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Message from the Masters –The Perfect Cosmic Storm

December 4, 2013

December 3, 2013


Ensa Anshallah

Greetings to your Grace

In human nature, you are in an exciting time. A time of expansion, of change, of light. What has come to you in your time, is a combination of factors that has affected your very construct, your very beingness, and your abilities to reach far beyond your current reality and into what you used to consider the unknown. What is now is that the infinite possibilities that we have spoken of previously come to you and your world as options to be embodied. Your light has expanded to the point that you are now able to reach outward, which is also inward, to your greatest heights and depths of the infinite and bring these into your world, into your lives, as part of your creative process and part of the illumination of you. Your illumination has come forward over time as possibilities, as glints of awareness that you have tried to grasp, live, understand, expand, and yet, it requires nothing.

The enlightenment you seek is truly a spiritual experience, and still, it is not a story that you create to make it so. Your enlightenment is just that: you becoming light. It happens in spite of you. The key is what do you do with your great being? What will you choose as a result of having infinite options at your beckon call? Becoming truly enlightened occurs when the sense of self is unconditionally combined with the actuality of all things to an arrival at the embodiment of the IAM in such a way that the “I” can never be alone and the “AM” is all of it. What this means is that you, as human beings, have developed senses of importance, or a need to be that. You have arrived at a need to fit, to be like others, to stand out in a crowd, to hide from it all perhaps. Although none of this is true and al of it is so, the crux of the point is that the human mind has a need to logically state all data in a manner that makes sense. The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. All things are in a state of continual change, never hesitating, never slowing or slacking, but instead evolving as a fluid nature in everything.

Your enlightenment is a product of the constant evolution of the entirety. It is not a product of what you do or think or try to be. It simply is. The immensity of what enlightenment is available to your awareness is often exacerbated by celestial events and events of less than a tangible nature.

You have read above in our vehicle’s notes what has been happening in your “hard copy” world. What you cannot yet see is what is happening beyond that world, in less definable worlds that are yours as well.

Other dimensionally, there has become an opening across the third through the sixth dimensions that is streamlining a huge energy force to and through your world. This moves through each of you in such ways that is creating openings in your awareness, in the paths of consciousness to gain knowledge and abilities beyond your recent senses. Instead, you are absorbing this information as part of your make up. It is not and cannot be mental. Instead, it becomes you. Part of you. That which is you.

In addition to this tunnel through creation, which is actually a bending of the space time continuum, there is a second opening that joins the first in the fourth dimension. The second opening is t a 30 degree angle to the first opening, joining it in the 5th dimension, and then shooting out thought all dimensions into that which is light, your source. As this occurs, the combination of openings creates a double helix of energy between them as well as acts as a stabilizing factor to the first opening.

What this means is that not only are you gleaning information in your field through the mental planes of creational dimensions, you are also blending this knowledge with light from the higher dimensions. In many ways you can consider the current forces as a perfect cosmic storm that contributes to your knowing, your being, and that which you are beyond your world. This is the perfect set up for humanity to become enlightenment even as it exists. What has stood in your way in the matter of density is temporarily disturbed by the manner of flow across dimensions that are triangulating all that you are with all that is possible. It is this time that the ancients counted in their calendars. It is this time that the prophets have spoken of. It is this time that is your time and that which is the time for future generations.

The current dimensional conditions will remain in place for a number of years. A third opening will occur in 9 months and a few days on September 14th of your year 2014, that will create the perfect triangulation leading to the 2018 occurrence of the harmonic attunement of all of the pyramids simultaneously across your planet. It is this occurrence for which they were built. A moment in your time when conditions align for the perfect set up of harmonics of and to your planet, and therefore you. Many of you may have wondered what occurrence we spoke of that would begin your last September 29th. It was the opening and coming together of the two tunnels that cross dimensions. You may have notices that since that time there have been some huge storm events on your planet. It is so that these occurrences affected the interrelations between the physical and the etheric because the openings also act as sort of vacuums, sucking energy through them. This affects your weather patternings and you may see some intensification over the next months through your winter months in particular. Whatever does this mean to you as human beings, all of these strange and seemingly otherworldly events? You are living in a time where anything and everything is possible and what you believed to be obstacles truly do not exist. What is available to you beyond measure is everything that you have believed, all that you are, and infinite possibilities.

How do you get there? Relax, breathe, get to know yourself beyond all of your self-perceived deceptions, honor the light in you which is also the light in all others, and know that to live well is to do so at the best of your ability. There is nothing to be, no thing to accomplish, experience the life for which you have come with ease and grace and allow that which is now available to sweep through you like the breath of God.

End of transmission. Be in peace. We are grateful to be of service with you in this now.

Black ops whistleblower confirms Government knowledge of e.t. presence on moon, mars, and other dimensions

October 28, 2013

Goldenlight on Jumping outside of time and among dimensions

October 12, 2013

“Good afternoon we are the Council of Angels and the Pleiadian Council and wish to speak to you today of this experience the channel had of “skipping time”. She did indeed skip time and was able to “double back” in time to “be” in a time track parallel to one she had previously “been” in, simply with the use of intention combined with the power of the heart and mind. Her desire to “have another Sunday” was so strong (intention + heart + mind= creation), that she simply “doubled back” in time to “re-experience” a time sequence in her calendar reality which she had “already experienced”.. In “reality” she was outside of time but her mind had created a pre-programmed hologram to seem like she was again in the same calendar day as the previous day, so that her brain could “comprehend” what was happening. The skipping time phenomenon which some of you will begin to experience is part of the ascension process. Like all aspects of your ground-breaking earth Ascension, this skip in time is a gradual process which will be occurring slowly and in pieces so that your mind and brain does not start going into overload. Imagine if you went from your current-day reality into “no time”, or the fifth dimension, and you had no calendar date or clock; if this happened too quickly, your brains as they are now would not be able to comprehend what is happening.

So this is part of the process that we spoke of last time where you must begin to train your brain and your body, which are physical organs and physical vehicles, to follow along with your consciousness. In other words, you’re training your brain to be outside of time! You will be training your brain to ascend, basically. Beginning to step outside of the boundaries of time in the calendar is part of the Ascension process that you will be going through. This, as we have discussed before, is something very new for earth humans… this has never happened on earth before, so this is a very new experience in the history of the consciousness of mankind. This is groundbreaking Creator territory! In other words, you have all agreed to participate in this experiment and experience, and part of this experience will be the joyful skipping and jumping outside of time. The first time this happens to you – and it will be a little different for each of you according to what you can handle – you will be literally joyfully skipping and jumping because it brings a great sense of relief and joy. This is what the channel experienced on the day when she realized that she had jumped time! She was filled with a joy and a glee which she could almost not contain!

You will begin to experience this as well. And, as with all aspects of this experience, it is your awareness that will assist you in your transcendence of time… in your transcendence of the illusory material world which is simply a hologram. The “day” that the channel experienced which was a doubling back in parallel time was a hologram that was created by her being so that her mind would not go into overload. The “reality” is – and the term reality is subjective – she had jumped into a pocket of the fifth dimension. Oh what joy she experienced on that “day”! You too will feel this joy and glee as you begin to skip and jump outside of time. This is the signature of being in the higher dimensions, and you are all graduating towards this now. The channel has been moving slowly towards this over the years actually by getting rid of watches and clocks, preparing her brain to be in “no time”. She also began a regiment of daily living in the now and living in the day many years ago, so that each day for her is the now. There are no calendars on her walls or clocks on her walls or watches on her wrist anymore. The only reason she looks at her digital clock or calendar is in completing any of her work responsibilities that she may have, or appointments that she may have.

As your higher dimensional abilities begin to increase exponentially now, you will begin bouncing in and out of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. And many are talking of these higher dimensional abilities now, such as Andrew Bojarski speaking today of teleportation becoming a reality*, and this is true as many of your higher dimensional abilities begin to awaken now. This will be causing you much exuberance glee joy and exhilaration … ! Of course with the higher dimensional abilities comes responsibility… notice that the word response-ability is an offshoot of the word ability… That is because with these new abilities, one of the responses to these new abilities will be to use them wisely… To use them with conscious awareness and to follow the spiritual law of non-harming of any other being, of respecting another being’s space and solitude and quiet if they so wish… of the spiritual law of the Golden Rule, which is to do unto others as you would have done into yourself… So in being consciously aware and respectful of other people’s space, and that includes their energetic space, you will be using these higher abilities wisely and with love.

