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A Year in the Life of CO2 video

June 16, 2016


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Proof that Climate Change Doubters are 100% WRONG

June 19, 2015

A small excerpt from contact report 489 out of 602 and counting…

…Actually I have something which still requires an explanation from your side. Christian Frehner brought me a question from Michael Horn and Professor James Deardorff regarding the current CO2 content of the terrestrial atmosphere.
But since I was not quite sure in regard to an answer, I asked Florena on February 25th for an explanation.
Both obviously thought that the current content is not yet dangerous and that it also does not climb so quickly.
Besides that, they spoke of a 4 percent CO2 content, which is not, however, what was mentioned in our conversation of October 14th last year in regard to CO2.
Florena answered my question by quoting the exact current content as 0.046 percent.
This is in contrast to the claims of the terrestrial scientists who, with inexact calculations, would only calculate a value of 0.039 percent.
I assume, concerning that, that a misunderstanding probably exists with the two and they took the terrestrial scientists’ lower value as the starting point and that this is not yet dangerous and for which reason it is also not to be evaluated as grave.
However, how they arrived at 4 percent is a puzzle to me because neither of us mentioned this number in our conversation.
What is to be said about that?
It is correct that the current CO2 content on the Earth amounts to 0.046 percent, respectively 460 ppm [parts per million] which is truly quite a lot more than the terrestrial scientists register with their inadequate apparatuses.
This CO2 content of 0.046 percent is not yet very grave for the life forms, but, with humans who are more susceptible than others regarding CO2, it leads to very frequent migraines, with nausea and dizziness.
But, among diverse other factors, the molecule also strongly influences the climate and therefore contributes to climate change.
The content of 460 ppm is therefore not harmless. Instead, it has already, for a long time, shown certain effects with humans who are susceptible to it, as it also has in regard to climate change, through which natural catastrophes take the lives of many humans.
The named 0.046 percentage of CO2 impregnates the atmosphere whereby however this says nothing about the CO2 which has accumulated and continues to accumulate in the soil and in the oceans and other bodies of water, and which is freed, by and by, as a result of various processes and also enters the atmosphere this way.
It also says nothing about how the CO2 damages all seas and other bodies of water in that it acidifies them.
The gas will be poisonous for the humans when, in the air, it reaches a content of approximately one percent which will then already lead generally to headaches and chronic tiredness.
It has an absolutely deadly effect when it reaches a content of 8 percent in the air.
Naturally the entire thing still corresponds to a longer process and will not take effect overnight, but the whole thing will not be stopped if the Earth humans proceed with their uncontrollable reproduction and continue to produce the gas in excessive amounts as they have until now.
As a result of everything which is coming in the future, factors can come about which allow the CO2 content to suddenly and rapidly increase, especially when the molecules, which have accumulated and continue to accumulate in the soil and in the oceans, escape into the air as a result of some sort of circumstances and become dangerous for all breathing beings.
That is certainly not the case yet and also one cannot expect it to be the case very quickly, but to think that the CO2 content of 460 ppm is not dangerous corresponds to an erroneous assumption because that is already alarmingly high, because, namely, as a result of the molecule, the climate is strongly influenced in a negative way and causes certain human beings health difficulties, with migraines, nausea and dizziness.
Around 150 years ago the CO2 content in the atmosphere amounted to 0.028 percent, and shortly before industrialisation the content of CO2 on the Earth amounted to 187 ppm. Subsequently the content has therefore climbed by a disturbing 273 ppm.
The terrestrial atmosphere has always contained CO2 in small amounts, but the Earth humans have unfortunately contributed very much to the strong increase of the gas content, and indeed as a result of the irresponsible, excessive burning of fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas and coal, as well as as a result of diverse other natural and chemically produced substances.
Means of transport, such as aircraft, automobiles, tractors, other motor vehicles and all kinds of work machines as well as ships, which are powered by combustion engines, also contribute in a big way to the entire evil.
To add to that are also power stations and factories which are powered in some way with gas or coal.
Also the logging – and clearing by means of fire – of the rain forests, as well as other clearing of forests around the world and the destruction and building-over of riverside forests and fertile fields for residential buildings and factories, and so forth, contributed and further contributes to the increasing CO2 content.
But now all the clever ones and know-it-alls who play everything down again, will come again.
That will, unfortunately, really not be avoidable.
That will with certainty be so, just as it will that everything will be described as worse than it, in and of itself, already is.

