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Atlanticobr updates

January 16, 2014

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Gaia Portal upate Nov 26 2013

November 26, 2013

Individual Hue-Being Resonances Combine at this Moment for the Grand Gaia Portal Awakening….

Multiple upgraded portals harmonize into a single focus for Gaia Ascension, supported by aligned Hue-Being intent.

Fractionation of hu-manity has ended, and is recognized by hu-beings, as well as at all Gaia energetic levels.

Supplementation of this process comes from Cosmic Sources.

Standards of all Gaia inhabitants have increased considerably and are at levels sufficient to support this.




Gaia Portal update Nov 19 2013

November 19, 2013

First Choices of Gaia Mother are Embraced at this Moment.

All Gaia Ascension grids and expanded portals are moving.

Shifts of grid points are necessary to accommodate increased acceptance of Higher Dimensionals by hu-manity.

Structures aligned with New Gaia survive the shift; those non-aligned will be “spun away”… Quickly.

Necessary movements of Hue-Beings is communicated clearly at this moment via Higher Channels.

Vitality of Cosmic Connections is enhanced sufficiently for so-called “first contact”, at hu-being levels.

“Be aware… Be aligned… Be in Joy.”




Gaia Portal update Oct. 23 2013

October 24, 2013

Gaia Calls for “Essentials Awareness” at this Moment….

Higher D guidings are primary. Secondaries, tertiaries, are being requested to be shelved, at this moment.

Hue-manity activities must now align with Gaia Purpose.

All Hue-Beings are “called”, as it were, to team with the Whole Gaia Consciousness, and to set aside individual ego desires.

There is only one Being at this moment… and that is Gaia.

Cosmic influxes are continuing to dissolve (eliminate) separation paradigms, on all levels.

Unification of Gala Higher Consciousness with Hue-manity is prime at this moment.

hu-manity will follow, shortly, however Hue-manity is called, strongly, to accept and embrace their lead rôle at this moment.


Gaia Portal update

September 21, 2013

Higher Dimensional Cosmics Permeate All Gaia Upgrade Grids
September 21, 2013

Sentience of all Gaia Hue-manity increases dramatically during the 9-20 to 9-22 window, as Higher Dimensional Cosmics permeate all Gaia upgrade grids.

Fore-movement of these Cosmics portends major consciousness upgrades in all Gaia participants, Hue-manity as well as humanity.

Separation protocols, in place for centuries, have been dissolved and transcended as a result of these Higher Dimensional Cosmics.

“Fear aligneds” are unable to maintain such, and fade from all dimensional viewpoints.

Resistance to the incoming Higher Dimensional Cosmics is no longer an option of Hue-manity, and, at some point, humanity.

Those embracing the Higher Dimensional Cosmics thrive in the upgraded and refined energies.

All necessary Ascension Paradigms and Grids are in place.

Grand Portal Openings Continue as Higher Vibrationals Step Upward in Frequency

September 6, 2013

Grand Portal openings continue as Higher Vibrationals step upward in frequency. All prior timelines have been erased. The Grand Portals encompass much increased areas of geographical measure, as well as much increased areas of individual human and Hue-Being effect. Grand Portals allow necessary Cosmic Upgrades of individual human and Hue-Being and planetary (Gaia) to proceed without restriction. Further Portal upgrades will continue as necessary.

via Grand Portal Openings Continue as Higher Vibrationals Step Upward in Frequency.


August 31, 2013


We encourage you to think on the mysteries surrounding you in the natural plane, your physical environment, when feeling off balance, which indeed some are feeling at this juncture. To remind yourself of the impossible size of a sequoia, the delicate beauty of a spider and its web. Think not on death, think not on transitions during those brief moments, see instead the circle of life which is cooperative only, cooperative only.

This is a grounding exercise, of course. Although it is true that placing oneself physically “in nature” is helpful and a solidly pleasurable pursuit, we tell you that the peace available in a forest is within you, during your deepest moments of sadness, as you puzzle a problem out, as you are called to do things you have decided are unpleasant.

We tell you now of cosmic movement, and of things outside the physical world, as you see it. Of course, of course you know by now, do you not, that the law of reflectivity applies itself to your cellular structure as it applies itself to the cosmos, the mutliverses teeming with realities of which you simply have not considered valid, possible, real.