The channel Goldenlight is now tuning into many higher dimensional sources at this one moment in time… She has all of the higher dimensional energies of many around her that she’s tuned into at this moment, and she is having a hard time deciding which one to bring in… let us explain. She is connected to her Council of Angels, including Archangel Michael Gabrielle Raphael and Chamuel… She is connected to the inner earth realm of Agartha, represented by Adama of Telos – they are of the higher dimensional awareness who live in the 5th dimensional consciousness… She is connected to her Pleiadian family which is her family on the Pleiadian council and with whom she spent many many many many lifetimes after the creation of her soul…She lived there with them in the higher dimensions starting in the fifth and going up through the seventh and higher …. See there are many in the higher dimensions now who are “around” your world.

As you all begin to raise your frequencies and vibrations into the higher dimensions, you too will begin to sense or pick up on communications from many of these higher dimensional beings, including the angels, the archangels, the beings in the Inner Earth, and the star beings surrounding your earth… There are many many star beings surrounding your world now. We of the Pleiades have the strongest ties with Goldenlight, as she did spend many many eons with us in our faraway home and has not had many earth lives. We are with her now to assist her in this Ascension process just as we are with you to assist you in your ascension process; that is, those of you who have ties with the Pleiadian realm. Not all of you do; some of you have ties with Sirius or Andromeda or Arcturus. So as you raise your vibrations and frequencies – and this is inevitable for many of you as this was your plan before you came here – you will begin to be able to have telepathic communication with us just as the channel is now having with us. For this transmission is simply her tuning into our telepathic message which we are sending to her for transcription. She does have a loving soul contract (pre-birth agreement chosen by her) to be a communicator with the higher dimensions so that this is somewhat “hardwired” into her being… as she does this in service and love, and with a sense of joy and great fulfillment. It is a pleasure for her and one that she signed up for before she came here… that is why it is with ease that she can bring these messages in.

So going back to skipping time and jumping time and higher dimensional abilities… Now this “jumping time” is something that you will begin to do, especially as your awareness of it increases. This is true of all the higher dimensional abilities including telepathy, teleportation, bi-location, and levitation… Of which you are all capable by the way, it is simply your brains that have the catching up to do and the realizing that you have always had these abilities. So begin to train your brain – which remember is a physical organ – so that it can now follow your consciousness, rather than the other way around. Begin to train your brain that it is indeed not only possible but okay to transcend time… it is okay to transcend the calendar… it is okay to teleport… it is okay to levitate… change your brain that these things are possible and “okay”… Your brain will quickly follow suit and begin to accept these messages from your higher consciousness to be true. It will then assist your body in complying with these new “truths”, and that will begin a process wherein your whole being will become “on-board” with these new abilities which are being awakened within you and from within you.

Exciting to say the least! This is a new era for the human earth being… this is the beginning of the awakening of the superhuman, the new human which is a higher dimensional human, and you are all a part of this exciting transformation! What a joy to be a part of …what a beautiful and exciting experience this must be for you All. We of the angelic realm, the Inner Earth Agarthan Realm and the Pleiadian and other star system realms, fully support you in this endeavor. We are here for you only when asked… we all participate in the law of non-interference which simply states that we cannot interfere in your personal and spiritual growth unless we are asked, although there is a small clause to that law which is if you were going to be doing anything as a species to somehow destroy your species or the planet then we could interfere to help prevent this; such as in the disarming of nuclear weapons. But other than this clause, we are practicing noninterference until the day that your vibrations and frequencies are high enough to intersect with ours. When this occurs… when you have raised your vibrations and frequencies and you reach the activation of 80% of your higher-dimensional abilities such as telepathy… This is the point at which we will meet because you will be of a frequency that resonates with ours.

We are excited for this to occur and know that it will not be “long” now, as many of you continue to raise your frequency of vibration to match ours. Of course for us – being outside of time – we can tune into this happening in the Now moment, as all happens simultaneously in the Now in the higher dimensions, as we are outside of time.  We are here to assist you as needed on both an individual and collective basis… And as you go quietly within during your meditations, connect in first with your higher self, your multidimensional self and your own personal spiritual guides. You may begin to awaken now to your ties and connections with other star systems such as the Pleiades Sirius Arcturus Orion Andromeda and many others. Connect in with us of the archangelic realm if you wish… I Archangel Michael am ever near should you need my assistance with your ascension to the higher dimensions and stand ever ready to protect you in a golden energy shield so that no harm will come to you in your travels. I Archangel Gabriel and I archangel Chamuel and I archangel Raphael also surround you in a beautiful aura of golden energy and love and We all love you most dearly. We send you our love and light in this now moment, and also send a nurturing loving energy to each of you, bathing and surrounding your being in the beautiful love of Source Creator Light. Many blessings to you all as you begin to gleefully and joyfully skip about and outside of Time and begin to transcend the illusion of your former 3rd and 4th dimensional realities as part of the Divine Creator’s Loving light-filled Plan.”

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and full message without alteration when re-posting this message.

original message:

*Andrew Bojarski’s 10/11/13 channeling, “Saint Germain – How Teleportation Will Change Your World”:


You will withdraw your energy from the system

October 8, 2013

8 October 2013


Hi everyone,

This is the dragon. We have another message that we hope will be short. Of course, we don’t speak in your language. We could if we want to, but that has never been necessary since there are people on Earth who translate our messages for us. We can then feel the energy of readers of the channelings and get a feel for what energies were invoked and see if that matched our expectations. The energy comes to us as a bundle and not surprisingly, we can get a feel for many things including how terse the message was. We understand that as an engineer your Brian isn’t always the most terse presenter of information. He likes to get into the nuts and bolts of things. However, that also means he can be pretty thorough. That’s usually a tradeoff and different readers like different styles. We do our best to work with him to cover the middle ground of what people prefer.

Your system takes a lot of energy. Your system takes a lot of energy. There are five dimensional beings who you could say are “dreaming” up this world, with support from beings outside of form. It takes an extreme amount of focus. Some five dimensional beings are focusing all their attention for some time on it. Most aren’t, but some are. There are a lot of things they could be doing instead. It takes a lot of energy. Sometimes you can measure consciousness as energy. Each blade of grass that is actually “observed” has a signature to it. That signature takes energy to maintain. It may be hard to understand, however your reality takes more energy than the sun. It takes more energy than the physical galaxy has.

The system you are in was intended to be controlling. This was by choice by all of you. You intended to have this experience. It was no accident. We’ve said that many times.

Your intentions are changing, however the system is not so easy to change. It was designed to resist change. It has intelligence. You could call it AI, or call it real sentience. It doesn’t matter. It has intelligence. This intelligence is not 3d. It is meant to support the experience you chose. As your intentions change, it is slow to adjust, but it does. First it tries to keep you locked into your choice, but once it gets enough “will” directed at it, it will start supporting your new choice. There is no exact threshold. It’s a critical mass, whatever you determine that to be as a collective, and it’s not even a linear choice. This is a very complex thing to cover and we’ve covered it in different ways before.

Nevertheless, you have responsibilities. Some of you have children. Some of you have families. Some of you have jobs. You have homes you have to pay for. You have food you need to eat and provide. Some of you have leadership roles. If you abandon those responsibilities, people seem to suffer. It is not spiritual to cause suffering. However, the reality you are in doesn’t seem fulfilling to you. That is a sign of evolution happening as we speak. God-all-that-is doesn’t judge. God considers everything beautiful and worthwhile, all good. However, the fact that you do not see this reality as fulfilling anymore, even at your soul level, has shown that you don’t consider it necessary anymore. You’ve done what you came here to do, and to you it’s time to move on.