Date/time of contact: Monday, March 1st, 2010 see also:   Excess CO2 Leads to Oxygen Collapse

Mythi update 130

February 13, 2015

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th November 2013

November 11, 2013

© The Montague Keen Foundation 2013

We talked about Project Bluebeam some time ago. Governments are now making decisions as to whether to go ahead with it. They are trying to buy time but I can assure you, it will backfire on them. The majority of people are aware of Project Bluebeam and they will see through it, no matter how impressive they make it. The way the governments see it, desperate situations require desperate measures. Your friends from Andromeda are fully aware of what is happening and they are planning to arrive on Earth to expose what the governments are doing in order to try to hang on to control. The Andromedans have prepared everything that your world could possibly need to free you from the domination and control of the Cabal.

You have nothing to fear from the Andromedans. They are fellow beings of light. They want to reunite with you once more. Be prepared for the many changes that you will have to quickly adapt to. When you are fully in the light, you will wonder how you ever survived in the extreme darkness of your controlled imprisonment. You have not yet begun to understand just how controlled you are. You have always just accepted it as the norm. It is time to look at the small print: you do not own your house, your car, or your children. You are charged taxes on every conceivable thing and you accept it without question. Now, as you begin to see with unblinkered eyes, you will wonder how you could ever have accepted this control as normal.

Freedom is precious, my friends. You will value your newfound freedom to think, to act, to believe, to go, and to be whatever you choose to be. A whole new way of life is opening up before you which will be the greatest adventure of your lives on Earth. Your world will come together as one and you will notice, my dear, that suddenly you’ll receive emails from many different parts of the world, from people who are all experiencing the same thing. Take note of this as it is an important step forward. The synchronicity will confirm the TRUTH . . . that HUMANITY HAS STEPPED INTO THE LIGHT !
This is what you have been working towards for quite some time. The next four months should bring about some of the changes that need to happen. It would cause too much disruption for you to cope with, if everything happened at once. That would cause chaos and you don’t need that. We will try to do everything in an orderly fashion so as not to confuse you. Have no doubt, your world is about to change out of all recognition. It will become a joy to be on Earth. All the false prophets who have preached hellfire and damnation, will disappear into oblivion very quickly. The only religion you will choose to acknowledge is the “religion of love” as was taught in ancient Ireland. This was condemned and silenced by the Church of Rome.

All will be happy to say goodbye to the banks. They are responsible for such misery and suffering. This is what they planned in 1913 when the then-US President Wilson, sold out to the Federal Reserve. He condemned every human being on Earth to slavery and corruption. But their time is up. They will no longer be able to operate in an enlightened world. You will find that there are people in place who are prepared to deal with any problems that may occur during this massive changeover. Everything is in place to make it as smooth as possible.

You know in your souls that everything will be just fine. Do not allow your logical minds (your CONTROLLED MINDS) to cause you anxiety of any sort. You were all taught to have a logical mind because such a thing is so much easier to control and manipulate. Do not worry, for you will quickly forget all that you were taught in schools and universities. You will joyfully explore the TRUTH of who you are, and your connection with the universe. You will become the beings of light that you were prevented from becoming for so long. Never again will you suffer the electronic interference, the pollution of your water, food and air, and the killings and the wars, as everything negative will be removed.

Many of the really dark beings will be removed from Earth. Some may even have the darkness removed from them, to be replaced by what you call “walk-ins”, who will take over in order to help the Transition. So, if you suddenly see someone, who until now, you had believed to be totally negative, suddenly behaving reasonably, this may be the cause. For we will have replaced that individual; they have not had a change of heart.

We will keep you informed of our actions at all times to avoid confusion. Be positive and know that you are on the right path. Do not be swayed by whatever the Cabal does to confuse or frighten you. Trust me, those within the Cabal are more frightened of you than you could ever be of them. Their house of cards is tumbling down around their ankles. It is time for them to go.

