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Ascension Dies and Channeling Lies

June 1, 2017

Maybe ascension isn’t what we thought.  Everyone was led to believe certain things in the years leading up to 2012.  Then nothing happened.  Some of us learned a lesson, and others did not.  You didn’t want to listen to the hard truth, and your friends at CITD don’t either.  I know conscious evolution to physical transformation is real, but it takes 40-60 million years just to get to the next level.  So keep living your lies and fantasies.  Michael Horn was right.  Billy Meier was right. I showed you truth and you chose entertainment.   By you, I mean any channeler, lightworker, blogger, paid speaker.  The UFO circuit is a business, not a means for education.  Except for Ban Srut BEAM.   The only person with more evidence and answers than all of you put together.


Michael Uyttebroek explains the three levels of conscious evolution (ascension)



Cosmic Love blog is complete

May 18, 2014

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Above: numerous films of UFOs filmed by amateur astronomers, NASA, and the International Space Station

Below:  Giant earth-sized E.T. UFO identified and Russian rocket being shot down by Pleiadian probe

Project Aquarius documents leaked from MJ12:


{TS/ORCON} PROJECT BANDO: {PROWORD: RISK} Originally established in1949. Tis mission was to collect and evaluate medical information from the surviving Aliens creature and the recovered Alien bodies. This Project medically examined EBE and provided the United States medical researchers with certain answers to the evolution theory. {OPR: CIA} {Terminated in 1974}.2.

{TS/ORCON} PROJECT SIGMA: {PROWORD: MIDNIGHT}. Originally established as part of Project Gleem in 1954. Became a separate project in 1976. Its mission was to establish communication with Aliens. This Project met with positive success when in 1959, the United States established primitive communications with the Aliens. On April 25, 1964, a USAF intelligence Officer, met two Aliens at a pre-arranged location in the desert of New Mexico. The contact lasted for approximately three hours. Based on the Alien’s language given to us by EBE, the Air Force officer managed to exchange basic information with the two Aliens {Atch 7}. Thisproject is continuing at an Air Force base in New Mexico. {OPR: MJ12/NSA}.3.

{TS/ORCON} PROJECT SNOWBIRD; {PROWORD:CETUS} Originally established in 1972. Its mission was to test fly a recovered Alien aircraft. This project is continuing in Nevada. {OPR: USAF/NASA/CIA/MJ12}4. {TS/ORCON} PROJECT POUNCE: {PROWORD:DIXIE} Originally established In 1968. Its mission was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. PROJECT POUNCE continues. {OPR: NASA/USAF}PAGE 9 of 9 TOP SECRET –











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Krista Raisa minireading for Greg

January 11, 2014

Krista Raisa minireading for Greg

Jan 10 2014

“Orion Council, here. Message is to focus on the light quotient of raising the self. This means on intergalactic highways there exist many points for changing redirection. In directing spaceships of any kind, one must focalize the mental aspect of the self.  Once you have returned to your ship, your imagination becomes amplified. You begin to see all possibilities for communication, travel, abundance, and for learning. This is how many of you create upon the ships. You look to other planets for learning experiences, resources, knowledge, fun.  You are learning to do this on a minute scale on your planet earth.  Some working for the councils, have direct access to knowledge databases. You are one of these creatures. In a sense, we mean this in the best way possible, as you are working for several groups at once.

… Greg, I have to interrupt and clarify that I feel this information is not coming directly from the Orion Council, rather, it is a blending of my higher self speaking, which you may know from other planets, and the blending of that with the council.  On with the show…

Upon your planet, there exists several connections to other planets. When you travel, you become sensitized to these locations which amplify through vortexes, the energies of other planets. They are somewhat like a docking stations or antennae.

We wish to clarify that in these docking stations, we exist in only light form. Upon becoming physical, we have to take precautions, this transmission is coming through the channel from a ship, as our channel has so gently noticed. The Orion Council is monitoring this translation. We are working for the Orion counsel. We are Essassani.

