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The sphinx speaks- Can we agree on one definition about ascension?

August 19, 2013

18 August 2013
Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks can we agree on one definition about ascension

There is much that can be said about ascension and the explanation of ascension as many are confusing different forms of what they call ascension.

Let us define what ascension used to be defined as.

We will take one example that most know of and has been written about.

Jesus, he was laid down in the cave and after three days, his physical body was transformed into a light body. Yet, people were able to see him in his physical form when he appeared before them.

Ascension can be defined as a full transformation of the physical body into a spiritual or energy body, yet still being able to have a physical appearance upon earth.

How would you be able to prove this ascension?

The proof would be, if someone says they have ascended, they can physically appear before you, but also disappear where you cannot see them. If they have ascended, they would be able to physically appear and disappear everywhere upon earth.

Saying you have ascended but are still within a physical body would not be considered ascension and maybe we can offer a different phrase or name for these types of ascension.

We would call it expansion, when someone says they have ascended into the 5th dimension or maybe even beyond, we would call this expansion as what this person has done is reached a new level, a new connection within their own being and in fact expanded their human understanding and being into a new level of their spiritual being.

It is in fact not really ascension into the 5th dimension as the human physical body still mostly resonates within a 3rd dimensional frequency, but it is an expansion. So instead of your human being existing or being present within only the 3rd dimensional frequencies, the human being now exists within the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional frequency simultaneously.

This requires some adjustment of the human being and understanding and this is what explains the experiences many have of moving between these 3 dimensional frequencies. Many are having problems adjusting to integrating the experience that is occurring at the 5th dimensional level within the human 3d level of understanding and integration.

We hope this clears up some of the confusion some are experiencing as there is a need for some definition that you actually can agree upon to gauge what is really happening for many during the awakening process upon earth.

From one source to another
August 17, 2013
Petra Margolis


Summer Solstice Celebrations Begin

June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice Celebrations Begin
21 June 2013 – 8:50am
Kathryn E. May

Last night was a historic event in our ability to talk with all of you. On Kathryn and Anne DeHart’s BlogTalkRadio show, Kathryn channeled Us and four other Masters. It was a glorious celebration of the coming Summer Solstice, this connection between Us and You. There are also plans for a special Summer Solstice internet radio program on the same channel, which Kathryn and Anne will list on their websites, so you can call in and make your contribution to the rising energies which are driving the Shift on your beloved planet.

Your combined energies, which you will increase by meditating together as a group, will lift the whole world. Other groups will also be meditating this glorious day, June 21, 2013, to bring in the New Golden Age. Your intention to create peace throughout the planet, bring in the announcements of the release of NESARA funds, and inspire Disclosure of the true existence of your Star Brothers and Sisters who are waiting by the millions around your planet in their ships. These things together will create a change which will redefine how life is conducted on dear Mother Earth.

We urge each of you to join the group during the time slot of 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.
We will drop in to help lead a meditation for you, and many of you will want to call in with your own Summer Solstice stories or history lessons.

Kathryn will have another contributor named Lori to help manage the show, so there will be lots of information and interaction, and fun for everyone who wants to share in the good company and the lovely sense of community you are establishing in this diverse and far-flung group. We look forward to the interaction with you on this historic Summer Solstice evening.

Now, let’s talk about how you are doing in your efforts to raise your level of vibration as you go through your days. Do you find it is easier to maintain your good humor, even when someone tries to “get under your skin”? That’s a funny expression, isn’t it? But it is exactly the right description for the experience we are going to help you learn to prevent. It will help you to avoid the unpleasant feelings of annoyance and impatience you might have felt in the past.

Here is the technique to protect you and your skin from invasion by another. First, be aware of the sensation you feel when a person does something offensive, and you are the target. Register the feeling that comes with their comment or action. It is instantaneous. Notice it, place meaning on what you feel, then move quickly to the next step. Breathe deeply, steady yourself by anchoring your I AM Presence in your brain, feel the Love flowing down through your crown chakra, through your brain (third eye reception area in the center), through your throat, and into your open heart.

If you have all your channels open, you will feel a flow of Love, like standing in a nourishing waterfall. Feel the strong connection between the center of your brain and the center of your heart. Now let the Light channel expand as it carries Our Love/Light down through your body, filling every cell with the feeling of acceptance, warmth and joy. Keep expanding until the Light emanates throughout your body, expanding to fill every nook and cranny of your lovely self. Then let it ripple outward, all the way to the surface of your skin.

Feel the protection that comes from being filled with Light: there is no room for any Darkness, therefore you are not vulnerable. Let the ripples extend outward a little distance from your skin. This is your aura, and it will not only protect you from invasion by any energy you do not welcome – it also bathes others in the Light, lifting their vibration and creating an atmosphere which will bring out the best in those around you.

Keep breathing this sense of powerful Love/Light, and you will push any energies out of your body which don’t deserve to be there. Darkness is simply nullified by Light, so do not fear that the Annoying One will get any hold on you or will be able to sink their claws into you and have it go unnoticed. You will find that there is great respect for one who holds fast to the Light. Because you are not accessible to the Darkness, you are in effect, invulnerable. Again, breathe in the Light from above, your I Am Presence, and be aware that you could not be pushed over or compromised.

Continue to do this exercise as you go through your day. You will begin to find that even if someone tries to bring you down, no matter how hard they try, you will not succumb to stooping to their level or to engage in the petty attacks they are waging. As you continue to prove unstoppable, the world will begin to adapt to your strength by showing respect, and even the worst enemies will lose interest in their failed attempts to bring you down. This has always been the most effective road to peace.

You see, this is the power behind the stance which has been called non-violence – the ability to generate more Light and Love than any Dark One. It is not obvious to someone who is operating at a 3D level, because the effects are not revealed as instantly as, say, hitting someone over the head with a big stick (or military weapon). You – and anyone who succeeds at this Light-bearing approach – will create good will and a quiet sense of true power everywhere you go.

And now, Dear Ones, we will continue our ongoing conversation with you by whispering in your ear as the Solstice works its magic across the land. We are always here for you, always supporting and celebrating your growth.

We love you unconditionally,
Your Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, June 21, 2013, 3 am.

“Sprites of Light”

April 14, 2013

Light Connections among 100th monkey Hue-persons have strengthened and are increasingly connecting with all of “non-enLightened” humanity. These connections appear as “Sprites of Light” to those with 5-7D eyes to see.

“Sprites of Light” pass from one human to another, even those in “non-enLightened” state.

This is a Gaia-directed channeling of the Higher D Light whose strength (intensity) has multiplied 10-fold as a result of recent Solar activity. Each human entity has become sufficiently Light-aware (even though often un-consciously) to permit this means of Light transmission within Gaia.

“Sprites of Light”.