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Warning part 7 – New age Bullshit Pleiadian prophecy crystal ship, no meth?

July 7, 2020

(go to 32:22 for the fake goods]  Because you do NOT want to waste an 1hr and 7 minutes of your life listening to this.

Thank you to huge HACK Alfraud Labremont Webber for making my list of idiots.  No discernment.  Career new age bullshitter.  Spreading lies.  Keeping people cookoo and stupid.  There are NO such thing as Pleiadians!  BUSTED.  Known for dealing Hopium and crystal MEH to the phantasmagoria crowd.  Avoid at all costs.

It is true that a benvolent race of humans visit Earth and assist in indirect ways.  It is true that they work with crystals and other high technologies.  These people live 500 light years away, in a slightly time-shifted dimension from ours.  They are the Plejaren, named after their star system, the Plejares.  They affirm that the Pleiades star cluster is much too young to support any life beyond microbial life.  They directed their one and only contactee to refer to them as Pleiadians for many years, in order to identify the fraudsters in a sting operation.  A disinfo campaign, if you will.  It worked.

Why aren’t the NEW AGE kooks and fakers talking about this?:

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Check out all the other frauds you need to avoid:



Meier Corroboration #202

June 27, 2020

October 25th, 2015

Billy: “The day before yesterday I looked through my notes, which I take here and there from our conversations, and I came across what you said about comet 67P/Tschurjumov-Gerasimenko or ‘Tschuri’, as it is called in short form, of which you said that oxygen existed on it. I think that will be as you say, but as far as I know, our scientists haven’t found any oxygen on the comet through the ‘Rosetta’ probe yet. And what I’ll continue to do: I also have correspondence to do and various other things to do, so I don’t just laze around.”


10. I didn’t think that either, because it’s absolutely clear to me that you’re always busy, because you simply can’t allow yourself any rest and can’t be idle.

11. And as far as the comet is concerned, I know that the probe has analysed this oxygen, but apparently nothing has yet been made public about it.

CR 633

October 28th, 2015

Stunned scientists announced Wednesday the unexpected discovery of large quantities of oxygen on a comet which streaked past the Sun in August with a European spacecraft in tow.

The find came as a “big surprise”, and challenges mainstream theories on the formation of our Solar System, said scientist Andre Bieler of the University of Michigan.

Measurements made by the Rosetta probe suggested that oxygen molecules in the 67P comet’s gassy halo must have existed “before or at” its formation, he told journalists.


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China to start building space station in 2021

June 8, 2020
Credit: China National Space Administration

The Chinese space agency is building a brand new space station, and they’re going about it in a suitably impressive way: an ambitious schedule of 11 planned launches crammed into only two years. When it’s done, the 66-ton space station will host crews of three astronauts for up to six months at a time, lasting for a planned 10 years before de-orbiting.

The new station, slated to open for spacey business in 2023, will feature three modules: a main living space and two modules designed to host experiments from collaborators around the world investigating everything from space technologies to zero-G biology.

If everything goes as planned, the first module should go up in the first quarter of 2022 onboard the heavy-lift Long March 5B rocket, which made a controversial debut recently when its main stage rocket fell back in pieces scattered across the eastern Atlantic (and bits of Africa) in a haphazard way shortly after launch. The remaining launches will place the experimental modules, as well as supplies and some folks to run the place.

Speaking of folks to run the place, the Chinese space agency announced plans to select their latest batch of astronauts this July. According to recent statements, the selection will for the first time include civilians with science and engineering backgrounds, not just military personnel from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

In addition to the cool new space station, the Chinese are also planning to launch a cool new telescope, dubbed Xuntian. It will have the same size mirror as the Hubble Space Telescope, but be able to image a much wider field of view on the sky. The new telescope will share the same orbit as the space station (an altitude of 340-450 kilometers with an orbital inclination of 43 degrees), allowing the telescope to dock with the station for repairs and upgrades.

Congrats to SpaceX and NASA

May 30, 2020

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spacex 5.30.20 e

Mysterious W-shaped dips in M-dwarf lightcurves — Planet Hunters

April 30, 2020

Planet Hunters TESS users have identified two very interesting lightcurves of M-dwarf stars that show repeating patterns that are difficult to explain with well-known astrophysical phenomena such as star spots, eclipsing binaries or stellar pulsations. Both of these lightcurves exhibit two dips, a shallow one and a deeper one, which could be explained as the […]

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Slipping Closer to the Predicted Civil Wars? — They Fly Blog

April 26, 2020

(This one is a must read.. click for full article)

“So, we are again reminded of how futile it is to try to “outsmart the prophecies” It seems that many Americans are restless under the lockdown and it’s causing somewhat of a rebellion even among law enforcement officials, apparently ready to help those selecting themselves out of the gene pool (while the mayor of Las…

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Thank you Joseph Darmanin

April 13, 2020

Thank you.

May You Lose Your Shirts — They Fly Blog

April 8, 2020

As sent to many of the greedy promoters of phony UFO “experts”, contactees, abductees, etc., who had to “reschedule” their events You’ll know I’m talking to you if you host people like: Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, James Fox, Jacques Vallee, George Noory, Laura Eisenhower, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Ryan Sprague, Seth Shostak, Whitley Strieber, Stephen…

Bassett, Steven Greer, Michael Salla, Barbara Marciniak, Jimmy Church, James Gilliland, Grant Cameron, Barbara Hand Clow, Jordan Sather, Jeremy Corbell, Bob Lazar, Alejandro Rojas, Paola Harris, Age of Truth, Linda Moulton Howe, Emery Smith, Jan Harzan, Debbie Zieglemeyer, all of MUFON, and other profiteers, which may just also include…you.

May you lose your proverbial shirts as a reminder that all of you have, at one time or another – and probably repeatedly in the past 10 years or so – been offered the opportunity to host presentations of the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over 78 years, and you…rejected the offer. Often through a lack of response.

And while you stupidly and strenuously ignored and/or suppressed awareness of Meier’s voluminous and still irreproducible UFO and informational evidence, in contrast, from all of the various phonies combined that you so willingly promote, you’ve received…zero evidence. Not one piece of anything of verifiable extraterrestrial manufacture.

In your arrogance (and greed), you contributed to the suppression of this historically unprecedented, contact case, still ongoing for over…78 years. Really, what more could you want than the singular truth? Ca-ching is the obviou$ an$wer. You didn’t trust that the truth would be enough to appeal to an even wider and greater audience. So you filled your programs with crap-for-brains, charlatans, con artists and quacks, and delusional disinformation specialists, which you yourselves then became.

In case I’m unclear, what you have done by suppressing, ignoring and attacking the truth, by promoting utter disinformation, etc., has done at least as much damage as all governmental efforts. In fact, the real UFO cover-up has long, only been about the Meier contacts.

And the irony is that had you sought the truth and promoted it, you and your audiences would’ve also learned that, in 1995, Meier foretold the first coronavirus (SARS) epidemic out of China too. That – along with the hundreds of other, specific, examples of prophetically accurate scientific information – could’ve caught the attention of any credible investigative attendees.

Instead of course, because your efforts have effectively turned UFOlogy into a stupid, unscientific, sensationalistic, tabloid-quality farce…you helped to bury any remnant of credibility in your pursuit of profit. So, once this terrible disease is conquered, ….

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Good News Everyone

March 23, 2020

Don’t worry guys, I predict 3128 will be a really good year!

CR 232 pt.3:33

Roll Lift part 2

March 15, 2020

roll lift 2

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