Try not to buy into the Christmas hype, as it only serves to make the Cabal richer. Treat it as a family get-together. Christmas, as depicted by Rome, never happened. Jesus was so much more than they want you to believe. The truth of this will be explained when the timing is right for us to do so. You have been lied to for such a long time, so this subject will have to be dealt with, when everything settles down, and you are in a position to listen and accept the truth.

There is one who has been entrapped by the Cabal in order to prevent him from completing his mission. He needs your love, prayers and protection, as he struggles with the attacks that are viciously made on him. He is of the light, and so he was targeted. He struggles to free himself, and with your help, he will do so. By working together, we will make things happen more quickly. Try to understand that we, too, are impatient. We want to see the light revive your world as soon as possible.
My love, we are on the cusp of something so great. Just know that we will succeed.
My love surrounds you always. Your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Dear friends,
At the moment, Veronica Keen is in a difficult situation. Please read her message below. You can help her by making a donation through the Donate button. If you don’t have the means to help financially, maybe you can add her in your prayers and send her love and light. Positive energy always finds its way.
Thanks! – Kees,

Veronica Keen:

“Life is not easy right now, I am without a car. A bus crashed into my 12 year old car while it was parked and wrote it off. I am facing many blockages as I try to replace it. I am dependent on others to help me find one. I cannot get to the shops. I have heart and lung failure, I cannot walk up the Hill. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in this matter. Your good wishes and prayers would be most helpful.
Thank you, Veronica .”

What Are You Waiting For?

July 21, 2013

High Council of Orion Message – YOUR PERSONAL CONNECTION
18 July 2013
Holly Hawkins Marwood

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

Audio file is available at


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today the title of our message is “What are you waiting for?”
Observe your life and observe how you interact with the world around you and we ask you, what it is that you’re waiting for?

If you start being mindful of the way you think about your life, and even start making a list, if you will. You’ll find that many of your thoughts are about what’s just around the corner, “How perfect things will be when,” and what you realize is that your mind is constantly moving out into the future, and you are waiting for something else to be better, waiting for something to be different and at that point life can begin, life can be enjoyed, life will be easy, life will be understood, you’ll feel peace, you’ll feel happiness, you will feel less stress whatever it might be.

And one could say that you’re looking into the future and not living in the present, which is true yet at the same time what we want to help you realize is that all of it creates an energy of waiting, of waiting, off waiting, and as you wait you are not present to the fullest experience of the moment that already is around you.

For your attention is not in the present moment, and all this seems very obvious that we are bringing this back in terms of this idea of waiting, “what are you waiting for your?” Your life is in that moment you are existing in, and truly it is nowhere else. It does not exist in the past, it does not exist in the future, it truly does exist in the now.

For in the realm of the quantum energies where we live, where your consciousness is moving towards, time does not exist, and so as many prophet’s have told you for a long time to live in the moment and be present to the moment.

The truth is that is all you have, so it’s almost a distortion or a delusion to think that what’s out there is going to be better than what it is in the moment. Instead of waiting for something else to change, for in the world of free will that you live, if you hope it changes out there, you are always waiting for some eventuality that may or may not come.

What if you take what you have in the moment and seize what is there. What if things aren’t feeling that good or comfortable, look for the tiniest thing, anything you can do to make you feel better, and another thing to look at also is:

“What if what you have isn’t going to change.”

“What if when you get to that point out there that you’re waiting for, what if the circumstances are exactly the same?”
And then you’ve been sitting waiting on the bench for a long time for a bus that never even shows up.

What have you done except waste a lot of time sitting on a bench, when you could for example be out smelling the flowers and enjoying a walk, or even interacting with the world you were in at that moment. The idea here is we ask you to find ways to fully interact, fully engage, fully be present to where you are now, and as you are fully present to where you are now, then the energy of the dissatisfaction of waiting for something else to be different before you can find happiness, that dissipates, it doesn’t even exist, it vanishes as you pay attention to the world you’re living in.

