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AIR HORN Billy Meier Prophecies Sedona LIVE 2019 video 1:37:04

February 18, 2019

This could be the best presentation on the Meier contacts thus far!





More Disclosure for the Sheeples

February 5, 2019

Don’t worry, full disclosure is not coming any time soon.

In fact, even if the government told us everything, you would

still have lots and lots of people like this:

yt comment bp earthwatch channel aliens are demons

Yes, religious delusion is the reason we don’t have disclosure.

But still, it drips out of the water bottle to the parched masses nevertheless…

(Guy who thinks Oumouamoua could be of E.T. origin)

disclosure drudge 2.5.19 a

I wonder if the head of Harvard Astronomy Dept. has seen the photograph of a confirmed E.T. ship in front of Jupiter, instead of what he thinks might be a “solar sail”.  Really?  The head of Harvard’s Astronomy dept. thinks that advanced E.T.s fly around the galaxy (faster than the speed of light) using solar sails.   Well, I posit that the greatest photo Jupiter was taken with a 35 mm camera..


NASA Asks Johns Hopkins For Help Protecting Earth From Asteroids

(DART to smack a small asteroid off course in 2022)

disclosure drudge 2.5.19 b

dart 1

Soft disclosure for Apophis.  NASA is practicing knocking asteroids off course.

Meier Corroborations #174, #175, #176

January 7, 2019

Future proves past.

If you have read the Billy Meier Plejaren Contact Reports, you already know the news.

disclosure drudge 1.7.19


Meier Corroboration #174:

Meier Corroboration #175:

Meier Corroboration #176:


Is Jordan finally getting it?

January 4, 2019


Other Humans in the Milky Way

November 11, 2018

In our Milky Way Galaxy, 1 in 440,718 solar systems host human life.

In our Milky Way Galaxy, 1 in 315,827 solar systems host evolved human life.

In our Milky Way Galaxy, 1 in 167,811 solar systems host plant, animal, or human life.


Scientists are Clueless – MH

March 8, 2018

10:32 PM Norbert Schneider​  “It is important to spread the spiritual teachings but spiritual progress is dependent on the growth of each individual. That requires action besides just hearing about the truth.”

Catch Michael Horn’s 18th live show with guests here:
ken on mh live 18

Kepler Exo Planet Count

December 30, 2017

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Billy Meier E.T. need to know info on Ohio Exopolitics radio

August 19, 2017

Extraterrestrial Disclosure in the Mainstream Media – Who Will Tell Us The Truth First?

June 10, 2017

Related to who will disclose E.T. presence:

Drake Equation Solved Years Ago

September 12, 2016

In our Milky Way galaxy:

  •  1 out of every 22,285 solar systems support life of some kind.
  •  1 out of every 42,507 solar systems support human life or other advanced life forms.

This information was derived from Contact Report 512, which took place on Jan 1 2011.  The contact report was translated into English on May 5th and 6th of that same year.  There are more than 700 documented contact reports of Billy Meier’s conversations with with benevolent human extraterrestrials.



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