Our channel is amused that this is her first channeling of us through the conduit known as Krista.  Everything is arranged in the ethers, as etheric adjustments are made mostly when you are in Dream State.  We watch over many of you at this time. We are monitoring safety measures, of specific beings on your planet, who need special, we are looking for the word, we cannot find a word to explain our job. It is difficult to just describe certain job procedures, in your terminology, but consider it is sort of protection and safety that we have over many of you.  Over time, your species will develop Communications Satellites, that receive direct input from our craft. We are still focused on delivering messages of lights, to show benevolence.


The Horus Collective

December 22, 2013

Excerpts from Mission to Orion briefing
Channeled by: Krista Raisa

The Horus collective:

The pyramids are constantly changing.
They are sensory programs which are monitoring the Earth’s tectonic plates.
The pyramids have a sensory system for monitoring tectonic plate movements.

The pyramids are not for climbing.
The pyramids are for monitoring. The pyramids are seeing what you are thinking.

The Earth is getting a new layer.

The Horus collective is a very old group.

Waking into a pyramid signifies a shifting in the nervous system.
As you walk into the pyramid, one of the greater ones…
If the pyramid is located one of the grid lines on your Earth,
and you are an antennae of the grid line, wouldn’t you feel a shifting
if you were an antennae of the Earth?
Would you not feel the shifting?

Rakesh from Nederlands:
“How do the three gates with the sphinx, connect the gates in the three dimensions?
How would (you) explain it, how they interact in a triangle?”

On the sphinx: There was two gateways underneath this structure.
In the front and the back are different gateways.
One of the gateways in the center, as well. Third gateway.
Three gateways in one structure.
Souls come in through the front.
When you are entering the center, you bring in planetary energy from
galactic center- from crystal core- through crystal core in your Earth.
The back entrance is where many of you had had ceremonies in the past.
The back is what you would say in the rear of the structure.
There is a site for sacred ceremonies as you call them.

Rakesh from Nederlands: “How does the Lion grids interact with the Giza portal- Giza sacred sphinx?”

Horus collective:
Inside this structure was a very important storage area,
because you have to recognize information is placed in physical objects.
Some gates exist off planet. Some gates exist upon your Earth.
Some gates are multidimensional gates. Some gates have many, many doorways.
Some gates have one doorway. Two gates inside of this structure- the location
of these gates is inside of the structure. You enter through portals inside
of this structure. Walking into it would be as if you are sensing part of yourself
that has not existed on this planet.
Central sun energetics exist within all humans, but walking in between dimensions means
that you have central focus in central sun always. In this galaxy, to travel between
dimensions, you must originate from central sun.
That is a law. That is the law.
When you have streamed central sun frequencies, you can walk between dimensions.
What would be the value in that?

Many who have first begun listening to Horus collective, including the channel,
have to understand, some of you are not supposed to walk between dimensions.
Some of you are not supposed to go inside of these structures.
Because walking in between dimensions means you have other missions in other places.
Some of you have already completed your missions here and so can travel between
dimensions / off planet.

Now for those of you who must finish your missions:
Focus on your mission. It is not so important that you walk between the dimensions
at this very moment because the mission was a contract. This is why many of you are
asking, “How can I be of service?” This means you are in your mission….

Your mission is to ask questions of yourself.
Your mission is to enjoy the wonders of your Earth planet….

When you have completed a mission, you will sense a feeling what we call timelessness.
After you have completed an important mission, you will be sensing timelessness.
You will be sensing that all options are available.
You will also be sensing that you are not quite yourself.
You are sensing that “my body is not quite my own.”
You are also sensing that you might need to simply ground yourself and
meditate and empty the conscious vessel of all concepts.
We say that is a wonderful symptom that you have completed one of your important missions.

And now you are wanting to know, “Well, how many missions do each of us have?”
“And when will it stop? And on what date will I ascend into lightbody and become one
with the collective I once worked with in this time known as the great Egypt?…

One day, you will all organize your collectives together, and you will become a wonderful
beam of light….All beings on your planet are light. All beings on your planet become light.