As you pay attention to the world you’re living and you connect through the truth of your Soul, and be guided by the things that uplift you and inspire you, then you live into those moments that create that future that you haven’t waited for, but you’ve “lived into.”

As you do that you haven’t waited on the bench for a bus that may or may not show up, you’ve lived into your future, and then that future piece becomes your now without the energy of waiting, which dissolves the energy of dissatisfaction, it dissolves the energy of “it’s always greener in somebody else’s yard.”

Understanding that your Soul has brought you to exactly where you are, so instead of looking forward and being in that place of waiting for something to be different, see what’s right about where you’re at now, find a way to heal the pieces that aren’t feeling comfortable and right to you now. Seize the places that feel good and enjoyable and bring you joy and happiness and ease, and be in this moment in the here and now.

Again as we said before, you live into that future, and as you live into that future you do so with joy and anticipation, because as you’ve lived into the joy of each moment, you know that you can anticipate joy in the future.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and website clearly included.

It’s always darkest before the dawn

July 3, 2013

New Lightworkers’ Clearing is Less Intense
Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

We will digress a bit for more of you are awakening and experiencing the “dark night of your soul.”

This period of extreme discomfort will not continue for years as was true for the first wave of Lightworkers. Your skills are far too important for you to gnash your teeth for long.

Those who moved into new earth energies before you, moved through their pain more slowly for they entered earth with more to process. Such is not true for you. That is not to say you are less than them because you will not experience as much pain, but rather that those who processed before you did so to clear issues that followed them for eons. You either did not have as much to clear or opted not to clear as much in this lifetime.

Those now experiencing the first rays of joy most definitely served their time in the fear trenches. They cannot move through your pain for you. Your first steps into new earth are individualized and necessary.

You, in turn, are processing more deeply than those who follow you. And so it goes. As more switch on their light beacons, the cleansing process becomes shorter and less intense. Not because those who follow are better – they merely opted to clear less or do not have as much to clear.

Let us turn to today’s message for this is yet another week of shifting. Those of you comprehending the expansiveness of this shift understand that when there is a major celebration of joy on earth, earth and all entities residing on earth are nudged a bit closer to joy. Such is the case this week for the United States is celebrating a joyous holiday – the 4th of July.

Perhaps you believe the opposite is also true. Floods, murders, earthquakes and similar occurrences increase anger and pain. That is certainly true for most directly involved. But from a world perspective, such instances during this transition produce the opposite effect. The love created and shared during times of pain increase connections and love overall.

Those directly affected by nature and human disasters (as you label them) volunteered to be part of that experience as their new earth role. Most often, those who are part of natural and human disasters do not wish to participate in any other new earth role. They opted to move through their fear and pain in one incident rather than many as those of you just awakening and those who moved through the dark night of their soul have or will do.

This is not to belittle the sacrifice of those affected by natural or human disasters, but to help you understand that the pain publicized by your media is part of this transition.

You are not alone in your pain. And your pain is not an ongoing process, but instead a short-term effect to help you better accept joy and love.

Perhaps our concepts seem counter-intuitive for why should anyone suffer if this is the New Age? You all accepted the New Age/new earth. Many of you have already moved accordingly to a place of joy. Those helping you make that transition, volunteered to expedite it – and their own processes – by being part of a disaster in whatever form.

No one is killed or harmed without their permission. So it is that those harmed or killed have been so with their full consent – conscious or unconscious. It is likely that this concept does not seem logical to those of you who wish to remain on earth or do not wish to suffer physical harm.

Many of you are starting your journey through the dark night of your soul. Would you consciously volunteer to do so if there were some way to avoid the process?

This transition is about clearing and shifting to an earth alive with joy and love.

Many of you are shaking your heads declaring that all want to skip from fear to joy without experiencing pain. Such is not the case. Not because it is not possible, but because this transition was not set up that way.

If those who volunteered to be of earth during this transition would have been new to earth with no prior earth experience, a transition would not have been necessary. But most of you who volunteered to move earth from fear to joy did so with the full understanding that you could clear many issues in a short period – issues that once required ten or more lifetimes – in this lifetime.

