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Alarming Levels Of Plastic Found In Children

September 20, 2019

Plastic Apocalypse

“Our study clearly shows that plastic ingredients, which are rising in production, are also showing up more and more in the body.”

The study, conducted by the German Environment Ministry and the Robert Koch Institute, found an alarming 97% of blood and urine samples from 2,500 children tested between 2014 and 2017 had traces of microplastics.

In at least 20% of the 2,500 children tested, microplastics were above safe government limits. Children from low-income regions were more susceptible to ingesting plastics than ones from the middle class and wealthy areas.

“It can not be that every fourth child between the ages of three and five is so heavily burdened with chemicals that long-term damage cannot be reliably ruled out,” said Hoffmann, adding that “the Federal Government must make every effort to protect people from harmful chemicals.”

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Airborne plastic particles blanket remote mountains

April 16, 2019

A secluded mountain region thought to be free of plastic pollution is in fact blanketed by airborne microplastics on a scale comparable to a major city such as Paris, alarmed researchers reported Monday.

Over a five-month period in 2017-2018, an average of 365 tiny bits of plastic settled every day on each square metre of an uninhabited, high-altitude area in the Pyrenees straddling France and Spain, they reported in the journal Nature Geoscience.

“It is astounding and worrying that so many particles were found in the Pyrenees field site,” said lead author Steve Allen, a doctoral student at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

The study focused on microplastics mostly between 10 and 150 micrometres across, including fragments, fibres and sheet-like pieces of film.

By comparison, a human hair is, on average, about 70 micrometres in width.

“We would never have anticipated that this study would reveal such high levels of microplastic deposits,” added co-author Gael Le Roux, a researcher at EcoLab in Toulouse, in southwestern France.

Plastic litter has emerged in the last few years as a major environmental problem.

Up to 12 million tonnes of plastics are thought to enter the world’s oceans every year, and millions more clog inland waterways and landfills.


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Sea Anenomes are ingesting plastic microfibers

A whale has died in southern Thailand after swallowing more than 80 plastic bags

Meier Corroboration #182-B

March 12, 2019

March 12th, 2019

disclosure drudge 3.12.19

June 13, 1994

Ptaah: All devices dependent upon radio waves which are worn near, or on, the body are extremely harmful to a person’s health. Under certain circumstances they can even be destructive to the body or its organs, indeed dangerous to the person’s life. Even a radio wristwatch is sufficient to cause this harm, as you yourself have experienced.

Such time pieces, or telephones and cordless radio systems, are not advisable; in fact they are very dangerous if not secured and screened to the point where the radio waves cannot harm the human body. Radio waves are electro-magnetic waves, or rather electro-magnetic oscillations, that are dangerous to all life should they strike it at too high a rate. This danger applies not only to radio waves, but also to high tension wires, electric generators and transformers. The physical harm caused by such waves, or rather oscillations that manifest themselves with Man and animal, can be of a purely physical or conscious nature. Anything, from eczemas and allergies to cancer, destruction of the psyche and total imbecility, is possible.

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Meier Corroboration #180

January 24, 2019

Every week or two, some news article pops up with something that I read about years ago in the Billy Meier Plejaren Contact Reports.  What the fraudulent UFO industry contactees, experiencers, and researchers don’t tell you, are specific things that will happen in the future.  When you read the Plejaren contact reports, many of which are available for free online, you will learn about the past, present, and future.

January 24th, 2019

disclosure drudge 1.24.19

“Overuse of antibiotics is making infections harder to treat and leading to thousands of deaths a year through drug-resistant superbugs.

The government plans to change the way it funds drug companies to encourage them to develop new medicines.

It is also increasing efforts to cut unnecessary use of the drugs.

Research has previously found that the medicines are often prescribed for conditions that are normally self-healing, such as sore throats, or for viruses, which do not even respond to antibiotics.”

