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The Billy Meier UFO Prophecies Live in Sedona — They Fly Blog

February 4, 2019

The real truth and the demise of the cynical UFOlogy fraud This event is intended to inform people about the now unstoppable, coming, global upheaval, as foretold – often through time travel – by the Plejaren extraterrestrials and Billy Meier, as well as to break through the relentless barrage of disinformation directed at people interested…

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January 20, 2019

Let there be


on Earth.

Meier Corroboration #179 ISIS in America

January 16, 2019

If you don’t think the Billy Meier contact case is important, take a look at a top Drudge Report headline for January 16th, 2019…

disclosure drudge 1.16.19

Now recall Michael Horn’s question to Billy in 2017:

Q: How many IS “sleepers” and/or terrorists are there in the US?

A: What Florena has brought me regarding information from Ptaah, is the following, namely, that on December 31, 2016 the Plejaren had accurate knowledge that in the United States 1,407 IS “sleepers” were present, while further Plejaren information regarding potential terrorists of other domestic and foreign groups, who do not belong to the Islamist State, were calculated to be well over 171,000, in which case these others were usually terroristicly indoctrinated lone perpetrators, as however also of a psychopathic and psychically confused nature.

And then Contact Report 642 in January of 2016.. 3 YEARS AGO:

Billy: “You have told me at our previous meeting on January 6 that you are about to clarify how many al Qaida and IS sleepers have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe.”

Ptaah: This evaluation was carried out, in fact the investigation lasted until January 20, but we still continue on with it. We identified 17,461 persons that are directly connected with the IS and the al Qaida terror organization that should be designated as so-called “sleepers.

Billy: “Then Europe can indeed expect quite some acts of terrorism. But when I spoke and wrote that killers of the terror organizations IS and al Qaida are smuggled into Europe with the flow of migrants then it only earned laughter and the secret services even denied that this was the case.

Of course, some people in the U.S. government knew about this, and are disclosing hints of this now in order to to help gain support for a complete border wall and increased border security.  But those who study the Billy Meier knew about this years ago.



January 15, 2019
  1. You shall have no other powers and no gods, idols and saints next to Creation.
  2. You shall keep holy the name of Creation and not abuse this name.
  3. You shall make every day into a day of celebration and hallow it (control it).
  4. You shall not break your bond with Creation, including this: You shall not commit adultery.
  5. Honour Creation just as you honour, respect and love your father and mother.
  6. You shall not kill in depravity.
  7. You shall not rob and expropriate.
  8. You shall not bear false witness against the truth, Creation and life.
  9. You shall never, never speak an untruth.
  10. You shall not greedily covet material wealth and your neighbour’s possessions.
  11. Do not curse the truth.[1]
  12. Never, never put Creation’s recommendations and Creation’s laws into unworthy cults.

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Sun power makes steam

December 11, 2018

Full steam ahead

The researchers first tested the structure by running experiments in the lab, using a solar simulator that mimics the characteristics of natural sunlight at varying, controlled intensities. They found that the structure was able to heat a small basin of water to the boiling point and produce superheated steam, at 122 C, under conditions that simulated the sunlight produced on a clear, sunny day. When the researchers increased this solar intensity by 1.7 times, they found the device produced even hotter steam, at 144 C.

On Oct. 21, 2017, they tested the device on the roof of MIT’s Building 1, under ambient conditions. The day was clear and bright, and to increase the sun’s intensity further, the researchers constructed a simple solar concentrator—a curved mirror that helps to collect and redirect more sunlight onto the device, thus raising the incoming solar flux, similar to the way a magnifying glass can be used to concentrate a sun’s beam to up a patch of pavement.

Photograph of the contactless solar evaporation structure operating on the roof of MIT in October 2017. A non-tracking solar concentrator allows steam temperatures as high as 146 °C to be achieved even in autumn months.

With this added shielding, the structure produced steam in excess of 146 C over the course of 3.5 hours. In subsequent experiments, the team was able to produce steam from sea water, without contaminating the surface of the device with salt crystals. In another set of experiments, they were also able to collect and condense the steam in a flask to produce pure, distilled water.

Chen says that, in addition to overcoming the challenges of contamination, the ‘s design enables steam to be collected at a single point, in a concentrated stream, whereas previous designs produced more dilute spray.

“This design really solves the fouling problem and the steam collection problem,” Chen says. “Now we’re looking to make this more efficient and improve the system. There are different opportunities, and we’re looking at what are the best options to pursue.”


Industrial fisheries are starving seabirds all around the world

December 7, 2018
Industrial fisheries are starving seabirds like penguins and terns by competing for the same prey sources, new research from the French National Center for Scientific Research in Montpellier and the Sea Around Us initiative at the University of British Columbia has found.

“Since the 1970s and 80s, we’ve lost a quarter of all penguins and nearly half of the terns and frigatebirds,” said Grémillet.

Palomares explained that urgent action is needed because not only are seabirds starving to death as they engage in unfair competition for food with massive vessels, but they are also getting tangled in fishing gears and on the large amounts of plastic waste floating on the world’s oceans.
“On top of this, they are threatened by oil pollution, the introduction of non-native predators to their colonies, the destruction and changes to their habitats by human activity and environmental and ecological changes caused by climate change.
“If we don’t do anything, seabird populations are going to collapse,” the Sea Around Us researcher said.

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Looking back at the future

December 1, 2018

E-Tron Virtual Mirrors by Audi

E-Tron Virtual Mirrors by Audi

A new way to look back
Despite U.S. regulators’ reluctance to approve digital side mirrors, this $75,000 Audi is plowing forward with the idea—overseas, at least. The system replaces conventional exterior mirrors with small cameras mounted on angled columns, resulting in a super-efficient 0.28 drag coefficient and making Audi’s electric the slipperiest SUV on the road. Inside the cabin, bright OLED screens tucked into the door sill show vivid images of the view behind you, and touch controls allow you to aim and zoom the “mirrors” for the optimal view. The cameras adapt to changing lighting conditions to ensure consistency and image legibility. It takes about 15 seconds to get used to the tech, then you never want to go back.



Only idiots debate climate change and global warming

November 15, 2018

We tested 2000 nuclear bombs. We cut the rainforests down. We hunted the whales. We built the roads and skyscrapers. We spray the glyphosate and atrazine. We dump the plastic. We built the crumbling nuclear power plants that leak. We overbred to more than 8.8 billion people. We over fish. We built the dams. We hunt endangered animals for sport and ivory. We burn gas and oil. We frack. We mine for gold. We burn the coal. We overfarm and use fertilizer that runs off into the rivers and causes toxic algae blooms. It doesn’t matter whether or not it gets hot or cold. We are destroying the only environment we have with too many people.

Going Beyond New Age Beliefs — They Fly Blog

November 4, 2018

Leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge A recent article speaks about the growing interest in what’s called “New Age beliefs.” While this may be seen by some as an improvement over traditional religions, substituting one set of beliefs for another still leaves one far from knowing the…truth. We are leaving…

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TESS now observing sector 4

October 23, 2018

tess multi_sectors_by_color_4sectors

tess and kepler overlap