Of course the pain seems almost insurmountable when you are in the midst of your fear and chaos. Is that not understandable given how much you cleared in a few years (those who cleared before this time) or a few months or even weeks for those who are doing so now?

The phrase, “Your dark night of the soul” needs to be shifted for those of you now in personal crisis to “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” For that is what you are now experiencing – a dark night RIGHT before the dawn.

Do not fear. You will not live in pain throughout this life on earth. This pain, this fear is a blip on your earth life screen in this lifetime. It will be a new and better day tomorrow as those who have passed through their dark night can attest.

We will address one other point before we close. Some opted not to shift to new earth in this lifetime. They will experience a great deal of pain once earth and its entities are comfortable in the New Age. But if you are reading these materials or are drawn to spiritual recordings or meetings of any type, you are merely in your dark night of the soul for a few weeks or perhaps a few months. Even though it may seem as if your situation is hopeless, it is short-lived.

You are a Lightworker who must shine your light – which is not possible if you are enmeshed in pain and fear. So be it. Amen.
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Summary of Brenda’s June 30, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at You’ve shifted more than you realize. Have you noticed times when you “fog out”, have unusual sleep patterns or dreams? All and more are indicators of the depth of your shift. Some of you expect to wake up in a new dimension. Such is true of earth death but not of new earth. Your being will explore new skill sets comfortably while of earth.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “You’re Itching to Discover New Paths/Apps”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.

Transformation of your Financial World as the Basis for Disclosure

June 15, 2013

Ashtar Through Philipp: Ashtar Speaks: ” The Transformation of your Financial World as the Basis for Disclosure” – June the 12th, 2013


Ashtar Speaks: ” The Transformation of your Financial World as the Basis for Disclosure” – June the 12th, 2013

At the moment many things are happening in your world, that give many of you the doubt in the divine plan. Many of you are asking, how it can be, that we are talking about love and peace, promising you the most wonderful things, while seemingly chaos, violence and oppression rule all around the world

Please understand, that this is the last gasp of the dark energies. Anything, that is not from the light will now be washed away or transformed. It opposes his transformation, fights and stands up to the very last. But his fate is sealed. We see the solutions for the world’s conflicts, not only in Turkey and Syria, which is currently keeping your media busy the most. Also, the conflicts between the sexes, different population groups and religions. We see how these conflicts melt and what newly arises on their land. And this is unique to your world: An unprecedented peace is awaiting you.

You are asking, “When?”. Well this is depending very much on You. Send out your light and your love and help to transform all the negative energies in your world. We are quite active in bringing in the energies of your central sun, but the real transmutation, the anchoring and the thriving of this incoming energies is your job. And if we are allowed to say, actually your principal duty, irrespective of which other task you additionally have taken on.

At the moment we do not want go deeper into your actual world affairs, but inform you about, what is directly in front of your door. Because this is considerably influencing the just described transformation.

You were told, that the transformation of your financial system is a done deal and only waiting for implementation. As well you were told, that the dark ones have no more power to delay or to prevent this any more. This we can confirm and you will also see, why this is so important. In the next days and weeks you will learn more about it and even better, you will experience it. We are looking forward to see, how you rub your eyes in disbelief, asking yourself: “Is this really there? Am I dreaming?” After this short phase you will overflow with happiness and will be totally excited. This on itself lifts you up a great deal and your vibrations raise to higher power. And why do I, Ashtar, tell you this? Because this joy that you will experience with the introduction of the new financial system is absolutely critical and the basis, that disclosure can take place.

At the moment, the majority of mankind believes it is possible, not to be alone in the universe. Nevertheless, there is a difference whether one does not preclude or believes. What do you think would happen, if we now perform a mass flyover? Would the majority of people react with fear and terror? How would react your existing financial system? Would it not result in more violence and chaos?

And now ask yourself, how it would be like if humanity is lifted first by a new and fair financial system. If joy and happiness be consensus that the old shackles of the unfair economic system were stripped off and everyone feels that the New frees him from the yoke of slavery. Do you not think as well, that this will automatically resolve many of your current problems? And based on that, the disclosure that your star family is here and once again would like to unite with you, will be much better received?

