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Gaia Portal May 9 2014

May 9, 2014

Presentation of Gaia Energetics requires Hu-manity vision upgrades, which are currently in progress.

Succeeding steps in Gaia ascension process follow higher aligned energetics of Nova Gaia, utilizing upgraded Hu-manity vision.

Current Gaia energetics request precision in intention by Hu-manity.

Blue Star lines supplant previous Gaia grid structures.

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Latest from Monty Keen and Ley Lines project

March 10, 2014

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 9th March 2014


Glastonbury Tor was painted by RENATA VAN RIJSOORT in Holland. She states,

“Veils lifted, the passage is opened again. VISABLE, PALPABLE, UNSTOPPABLE. GUIDANCE    TO A NEW AVALON. Michael’s energy resonates from the gate into the world to stand    guard; no dark energy can ever make a claim again.”

This is what can be achieved when all come together and work as one human race. This    work must continue all over the world. You have proved that you can do it. All that    is required is for you to take control and remove all that is dark and negative.

Many are waking up and are refusing to be cannon fodder in wars that benefit only    the few who need such energy to survive. As the light spreads, it illuminates all    that is false. Their propaganda is failing to convince the public who are now seeing    these wars for what they really are.

It is important to make you aware of what is being done to so many of you. You need    to understand that an outside force is being used to get into your minds in order    to force you to do things you would otherwise never consider. Veronica was made aware    of this when a friend, who is usually stable and responsible, stated that on two    occasions recently, he was being mentally pushed to jump from one of the highest    buildings in London. This has happened in the last few weeks.

On Monday last, it felt like a huge dark cloud decended on Veronica. Suddenly, she    felt hopeless and abandoned; so very alone, like nothing she had ever experienced    before. These feelings were so strong. The Dark Ones were trying to force her to    give up. Everyone she tried to contact was unavailable, so she felt abandoned. Her    desperation became enormous; but ultimately, her determination to survive and complete    the work brought her through it.

A few days later she was contacted by another colleague who was going through the    same scenario. You need to understand that this is what is being directed at you,    and though it is extremely painful, you do survive it. This will help you to understand    why so many have given up recently. I did warn you that the cabal will use every    weapon in its arsenal against you. They have had years to prepare for this time.    You must make a stand and defend yourselves.

Money is a large factor in all this; it is being used to cause great stress to ensure    that you are already in a weak state of mind when they transmit these suicidal thoughts.    All this only goes to show you how afraid they are of you. They are desperate to    prevent you completing your missions on Earth. I say to you: be strong and believe    in yourselves. Soon, money will lose all its power over your lives. It is used as    a weapon to keep you down and servile. When it loses its power, everything will change,    and that day is drawing near.

You are now taking control of your own destiny and it feels good. You are learning    to work together for the good of humanity. You are seeing those who advocate war,    as puppets obeying orders. The big picture is becoming clear to you: the confident    plans they had made are falling apart and they are being left NAKED ON THE WORLD’S    STAGE. Give careful consideration to how you will deal with the situation when it    finally falls apart. Never, ever, lower yourselves to their standards: for that would    be playing into their hands and you do not want to do that.

You have found your strength and it is in working together as one human race. You    have proved that you can do it. You did it with the Ley Lines Project. Everything    else you will be asked to do in order to take things forward, will prove easy. You    have taken control. Know that you will succeed. Work with confidence, aware that    united you stand, divided you fall. You have learned also that language was no barrier    to you working together. Our grateful thanks must go to all who translate the messages,    for they are performing a most important role in bringing humanity together. Without    their input this would not have been possible.

Be vigilant and learn to discern what is real and what is not. Be aware that you    may be attacked by all sorts of viruses, mind-control etc, in an effort to prevent    your awakening. Forewarned is forearmed ! You know what you are up against, and though    they are undoubtedly powerful, you are the 99%. You have strength in numbers and    in your awareness of what they are planning. Nothing can stop you now. Together,    we will remove all that was dark and negative, and the wonderful thing about it is    that you will not have to fire one shot in anger. It is our intention to help you    create a peaceful environment where humanity will flourish, as it did once before.    Be there for each other, always ready when the need arises.

My love, it has been a tough week. Because you are sensitive, you felt the pain that    was inflicted on you, and the feeling of desperation and hopelessness. But in your    soul, you knew you would survive to carry on the work you are on Earth to do. Remember,    the Dark Ones are fighting for their survival. They have many weapons at their disposal    which they will not hesitate to use; but their time is up and they will fail. We    have truth and light on our side. We know we will succeed. Both sides of life have    come together for this, so we will not fail.

