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If someone ever claims there is no evidence…

August 16, 2020

..They are lying!

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Knowing is better than Believing

August 6, 2020

New video from a friend:


New Link, No Commercials SROT

July 27, 2020

The greatest ET UFO IFO UAP documentary ever made.

“Silent Revolution of Truth”


Goal Met! The People Want UFO Disclosure!

July 11, 2020

The Billy Meier Contacts are the key to our future survival!  The followers of Michael Horn have spoken!



Robert S gets it

July 2, 2020

So we have this light that stops cars. A pedestrian crossing. You push the button the cars stop and a light says to cross.

I told my friend aliens put it up. He stepped out and was hit by a car.

When I asked him why? He said I don’t believe in aliens. I agreed he could believe in anything he wanted – i said you believe in cars right?

The trouble is we really have lost our ability for reason. Lost is too strong. We were told it wasn’t required.

Its required now look, read, learn. If the message from Billy is the crossing light, we can still check. Its not set yet. There is danger and it will always be there. If there’s a light to help. Well, work it out.

Fingers crossed – madness abounds but sanity is a simple step. Thanks MH, thanks all.

For me who put the light there is profound and the possibility lifts my heart. The words bring comfort and charge my mind. But don’t forget the message – I believe in cars!

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June 15, 2020

disclosure 6.15.20

OK, so maybe they have to multiply their estimate by 73,055, but hey, it’s mainstream (tabloid) news!

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The UFO Cover Up

June 6, 2020


Andy C gets it

May 28, 2020

Hello to all out there that seek the truth . I’ve been following Billy’s information for years now and I just have to say what a hard job he has had given to him by our friends from another world . I feel for the man and all the slander he has had to endure over the years from every possible government agency on the planet and those who seek to profit from bs stories and fantasy facts . So many times now I’ve seen his predictions come to pass and it seems that the pace of these predictions are picking up speed with no brakes . And when it comes to the stupidity of the humans of this world I also see no end in sight . And the current events unfolding around the world is just more proof of Billy’s 100% accurate information but the problem is as we all know his information is only read by those who’s eyes and minds are open which unfortunately is only the tiniest portion of the earth’s population . Over the years I’ve done my best to pass on this information but it’s never heard or dismissed as bs . however I have my two sons reading his information and thankfully they are able to read between the lines when it comes to our corrupt and deceitful media sources . I give thanks to Billy and his tutors for providing the truth to us because without it reading between the lines would be extremely difficult . No one can hide from the laws of cause and effect no matter how powerful you are or how much money you have or how big you ego is . (Trump) . Now as we sit back and watch the world slowly but surely self destruct due mainly to ignorance among a whole bunch of other things . It will be the sheeple that cause the ever increasing rate of destruction around the world mainly those who pray to whatever sky daddy they prey to . And they are the most ignorant of all the sheeple and from what I understand have been the cause of more death and destruction on this planet than anything else since it was created as a tool to rule way back in the day . 13500 years our friends have been visiting our planet and at a guess about 98 % of the earth’s population is still as dumb as a box of rocks . And if we did leave this solar system prematurely It surely would have a negative effect that would be far reaching . So until people can be taught the truth in all schools and education systems on this planet we are going to continue to follow the path of self destruction endlessly as historical evidence has already shown . To Michael horn . And Eduard I thank you for the truth in a world filled with misinformation and bs . And to billy you really do have the hardest job on this planet and I’m glad you have never given up your Task in this life cycle and the many others that came before and still to come you will have my eternal respect and I hope in my next incarnation I find your information again as it has been an excellent source of truth and guidance.


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The UFO Cover-up Is Over

January 1, 2020

UPDATE: Jan. 20, 2020

mh go fund me 1.20.20


via The UFO Cover-up Is Over

The ongoing authenticated UFO contacts with an advanced ET race freely offer humankind specific solutions to environmental destruction, energy needs, asteroid protection, wars, terrorism, cancer and more.

The rest is up to us.

Donate to the truth campaign here:

horn truth

Warning: Part 2-This is what UFO BULLSHIT disinfo looks like;Kerry Cassidy, Oct. 2019 (Incorrect) Overview of ET intervention on Earth

October 18, 2019

Unfortunately, Kerry Cassidy falls squarely in the “Annunaki ETs are alive and everywhere” camp.

She simply doesn’t know that Annunaki were an imaginary fairy tale whipped up when a comet passed by the Earth in ancient times, sparking the imagination of the people…

Billy Meier learned this in 1989!

But this info was only translated into English 9 years ago.

Here is WARNING Part 2- Project Camelot’s unsolved mysteries of what they think is happening with ET’s on Earth:


She does correctly mention the Sirians and genetic manipulation, but doesn’t know much more than that.


Although it is still a work in progress….it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Kerry Cassidy and the other UFO and alternative news know nothings.

See my WARNING Part 1- what NEW AGE disinfo looks like here:

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