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Extraterrestrial Disclosure in the Mainstream Media – Who Will Tell Us The Truth First?

June 10, 2017

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Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Knows- Why don’t you?

February 5, 2016

Mythi update 115

April 17, 2014

(Note: CG stands for Community Galactica)

35 MUST SEE Star Maps- Wayne Herschel- The Hidden Records

March 3, 2014

Dear Cosmic Love Readers,

This is another huge treasure trove of research connecting the dots, literally, of ancient civilizations interacting with extraterrestrials.  Browse the website, look at the maps, or donate to help make a movie about this amazing research!






There is much, much more to look at on his site.  Here’s the home page:



About me ! – 12- 12- 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

December 12, 2013

Hi guys!

A few people have asked me on private questions about me, my channeling work and technique, or had other discussions. Usually, I don’t have enough time to have one to one email with people and friends. This is because I work and study at the same time, and try to run 2 websites, and channel as well.. and with a slow broadband and windows 8.1 .. this is tricky.. and painful at times, not to mention the 3 hours daily travel time, the preparation for the next day’s work and classes (takes up to 5 hours per night), and the exams and readings I have to do for my post grad course.

So I am sorry if I can’t reply to emails or chats til roughly June, when I will be busy applying for a job… !

Such is my path in life, I have to work hard to make a living for me and help my family as well. No other way of surviving for us otherwise. So I thought I would say a little about me and my channeling work and try to hit on a few readers’ questions while I am home sick for the day…



– I was born in East Europe on a farm. I have traveled from age 7 with my family in a few countries in Europe and since I am an adult I have lived in 2 European countries.

– I have always recalled living on Mars and on the Moon, in previous lives of course. I used to tell of those things to my family, but they always told me that there is no one living on other planets and that there is no extra- terrestrial life in the Universe. Which made me sad and scared, and I have always told them that that was not true, that life was plentiful in the universe, otherwise why would the universe be so big, if it was just all for our planet. We agreed on that.

– Since one particular day at age 3, I have always known that I was on Earth for a specific purpose, even though I still don’t fully know that purpose. But I did know that my life and mission was different on Earth than most of the people living on it. I have been trying to recall my mission since age 3, when I noticed that my memory was becoming corrupted and that I begun forgetting what happened the day before, unless I really thought about it.

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About me ! – 12- 12- 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean.

The “others”

October 14, 2013

14 October 2013


This is the dragon. In the past, we have talked about what you call “ET races” that interact with humanity. They are really your brothers and sisters because you are just like them in more ways than you can imagine. Your only difference is form, which is irrelevant in higher vibrations. In another life, you may be them and vice-versa. Most of you, especially those of you on Earth now, have been what you call an extra terrestrial at least once, and often times more than you have been on Earth.

However, some of you still do not trust your brothers and sisters. Some have fear, some have distrust. It is not unfounded. First of all, any being should have discernment. It is an important tool, really from a universal perspective to protect you from yourself – to make sure you use your creative ability in an appropriate way for what you are trying to do, since you are imbued with the ability to create anything – even if sometimes it is not easy for a 3d being to figure out how. The universe is balanced. Therefore, if you talk about some trait you consider positive, there is going to be an equal potential for negative alternatives in the universe, with the understanding that god-all-that-is is biased towards love. Finally, some of you have had other lives where you had run-ins and have intuitive memory of that in your current life.

So, this discussion is – because some seem to not accept a discussion on ETs until there is a balanced discussion of the “baddies” out there. Because typically lower vibrations tend to have more of these kinds of things, this channeling will be more 3d-focused than normal.

Perhaps because you intuitively know there is that potential out there, it gives your survival instincts cause for concern. First, we want to say how amazing it is that you have such an imagination that you can imagine the type of diversity out there when you are so veiled. That is god-all-that-is coming through you. Yet, it’s much bigger and more wonderful than you can even imagine. You haven’t even seen 1% of 1% of 1% of the multiverse. We obviously don’t typically want to talk about these things because you are currently on a negative-bias world – for what you consider a negative experience – and just starting to get out of that. Your creative abilities could cause you to manifest things that you fear, and that could upset your progress.

However, it is worthwhile to give a short summary of what it means to you that there can be the “dark side” of the “others”. We’re not going to talk about specific forms or “races” because all forms carry potentials of doing things you consider “good” and doing things you consider “bad”, so the list would really be infinite. The same form in two different parts of the universe could have two different soul groups and act completely differently. Just look at your own society. You have the capabilities of doing both wonderful things, and things you would consider terrible.

Up until now, you have been somewhat protected from your own ignorance, and with the help of the soul. Imagine the scenario that Earth is a giant beacon that attracts all beings good or bad from all points in the Universe. Earth is NOT that. For 3d beings, your own veil makes it so you don’t reach out and attract attention. Your physical influence, your field, in your current reality ends about one hundred light years from your world. That is the farthest distance a radio broadcast can reach. It will take over one hundred thousand years for your radio broadcast to reach the edge of the visible galaxy. Obviously, within the galaxy, you will attract some attention in 3d even long after you stop sending broadcasts, from many dozens of 3d ET races, however either they will typically have the capability to already know about you or they will not be able to reach your world. Plus, this only covers a subset of realities of your galaxy. We’re not going to say “one” reality since when you get to these scales you can’t compartmentalize realities that way.