Thus we can confirm, what other have reported and many of you already guess: Disclosure will take place, as soon as the necessary steps to implement the new, fair economic system have successfully taken place. Then we can come to you and present you with all that we have already announced to you.

And from your point of view, the most wonderful thing is probably, that we are talking about weeks and not years, until this fundamental transformation of your economic system picks up speed and becomes visible for everyone. And if this stone is rolling, you can be assured that also disclosure will not be long in coming.

I hope very much that this message brings you joy. Because that’s going on in your life on this planet: Find joy in your life and focus upon it.

In deepest love,

Your Ashtar

Channeller: Philipp

Webpage: ASHTAR through Philipp

Ashtar on the global shift in consciousness happening now

May 29, 2013

Dear Loved Ones this is Ashtar speaking in the name of the Galactic Federation. I am assisting my beloved friend Master Juliano in his weekly message because we’re heading to an important moment in human revolution. We’re standing on the threshold of a global shift in consciousness. At this particular moment lots of people already feel the energy that’s moving them into the New Time: a time of abundance and endless possibilities. These people feel that within now and very soon there will be a BIG SHIFT. From our perspective, that’s in the NOW.

What is important my Beloved Lightworkers that you start to feel that it’s happening at this particular moment. Feel it in every cell of your body. Feel it in your heart space and start to share your feeling with others. You don’t have to shout it. Just radiate your energy and BE the portal for the people you are connected with.

Yes my Beloved Ones. The times ahead are more beautiful than you can imagine. On the other hand there is still work to do on earth: the dark forces will resist till the very end. Most important: KNOW that your power is unlimited and expect the unexpected. You’re the LIGHT.

In the Love and Light of Mother Gaia. Adonai.

Lord Ashtar & Galactic Federation

Channeling by SanLeoSol

Aisha North’s Sister with a message on new DNA Energies

April 14, 2013


A beautiful message to us all

Dear friends! I just had to share this
with you, it is a message my sister channeled this morning. As I have told you
earlier, she recently came to the conclusion that it was time for her to “reopen
her channel”, and I promised I would share her messages with you whenever I was
guided to do so. I think you will all feel the beautiful energy in it, I had to
reread it several times myself, there are so many levels of information
contained in it.

My sister wanted me to tell you that even if she
herself is not “visible”  in this space, she feels very connected to everybody
who shares their light and energy here, and she sends you all her love. Here is
the message she channeled:

The dna sequencing is revealing the ancient
decoding. The hu-man from base is nothing but stardust. The reemerging of this
will upgrade the hu-man dna to what it once were. You know that from the
beginning your origins was not from this galaxy. The remoteness of your
disturbance was hence needed for this earthly experiment, the Gaia, the starship
were mankind could evolve and solve the age old riddle. What happens with free
will? The re-emergence of your ancenstral dna will put a spanner in the endless
cycles of misgivings and tribulations. The corner stone of all this is the
intergalactic fleet howering on the horizon. We, the crew, are seeing your
magnitude as you see not. The ancestral dna is flowing in your human veins, and
are starting to fire up the engines anew.

The Blue planet has no
remorse, bears no grudge. She will open her arms to you, forgiving all
misgivings and correcting all wrongs. Like a mother forgiving her wrongdoing
son. She will flower with as yet unknown abundance as all above, below and
inside her will be reborn. The work you are doing for mankind is also affecting
every living being on your beautiful Blue planet. She is sensing the changes as
the spring is entering the northern horizon. You can feel the earth stretching
and yawning as the earth molecules are reacting to the prolonged hours of sun.
The magnetic field will also stretch and yawn, shrugging off the winter pallor
as the stars glimmer faintly in the morning skies. The new spring is an event
unfolding throughout the universe, as the far stars glimmer less faintly than
you have been used to seeing. The magnitude of this event is as far reaching as
the edges and the core of All that is. Remember, not a single being on this Blue
planet is unaffected. Even the stones and the deepest recesses of the sea are in
on this. The creatures of the oceans are shivering in anticipation as their
undulating songs across the magnetic oceans will be telling you if you could
only hear it. By putting your ear to the ground you can feel the shake, the slow
undulations from side to side, as the Earth gathers up her skirts and prepares
to shrugh of the winter pallor from the seams of her outer garments. The shake,
roll and wild ride is sometimes slow, sometimes in full abandonment. But all is
as it should be.