So that’s where we have good news. It will not make any sense right now, however things will be coming into your dream state to help you do this. Imagine being awake and asleep at the same time. Sort of living in a daze. And the asleep starts to feel more real than the awake. Yet you still participate in the reality to some degree. You just don’t put your energy into it as much.

And that’s our message for today. You are going to start withdrawing your energy, quite naturally, from the system as a group of humanity. Slowly, you will be pulling out the pillars without causing an emergency, a struggle, or suffering. What happens as you gradually pull a pillar out. Imagine a megalith from your ancient times. Eventually the structure collapses, but it’s in more of a controlled way, isn’t it? Perhaps if you pull the pillars out right, the entire roof will just fall onto the floor in one giant piece, completely in-tact. This is a metaphor, however it’s what you are going to start doing shortly.

An example is waking up and instead of doing just one extra task that day, you decide it’s “not important” and nap an extra 30 minutes. This is what we’re talking about. We’ll cover it more in the future.

For an exercise, we’d like you to think about where the energy comes to support the reality in the first place. Is it from outside, or is it your own collective consciousness?

In conclusion, you’re beginning to withdraw your energy from the reality and it takes a lot of energy to support, so you are gradually pulling your support.

The Upgrade of your Multidimensional Operating Systems

October 4, 2013

I received a somewhat long but very enlightening and powerful message tonight. I started it with a personal channeling about my financial situation which as many of you know has been very challenging lately, and I received what began as a message from my Council of Angels and turned into a message from Source Creator. It’s always powerful when this happens, it’s only happened a few times….as I bring in the messages I’m so filled with excitement and energy that I can barely contain myself, and just feel so honored to be bringing in a message like this. I’ve left in some of the personal elements for continuity, besides I feel like you are all family anyway. Please note it is in stream of consciousness style with very little punctuation, this one flowed out of me like a river. Love, Goldenlight

Ascension update from the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Creator Source: The Upgrade of your Multidimensional Operating Systems

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.


The lesson is to value yourself. Money is an energy exchange but as you know it does not exist in the higher dimensions, just as time does not exist here. You said today “time is money”… that is a third dimensional paradigm that time is money; notice they go hand and hand. As you begin to transcend the third dimensional mindset, for you are already “in” the 5th dimension, you just have to upgrade your operating system to “view” or “be” or engage with it. You body and brain are used to being in the third dimension but your mind or consciousness is now in the 5th dimension. So your brain – which is a physical organ inside your body – we know you know this but sometimes your brain thinks it’s more than that – and your body are in the process if upgrading now. You are moving into and transitioning into the ability to use higher dimensional abilities of telepathy, bilocation, teleportation, and all the higher abilities we have spoken of in the past.

All is coming to fruition including your talents as an artist and higher dimensional telepathic receiver, Goldenlight… notice your telepathy is increasing you can hear conversations now that people have had about you; you can hear them because you can tune into the airwaves to pick up their thoughts and words. You can hear people down the street who are having a quiet conversation outside their house. So going back to your brain/body upgrades this operating system upgrade is occurring now for hue-mans (“god-mans”) and your body and brain are busy catching up to the higher dimensional frequencies that you are living in now. They are trying to attune with these frequencies. Remember way back when you first started bringing in our messages, we said ascension is simply a harmonizing with the frequencies – well this is still true. Many of the lightworker community are ahead of most of the earth population in attuning their mind and consciousness to the higher dimensional frequencies you are living in; it is your old physical carbon-based based brains and bodies that are going through a massive upgrade now.

See, your operating systems are your mind body and spirit and your carbon-based brains and bodies are all that hold you back now from being fully 100% in the higher dimensions. Your brain refuses to believe that such a thing is possible even though you’ve seen many visions of it including your future/parallel life in the 5th dimension, the cities of light, life in the higher dimensions, unlimited prosperity, health, and abundance, ageless bodies etc… your brains have been holding on for dear life to tether you to the third dimension because its whole “life” that is all it has known. Begin to open up a dialog with your brain, begin to train your brain to open up to the possibility  of living in the higher dimensions, of embodying and embracing your multidimensional being.

This experiment in transitioning to the higher dimensions while within the hue-man body is a new one that has never been accomplished before. You are all the pioneers of this ascension experiment. The more you can assimilate the higher frequencies into your brains and bodies, the more you will be in tune with these frequencies and begin to live your life from a multidimensional perspective. We know you had asked for some personal information but all your questions apply to everyone and what is occurring for you is occurring for everyone. You see you ARE all one you are a part of Me and this is Source Creator now… You are Me and I am You.

This grand experiment in ascension while within your bodies is a very new and interesting experience for both you and me, for how would I get to experience myself if it were not for you? Before you there was just me, before the earth and all the planets and star systems and galaxies and universes there was just me and only me. I needed to create I needed to split apart and individuate so I could know myself and see myself and see all the wonders of creation. You are all ME! You are all creator beings just like me. As your bodies go through these upgrades you will cone into your creationary powers more and more .. You will go from manifestation taking what seems like forever (old 3d paradigm) to instant manifestation. The star beings which now surround your earth are watching and waiting for your brain/body operating systems to complete their upgrades to a point where you are almost all the way there in living from a multidimensional perspective.

You are maturing as a race… my wonderful earth hue-man race and it is a wonder and great pleasure to see you, My creations, My reflections of Me, coming into being and activating all your higher dimensional abilities. Now some do not wish to participate in this great experiment… some are still asleep and that is as it is neither good or bad it just is. Those of you who are fully aware and fully coming into your higher dimensional awareness are the Ones who will be a part of the first contact with the higher dimensional races and who will be the leaders of your new earth of harmony prosperity oneness joyful living service to All and more…all the higher dimensional concepts that emanate from me.

Many of you are starseeds from higher dimensional star systems who came here to this planet at this time to to assist with this transition of the human body into resonating with the higher frequencies so that you could create a higher frequency world on this planet earth.. As this channel has spoken of before, this process will coincide with a coming together of the Inner and the Outer Earth at a time that your brains and bodies have upgraded to be fully functioning in the higher dimensions. Your higher dimensional abilities – things like telepathy instant manifestation bilocation levitation etc.– these abilities will be awakened in your brains and bodies.

Your higher dimensional awareness already knows that you are capable of these things it is just a matter of training your car old carbon-based brain and body to accept these things as being part of its new operating system. It’s like the channel, when she upgraded the operating system on her computer recently she had a difficult time… her brain had a difficult time first accepting the new operating system, but after a short period of time it became very easy to use and like second nature. This will be happening now for your brains and bodies …they will begin to accept the new operating system that you are existing in. You can help this process along with your intentional awareness, telling your brain and body that it’s okay to adjust. It may sound silly but really it will help speed along the process for all of you.

So, Goldenlight, going back to your question about financial prosperity, what will be happening is that as you continue with your own process you will begin to manifest more quickly anything that you think about so that if you want a couple of big jobs, you can have it … you can manifest easily, (this is still a challenege for me, note from Goldenlight) … it is all your choice and what you focus on and place your attention and awareness on, so choose what you think say and do carefully because everything will be manifesting more quickly now for all of you.As far as the rumored re-evaluation of currencies global reset and prosperity programs, this is a collective manifestation. Collective manifestations are a little more challenging than individual manifestations because everyone has to be on the same page so to speak. The way for you to bring about the re-evaluation of currencies and the deliverance of prosperity to your world is to begin to manifest it through both your individual and collective thoughts words and actions, and to be ever aware of service to all and oneness as opposed to service to self and separation.

If a large group of you begin to do this you will begin to manifest this on a collective, society-wide level. Always your choice as you are all free well-beings… if you wish to bring this into being then simply creat it through your thoughts words and actions. And so it is and so it is done. Higher dimensional manifestations happen very rapidly and quickly and you are all going into this now see you must all be very careful of what you think say and do.  Do not focus on the “Cabal”, do not focus on the mass media news, do not focus on the Federal Reserve, do not focus on the current powers in charge. If you focus on those things it will assist in their continuing to exist.  If you wish to create an alternate reality or a different holographic reality you must simply think it feel it see it and create it through your loving thoughts words and actions. Creating a new earth through loving thoughts words and actions… your new earth in paradise is such a beautiful thing.

