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Giving And Receiving — A Message From Plashdar

October 13, 2013

 13 October 2013


I am Plashdar of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Greetings.

We see the flaws and the good traits of human beings clearly and without judgment. That is why we can advise you. If you are in judgment you cannot give sound or clear advice to yourself or another. And if you are in judgment you will not accept the sound advice that is given to you.

We see in the human race many extremes. There are those who study and study and study and do nothing with the knowledge, there are those who go out into the unknown who should have thought about the process more and trained more. There are those who are entirely caught up in physical yearnings and desires and then there are monks who meditate and do nothing physical at all. These extremes do not allow for you to have a balanced life.

You cannot sit back living in fear planning your next move and never taking it, anymore than it would be good to go without thinking and to harm yourself by unwise choices. It is exactly like a person who is on a harmful diet eating all the wrong things and hurting their body, and then they decide that they will drastically change their diet and they cut out every negative food at once. There system becomes shocked and they are unable to maintain the diet in most cases. And both diets were harmful even though one of them was healthier.

Many people plan and plan and fail to take an action because they are afraid of failing or of acting imperfectly. But you are here learning from a human perspective not a perfect one and the remedy is self love. Remember to love and honor yourself and reward yourself for what you did well and correct, but let go of what you did badly. Because you are learning. You are allowed to do things imperfectly. You are allowed to be learning. That is where you are at. You are all learning.

Everybody is learning. We are all god and we are all learning.

You have seen people in your daily life, there are people you can think of off the top of your head that are the way I am describing. You may even see this trait in yourself. People who aren’t balanced and are living through one extreme.

Another extreme is to give and give and give, or to take and take and take. People often see the acts of those who are selfish and they stop taking or receiving anything because they decide that that is a bad way of being. And it is. Taking without giving is bad for your mind, body, heart and spirit, but so is giving and giving and giving without taking or receiving adequately.

We are all learning. We are learning to show love to ourselves and not to forget to be kind and to give to ourselves or to allow money, or goodness and all that we need to flow to us.

People who are imbalanced and are so spiritual that they forget to be physical often devalue money. They see it as unspiritual. But money is energy and so it can be used in a spiritual or physical, mental or emotional way just as anything can. From this outlook we see that it is neutral. Money is a neutral energy that can be used for good or evil.

Many people want abundance and yet they value money as something less than. They believe money is something that you shouldn’t have and that it is wrong to desire. But the spirit wishes to be free and you will always desire it, because on the Earth plane money hands you freedom. Money is a ticket to freedom as far as physical freedom.

Why is it wrong to have what you need and desire? And why shouldn’t those who are good and who are putting out good be receiving in return. This is a law of the universe and when a person is giving and giving and giving and not allowing the universe and the people around them to give back to them they are denying a universal law from properly flowing and this creates a great imbalance in the world and in the universe.

The remedy is self love. The remedy is to be kind to yourself, to value yourself and to remember to honor yourself and allow others to be kind to you and to allow others to see you with honor and to treat you with value. Value yourself and value your work and what you are here to bring to planet Earth. Remember to give and take in turn. Remember to allow yourself to receive. Remember to allow yourself to desire freedom as your spirit desires freedom, and see money as a blessing, a way that the universe has given itself, its divine energy, back to you for what you have brought and put out.

Value your time and your abilities. Allow others to value your time and what you bring to Earth as a Lightworker, as a Starseed, as an Indigo, as an Earth Angel, as a Human Being.

Remember to love yourself and act on your desires and when you want something, remember to go toward it, step forward down your path and seize your opportunities, but also take time to consider and think things through. Be wise and remember to value yourself, to love and honor yourself and to ask for all you need. You are certainly worthy of asking for all you need and you are more than worthy to receive all that you require and all that you desire.

Allow the universe to flow toward you with its abundance energy. Allow the energy of abundance to manifest itself to you in all its forms and do not allow fear to hold you back from bringing your desires forward, because you are worthy of them.