We want you to know, that in becoming light, a pure beam of light, you are simply
in a state of connection to central sun frequency, becoming aware of all timelines,
having the option to choose in the highest probable future for the evolution of
your collectives, as one stream, and you are in a state of awareness and unity
with all that is, accepting all that is.

Some of you have experienced this several times in this life.
So what do you do now?

The ultimate question for all is “Who AM I? And what do I want for
the greater collective known as God?” And when you are asking every moment of your waking life,
“What does God want, and how can I be of service to All That Is?” You are, perfect.

So Horus collective would like to suggest that in your meditations, you continue
sensing presence of group collectives. Continue sensing the probable timelines.
Remember that the gateways have streams of connectivity, and you can travel upon
these streams in light formation.
Know that when you do this, you are not so focused on physical body.
Know that when you are asking questions of who you are, you are expanding on one
layer of concepts. Accept that you are many concepts. Accept that collectives
are collectives of collectives of collectives. And it continues….

And so it is. Thank you.

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Secrets in the Shadows

August 2, 2013

Secrets in the Shadows.

Ashtar Speaks: “Communication in the New Age”

July 24, 2013

Ashtar Speaks: “Communication in the New Age” – July 24, 2013
24 July 2013

You know that you are about to enter an exciting and energetic time. The Lion Gate is just around the corner and brings a burst of energy which has never been experienced before on your dear planet. You will all greatly benefit from this explosion of energies.

We would love to see that you use this time to get in contact with us. Use this sacred time to connect actively with our energy. Instead of reading channellings as your preferred way of contact, try to use the direct link and tune in our energies.

This time of the Lion Gate assists and helps you to achieve the desired connection. And if you allow us to give you a hint on how to connect with us and All That Is, we are happy to do so.

Of course you are connected with All That Is every second of your Earthly life. Although you have very successfully built up an illusion which suggests that you are separated, you know in your heart that this is nothing but an illusion. In truth, you are a spark of the Source and separation is simply not possible – you cannot sever the connection between you and All That Is.

Consequently, by asking you to contact us, we do not mean that you shall re-establish the connection with us because you never lost your connection. We simply mean that you shall enhance your conscious alliance with us, and I am here today to help you achieve this if you allow me to do so.

There are plenty of ways in which you can improve your contact with us. The following technique is just an example. Use this as your starting point and find your own individual way – let your heart guide you and you will not be disappointed.

– Find a quiet moment and relax.

– Stand with your feet firmly on the ground.

– Take some deep breaths.

– Imagine a ball of Light emanating from your heart and surrounding you. This is your own protection.

– Enhance this protection by asking your Guides, the Ascended Masters, Angels or Archangels to protect you and set your intention firmly in connecting only with Beings of Light.

– Imagine a ball of Light above your crown chakra and pull this ball of Light into your heart. This ball of Light represents the Light of All That Is.

– Let the ball run through your body down into the heart of Gaia.

– Imagine how the heart of Gaia expands due to your Light and pull this Light up through your body into your crown chakra.

— Activate your crown chakra with this Light: Visualize your crown chakra as a plain plate which starts to spin. Imagine how the spinning plate enhances the bright Light that you pulled up from Gaia’s heart in your crown chakra, and pull this bright Light into your heart.

– Now call a certain contact who you would like to speak to, or simply ask us to come forward to have a chat with you.

You can use this technique for all kinds of communication and please be assured that all Light Beings are eager to answer your call.

Why not ask Gaia how she is doing? Or just send a hello to your Star family? Why not get in contact with your brothers and sisters from Agartha, or with the realm of the Elves?

The possibilities are endless – and feel free to just play like a child. Have fun by exploring your new way of communication, but don’t set your expectations too high – you will need some practice. And by this we mean that you have to practice to trust yourself.

Each and every one of you can establish contact with us and All That Is in this manner – you just have to try and to accept the result. Maybe we will ask some of you to spread our words but this is not the primary target of this exercise. What this is all about is that you will have fun by consciously connecting with your family.