Take it easy, my dear. Try not to push yourself. You have been shown the outcome    many times. You know what will happen. Everything is falling into place just as it    should.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Teleportation: Communion of Worlds

February 14, 2014

Teleportation is the transfer of physical matter without the delay of timespace. Because we are taking on a more photonic (light) state, it is becoming possible

via Teleportation: Communion of Worlds.

World Leyline meditation: Sunrise and Sunset on Sunday

February 1, 2014

Please help restore the Earth Ley line grid Sunday February 2nd:

We ask that you gather at SUNRISE or at SUNSET: both, if at all possible. Gather at the sacred places or choose to meditate. Use your minds in whatever way you see fit, to bring about the release of energy. You do not even need to leave your bed, as your positive thoughts will add to the mass of energy needed.

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Help repair Ley Lines with friends of Montague Keen Sunday Feb 2

January 27, 2014

Message from Montague Keen – January 26, 2014


Veronica and I are both happy and excited that we have managed to bring so many people together from all parts of the world to restore the Divine Energy of Planet Earth. We are deeply grateful to all who readily responded and expressed a wish to come together as one big family of light and love. We have chosen the date: Sunday the 2 February 2014.

We ask that you gather at SUNRISE or at SUNSET: both, if at all possible. Gather at the sacred places or choose to meditate. Use your minds in whatever way you see fit, to bring about the release of energy. You do not even need to leave your bed, as your positive thoughts will add to the mass of energy needed.

We are aware that sunrise and sunset occur at different times in different locations, but those are the most important times of the day in which to carry out this unique exercise. Veronica, and one or two of her helpers, will go to GLASTONBURY in the west of England. She is praying for clement weather. Should there be an attempt to prevent you accessing these places, never mind, just be nearby. You can use your minds, your consciousness, to achieve our aims. Veronica is concerned that it has not been possible to reply to everyone.

Mark will make suggestions in his message today. Every single one of you is important. Everyone can have an input. It does not cost you money, just your time. It is so wonderful to have so many countries involved, all eager to take part. We have created a huge family of like-minded people. This is a first. Let us ensure that this is a memorable event that transcends all barriers of language or creed. Together, we can bring about the changes your planet is crying out for. You are the architects of the future. This event will enter historical folklore and will be recounted over and over again for generations to come. I cannot stipulate enough, the importance of this action.

Be joyful as you come together. Create a massive vortex of energy, all around you, with love and laughter filling the air, as you gather in peace and harmony. This is but the first of many such events. We intend these to be done at regular intervals henceforth. We will guide the way, always working together to create peace and justice, where sadly, none exists at this time. Let not age be a barrier, as you are never too old or too young to create miracles, for this is what you are endeavoring to do on this day.

I ask that you now take time to read what Mark has painstakingly prepared as your introduction to the great importance of ley lines.

Welcome and embrace The Magician of the Ley.

May he be with you to guide you and encourage an interest in these most sacred sites and the ley lines that make them so. We in Spirit will join you on this day of days, when you take it upon yourselves to rescue your planet, so that future generations can enjoy their lifetimes on Earth.

Together, we will make this happen. Both sides of life working together as never before. To the wonderful people who willingly give of their time to enable our endeavors to be enjoyed by all, please ensure that all countries know the date and time, so that arrangements can be made to take part. Remember that together you are powerful: you are the 99%, so you cannot be stopped. You are the awakened.

My dear, it will not be possible for you to write with me next Sunday, as you will be taking part in the Ley Lines recovery ceremony. Enjoy being with like-minded people.

My love will guide you, as always. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Gaia Portal update Nov 19 2013

November 19, 2013

First Choices of Gaia Mother are Embraced at this Moment.

All Gaia Ascension grids and expanded portals are moving.

Shifts of grid points are necessary to accommodate increased acceptance of Higher Dimensionals by hu-manity.

Structures aligned with New Gaia survive the shift; those non-aligned will be “spun away”… Quickly.

Necessary movements of Hue-Beings is communicated clearly at this moment via Higher Channels.

Vitality of Cosmic Connections is enhanced sufficiently for so-called “first contact”, at hu-being levels.

“Be aware… Be aligned… Be in Joy.”




Gaia Portal update Nov. 2 2013

November 3, 2013

Flashpoint is Soon to be Attained Among Gaia Inhabitant Energetic Mixture.

Formation dynamics of New Gaia grids continues transformation process for “hu-manity to Hue-manity”.