You are worthy to act on your desires, and you are wise enough to think out your impulses. And when you are full you will bless others, but before you have become full your work will still bless others, you will simply begin to allow more to flow to you.

I speak to those who are following a spiritual path, not to those who are not. Remember to love and honor yourself. Remember that the physical is why you are here and remember to be allowing of the physical, to be part of the physical expression of the universe. Allow all forms of physical abundance in because you are experiencing the physical now, and abundance in all forms is positive.

If you are experience a block of any type of abundance look at your beliefs about the abundance you are lacking. Do you deep down feel that it is wrong to be abundant? What are your thoughts towards people who have abundance and have more than you in a physical way?


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Galactic Federation of Light OCTOBER 8 2013

October 9, 2013


Published on Oct  8, 2013           

Now that you have the keys to your own eternal paths, then you are open to the reality of knowing that you deserve to keep soaring into our cosmic heavens, and there is only a still essence that you are able to heal with inside.  With a new generation of galactic beings coming forth out of all of you focused on ascension, on rising into full consciousness in this lifetime, then it is a great celebration that you are allowing to be made a reality.  From the depths of who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light, then the upgrades that you are entered into are all from an inner merging with your source.  This source is not separated among you, but spread abundantly among all of you, in your entrance into higher realms of existence, of experience, of a dawning of awakening into a pure essence of light.  It is about trusting that you are on the ascension path, in your awakened source, in seeing how your light work continues to increase, and how your focus is awakening more of your true nature as a shining beacon of light.  Through all of your hard work for our light team, then you are opening up more portals of your light grid, to activate more of this planetary system with a fueling of pure consciousness. 
From the awareness that you are stepping into, then this gives you the clarity to be more in balance with who you are, and how you are to continue to be more upgraded into the light.  Your light then merges into our own light source as one divine energy, which is how you are seeing that you are beyond all of the outer drama in your reality, you are beyond all of the hate that you have seen on this planet.  With the connections that you make in being from the stars, then you are setting the stage for First Contact, which is how our many galactic meetings are centered around now.  This is not a process in which First Contact is not going to happen, as those spreading those lies are simply living from fear, not existing into the true sense of why each of you as ascended masters came here to begin with.  In the stage setting of allowing for such a process, then there are still large amounts of individuals that are able to witness the reality of the new Earth, that are not living in fear of our divine unity.  With the stillness in your own inner self, then you are opening up more of the light that exists in your core, that then is giving a clear sense of peacefulness to embrace more.  From the foundations of your missions, then you are opened up to a reality where bliss is a choice, where calmness is your natural state of living, and existing into the higher realms.  Along with such an experience is a cosmic uniting that is embraced, which opens up the reality to know that your multi dimensional access into the stars is from inside of you.
The ego mind is going to keep talking crazy about saying “Ascension is not real, that is a bunch of lies from some cults, don’t trust that angels are going to save you, they are the ones that the bible talks about coming back to kill you!”  That is of no truth, and clearly the history books of your past, including religious texts have been placed in fear, not in unconditional love, and our collective missions are here to help and assist in the healing of Earth.  The new Earth is a place where healing chambers, and crystal cities are abundant, as they are already in Inner Earth, and the blatant lies that your world leaders have spread, including the lies that our existence is not real, that is not known about is coming forth in such messages.  All of you here for ascension are clearly aware of the government cover ups that try and keep the public ignorant to the plots of the Cabal, and the true reality of abundance that has been set to be given to all of those on this planet.  The ones that are going to see such changes are those that are rising their frequencies into more light, that are continuing to be creative, in any way you are able to.  Creations are not stopping, as you are still alive on this planet, with a focus, with a strong will, and determination to bring forth more awareness about the new Earth.  Those unwilling to connect with you in an openness about ascension are simply not focused on such a reality now, and it is important not to allow the ego to bring judgments in your lives.

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