We will answer each and every call individually and in the way that is best for each of you – just trust the procedure. If you only knew how much we are looking forward to your contact calls!

Finally, don’t forget that our contact goes primarily through your heart and not by spotting our spacecrafts in your skies.

I am Ashtar who provides you with this message because we are eager to strengthen our connection with our deeply-loved family on the surface of Gaia. We are curious to see how many of you will follow our call.

Soon we will be reunited, but until then we would love to have a wider and more direct communication with each of you.

With so very much love


Channeller: Philipp

Anchoring Divine Trust and Faith into your heart chakra

June 21, 2013

Athena Arcturus Anchoring Divine Trust and Faith Through the Celestial Diamond Light through Lesley
21 June 2013
El Anora

Dear sweet family and friends,

I am Athena Arcturus and I love you so dearly and completely from all that is made manifest within the world let my light from my heart chakra open to you and let you bath without limitation on all the love that I have within me to offer you. I ask that you accept this light from within my heart chakra in whatever way you can and take from it as much as you like for I give it to you freely and without asking anything in return.

It is with such joy and gratitude that I greet each of you for you are so special to my heart. Each one of you that are reading this are more than just human beings upon the earth you are sacred family members that I rejoice in connecting with and I honor with all the love that is within my being.

I bring forward to you today a gentle divine feminine energy from my being and from the Star System of Arcturus to bath your entire being in the loving and warm feminine energies that come from our central aspect.

We shine infinite waves of divine love and bliss to you in each moment and are so proud and grateful to each of you for all you have achieved upon the earth and in your reality.

In each moment, you are growing to align more of your being with your heart chakra and the Creator, for you see that your heart chakra is so expansive that it can radiate to all places, planets, and stars within the Universe.

You might imagine that you are always trying to connect with us on many levels but in Truth it is we that are also reaching out our heart chakras to you in love and expansive for we honor you as divine beings just as much as you honor us.

The earth school is such a sacred place for all souls to achieve such love and wisdom and as you might imagine many of us from other Star systems have come to the Earth School to learn and bask in its radiant wisdom.

We would love to remind you upon this beautiful day that it is the inner experience of your Soul and your Heart that is the most important aspect of your experience.

When you are within your heart and soul you see that all that is created in your reality is a mirror of your divine Truth.

From this place of divine Truth and sacred responsibility you can see then that all those aspects in your reality that you may view as negative or in need of dissolving or changing were always and have always been creations from your own experience.

From this state of divine love and responsiblity, we offer to you as always the Arcturian Celestial Diamonds of Light for you to connect with at a deep level for not only manifestation but also deep cleansing.

What we would like to bring forward to you now is an anchor of the Trust in The Creator. For we would like to bring forward many networks of light that contain this aspect charged with the energy of Trust in the Creator.

“From our space of many light networks within the Cosmos we shine our beakons of Divine Celestial Light, we the Arcturians anchor now within your heart chakra and many layers of networks of light within your being sacred and loving Trust in The Creator. With this sacred Truth, we now also anchor into your being several light networks that will connect throughout your being many sacred crystals that were placed there in a months time ago for activation, balancing, and deep clearing.

From this space of deep clearing, we anchor in the affirmation, “I am Divine Love and I am the center of my being. I now place my Trust in the Creator and in my inner Truth.”

You may now affirm: “I am the living embodiment of my Truth. I anchor in Trust in all aspects of my being and now hold forward the divine feminine consciousness of Arcturus anchoring and holding within my entire being the heart chakra energies of the Divine Cosmic Light. I am a Celestial being in Cosmic Manifestation upon the Earth. I am.”

Hold this affirmation within your heart and mind for a moment as you affirm: “I am Divine Trust and Faith.”

Take three deep breaths while saying this affirmation.

I am Athena Arcturus and I love you all unconditionally. We the Arcturians are so grateful at this time to assist you in whatever way we can. Our Celestial Light is available to you on many levels and we are always able to assist you when you call upon your energies.