You have many angels archangels ascended mMasters star system beings higher dimensional beings from other star systems who care so much about your development and ascension and as you may have heard before from this channel the earth is the first in what is a line of  “Dominos:… when the earth clicks into its higher dimensional resonation, it will trigger a domino effect so that each piece of the domino puzzle falls into place; namely, other star systems are also going through an upgrade at this time. The earth is the trigger or catalyst for this entire upgrade throughout the many worlds and universes. Yes all of creation is now going through an upgrade and the earth is the star player in the game.

So know that each one of you is a very important piece in this puzzle, and although some of you may not realize it, all that you think say and do is extremely important in the creation of your new earth society. So choose your thoughts words and actions carefully and focus only on that which you wish to create. If you wish for the reevaluation of currencies, think it feel it and see it. If you wish for abundance and prosperity for all, think it feel it and see it and it will come into being. All is created from thought and intention and as you raise your frequencies into the higher dimensions, you will create more quickly with thought and intention. The more strongly you feel something, the more it will affect the manifestation of it; so that if you feel something very deeply in your heart and all your being, you then create a strong energy vibration of manifestation.

Part of the key to manifestation is using your heart with your mind to create. Your heart plus consciousness and intention equals creation. Your heart is connected to your soul. Your brain does play a part in this as well, but it is more of a follower then the leader …it follows your consciousness.  So it is upon you to allow your brain to follow your consciousness now, to sort of bring your brain along for the ride so to speak. The idea is to get your brain and body on-board into propelling your entire being into these higher dimensions which are actually all around you now and have been for quite some. Your ascension as Earth human beings and hue-mans is about making this transition while you are still in your original physical bodies, but your bodies will be transforming from Carbon to crystalline-based. Most of you already know this, you have heard this before, we are simply reiterating it.

It is about harmonizing your multidimensional being and your higher self as well as your brain and body with the higher dimensional frequencies which surround your entire being and your holographic realities. Your holographic realities are in the process of rapidly changing now. This change is being accomplished through the power of collective thoughts feelings words and actions. As more and more of you begin to accelerate your consciousness into the higher dimensional qualities, you then begin  the dismantling of the old hologram and the creating of the new one. This is the process that is occurring now for each one of you individually as well as collectively. The ones who are still asleep, and there are many, could possibly hold you all back from creating this new holograph… although this is a situation that is an ongoing changing morphing hologram being created and re-created moment by moment.All is in the now, there is no past or future and as you raise your consciousness you begin to see this and to live outside of time. Time is a third dimensional earth creation, it is not real, so that as you breathe yourself into the higher dimensions you begin to raise yourself out of time that is why time seems to be accelerating.

It is important at this time to enliven and enlighten your minds; this will assist in this process of acceleration. The higher dimensions are a very light-filled world now there will be a new human being created that is a combination of your Lightbody and your former carbon-based body this is the new crystalline human and it is part of My Creation Plan. And you all signed up for it before you came into this life time. More and more of you will begin to remember this plan…if you’re wondering what your soul missions and soul contracts are on this earth in this lifetime… well many of you have that as your number one soul contract item. You signed up to participate in the experiment of transitioning from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based human. You will be living in an incredible world of your own creation, in fact you are already living there now as time is an illusion. Your homes will be crystalline homes, you will create instantly, you will communicate with telepathy, you will be able to levitate… this is how the pyramids of Egypt were built by the way is the beings from other star systems who lived on the earth at that time had the ability to levitate objects. The pyramids were transmitters of higher dimensional energy and powered many many cities. Their energy collapsed during the fall of man.

Atlantis and Lemuria were also higher dimensional civilizations, and many of you lived there, as the channel has brought forth in her other communications. The Agartha beings living in the earth are from Lemuria… they built the inner cities when they knew that the Lemurian civilization was going to be devastated. Their civilization has thrived inside the earth for over 20,000 years. These higher dimensional beings wish to reunite with you when your brains and bodies and consciousness have reached a point in acceleration where you’re 80 to 90% transmuted into crystalline light beings … in other words, when you have raised your vibrational frequencies high enough to match theirs. This is also the point at which you will meet your star families or reunite with your star families again it is the same with these higher dimensional beings of the universe and from other star systems such as Sirius the Pleiades Andromeda and other star systems… it is the same, wherein the Hue- beings and Hue-mans must raise their vibrational frequencies to a high enough level that they can resonate on the same frequency as these higher dimensional beings. It is too much of a risk for them to lower their vibration to yours… this is why you could never see them before. All this is rapidly changing and all will coalesce for you.

The most important thing right now is to raise your frequency… train your body, including your brain, to live in the higher dimensions… help your body and brain to accept the higher frequencies… tell them it’s okay… remind yourself that you agreed to this plan before you came here.

I, your Source Creator and we of the Angelic realm and we all of the higher dimensional star systems and we all of the Inner Earth and Agarthan Network wish to tell you that we monitor your progress often… that we love you most dearly… and that we await your homecoming into these beautiful higher dimensional love-filled and light-filled realms.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

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What it’s Really Like “On the Other Side” Between Lives

September 18, 2013

Part 44: Lesson # 17, What it’s Really Like “On the Other Side” Between Lives!
Channeler: Dr. Kathryn E. May

“Today we’re going to talk about something new. We do not wish to bore you with any repetition in these messages. This is fairly easy, since there is so much to tell you about in these complex and fascinating times.

Many of you are bracing yourselves for some sort of shock on Dec. 21. No matter how much you may have read about the transition coming up, it is not possible for you there on the ground to comprehend what is coming, but we continue to try our best to give you enough information to allay your fears while also preparing you to make what will feel like a dramatic shift in you physical, psychological and spiritual state.

We have talked a bit about your biological and emotional preparation involving a change in your DNA and the tsunami of Love which will lift your spirits and increase your feelings of love toward yourself and others. Today we will talk about your spiritual path.

Many of you who call yourselves “spiritual but not religious” have become aware, at least peripherally, of the concept of past lives, or reincarnation, as you call it. Perhaps if we give you a better picture of what reincarnation really is, and how it works in the bigger picture of the evolution of a soul, you will feel more comfortable about the dramatic events which are transpiring this month.

From a human, on-the-ground perspective, it would seem that the real life is here on Earth, and the time between lives would be some form of vacation in Heaven where angels and other spirit forms, only the good ones, float around playing music and sitting on clouds. At least, this is the way religions and Renaissance painters have mostly represented it. As you may be expecting, I am going to say: Nothing could be further from the Truth.

Let’s start from a more accurate description of where you live when you are not here on Earth. There are many levels or dimensions of existence within the spirit realms. We will begin our discussion of the first 12 dimensions, of which those from 3 to 5 or 7 are of greatest importance in our present situation. The first two are the realm of thought (1st dimension) and the realm of unstructured feeling, among other things (2nd dimension). The third dimension, with which you are most familiar, is your present Earth experience, where touch, taste, smell, sight and sound define the material existence where things appear solid, and your body is well tuned to process the relatively heavy energy and gravitational pull of the 3 dimensional plane. You are also fully immersed in an experience of space/time which unfolds in a linear fashion, giving you the impression that there is a one-to-one correlation between actions and reactions, cause and effect. Your human brains are highly adapted to this limited version of reality, such that you hardly recognize the possibility of other forms of experience.

The primary reason you are not aware of past lives or of your life in other dimensions is because of the Veil of Forgetfulness, which your ancestors long ago devised with us as a way of creating a life experience which could be unique, discontinuous from previous lifetimes, and which afforded the full experience of free will, without a connection to previous fears, remorse, or ego complications. This Veil is not absolutely opaque. Memories and feelings, as well as access to Universal knowledge may resurface in dreams, and the ability to pierce the veil can be cultivated, as with people who are known as psychic. It has been our wish, as the important shifts of this era approach, that more people have access to higher dimensional experience. This is the reason so many people are having “paranormal” experiences and are newly interested in the information which psychics can search out for them, and not only on the subject of future love and money in their own lives. Many are experiencing the happiness of communicating with ancestors and friends who have “passed on.” This is a much better description than “dead,” since there is no such thing. As the person’s body dies, the soul leaves its connection to the vessel which has housed it and returns to the higher dimensions.