Flashpoint is soon to be attained among Gaia inhabitant energetic mixture, leading to final transmutation/purification of the planet.

Monitoring by Higher Sources continues on all levels.  Energetics of Gaia are prepared for the next phase.

Gaia Portal update for Oct. 11 2013

October 11, 2013

Synchronic Portals for Gaia Upgrades are Aligned to Permit Full Restoration of Gaia Hue-manity Consciousness.

Synchronic Portals for Gaia upgrades are aligned to permit full restoration of Gaia Hue-manity consciousness.

Partial consciousness restoration has previously occurred in step increments with limited effect, but current alignment permits full upward/forward progress for Hue-manity.

Signal for full up-step occurs within each Hue-Being and occurs strictly in the now moment for each.

Failure of all prior timeline and energy grid structures is now in clear view for all of Hue-manity and hu-manity.

Galactic Federation of Light OCTOBER 8 2013

October 9, 2013


Published on Oct  8, 2013           

Now that you have the keys to your own eternal paths, then you are open to the reality of knowing that you deserve to keep soaring into our cosmic heavens, and there is only a still essence that you are able to heal with inside.  With a new generation of galactic beings coming forth out of all of you focused on ascension, on rising into full consciousness in this lifetime, then it is a great celebration that you are allowing to be made a reality.  From the depths of who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light, then the upgrades that you are entered into are all from an inner merging with your source.  This source is not separated among you, but spread abundantly among all of you, in your entrance into higher realms of existence, of experience, of a dawning of awakening into a pure essence of light.  It is about trusting that you are on the ascension path, in your awakened source, in seeing how your light work continues to increase, and how your focus is awakening more of your true nature as a shining beacon of light.  Through all of your hard work for our light team, then you are opening up more portals of your light grid, to activate more of this planetary system with a fueling of pure consciousness. 
From the awareness that you are stepping into, then this gives you the clarity to be more in balance with who you are, and how you are to continue to be more upgraded into the light.  Your light then merges into our own light source as one divine energy, which is how you are seeing that you are beyond all of the outer drama in your reality, you are beyond all of the hate that you have seen on this planet.  With the connections that you make in being from the stars, then you are setting the stage for First Contact, which is how our many galactic meetings are centered around now.  This is not a process in which First Contact is not going to happen, as those spreading those lies are simply living from fear, not existing into the true sense of why each of you as ascended masters came here to begin with.  In the stage setting of allowing for such a process, then there are still large amounts of individuals that are able to witness the reality of the new Earth, that are not living in fear of our divine unity.  With the stillness in your own inner self, then you are opening up more of the light that exists in your core, that then is giving a clear sense of peacefulness to embrace more.  From the foundations of your missions, then you are opened up to a reality where bliss is a choice, where calmness is your natural state of living, and existing into the higher realms.  Along with such an experience is a cosmic uniting that is embraced, which opens up the reality to know that your multi dimensional access into the stars is from inside of you.
The ego mind is going to keep talking crazy about saying “Ascension is not real, that is a bunch of lies from some cults, don’t trust that angels are going to save you, they are the ones that the bible talks about coming back to kill you!”  That is of no truth, and clearly the history books of your past, including religious texts have been placed in fear, not in unconditional love, and our collective missions are here to help and assist in the healing of Earth.  The new Earth is a place where healing chambers, and crystal cities are abundant, as they are already in Inner Earth, and the blatant lies that your world leaders have spread, including the lies that our existence is not real, that is not known about is coming forth in such messages.  All of you here for ascension are clearly aware of the government cover ups that try and keep the public ignorant to the plots of the Cabal, and the true reality of abundance that has been set to be given to all of those on this planet.  The ones that are going to see such changes are those that are rising their frequencies into more light, that are continuing to be creative, in any way you are able to.  Creations are not stopping, as you are still alive on this planet, with a focus, with a strong will, and determination to bring forth more awareness about the new Earth.  Those unwilling to connect with you in an openness about ascension are simply not focused on such a reality now, and it is important not to allow the ego to bring judgments in your lives.

(Con’t) by listening more

Lady Quan Yin Speaks on Stabalizing the Grid and Healing The Earth

August 10, 2013

Lady Quan Yin Speaks on Stabalizing the Grid and Healing The Earth Through Lesley Hicks
9 August 2013

El Anora

Beloved Eternal Beings of Light and Love, I come forward to you today with immense love and joy from my being, I am Lady Quan Yin and I love you Unconditionally. As you are understanding the Central Star Aspect of each of the Galaxies that are in the Universe you are finding that each of you are becoming and expressing your infinite energy from the space of a Star System or Galaxy.