Please allow us to congratulate you now on all you have achieved. With Tremendous love.

I am, Athena Arcturus.
Copyright Lesley (HeartsLight, AmethystLight)
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Sphinx on Why the dark cabal is still in control and not worried about lightworkers

June 15, 2013

The Sphinx speaks, why the dark cabal is still in control and not worried about lightworkers
15 June 2013
Petra Margolis

A subject many will have to think about as you have become the ones supposed to be creating the new world changes.

Why is the dark cabal still in control, or the ones you call the dark cabal.

Many of you have different beliefs, but none of the beliefs you have are in fact threatening to the dark cabal.

If there is one group they are not worried about it is the lightworkers community.

Why, you should ask.

Many of you have beliefs that go beyond this reality, yet many of those beliefs are about realities that are better than this one. The main belief is that it is going to be that way, this amazing reality is already here, it will just have to manifest.
Others haven’t made up their mind and do not know who are the good or bad ones, they belief that the higher ups everywhere will be forced by the good ones to start doing the right thing.
Even though they have not seen any proof, except for a handful of people giving them messages about what is happening behind the scene, none of it provable, none of it has manifested, for years they have been waiting. Yes, waiting for years and each time they are told something is going to happen they perk up and wait, get their hopes up.
Yet, each time they are disillusioned by nothing happening and a world that only seems to get worse.

The perfect group for the dark cabal, the ones that belief and wait.

We have some other groups amongst lightworkers, the ones that are the love and light filled ones, they seem to flock to the messages about love and light.
As a light worker the common knowledge is that you are love and light, yet, it seems you need a reminder of this each day, great if it is several times a day. A message from someone out there, telling you how much great work you have done, how much more love you have become, how much more light you have become, and yes, you are changing your reality.

Many of these group are not even aware of the reality outside of them, they like to focus on their own light worker community/group, or just their own inner reality.

They love the reminders they get everyday, about how to be love, how to express love and light, and just remember themselves they are love and light and all will be well in the world.

This group is mostly unaware of much of the world around them as many say they cannot watch TV, see the news, as it interferes with their energy, their state of mind.

Yet another group the cabal doesn’t need to worry about, as this group is so usurped with their own love and light, they are no threat to anyone.

The next group is the one that is convinced that the galactics are going to save them, they are flocking to the messages about how the galactics are coming and save them, all will be well, once it is announced there are aliens out there, beings that can help.
This group knows there are aliens upon earth, working with them to make this happen.
This group is also a bit more outward towards non-believers and they try to convince, or at least explain to many non-believers that there is hope, somewhere out there though, the hope has not arrived on earth yet. But they are coming, you should believe them.
Yet, another group the dark cabal doesn’t worry about as this group is waiting for some galactics/aliens to show up and save them. Another groups that beliefs and waits.

Then we have the groups walking the earth, providing clearings, going to special sites, clearing special sites from all the dark energies, interference energies, activating these sites again. Year after year they have done this, the sites become more active, yes they do. But what do we see in the world around them, is there really something happening in the world that can be assigned to these sites becoming more active?

What history should tell you is that sacred places can be used for good or bad, opening up sacred places doesn’t mean they can only be used by the so called good people, the so called bad people can use these energies as well.

This has been one of the many reasons these sacred places have become inactive.
The other thing you have to ask yourself is, has it changed anything upon earth.
What do you see happening all around you?

New groups are starting up everyday, groups that fight against certain governments, control governments, yet once the new government gets into place all they have achieved is more control in many ways.

Each day more freedom is lost in almost every country, each day more people are getting upset, yet the control system is setup in a way that being upset makes them choose in such a way that they think more freedom will come, yet more freedom will be taken away.

What to do as lightworkers but to shut your eyes most times, or belief in a divine creator, a divine being that is in charge, or belief that you are the creator. Dabbling around in realities not manifested upon earth, places where you can feel you are the creator, you are divine, you are pure love, you are all one etc..