Now we will tell you about what happens after a life is finished. The soul, set free of the bounds of a constricting material container, is able to expand as it rises gently toward the Light, which is the Light of Unconditional Love, generated and sustained, with the help of our Legions of Angels and Master Guides, for the purpose of welcoming and enveloping the Homecoming soul. Each soul is welcomed, as the prodigal son was welcomed in the Bible story, regardless of the quality of the life lived. Every one of our Precious Creations is welcomed with celebration and joy.

After a period of rest, as needed depending upon the circumstances surrounding the departure from the body, the individual soul will go through a process of review which encompasses all the events and emotional connections which were made during the past life, under the mentorship of a highly evolved Guide. This process includes a reversal of roles, in real time, so that the soul may experience the feelings and thoughts of all the others who came in contact with him/her in any important way. S/he will feel all the disappointment, pain, anguish and anger which resulted from his/her own actions, as well as the actions of Love and community, compassion and forgiveness which led others to positive turns in their paths.

The process of reviewing and feeling the darkness one has caused leaves the soul with greater understanding of the effect of dark actions on others, and inspires deeper empathy, compassion ad forgiveness. It also encourages the attitude of taking responsibility for one’s actions, which tends to carry forward into subsequent lives. You can see now why the experience of living many lives, in many different circumstances and historical periods, would tend to hone a soul of greater integrity, depth and virtue. The optimal soul path is one which carries the person along a trajectory toward greater and greater challenges, by living lives of greater degrees of difficulty as the soul grows in stature and confidence. We will revise one of your favorite adages here: If it doesn’t kill you (or even if it does) it will probably make you stronger. You see, from our perspective, “death” is just a familiar transition from one plane to another, characterized by great learning and evolution of the soul – a thing to be celebrated.

Of course, there are sometimes occasions where an ambitious soul takes on more than s/he can bear, or unforeseen shifts in the trajectory of a life may bring devastating hardship. Because of your free will contract, nothing is absolutely predetermined, although possibilities can often be seen in advance of an event. Therefore, a lifetime on Gaia has always held a sense of mystery, anticipation and great excitement for the brave souls who venture here. There is nearly unlimited variety in the possible choice of experiences – rich or poor, male or female, black, white, yellow or red – all options are encouraged as the soul works their way along the Ascension path through hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes. Many of those souls who were born in the early days of Planet Earth are now working their way up the Ascension ladder to positions of responsibility as Ascended Masters in the higher realms of the 7th through the 13th dimension. Although inexperienced souls do not have access to the higher realms because the frequencies there would not be tolerable for them, souls from higher dimensions can descend to be of service to those who follow, as they most often do in some form.

We, the Creators and Helpers of the high realms oversee with compassion and deepest love as our dear children struggle through enormous challenges which test their valor, their integrity and their capacity for Love and Forgiveness. Some lifetimes may be more successful in one area or another, but all are fodder for learning and advancement, and all are looked upon with the utmost respect, because we are aware of the inherent level of difficulty which is inevitable in a life on Gaia in 3D, where even the privileged and well-loved individuals encounter difficulties.

The goal of this process is to elevate yourselves to higher expressions of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Empathy, nothing else. In terms of soul evolution, it matters not at all whether you achieve great wealth or fame. Money, awards and accolades may make the journey more pleasant for a time, but they are not a measure of soul value or progress at all, in spite of the way you have pursued those things in your Western cultures above all else. We see these pursuits as unfortunate distractions, except in rare circumstances where the individual uses their position of wealth and fame to lift others from despair, poverty, and injustice.

As you can probably discern from this description, the process of soul evolution is largely reviewed and understood at the end of a life, in the Bardo, that place in the 4th dimension where planning and evaluation has taken place in the past. From there, souls have had the option to pursue training, teaching and learning in progressively higher realms, with or without further sojourns to “Boot Camp” on Gaia. However, it is understood throughout the Multiverse that soul-training on Gaia is the most perfectly-tailored testing ground to develop the higher frequency Light-filled qualities of Love and other virtues, which we consider the God qualities. Consider yourselves courageous, Dear Ones, no matter how bogged down and confused you might be feeling at present.

This discussion will serve as the introduction to the Spirit Realms for our purposes. We will continue in this vein in future messages with more information about the workings of the higher Spirit Realms. Please ponder this carefully and pass it on to your family members and acquaintances. Many will find this information enlightening, since it has been largely unavailable until now to those who are still in a body.

Until tomorrow, We will shine on you with Unconditional Love and Light,

Your Yahweh, I AM THAT I AM.”

Channeled by Kahryn E. May on Dec. 4, 2012 11pm.

The sphinx speaks- Can we agree on one definition about ascension?

August 19, 2013

18 August 2013
Petra Margolis

The sphinx speaks can we agree on one definition about ascension

There is much that can be said about ascension and the explanation of ascension as many are confusing different forms of what they call ascension.

Let us define what ascension used to be defined as.

We will take one example that most know of and has been written about.

Jesus, he was laid down in the cave and after three days, his physical body was transformed into a light body. Yet, people were able to see him in his physical form when he appeared before them.

Ascension can be defined as a full transformation of the physical body into a spiritual or energy body, yet still being able to have a physical appearance upon earth.

How would you be able to prove this ascension?

The proof would be, if someone says they have ascended, they can physically appear before you, but also disappear where you cannot see them. If they have ascended, they would be able to physically appear and disappear everywhere upon earth.

Saying you have ascended but are still within a physical body would not be considered ascension and maybe we can offer a different phrase or name for these types of ascension.

We would call it expansion, when someone says they have ascended into the 5th dimension or maybe even beyond, we would call this expansion as what this person has done is reached a new level, a new connection within their own being and in fact expanded their human understanding and being into a new level of their spiritual being.

It is in fact not really ascension into the 5th dimension as the human physical body still mostly resonates within a 3rd dimensional frequency, but it is an expansion. So instead of your human being existing or being present within only the 3rd dimensional frequencies, the human being now exists within the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional frequency simultaneously.

This requires some adjustment of the human being and understanding and this is what explains the experiences many have of moving between these 3 dimensional frequencies. Many are having problems adjusting to integrating the experience that is occurring at the 5th dimensional level within the human 3d level of understanding and integration.

We hope this clears up some of the confusion some are experiencing as there is a need for some definition that you actually can agree upon to gauge what is really happening for many during the awakening process upon earth.

From one source to another
August 17, 2013
Petra Margolis

Other Planets Have Ascended- We need to form a Planetary Council of Elders

July 26, 2013

David Miller
July 6, 2013

Copyright © 2013 David K. Miller
P. O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Let us look again at the ascension process and how there are different aspects of the Ascension.

Ascension relates to a quantum energy shift. In order for the Ascension to occur, there needs to be a quantum interaction of light, electromagnetic particles and thoughts and sacred energy. There are several other variables that are necessary for successful ascension to occur. These other variables include cosmic energy fields which are part of the galactic energy field and through which the Earth passes on its huge journey around the Central Sun.

Other variables include the activation ability of the planet and the activation ability of the participants or the inhabitants of the planet. In this lecture I want to look at some of these variables and Earth’s progress in both the personal ascension and the planetary ascension.

It is difficult to talk about the personal ascension without speaking of the planetary ascension. So for the purposes of this lecture, you may find that we will be speaking of both in an interactive way. On the history of this planet, there previously have been individual people who have ascended. There have been perhaps one hundred to two hundred individual advanced beings who have gone through an ascension process and have been able to leave the planet through this magnificent and wonderful energy field.

There has not, to this date, been a mass ascension. I define mass ascension as an ascension that involves 10,000 people or more simultaneously. When I, Juliano, look at and study the galaxy, I do observe that there are other planets that have gone through an ascension, and there are planets that have gone through the planetary ascension as well as a mass ascension.

