As above, so below

September 2, 2017

kitty and laser


Billy Meier E.T. need to know info on Ohio Exopolitics radio

August 19, 2017

SpaceX Falcon 9 lands after CRS 12 resupply

August 14, 2017

spacex crs12 8.14.17 grid fins

Watch Replay of CRS 12 Launch

Hubble spots exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere

August 12, 2017

This artist’s concept shows hot Jupiter WASP-121b, which presents the best evidence yet of a stratosphere on an exoplanet. Image

via Hubble spots exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere — SpaceFlight Insider

Updated: The one time Aliens offered to help, we Ignored them

August 9, 2017

Here is the ONLY time an alien race officially offered to help us.  The U.S. refused and didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.

Letter in link:

It’s 4 pages, 2,133 words.  Not the official letter, just the text.

There are no “deals” and no President has ever met with an alien race.


from September 2017

Ptaah:  “…under no circumstances will this be done, neither at present nor at a later resp. future time. Although we were willing, under certain reservations, to associate with Earth leaders, for which you are L.E. handed over our claims so he could pass them on to the US government. Contrary to our demands then however – from which places always – over L.E. You brought us other and extremely overbearing demands to us, but for us were absolutely unacceptable and also corresponded to an impudence. And this was because the demands made on us were so self-serving and secretive and secretly insidious that it was not we but the US government, whose intelligence services and military were supposed to have control and power over our contacts with the US Of course we could not accept. We were – and are – no petitioners, but we offered help and an alliance that would ultimately have brought lasting peace to the United States of America, and later to the Soviet Union, as well as to all Earth humanity and immense technical and medical advances. At that time, as we have said, we were not supplicants, but our effort was that of a cooperative and helpful alliance, into which a few days later, when the alliance with the US officials had come into being, the Soviet Union would be included as well , then gradually all other countries of the world.

The alliance would first have made efforts for global peace efforts, which would have led to lasting world peace within a few years. But the state, intelligence, and US military were evidently uninterested in this, because they held on to their positions of power over their governance and were unwilling to serve them for the benefit of the US and world populations and for one to limit real world peace. And that there was no will to respond to our peaceful demands was clear from the US response, which on the one hand was sneaky and on the whole provided us with impossible-to-fulfill counterclaims.


NASA caught in paradoxical lie again

August 2, 2017

And now NASA is looking to hire someone to protect us from possible contamination from outer space, another challenge the human race will most certainly face from this point onward..


Of course, the clickbait title wants you to think they are referring to humanoid threats, but the article specifies the threats are biological in nature.  Supposedly, NASA’s official stance is that there is no known life anywhere in the universe, even though that have found traces of water and ice throughout the solar system.

So why the sudden rush to prevent us from biological contamination from the life beyond Earth that officially does not exist, according to NASA?


If they only had a brain, the straw man scarecrow NASA would not be pointing his hands in two different directions.


Meier, or one of his former personalities or friends most certainly warned about the inevitable contaminations that we will bring from space to ourselves.


Perhaps NASA should also announce what was explained in Contact Report 251…


Antarctica Disinfo Scam Confirmed

July 27, 2017

Until someone has multiple kinds of proof, there are NO E.T. or Nazi bases in Antarctica, according to the Ban Srut…

6. Are there ET artefacts, or an old Nazi base in Antarctica?

BEAM: There are no ET artefacts in Antarctica, as well as no old NAZI-bases – apart from an old and extremely insignificant, small building that served for Arctic research.



Hot Debate Around UFOs and Climate

July 19, 2017

As Things Heat Up, Michael Horn incinerates the latest member of the “Debunker of the Month” club, and physics dot org publishes “Manmade aerosols identified as driver in shifting global rainfall patterns” article…. and

“Removing CO2 from the air required to safeguard children’s future”


and I really cannot stress enough the part which points out that it is,

“required to safeguard children’s future”

Need to cool off? Perhaps you will take a cool and refreshing drink from the Goblet of the Truth, worth every petro dollar they are asking for it…and then some.

Or you can download the digital version of GOTT by the GOTT at no cost here:

Whether the temperatures are rising or falling, no credible person can deny the human caused destruction of the environment on the land, in the air, seas, and near space.


Jupiter’s Red Spot Dominates New Juno P7 Pics — Lights in the Dark

July 13, 2017


They’ve arrived! Images from NASA’s Juno spacecraft P7 pass have landed on Earth (a few days early no less) showing Jupiter’s Great Red Spot from the closest distance that it’s ever been imaged before. Captured on the night of July 10 (early July 11 morning UTC) the closest Junocam images were taken from a distance […]

via Jupiter’s Red Spot Dominates New Juno P7 Pics — Lights in the Dark

Mythi update 151

July 2, 2017

mythi 151