You see the control system has been setup in a way that control is all around you in ways you cannot imagine.

You are being controlled from the bottom up and the top down.

The one most powerful group that could actually be of danger to the dark cabal is too busy with either their own illusionary reality, or they are waiting for the good aliens/galactics, or they are dabbling in realities that are in no way applying to what is happening on earth, or just too much in love with themselves that they cannot see truth for fiction anyway.

Yes, we might have missed some groups that fall in between the ones we have mentioned.

But think of this, you are a light worker, you are all convinced that you are love, divine, all one.
Yet, each day you want to see a reminder of this, that one message that tells you, be the love now, you are so much love, you are deeply loved, you are divine.

What is it in you that needs this confirmation each day, what is it in you that feels it needs this confirmation each day.

Then the ones waiting each day for a message from the galactics on how they are progressing on convincing the governments to give up control. They are getting closer each day, they have been getting closer each day for some years now. Each time they give you something to hope for, something to hold on to.

Nothing has really happened, but you still hope.

Like the ones saying, I don’t know if it is true, but I hope it is.

Waiting each day for that little bit of either confirmation that you are this divine, loving creator being, or waiting each day for the hope that they give you to keep on going.

Now we would like to mention that there is nothing wrong with exploring different realities, but the exploration is and has to be about finding more truth, not about finding you more in love with yourself and these realities. It is about applying what you find within those realities to what is happening on and within the earth reality right now.

Finding what can really change this reality, and yet not many have found ways to do this, but they have found small ways to apply this to their own reality. Resulting mostly in shutting their eyes from the real outside world and focusing on their own view of what they would like to see as their perfect reality for them.

It seems many of you are waiting for a step by step process that you can follow to change the earth reality. Do you not realize that we are here to only assist you in finding that step by step process?

How can you be a creator if you are told what and how to create?

How can you express yourself, your real self, if we tell you how to and what you should express?

You have to come to a realization that what you have been doing so far is not working, it might be working for your own inner reality, but there is no real change in the outer reality.

But you keep on waiting for assistance, help, no matter if you belief the galactic are coming to save you or that some other beings are going to tell you what to do now. And of course the group that sees it all manifested already, they are waiting for that reality to manifest.

You are all waiting. No matter which group you fall in.

In the meantime, you do some work on yourself, some inner work, but in fact you are waiting.

You explore, yet the exploration is slow, sometimes you have a break through, but what does it all mean, how can you apply it to being a creator on earth.

Many will answer that you do this by expressing what you are already in spirit, yet is that creation, or just self-expression and is it making a real change?

We have said so much in all our previous messages, the guidance on how to make real change happen, how to become the change, how to become the creators.

In a way, we have been doing this through all our messages, we can only guide as where to find your answers. What would an answer be if it would not come from within you?

It would be just another control system if we would tell you how to act, what to do.

You have to find your own way of creating, but you also have to see where you are not creating anything but a facsimile of what can be done.

The truth has always been hidden within you, but if you let yourself be distracted by all that we have talked about in this message, the answers will never be found.

Think of it this way, if you were your full source being expressing through the human, would you be walking around saying “ I am divine, I am love, I am oneness”.

No, you would not express this in anyway, you would be walking around doing what needs to be done as a creator being, not interfered by what is love, what is divine, what is oneness.

Many would not even know you are expressing your source being, or know you are a source being, as this is not the nature of your source being.

It is not here to tell everyone how divine and loving it is.

It is here to make changes, not to be on the forefront, but to stay hidden in the back and do what is needed.

Your source being is not looking for confirmation of how loving and divine it is, it already knows it is everything and doesn’t divide itself in how much love, how much divine it is.

From one source to another
June 15, 2013
Petra Margolis

The Sphinx speaks- “Don’t let it get to your head”

April 23, 2013



Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks   don’t let it get to your head

As many more messengers appear there is something we would like to talk about   as it becomes more important to realize what and who you are.

Many messages are explaining your divinity, your mastery and how amazing you   are as beings of light, the great creators.