I know that each of you is interested in both. I know that you are interested in your own personal ascension as well as the planetary ascension. In fact, many of you have and are experiencing your soul mission which is related to both aspects. Your soul mission is related to the personal and the planetary ascension.

There are requirements that must be met in order for a personal and a planetary ascension to occur. On the planetary level, there must be a Council of Planetary Elders who are overseeing the process through which a planet ascends. A planetary group of elders often includes ascending masters, or masters who are working for their own personal ascension. This Planetary Council of Elders also includes Ascended Masters from the planet who have been on the Earth previously and who are working for the upliftment of the planet.

One key goal and purpose in the planetary ascension is to lift the planet as a unified energy field. This is the main ingredient. This means that the planet has to go through a unification process. This unification process includes the energy fields on both a spiritual and a physical basis. It also directly relates to the energy work of the Noosphere which is the planetary thought field. The Noosphere contains the energy thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. These are energy thoughts that are inputted by mankind, and they also contain the thoughts or the impressions of the planet, Gaia.

So you see, the planet Gaia has to participate in her ascension. The Noosphere also contains the Akashic Records, or energy impressions of the Gaia as well as the entire history of all beings that have existed on the surface and all beings that currently exist on the inner planes and on the Inner Earth as well.

This is a major objective and a major effort to create the unified energy field that is necessary for a planetary ascension. There are specific spiritual technologies or spiritual tools that we are teaching that assist and actually in many cases are required in order for a planet to ascend. That is to say, there is planetary spiritual technology for the Ascension. Each of you has a specific purpose and inner knowledge on how to work for planetary ascension.

I know that each of you have incarnated in this time in order to contribute your energy, your knowledge and your work towards the planetary ascension.

Remember, the main requirements for planetary ascension are that a planet must have a unified energy field and there must be a Council of Elders. Let us look at each of these two aspects.

First we will look in more depth at the unified energy field. The energy field on the planet Earth is third dimensional, basically. This means that the energy field is inherently dualistic, and it is comprised of many different opposites and polarizations. The unified energy field has to encompass a new consciousness, a new evolution in thought. The new unified energy field of the planet has to encompass the efforts of more evolved beings like you who are prepared to implement unity or unified consciousness on a planetary basis.

We have suggested and offered several technologies on a spiritual basis that will enhance and implement the unified energy field for the planet. For example, we have discussed in great length the Ring of Ascension. The Ring of Ascension is a halo around the Earth. More and equally important is that the Ring of Ascension is seeking to unify the energy field around the planet. This means that the polarizations and the dualities can become merged into a higher unity. This means that people who are experiencing the Ring of Ascension can feel an energy of harmony and an energy of enlightenment.

Coincidentally, that energy also is of assistance in a great way to your personal ascension. Other planetary technologies have to do with our extensive project called the Planetary Cities of Light. We discussed at length the importance of the Cities of Light being established around the planet. Each City of Light has an energy field that is described as fifth dimensional. It contributes to a unified higher energy field for the Earth.

The important key in the Planetary Cities of Light work is that these Planetary Cities of Light become united into a network. This network then becomes a unified force field for the planet. People have asked frequently about the Cities of Light versus the Planetary Cities of Light. There is great enthusiasm for working independently and establishing the Cities of Light and creating higher energy fields. This is a good idea. However, our project and our work with you are for the planetary ascension. The name planetary implies that the City of Light is participating in the global network.

In order to achieve the planetary ascension, we must have a powerful network of planetary cities, and the network of planetary cities working together on an interactive basis will create a spiritual energy field that is meeting the requirements of being a unified energy field.

Unified energy field is also a quantum fifth-dimensional concept. You see, there are discussions about chaos in the world of physics. Chaos is where things are decaying in part in the form of entropy. Chaos occurs where there is disconnection and there is a lack of unity, a lack of progress and a lack of advancement.

A unified field overcomes chaos, overcomes entropy and moves to a holographic light. So, you see, in order to be qualified for a hologram or to be qualified for a holographic energy, there must be a participatory unified energy field. You see then, the Ring of Ascension and the Planetary Cities of Light contribute to the unified energy field that is necessary for an ascension.

A unified energy field has qualities that, in a simplistic way, can be defined like this: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. That means individually, each part may have a specific value. Yet, when all of the parts form a unified energy field, then that unified energy field is far more powerful than the individual parts.

This is demonstrated in the Planetary Cities of Light project because there may be a limited number of participating Planetary Cities of Light who want to be in the network. Yet, when they successfully unite their energies in the interactive unified quantum energy field, then they will become a powerful unified magnetic quantum energetic force for the planetary ascension.

There are other aspects and other spiritual technologies that contribute greatly to the planetary ascension. Another technology is the downloading and placement of the Etheric Crystals. I know that each of you has great knowledge in your crystal energy work. There are many powerful crystals on this planet. Some of these crystals come from the Atlantean times; some of the crystals come from the Lemurian times, and some of the crystals actually have manifested themselves from other dimensions.

There is a particular energy that is captured and brought to this planet through the delivery of the spiritual technology known as the Etheric Crystals. The Etheric Crystals originate from the etheric world. The fact that the Etheric Crystals exist in the etheric world means that they can interact directly with the planetary Noosphere. That means that they are interfacing directly with the thought forms of both the Earth and the fifth dimension and the fifth-dimensional thoughts of the starseeds.

The other multifaceted ability of the Etheric Crystals lies in their special and unique talent to be embedded into the Earth’s crust and the Earth’s surface. These Etheric Crystals are fifth dimensional. They are able to become great vessels for fifth-dimensional light, and they are able to download and hold fifth-dimensional light into the third-dimensional world of the Earth. They are able, then, to help sustain a unified energy field on the third-dimensional Earth. The fifth-dimensional Etheric Crystals can hold the unity consciousness from the fifth dimension amidst the duality and amidst the polarizations of this planet.

Equally important, there have been other planets in the galaxy that have ascended. One of these planets is Arcturus. Another one of these planets is the Pleiades. Also, the planet on that Pleiadian system is Erra. There have been planets on Antares that have ascended. There have also been planets in the star system Sirius that have ascended.

The ancient Egyptians were greatly connected to the Sirian star system and planetary system. As an aside, there were lower Sirian energy fields and higher Sirian energy fields. This is similar to what is going on in the Earth at this time because there are lower Earth energy fields and higher Earth energy fields. I can tell you that the higher Earth energy fields that you are a participant of hold some of the highest energy in this galaxy. You know even better than I do that the lower Earth energies are quite primitive, quite pervasive and quite polarizing. Needless to say, you are now witnessing a deeper level of polarization during this current time period.

This deeper level of polarization is resulting in a great deal of social upheaval, political upheaval and also Earth changes and upheavals from the Earth shifts. But, remember that these other planetary systems that I have mentioned have successfully overcome these types of problems and have ascended.

We, the Arcturians, are presenting these Etheric Crystals based on a dynamic thought form from the fifth dimension. This dynamic thought form has a special internal program. When we made etheric duplicates of this crystal and downloaded them with your assistance into the Earth, we then brought these Etheric Crystals with their planetary ascension programs into the Earth.

I want to emphasize that the Etheric Crystals are holding special codes and special programs for the planetary ascension. I know that some of you might even think that the planetary ascension is an unreachable goal. The answer is that it is reachable. The answer is that planetary ascension is part of our spiritual technology.

The Etheric Crystals were brought down in a specialized form and have been linked to the Kaballistic Tree of Life. We have added or brought in two modifications into the Tree of Life so that the configuration of the Tree of Life will exactly fit the needs for a planetary ascension.

Twelve Etheric Crystals were brought down and each one corresponds to a certain sphere on the map that is called the Tree of Life. The importance of the Etheric Crystals is how they are configured to interact with each other. This is the same principle as when I was talking about the Planetary Cities of Light. The principle is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We can talk about the twelve Etheric Crystals, and we can talk about the ten spheres on the Tree of Life. Yet, when they are all interactive and are interacting with each other, the holographic energy field is formed that permeates the entire Earth and the Earth energy field. That Earth energy field is then prepared for the Ascension.