The oncoming spring has yet to be fully sprung, hence
the abysmal feeling of loss, dread, boredom, apathy and lethargic irritation.
But fear, not as the days lengthen, so does the magnitude of this long awaited
event. The energetic release will shake you all to the core. The birds are
aflutter as they are sensing what is coming. So are the trees. This spring will
not be silent but filled with rehearsals for the new dawn. Amongst you all there
is a sense of dread, of lost purpose. But together you have already set in
motion the chain of events toppling the house of cards and refueling the engine
of deep soulfulness.

The master’s disguise is to have no disguise.
Thereby rusing those in vain trying to stop this new game. Therefore the codes
can go unhidden as they release their new credo. The manifest of the manuscripts
from yesteryear. The alfabetic decrypting will take place inside your brain as
the hormonic enterprises are subconsciously interrupting your sleep patterns to
increase the output of your human dna. On a cellular level this will increase
your longevity, and deep breathing is needed for this to implode your old
structures. Try not to hold back as you resolve the old patterns as this will
hinder the unfurling of the long strands of genetic intercoded dna. The deep
sleep patterns are resetting the codes and decoding the new frequencies being
downloaded into your cerebral fluid, thereby enhancing the process further and
faster. The unwieldy physical body will take its time to readjust but will
emerge wet and blinking like a newborn from the womb. On the first inhale this
will release all the old and reboot the process of the internal separation from
all that was and reset to all that is. Thus you are being born anew into this
new idea of a celestial life on planet Earth. Forever being connected to your
higher selves and the lower frequencies hitherto being visible only to those
inhabiting now the deep oceans.

As above, so below. No more
incorporating for your own pleasures only, but for the rest of the Universe
also. This we say. Do not forget your origins as we are not forgetting your
exactitude. The synergies are expanding exponentially as we write these messages
not only on your computer but on the very origin of species. The mass
distinction of everlasting life is what is being written out as the chain of
events are subsequently linked to the chain of letters on a web page. Therefore
the human race has attained its ability to leap out of the 3D and into the
immortal abyss of multifaceted realms of celestial stargates and immersing
themselves in layers and layers of reality. As foretold, this is like pulling
the wool from people’s eyes. For the first time seeing who they truly are will
scare many shitless – if you pardon the phrase. The shit will truly hit the fan.
We are overusing a vernacular being used and well known to you, wink, wink. Yes,
the human body is excreting not only digested foodstuffs but digested old
patterns of belief. The disbelief is an intricate part of this transition from
hu-man to new man, to celestial beings on the planet Earth being aware of their
inheritance and being respectful of their host.

The most you can hope
for on this day is to help birthing yourself. As you release, you fertilize the
spring fields and very soon the first sprouts will be visible on the surface.
They are shooting strong roots already, gearing up for breaking the tilled soil
surface. And very soon the tender leaves will be visible to the naked eye,
belying the strongness of the roots shooting down and anchoring this new reality
into the core of Mother Earth. She herself is taking great care not to disturb
this process, as the roots must find their own way to ensure magnificent growth.
She is tenderly surrounding them with her love and gratitude, like a mother
holding her hand on the gently swelling belly of her as yet invisible infant
steadily growing inside. Soon she will feel the movements of new life as she can
no longer keep the secret truths from prying eyes. The proud Mother thanks you
all for doing your part in this spring miracle. The judges are all in on this;
you will be forever blessed with our gratitude as you have held the hardest
position of all. Like the ox pulling the plow, the farmer tilling, you have
performed a task of hardship and little gain but the hope and belief that all
this will be. And so it will.