It is a strangely inversely proportional system. As human beings, the focus is upon that which can be experienced with the senses, and that which can be understood linearly.

However, your very ability to see that the shape of a galaxy and the shape of a human eye are eerily similar, this is a clue, our dear beloveds, a breadcrumb, it could be said. It whispers to some, screams to others that you are made of the exact same stuff, that your cosmos is you, and you are made of, and intimately part of the cosmos.

With the sensual awareness you have, there comes certain limits, and it is our pleasure to remind you that these limits are more a function of the linear set-up here, and the biology you inhabit, than a reflection of reality as it stands throughout.

If you can stand within a situation, a reality, that you yourself have created and feel emotional distress over, because you are thinking or believing your reality is not your own, then this gives you a sampling of not only the power of the mind, but also its limitations.

We ask you to jump the needle, we encourage you to have skips, lapses, in linear awareness, linear judgment, and sometimes great crises bring this about when nothing else can crack open the perceptual distractions built into this neuronal system.

It is a beautiful, a grand system, and one which is far more responsive to your consciousness than you know.

We speak now to those who are having troubles with their realities, with their creations, with their perceptions. If you can stand in your skin, take an emotional look around and feel peace, feel excitement and peace, in the midst of great chaos, great suffering, then this is a discourse that is unnecessary, but still, there are times when this is hard.

That difficulty, that is a test, so rest assured that if you are having emotional or intellectual DISSONANCE within, that this is a good thing, something to welcome, something to love.

We wish to start a discussion regarding reality construction for those who are willing to listen. Reality creation is what you are doing, moment by moment, and yet, many feel, especially when troubles come, things perceived as troubles, that the troubles came from the outside.

And the truth is, that believing situations on the outside, are distressing, imperfect or hard, it is this belief which is your piece of grace. A paradox, perhaps, but all the great mysteries are thus attired.

Consider what you fight against in your reality. Consider that which fires you up into action, or dampens your spirits into a place of inaction. These are events which are essentially neutral. They are events. They have meaning for every single human being who chooses to perceive them. If you feel sadness or distress over something you are aware of, you are being invited to look within it, to peel back the distress to find that which is true, that you made this, you called it to you, and troubles do not mean you have failed, are bad, or unenlightened. Problems, troubles, they are there to guide you home to yourself, and to be seen as the value judgments they are.

We know that this will seem blasphemy to those who wish to see evils, bad, conflict, strife, victimization, but we ask in all love and sincerity, do you really believe, now, really, do you believe that anyone wishes to know strife? Suffering?

Yes, there are those who are deep into this mind frame, but the reality that a conflict is anything but a perception escapes most.

This is often due to the social taboos against feeling peace.

We tell you today that this is a good and right pursuit, to wish to know peace, to wish to have no dissonance, and to be well with all creation.

We ask for you, want so much to give to you the gift of discernment, of unlocking from the group mind, the agreement field, which requires that you have personal issues, upsets and longings. The one which says if you do not feel righteous indignation and great upset, that you are not seeing things whole. We tell you a revolutionary truth: if you are seeing things whole, it is not possible to feel, to experience WITH YOUR BIOLOGY, this upset, this righteous indignation. If you are doing things in a way which honors your core, and your core’s truths, these are feeling states which lose their glamor, and their call begins to fade, in your time, in your experience.

We understand that you will be feeling perhaps a bit marked, if you go to your places of work, of worship, of socialization, convinced, knowing, yes knowing, that all is well, and that there are no problems. That you are loved beyond measure and are INDEED WORTHY OF THIS MINDBENDING LOVE.

We ask for you to do as has been suggested by our compatriots, our other voices, and that you allow the truth of this to come through: It is good, a good practice, to take a few moments out, whenever you like, to consider that time when all of your problems are solved. Every last one, loved ones. Solved. Clear.

This can be an upsetting and scary task for some. To sit quietly, to center, and to imagine that you have no problems at all, not one. Not one.

No puzzles. No worries. No regrets. No lists and mandates and schedules, no, just sit and feel yourself in a place where everything worked out.