Much of this is making you all feel better about yourself as the 3D world is   still very much there to deal with.

On earth you are one of the billions that are divine, that are amazing and   creators just like you, when you look even further you are one of the   trillions maybe even more of the divine beings and creators.

Too many are starting to see themselves in a way as special.

When in your history have you had enlightened ones that would use these   descriptions for themselves?

In fact many would not recognize most of the enlightened ones as these   enlightened ones would not use any of these descriptions or would want to be   seen as any of these descriptions.

Even within your own being, how many parts of your being would see themselves   as divine, amazing and so forth?

From a human point of view your higher being is amazing and divine, but from   your higher being point of view everyone is equal. There is no label to   qualify each being as each being has come from the same source.

This is why we want you to be aware of this and not let the labels given to   you get to your head.

To avoid the part where you start to think about yourself as more or less   than others.

We also want you to be aware that many are seeing themselves and the world   outside of the human world as amazingly beautiful, creating a fantasy around   the reality of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is just as much a space of learning as your physical   world, in some ways it might be easier as you will be able to see the   energies in the spiritual world, in other ways just as difficult as there are   just as many choices to make as in your physical world, maybe in a way even   more as you have to deal with the energies of trillions of people instead of   billions.

Being aware of the traps that have been laid out before you is necessary to   take the next step of being a creator.

As being a creator takes place on the human level at this time, even though   some parts of your being are involved and are guiding you.

The same question that so many have asked can also be asked of your higher   being, those higher parts of you, especially what you call the god-self or   source-self.

Many have asked this question, if there is a god, a creator, a source being,   why is this all happening to us, why didn’t this being interfere, take care   of us.

So why didn’t any other parts of you step in earlier?

Why did they let you muddle on lifetime after lifetime, why weren’t you even   aware of these parts of you, why didn’t they step forward sooner?

Now suddenly some of them are here, some of the messages are from the so   called god-self, source and more and they are telling you how much they love   you, that nothing is real, they are your divine parts, you are divine and   they will take care of you from now on.

The question is why now?

You are at a time of change and it is time to get to know all these parts of   you, but you have to keep in mind that many of these parts have not actually   been involved in your human life for many lifetimes, and their experience   with human life is limited.

The whole reason for getting to know them is to bring them into the human   reality, not to give your energy and heart to those higher parts of your   being, but for those higher parts of your being to bring their energies to   you.

To assist you in becoming a full source being upon earth.

This is why we have talked about false idols, worshipping false idols, even   the ones within your own being.

Being aware that in a way you might see them as divine, as more than what you   are right now, but in the great scope of understanding you are all the same.

No one is in reality divine, or not divine, you are all born from the same   source and many of you are the first ones to become full source beings upon   earth.

This is no way means that you are better or worse, it only means that you   made that choice to be the first ones at one point, many will follow and this   is where the earth reality will really change.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 22, 2013


A QHHT Session with Ron Head and Suzanne Spooner

April 21, 2013

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 19, 2014

Suzanne: He asks that you please speak to him about his channeling and whether it will continue to improve… I don’t know why that part of that sentence makes me giggle… because he’s so good at what he does, but he asks if it will continue to improve and will he be able to live channel (channel live) in front of an audience. Is that what you’re speaking of, perhaps?

Creator: Those are the groups.

Suzanne: Those are the groups. Okay. And he wants to know when he’s doing that will he be able to hear the messages himself. I guess will he be conscious enough to hear the messages, or not.

Creator: We understand that he was asking us about the phenomenon you call clairaudience. What he will discover is that, when he puts himself in the place where he is right this moment… you see clairaudience is the hearing of someone other. And there is no other.

Suzanne: It’s a play on words isn’t it?

Creator: It’s a very, very hard thing for you to learn in your world. And you have been forcibly taught otherwise for thousands and thousands of years. (E.G.)There is a man whom you must seek when you want to talk to me. How silly is that?

Suzanne: That’s silly. That’s pretty silly.