Channel: Aisha North’s sister
Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration

The Sphinx Speaks on How to Make Real Change Happen

April 12, 2013

The sphinx speaks how to make real change happen

                        12 April 2013 – 4:50pm |  petra


Petra Margolis.

Moving through your reality is for many a hardship, yet a long time ago you   chose to be  on earth.

You are attached within the earth reality, not only through human belief   systems, but also energetically.

Yes, energetically, as your energy bodies are present within the energy upon   earth, they are connected to your 3D reality upon earth.

The 3D reality is still present upon earth, even though some of you have   moved parts of your energy into a 5D frequency, you reality is still 3D in a   way as there is only a small group that was able to move to the 5D frequency.

What this means is that after death, your energy bodies connected to the   physical body are still within the 3D reality, this results in your energy   bodies staying connected into the 3D reality, and you will have to incarnate   again into the physical 3D reality upon earth.

The other part that is still happening is that many, even though they were or   are able to move into a 5th dimensional frequency, they are connected into   the holograms in and surrounding earth.

This is resulting in a sleep state in a way for many as most are focused on   the little things, instead of the greater picture.

Staying in a certain state of being is one example, and focusing on acting   certain ways is one example.

What we mean by this is that many are still on the same path as before the   shift, many have not changed their focus toward a greater picture.

What is that picture?

When we look at the time before the shift, it was all about the shift, moving   into a higher frequency, becoming a better person, changing the world, hoping   the change would come after the shift.

Many messages are still feeding you the same material as before the shift,   and you follow it as you have not looked at the greater picture available.

What would happen if not one, but many people would turn into light, the way   Jesus did?

What do you think the effect would be upon people upon your earth?

Would it wake them up?

Would it bring change?

Instead of waiting for change, you can make change happen in an instant that   way.

Yes, it is going to require a different mindset, as this is something that   would require your full attention, dedication, trust within as there are examples   of human following this path and completing this path, one of them Jesus.

This doesn’t just require you to disconnect from your human reality, but you   will have to disconnect from your spiritual reality as well.

It begins with disconnecting from all that is within your human reality,   disconnecting from all that is human.

From there it is about moving through all that you are within the spiritual   realities until you are able to disconnect from that as well.

Right now we see many still focused on the human reality, having some   spiritual experiences, but many of these experiences are happening within the   holograms and realities that have been created within and around earth to   keep you attached to the earth reality and some of the realities surrounding   your earth.

What is not clear to many of you is that everything that is experienced   within spirit is also a created reality in a way.

Many see relationships within spirit, other beings within spirit that have a   certain way of life within spirit.

These are just as much a created reality as your own human reality.

Any group out there within other dimensions is within their own created   reality.

Any connection you have to any of these beings is because you have been part   of those created realities.

But it is not who you are, they are all just lives you have lived within   other created realities.

You have tried for so long to bring change to the earth; change is not   something that is happening fast as it requires the ones that are asleep to   wake up.

Yes, many groups are telling you, this is what is going to happen; all we   need is a bit more time, it is happening, we are working behind the scenes   and more.

Others are focusing on the fact that the energies are changing, the earth is   moving up in frequency, but this is a natural process for the earth, a   natural cycle for the earth, this will not have much effect on the ones that   are asleep, as this process is a slow process as well.

Some think, we need these other groups out there in our universe to show up   on earth, this will wake people up.

There are so many messages out there that in fact do not bring any real   change, except for the small changes of some waking up, some moving deeper   within, some becoming more compassionate.

But these are all small things compared to the great picture of real change   needed.

Even if the real change was only for your own being, for you as a human.

The moving out of the incarnation cycle upon earth, the moving into the   fullness of your being, being one with your own fullness as a spiritual being   that knows and is aware of all that is present instead of being aware of some   created realities.

It is becoming aware of everything beyond these created realities, becoming   aware and knowing who you really are.

In reality you are a source being, yet in a way this is also something that   has become distorted in a way as many do not understand what it is to be a   source being.

If real change is to take place, the focus will have to be on bringing back   the spiritual awareness and understanding of each being.

What better way than showing everyone this by following Jesus example.

Going through the process of transforming the physical body into a light   body.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 12, 2013