Do you really believe, do you, that the problems plaguing you now, the things which pull at your awareness when you are not mindful, the thoughts of unrequited love or loss of a loved one to death, financial woes, work challenges, do you really think, honestly, that these are conditions which are unending?

We speak now, to close, to those who have burdens upon them that most do not. Those whose bodies are broken, those who must know struggle to get their physical needs met, those who are disfigured, those who are lame, those whose liberty has been taken from them, those who know war. We ask you to consider this.

These souls, these warriors of light, of love, they are avatars for you, they are there to help remind you of the creation infusing, innervating, all of it, all of it, all of it: Compassion. This is a word which reminds you of home, does it not, and when you feel it, know it, can’t you feel your heart breaking open a little bit, each and every time you feel a swell of compassion for another?

We started this by reminding you that your consciousness can call to it any state at all, any at all, and inhabit that state. A state of compassion is one which must often, unfortunately, be triggered, still, by problems, upsets, difficulties, challenges, as it is not yet the norm.

These sufferings you know, and that others know, that is the purpose. Oh yes, there are other purposes, those of context, and of linear “story telling,” so to speak, but no, the essence, what is running through it all, what fills the very space of your molecules, it is this golden light of compassion.

We ask for you to show compassion toward your selves. Please. Sit with that awareness, of problems solved, of the absence of suffering and the absolute clarity of gratitude, and we ask you to know that this is a state that is natural, normal, and is not as prevalent as it could be for many reasons, but to start the process, there must be those among you willing to buck the “system” you have devised for yourselves, of shadow and light, of good and bad, of fortunately, unfortunately.

We love you and wish you peace. We wish for you to know this peace not just in meditation, but as you your selves walk through your actual day. Mindfully tending to your own awareness, and only to your own awareness. It is not yours to fix another’s perception, to straighten out their beliefs, to teach, or even to heal. It is yours to know great gratitude and joy and peace in this now moment, and this one, and that one, and all of them.

It is much like stringing a necklace, out of beads. Each now moment is a bead which goes onto the string, and it is with mindfulness that you come to see that there is no bad bead, there is only beauty in the beads, and sometimes it is harder to see, and sometimes it is harder to get onto the string, but still, we tell you, one by one, more and more moments being strung onto the lattice of group mind, or group consciousness, that are brighter, are more stunning, simply because the beads are getting brighter.

Bright beads are those imbued with, saturated with and dripping gratitude, perspective, compassion. For self. For those around you, in all sorts of states of what you might think is disrepair.

Judge no one, judge no one’s path.

Consider telling yourselves nothing but compassionate stories, giving yourselves compassionate explanations for the things you are aware of which do not satisfy, this is a task within your role as someone who knows how well and fully you are loved.

We leave by telling you this. You’re not a vessel into which love is poured, and then, if full, you can give this to another.

This is a concept which can be helpful, can be instructive, but we ask for you to think of something else.

Consider instead, perhaps when considering your life story working out, consider that you are indeed MADE of love, constructed of this thick, golden light which comes from the heart of creation, from the center of the creative source, the very essence of benevolence. And it is this benevolence which innervates you, allows you to think thoughts which alter your biology and bring you peace.

You have much more power than you accept, and this of course is what is changing. Power is a concept which has been borrowed by thought constructs which are not sturdy, because they are not indwelling truth. Brotherhood, love, charity, giving, kindness, these are the constructs which last, that grow when considered.

Feel in your body that which is in shadow, and love it. Look within, and the thoughts which are veiled, which denigrate or worship, the thoughts which divide, these are thoughts which are not necessary for you now. They can be seen for what they are, welcomed in, absolved and dissolved into the sea of love you are becoming, willingly, with your focused intent, with your heart and mind of what you have called god.

Allow yourself to be different, and to love, live in, embody the difference. It is fine to not be troubled. It is fine to not have conflict, to not engage in drama, and to do it all with harm to none, with harm to none.

We leave you to pursue that which brings you great joy and pleasure. We remind you of balance, of peace, of simple joys, of simple happinesses, and ask that you see that awareness of these is the way to peace on earth, peace in your lives, the plan working out, problems solved.

You are coming to see that a problem is nothing but love in different skin. Feel the solution, and the problem takes care of itself. This is something which we ask you to think on, play with, and decide for yourselves if it fits.

We wish you peace, and we love you.