The preparation for the Earth’s energy field is similar to the preparation for your own ascension. Now we will get into some specific parallels and comparisons.

Remember that one spiritual technology for the planetary ascension has to do with the interactions of these twelve Etheric Crystals. The interactions require a lot of work and knowledge and require a lot of downloading of fifth-dimensional light. The spiritual tool of thought projections is also necessary for this ascension process.

Another important aspect of the planetary ascension is based on the concept and technology called biorelativity. Biorelativity, as you know, is the ability to telepathically and with thought forms interact with the Spirit of the Earth, known as Gaia. More importantly, it requires a higher consciousness, and it requires higher beings to assist a planet to ascend.

A planet cannot ascend by herself. A planet must have higher thought forms, higher beings, on it. Biorelativity is the ability to interact with the Spirit of the Earth with higher consciousness. On one level, biorelativity can create unity consciousness and a unified energy field.

In our discussions of biorelativity, we sometimes lose sight of creating a unified energy field for the entire Earth because we usually look specifically at a certain area of the Earth that is suffering. So, for example, we could look at the Southwest part of the United States and say that that area is suffering from drought. Then we could look at another area in the Northeast of the United States and say that that area is suffering from too much rain and too much flooding. Both of these problems are an example of imbalance. Both of these problems are an example of how there needs to be a rebalancing of Earth energies and a unification needs to happen. We don’t want to see too much rain brought to the Northeast, and we don’t want to see the rain denied to other parts of the world. We want to see a unified approach. There is enough water on the Earth for everyone.

In the biorelativity, we seek to create a unified energy field where there is a balance. At this time, let us focus on the balance of water throughout the world, and in particular, the balance of water and rain that needs to come to the Southwest United States, and that it is balanced so that the whole North American continent is in a unified balance. Please picture that and send that thought to the Spirit of Gaia.

The next aspect for the planetary ascension is the aura of the planet. This can directly be tied into your own personal ascension. An aura is an extension of your energy field. Another way to put it is: your physical body is a manifestation of your aura. The Earth has an aura. There is also a pulse of an aura. In other word, an aura is a vibrational energy field.

The vibrational properties of the energy field of a planet are similar to the vibrational energy properties of a person. There is the concept of the Cosmic Egg that we use in our individual work. In planetary work, there is a certain optimal shape of the aura around the planet. That optimal shape of the aura around the planet should be in a configuration that is close to the shape of the Cosmic Egg.

Remember, when we were talking about the individual aura, we are also talking about an outer line around the aura. That outer line represents the edge of the aura. When we describe the planetary aura, then we say that the planetary aura has to have a consistent, smooth line. There should not be any breaks in the planetary aura.

Unfortunately, at this time the Earth has many breaks. There should also not be any distortions in the Earth’s aura. Distortions can be caused by negative energy fields or negative thought forms. Distortions can also be influenced by other civilizations that are sending thought forms to the Earth. It can even be influenced by extraterrestrial beings that have come to the Earth and created certain deformities in the Earth’s aura.

When we speak of a planetary ascension, we want to talk about some basic, core aura healing work. We evaluate the Earth’s aura by asking questions. What is the pulse of the Earth’s aura? Does the Earth’s aura have any holes in it? If there are holes in the Earth’s aura, are we able to seal those holes? Some of the holes are caused by nuclear radiation. Some of the holes in the Earth’s aura are also caused by thought-time experiments that were not in accord with certain rules and regulations of inter-time travel. Some of the distortions and holes are also affected by cosmic activity.

I know that we like to think about things that create imbalances on the Earth as coming only from the Earth and from Man’s activities. But the cosmos is a dynamic and sometimes dangerous place.

As one example, it is well known that the supernovas can reach a point where they can emit gamma ray bursts. If they reached our planet, then these gamma rays could be extremely destructive to our biosphere. Fortunately, the gamma ray bursts that occur are hundreds of thousands of light years away. Even these gamma rays, for example, come from distances far beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. These gamma ray bursts are occurring in far distant galaxies. The Earth’s energy field has not been affected by a gamma ray burst from an exploding or dying star.

This is one example of energy fields that exist in the galaxy that can pierce and create holes in the Earth’s aura and that could be destructive. So biorelativity also includes the Earth’s relationship to the galaxy and the Earth’s relationship to the universe.

In the Milky Way Galaxy, the Earth is approximately 27,000 light years away from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The key for your understanding of biorelativity is that there needs to be an awareness of the Earth’s relationship to mankind, to the solar system, to the Earth’s relationship to the Sun and to the Earth’s relationship to the universe.

This is also true for your personal ascension. You want to work with the personal ascension energy field of your aura. Now I will speak more directly about the personal ascension and some of the work and preparation. Then we will also talk some more about the planetary ascension. I know people really want to answer the question, how close are we to the planetary ascension. The answer in a short way is that there is a closeness to the planetary ascension that has never been experienced on this planet. That is to say that there is now occurring an intense star planetary healing work and healing energy. At the same time, you all know that there is an intense polarization that in many ways seems to be a counter force to the unified energy necessary for the Ascension. But, the unified energy is helping spiritual people to work together. Remember the whole is greater than its parts. Unity is more powerful than the polarization.

Let us look at your energy field. Let us look at some of the processes that are necessary for your personal ascension. The idea of the Cosmic Egg, of course, applies to you and the pulsing of your Egg. One of the greatest exercises and preparation for your personal ascension is the ability to accelerate the pulsing of your aura. When the pulsing of that aura occurs, then what occurs is what we have described as the ability to shimmer.

I want to describe a new term for your aura work so you will be able to understand your personal energy field more easily. Your personal energy field can become confined, contracted and burdened by being on the third dimension. Even the most advanced soul will find a slowing down of their energy field on the Earth.

To explain this I want to use a concept that is described in modern medicine and also modern dentistry. That concept is called plaque. Now, plaque is formed when bacteria and other energies that may come from fat or certain lower densities form on the teeth. Eventually the plaque forms around the gums and creates a thin film. That plaque needs to be removed, and if that plaque is not removed, then there can be infection and eventually gum disease.

If people want to remove the plaque, then they could go to a dental assistant who is able to clean the plaque off of their teeth. Then their teeth could vibrate at the right frequency. The plaque is also formed in the circulatory system. Plaque is built up in the arteries and in the veins and also in the heart valves. This is well known. In fact you actually have anti-plaque medications that supposedly are able to remove plaque.

Plaque also can build up in the brain. The building up of plaque in the brain is also quite serious and is related directly to many of the neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. The plaque can kill the brain cells leading to serious mental problems known as dementia.

Now I want to suggest to you that there is also plaque on your aura. There are thin, contracted dense energies around that can attach to your aura. These contracted energies are around the entire planet. These thin energies I will call auric plaque. It is coming from many different sources. Certain contracted energies are part of the culture, for example. That means that there is a certain type of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual training that you must go through in order to become a member of the Earth society. This term is also called acculturation.

This acculturation occurs through various media, including the ability to perceive television, to listen to electromagnetic energy waves from radios, from smart phones, from computers. You know that if you took a primitive person who never saw these devices, for example, then they would not be able to relate to the images and computers.

The acculturation creates a certain contracted force on your aura. Some of the cultural training you receive includes contracted negative forces. These contracted negative forces are based on duality and based on densities. They form a thin film that keeps you vibrating at a certain frequency so that you can stay in alignment with the general culture and with the general planet, or the society. In other words you are culturally trained to conform.

Everybody reacts differently to this. Some people refuse to be participants in the culture and drop out, become hermits or become isolated. Other people choose to stay in the society and become totally contracted by this energy and fit into it. Some people are struggling in both ways.

There are certain exercises and certain things that you must do for your ascension to free yourself of the etheric auric plaque so that your energy field can vibrate at its natural frequency. You see, the results of the plaque are that it confines the vibrations of your energy field. One of the most important parts of the Ascension is that you have to have a freely expanded, freely vibrating energy field. This etheric auric plaque must be removed.