Basically, we want to impress upon you that your physical calling card is not very loud. You aren’t a beacon. Now, your soul also via the veil maintains some protection for you simply because the veil does work both ways. It keeps 3d beings inside the veil from seeing everything outside, however it can also work to keep you hidden from certain 3d and even higher vibrational beings that you don’t want interfering with Earth. Most 3d beings can’t even see you. They could pass through your solar system, looking at Earth with equipment much more advanced than anything you have, and still not see you. They would just see an Earth you may call primitive with only primitive life forms. They could land there and they wouldn’t see you. They are seeing a different reality of Earth, its template perhaps you could say.

But some do know you are here, for whatever reason. Most in your relatively evolved galaxy do not wish you harm. Some are on your planet right now either on your reality or connected ones. Some have been on Earth longer than you have. These usually just don’t interact with you. Some don’t trust you because of past experiences and keep you away from you. Others are from off Earth and either relative newcomers or have been around for eons. Some are 3d and 4d, more are 5d. Some are mischievous, and some are benevolent. Some are fragmented and have both negative and positive parts of their society, just like your own. Some are here studying life on Earth and don’t want to interfere with you. Others are experiencing being part of natural life and “roughing it” and don’t consider interaction with an “unnatural” race such as yourselves conducive to that. Some are higher vibrational beings curious about your energies. Some are trying to help you. Others are just “chilling out”. There are many many reasons that beings are around. Very few mean any harm.

However, you assume most mean harm. In fact, it may be reflection on your own society’s history that gives you the most concern. You can perhaps see your reflection in some of the more malevolent groups of ETs. There have been times in your past where you let some higher vibrational beings to come and play with you like toys, not to destroy you but to have fun somewhat at your expense like a kid may have with an anthill when he or she wants to impart his or her own influence on the anthill in a non-destructive but quite disruptive way. These were not your destroyers. Right now, that is not your choice, so those kinds of beings are kept at bay, and instead they need to incarnate through birth rather than simple manifestation of a body to have influence, but that influence is limited because they have to “buy into” your system to incarnate into it.

So these beings that interacted in your history were malevolent, or benevolent, or neutral but interacting more from a mischievous perspective. Because they were interfering, and that is mischievous. And they knew it. However, it was also creative. It was their exercise of their own creative abilities, and humanity co-created in essentially giving up their creative ability to them. However, they did not destroy you. Nor do the beings that do know you are here. Had they wanted to destroy you, and had you let it happen, they would have already done so. And we can say for certainty that at some time in your history, you would have let it happen, because you have been self-destructive at times.

However, again, you have not chosen that for now. You looked not to be interfered with. You walled yourselves off. That caused some pain because you do feel a sort of loneliness that you could not describe. You are not used to being out of a collective, to being alone, as a species and as individuals. Even that loneliness has spawned the compassion of higher vibrational beings, who cannot solve this for you. They can only make those who can talk to them feel less lonely.

Let’s again go back to the most malevolent ones and your own protection from your soul and the veil. As we said, there are potential for infinite. Categorizing them has no point, at least of course in the case you are unfortunate to invite them here. Now, as you start to evolve, that veil is going to break down. Suddenly, at least from the perspective of eons, you are going to be more visible. You will not be able to control what individuals do on the world, and what ETs they reach out to. Your beacon is turning on. You are no longer going to be so hidden.

We don’t want to scare you, but also don’t want to mislead you. There will be some malevolent ones that will come to Earth. Although it is up to you how this goes, we strongly feel that there are significantly more benevolent types and neutral types that will become aware of you. Often times, the malevolent ones are blind and they have less potential to see you. But some will. You can even consider this a test. A test you are giving yourself of how you will react. The malevolent ones won’t want your resources. They can get those anywhere. Think from your own history. They are either going to typically want control, or to make use of you as resources, or colonize. They will have their motives. How you react to them will determine how you do on the test. We feel you’ll do fine, and you’ll have help.

This help will most likely not be in the form of ships guarding your planet or technology. You are going to be on your own there, and don’t even need it. The help will be in terms of guidance from frequent contact with benevolent ETs who are going to tell you how to handle these less friendly guys. You really don’t want to give energy to their reality. You’re better off using spiritual approaches to discourage more interference. You are going to be in the process of evolving and beyond the frequent contact with ones that will give you advice, you have timing in your favor. As your veil diminishes and you become more visible throughout the galaxy to all kinds of beings, you also begin to remember who you are and what capabilities you have. You become more empowered as a civilization and as individuals. Your creative abilities return. Your memories return. You’ll know what to do. It’ll feel natural.

We believe that, ultimately, due to the timing of this with your evolution, that the impact of the few “bad ones” that arrive will be rather uneventful. In fact, you’ll be able to even see into their hearts and understand them. That doesn’t mean you can change them. You probably can’t. They just won’t be a threat to you. I know that’s hard to understand. You feel so vulnerable and weak, but you really aren’t. You are a very powerful group of beings, and have great creative ability. It is a bias towards positivity that will help you.

Also, we hope that as you start to be able to travel to the stars, that you are the neutral or benevolent ones, and not the malevolent ones, in general. We see that as a strong potential, and don’t consider it likely that as a group you will be malevolent. Of course, individuals are free to do their own thing but we expect you to have a strong collective connection and to be able to spread love and compassion within your society and keeping that outlook to how you interact, and memories of past lives and who you really are will give you wisdom, and a feeling of empowerment and higher vibrational existence will make it so you don’t feel you need to control things, in general. So beyond a few hiccups, we expect you’ll get on very well as you begin to explore.

So, finally, don’t have fear. There is nothing to worry about, really. You have some learning ahead of you, but nothing dangerous. You are leaving the most dangerous time for your civilization. The rest should be more fun. We mean it 🙂

With love, The dragon