither are quarrels with global events, because these necessities have already been mostly lost.
An ancient proverb states: “Everyone is the smith of his own success/luck/happiness” [“Everyone is the architect of his own fortune” / “You make your luck”], yet this truth has apparently already long been lost by the majority of terrestrial humanity, therefore hardly any human still knows how, with what, and for what he forges his life.
Today hardly anyone still grasps the true value and sense of life, because the consciousness-related, as well as the true worldly values have already long disappeared and been forgotten from the vocabulary of the majority of humans.
The human depletes himself ceaselessly, because he has lost control of himself as well as of real life, as well as the sense of compliance with the Creational-natural laws which guarantee everybody a life in love, dignity, peace, freedom, and harmony – if they only followed them.
Yet all these values are continuously forgotten, so wise teachers are required to teach them again in order to again allow the individual human and the whole of terrestrial humanity to find the true path and the true values of life.
As a matter of fact, an imaginary god, gods, saints, sect gurus, “enlightened ones”, popes, priests, ministers, or “exalted ones” and “messiahs”, and so forth, are not needed, rather solely and alone humans with understanding and reason and sufficient experience in life – experienced sages, wise advisors – who can lead the Earth human and teach and show him the path to a good future and true life.
Billy (Eduard Albert Meier)
Semjase Silver Star Center, January 9th, 2006, 10:54PM

A 14 year old’s basic rules for mankind

November 28, 2015

Beam of Light

Basic Rules of FIGU or Basic Rules of Man, respectively by Eduard Albert Meier (14 years old) Regensdorf/Switzerland, Saturday, February 3, 1951, at 8:02 pm
1. Each human being must ask himself for, search for, and find his own meaning of life, and must want to use it (the meaning of life) for the improvement of his life and actions.
2. Each human being must be himself and be his own “guiding personality”, who therefore develops his own resounding ideas and pursues and realizes them.
3. Each human being must let his own reason and his own understanding be exercised in such a way that he demands from himself that which is best and the most salutary; (and) that he forms himself according to his own will, and that he obeys (the demands of) his own needs in his own free way.
4. Each human being must form himself in…

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