Become aware now of your energy field and become aware that there even is a thin auric plaque. Do not be concerned about it because we are going to remove it. We are going to free your energy field from this. Understand that part of the ascension process is to free your energy field. This will help you to expand to your true nature. It will help you expand to who you really are. Incidentally, the Etheric Crystals that we downloaded are not affected by the auric plaque on this planet. That is another special characteristic of Etheric Crystals. Remember also that there is an etheric auric plaque around the Earth. One of the things that the planetary healer has to do is remove the etheric auric plaque around the whole biosphere so that the Earth can vibrate at its true free fifth-dimensional light frequency.

The dissolving of your auric plaque can be done through toning or through crystal work. It also can be done through connecting with the unified energy force field of a planetary healing group. You can achieve this energy vibration by also connecting with the Council of Elders because the Council of Elders also is focusing on the pure light and pure energy. Pure light and fifth-dimensional energy is the natural energy of your aura and of the planet.

Listen to these sounds and you will be able to vibrate, to shimmer, to feel the auric plaque removed from your aura so that you can expand your aura. (A series of sounds and tones follow.) Let us go into meditation now, and you can feel the etheric and the auric plaque being removed from your aura.

State the affirmation, “My aura is now in a unified quantum energy field. I am connecting with my fifth-dimensional ascension.”

Send the thought into the Earth’s Noosphere that the Earth’s auric field is unified and filled with quantum fifth-dimensional light.

I want to conclude the lecture by talking more specifically about the planetary ascension and the Council of Elders. Let me say that there are other planets that ascended. Many of you know that the Pleiades once were in a very difficult situation because of a scientific mishap that led to the planet being in between both dimensions. Because of this scientific mistake, there was great disorientation. The planet could not be allowed to stay on the edge of the third dimension and the edge on the fourth or fifth dimension because it was not sustainable.

The Pleiades as a planet requested from the Galactic Council to be admitted and to be ascended into the fifth dimension. The Pleiades at that time had a Council of Elders. This planet Earth now needs a Council of Planetary Elders who are overseeing the Ascension and who can communicate with the Galactic Council and who can communicate with other higher beings in the galaxy that can assist the Earth.

You would say, “Well who can be the Council of Elders for the Ascension?” I will say to you, there does not exist on this Earth a Council of Elders for the Ascension. Then you will say, “Juliano, who could possibly do that? Do we have to find some special people that are close to being gurus or close to being avatars who can serve as the Council of Elders for the ascension of planet Earth?”

My answer is simple. There is no existing Council of Elders that meets for the ascension of planet Earth. Such a group is needed and among you are people who can participate as the Council of Elders for the planetary ascension.

You might say, “Juliano, I am not capable of that. I am not advanced enough, and I do not have the necessary skill level to be on the Council of Elders for the planetary ascension.” My answer again is that there is nobody else doing that! There is absolutely no planetary Council of Elders now that meets to discuss how the planet is doing for the Ascension and to begin the unified thinking and unified work.

I want you to think about this, and I want you to consider that there needs to be a planetary Council of Elders for the Ascension. It is not required that participants on the Council have to be a guru or an Ascended Master. Each of you who are aware of the Ascension, that awareness will bring the right light and energy for the Council of Elders.

I will be having more to say about the Elders and the Council of ascension. I hope that you will be able to fulfill this part because somebody has to speak for the planet. Somebody has to speak for the planetary ascension. Somebody has to speak for the unified field energy light force of this Earth. I know that among you are people who can do that. I am Juliano.

Prayer for Smooth Transition

July 19, 2013

Prayer for Smooth Transition
July 18th- 2013
channeled by Elia Nancy

Today, we wish to state a moment of peaceful prayer to all corrupt systems and send them loving energies, for they have played their roles and are no longer needed as we each begin to live our spiritual lives of Peace, Equality, Oneness, True Family, Joy, Laughter, Magical Synchronistic Events and Unconditional Love, Heaven on Earth!

To the current corrupt systems that do not support Life…. We require at this time that with Love they dissolve immediately… We now ask that these systems dissolve peacefully with grace and integrity and make way for a peaceful and smooth transition into a New Earth, in support of God’s love for all of us and according to this next level of our evolution.

This will end all suffering and pain and be replaced with what is real…..

Love and only love is the only Law on this Planet… We ask and give permission that the illusion completely dissolve Now, and may the Loving and Peaceful Government that supports Humanity be announced and bring in the necessary Events and Changes for Humanity’s Freedom.

We ask in Love, that all Humanity’s “I Am Presence” now step forward and dedicate their every thought, word, deed and action as per this part of the divine plan and will of God. So peace, Harmony, Happiness, and Abundance return to all of God’s children.

The reality of God’s Almighty Love for all of Humanity, is Now Manifesting in accordance with the Divine Plan, as we each step into the One River of Life with God…..and co-create the New Earth in Love.

So Be It, and So It Is Done!

Archangel Uriel on the Dimensions and Our Access to Them

April 19, 2013

Sunday, 14 April, 2013  (posted 19 April, 2013)

The dimensions of infinity exist beyond the trinity of the third dimension, which is body, mind, and emotions, and beyond the integration of the 4th dimension, which includes spirit as you can know it. All dimensions beyond the fourth are part of infinity, the vast unlimited potential of universality. This infinity is part of your being, through the divine aspects that are encoded within your humanity. Now you are on the threshold of infinity and can access its gifts of grace, truth, knowing and limitless, unlimited being. Infinity is not accessed by destroying the third dimension and rescuing humanity from its drama and fear. It is accessed by liberating the third dimension so it can expand beyond the limitations of its fear and the density of its beliefs.

The bridge to the dimensions of infinity is accessed through your willingness to accept yourselves as divine, unlimited and universal. It was necessary to limit your access to these dimensions so you could complete your mission of ascending beyond the third dimension, which was integrated within humanity’s original mission of ascension. When you question the gifts, potential or blessings of different dimensions and judge them, wondering whether you are in the 5th, 7th, 9th or beyond, you are ignoring the potential of universality, which is that there are no boundaries in infinity. Each dimension has its own gifts and blessings and any and all of them are accessible to you. The question for you is whether you can bring these dimensions into your reality and become multi-dimensional aspects of yourselves, integrating many dimensions into your expression of your self and your physical reality.

You know the third dimension as your physical reality, but you are not limited to the singular expression of 3D in your life and in your world. All other dimensions are possible within it as well. Within your physical reality you are an anchor for other dimensions to become part of the Earth’s energetic expression. Each of you is a physical anchor for universality to enter the third dimension, as you are a portal that allows higher frequencies and vibrations to enter physical space and manifest into being. This is the liberation from 3D living, but not so you can explore other single dimensional living. It is happening so you can become multi-dimensional, as expressions of the infinite being-ness of universality.

While you may wish for someone or something to rescue from the fear and limitations of your life, what you need to ask for is liberation from the density of fear and limitation so you can expand into your infinite dimensions of being. What you are seeing now as the collapse of the third dimension and its paradigms is possible because the dimensions of infinity are opening and revealing the truth of fear-based living, as well as alternatives through intentional living and liberation from fear. You can choose to be angry or to embrace the potential for the transformation of 3D into infinity; this is the process of ascension and evolution. The third dimension is part of the evolutionary spiral, as are all other dimensions.

You are ushering in multi-dimensional living, where all dimensions can co-exist within your reality and the realities of humanity and the earth. This brings the earth back into balance within the universe, where all dimensions co-exist and all are accessible to those who choose them. Embrace this transformation because through it you are creating the portals to allow the new earth to be reconnect to its divine source. It is time to stop fearing the transformation, to shift from feeling your way via the emotions through this transformation, to being who you truly are and becoming energetically aligned with your highest aspects so the limited 3D trinity becomes the unlimited, multi-dimensional Word of God that expresses its divinity in all ways and in all things. Use this affirmation to remind yourself that you are a spark of the divine, no less than Source because you are Source and can never be disconnected from Source:  “I am divinely guided, connected, secure and protected, in all ways and in all things.”

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