Creator: Now I’m sorry there are groups of people in front of which I would not want you to say that. But, the truth is, that all of the St. Germaines, and all of the Melchizedeks, and all of the angels and everyone else that you channel are part of me and therefore… you can finish that sentence… therefore they are part of you. And so there is no one else to hear. Although, you can teach your senses to convert that energy to something which resembles sound. And we suppose that if he still really desires that we can arrange it. But we think that, when he remembers this moment, and he will, that he will be able to equate it… because this moment that we are in right now is merely a magnified moment of what he feels when he is “channeling”. And he still doesn’t feel comfortable with the fact that he can turn away from your TAUK board, Suzanne, and begin to type, and… you see he has tried to write all his life, and blank pages stare at him for days. And yet he turns, and he begins to type, and before he knows it there are five or six hundred words, perfectly arranged in nice little paragraphs, as if he had spent three days editing them.

Suzanne: So what you’re saying is it’s OK for him to trust the process.

Creator: We would think that by now he had started to do so. But he has not.

Suzanne: Tell me why he and I have crossed paths this time.

Creator: You are… and not just you two… you are part, each of you, of a very, very special group of souls who have chosen… I began to say “have been chosen”, but that is not the truth… who have chosen to take upon yourselves the task… and please do not let this daunt you… the task of educating billions of souls in who they are. This will not be an easy thing to do, as you have discovered. But very soon, you are going to see me do a few magic tricks which are going to force people to begin to ask questions. And I wonder who will be there to answer the questions.

Suzanne: Oh. Would that be Ron?

Creator: And Suzanne. And Rick. And… and… and…

Suzanne: So what will those magic tricks be? Can you give us any information?

Creator: Oh, there will be things happening in the heavens which, at first, you will told to FEAR. “Oh my, the world is going to come to an end!” Well, if I wanted the world to come to an end, it would have ended long before now.

Suzanne: Right. True that. Got that.

Creator: But they will get your attention. And then the world will not come to an end.

Suzanne: And then they’ll question.

Creator: Ohhh, yes!

Suzanne: So what is… I know, I know, I know we do this timeframe thing, but how much time would you say we have before all that starts occurring?

Creator: It’s already occurring.

Suzanne: Right. Already occurring.

Creator: How many comets, how many mete… meteorites? How many meteors? I mean you are in literally the thick of it.

Suzanne: Right, right. OK. Gotcha. Thank you for that correction.

Creator: And there will come the opportunity for the fear mongers to pounce upon, and take advantage of, what they see coming. And then we will do our magic trick. And there will be a combination of things. There will be things which miss you. There will things which explode. BUT, there will very clear evidence that they have been exploded. And that will lead someone to ask, “Who did that?” And there will be evidence, undeniable evidence…

Suzanne: Has some of that happened already?

Creator: Oh yes! But so far, they’ve swept it all under the carpet.

Suzanne: Are we talking about 9-11?

Creator: There is that, but I’m thinking of… Case in point, there was a meteor headed for huge destruction in Russia just weeks ago.

Suzanne: Yes, yes. Okay, gotcha. I understand.

Creator: And there are films of what happened. And there those who interpret those films correctly. But they are very few. Well, there will come a time when it is undeniable any longer. And then you tell me that there is no contact with other civili… that you are the only intellig… this is so silly. The entire universe is alive. The entire universe is intelligent. That’s ME! How could it not be?

Suzanne: And here you are on this couch today, so we have proof of that, right?

Creator: Enjoying myself.

Suzanne: (laughs) Oh, well. It just pains me, but I have to bring him back because I have another appointment that I have to get to.

Creator: That is OK.

Suzanne: Oh…it just breaks my heart though.

Creator: I speak to you frequently, do I not?

Suzanne: Yes, you do. Thank you.

Creator: Okay.

Suzanne: So we can continue these conversations, both he and I, easily. Ah, bless your heart. Thank you. Thank you for this life, and this planet, and the communion between friends. Thank you for the experience.

Creator: Thank you, dear one. We have enjoyed this very much.

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