You see now how deeply within your own being that you can come and be connected to so much energy within the Universe Around you for many Star Systems and Planets give off such light and joy in each moment. When you can understand that all these Star Systems are giving off infinite energy, can you then ask yourself this question: What are my energy needs?

Forgoing the question of personal energy needs for a moment, I ask you the question of what will become of the fossil fuels upon the Earth and natural resources? As you may know, The Planetary Lord Buddha oversees the Earth, and I, as Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light am also an overseer of the Earth, but, not in the sense that Lord Buddha might be. You might understand that since Lord Buddha and I work closely together, I am always energizing and grounding my Rays of Light through Lord Buddha and into the Earth, especially the Celestial Rays, and so in regards to energy, this is what I would like to explain to you.

It is important to understand that the Celestial energies can ground into the Earth energies because this will be the technology for your energy future. It is not that you will ever reach a catastropic state, but, it is important to understand that if you continue to deplete your uranium sources, mineral sources, and fossil fuel sources you will over a period of time begin to come to a point where you reach what will be termed as an energy crisis.

You see now that in reality these terms have already been brought forward for you as a warning perhaps of what can happen when the Love held in the core of your being cannot be projected fully into your reality. Imagine for a moment that you are taking in nutrient rich food, perhaps a high nutrient apple from a Tree or a Pear perhaps. When you then eat this, you see that the Tree itself always has this to grow, but if you were to chop down the Tree and then uproot it, you would find then that not only you, but no-one would then be able to eat this fruit.

This is the same with the energy and Her energies. When something is depleted completely, Gaia then must come foreward and replace that energy with something else. Because of Universal Law, the Earth cannot replace a depleted energetic source with the same energy. By Universal Law, that energy must be greater than the energy that was lost, and it must be different. If the Earth is karmically moving in a negative direction, the Universal Law states that an equal and opposite energy must co-exist within the same space, meaning that it is both greater than or equal and opposite meaning that it is unique and different. If the energy is karmically moving in a positive direction, the same.

In Truth, as the Earth moves in a direction especially in this New Age Golden energy you will see that resolutions seek themselves out much more quickly and that at times the Earth will compensate just as you are compensating. It is very important that you understand this concept for in your energy works and in your work within the ashrams of this planet, it is important for you to balance this Karma through your energy networks.

It is very important at this time to send waves of Unconditional Love and Light to the Earth and her kingdoms. The Fairy energy at this time is very powerful in anchoring this energy and if you call upon their energies at this time they will assist you in being able to anchor your positive thoughts and intentions. This affirmation can be used at any time to call upon the Fairies energy.

“Dearest Fairies and Nature Kingdoms, I call upon your Light and Illumination to anchor into the Earth a powerful Ray of Light that is most appropriate for the Earth at this time. With this Ray of Light, I call upon the energies of Lord Buddha to anchor fully this ray of Light into the Earth. This Ray of Light can be of any color that is most appropriate at this time. Please carry this pure Light energy into all areas of the Earth that need it the most, bringing peace, calm, and divine love and inspiration to all that need it. Thank you.”

Within your ashrams, you have set up many hidden networks of geometry that have helped through the centuries to anchor into the Earth the necessary energies from Lord Buddha and the other chohans of the Rays. These networks were hidden and we now ask you with pure illumination to, with the most appropriate pathway, release these networks for grounding, healing, and anchoring the Cosmic Rays of Light.

These Cosmic Rays of Light are very important to anchor into the Earth for in 10 years time they will be the groundwork for bringing for the Light Beings that are Family to you to be able to anchor forward their energies in a very powerful way, I congratulate you.

My gift to you is the knowledge that when you have achieved sufficient enlightenment upon the Earth there will be no need for ships or other type of technology to land upon the Earth, but that those beings who are Family to you will be able to be seen by you when the Consciousness of the Planet allows it. Think of it in the way that we are always present with you as Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings upon the Earth, but that you are unable to see it. When your third eye chakra has been completely cleansed, healed, and energized and the Consciousness of the planet allows it, you will be able to see us as we see you. In your enlightened form.

In encourage you, for the sake of the Earth, to focus upon your energetic networks of Light and anchor in the New Golden Gate Celestial Grid before seeking to achieve much else, for if the Earth is unstable so shall you be.

I send my compassion and love to you always, thank you.

I am Lady Quan Yin.

Copyright Lesley Hicks (Jaina) Ma Atmananda 2013 Please share so long as you give credit. With Deep Love and Blessings.