March 16th, 1987

Of course. I also don’t want to push you into something and thereby lead you into the devil’s kitchen. But what you can officially answer for me is certainly the question that you recently meant with it, when you said that the future of antibiotics looks gloomy.
203. That is correct; I can respond to that openly.
204. My allusion referred to the fact that the earthly physicians will be forced to investigate new medicines in terms of antibiotics.
205. This will find its reasons in the fact that more and more, the Earth people will senselessly take antibiotics – and to be sure, ones that are irresponsibly prescribed by the doctors – for even the most minor of illnesses.
206. But on the other hand, people will also be tormented more and more by antibiotic injections in all sorts of meats and other food products, causing a wide variety of bacterial strains to become resistant against antibiotics.
207. But this will mean that the possibilities for treating diseases and infections of various types will become more and more problematic, and in the end, no effective medicines will be available any more.
208. This will happen, on the one hand, through the irresponsibility of many doctors and, on the other hand, through the fault of those who, due to their greed for profit, allow foods of all kinds to be filled with antibiotics, as this has already been the case for quite some time in all industrialized countries, in which animals are bred for slaughter and foods of all kinds are produced in order to be placed on the consumer market and sold to the consumers.
209. These, then, are the ones who become impaired in their immune systems by the antibiotic-impregnated food and who become infected with bacterial strains, against which there are no longer possibilities for defense.
210. In particular, multi-resistant germs or bacteria will emerge more and more in hospitals, against which there will be almost no possibilities for defense any more or else none at all.
211. Particularly in this regard, the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus will excel in an extremely dangerous form as an especially multi-resistant hospital germ, which is designated by the short name of MRSA.
212. This extremely dangerous germ mainly settles itself in the nasal mucous membrane, as well as on the bare skin, and it is extremely contagious and, thus, very easily transferable and capturable.
213. The bacterium first becomes really dangerous, however, when it arrives into the body in some way, such as via external or internal wounds, but there are still other possibilities, such as through infusions, etc., but this will still remain hidden to the physicians for a long time.
214. As I said, too many antibiotics are swallowed by the Earth people, by what means various bacterial strains become more and more resistant against all types of antibiotics.
215. With this, a multi-resistance will appear over time, which will result, then, only as a natural effect of the cause of antibiotic abuse.
216. As I said, more and more antibiotics will be irresponsibly given to the patients by the doctors, and on the other hand, the people of the Earth will eat more and more antibiotic-contaminated meats of all kinds, and to be sure, meats of mammals of all kinds and also of fishes and fowls.
217. This will cause bacterial strains of every kind to become more and more resistant in humans, as I already explained; consequently, in the end, any medically prescribed antibiotics will no longer be able to cause any healing or any relief from suffering.
218. Yet through this, more and more deaths will appear, just due to the failure of medicines or due to a lack of suitable and effective medicines.
219. From these facts, there will already be talk very soon of an “end of the antibiotic age” among the Earth people.
220. More and more, every kind of antibiotic has already been criminally and feloniously administered to animals, fish, and fowls in large quantities during the making of meat or rather the production of meat, on the one hand, in order to make these immune to diseases and, on the other hand, to achieve a fast growth and also a rapid weight gain.
221. But in the future, this will cause all sorts of evils for the Earth people, of which the physicians and doctors still have no idea up to now, which will, therefore, also have very unfavorable and extremely dangerous consequences in the future, because the wrong and excessive use of antibiotics in human medicine and veterinary medicine as well as in the feeding of animals, fish, and fowls, etc. is in no way harmless.
222. The antibiotic residues in the foods of all kinds, about which the Earth person usually knows nothing, trigger a growing spread of resistance from the various strains of bacteria, which can then no longer be fought or else only with difficulty; consequently, everything in the relevant form leads to hopeless medical treatments and to a farce that will demand more and more deaths.

80 Percent of City Dwellers Breathe Bad Air

May 12, 2016

Over 80 percent of the world’s city dwellers breathe poor quality air, increasing their risk of lung cancer and other life-threatening diseases, a new World Health Organization (WHO) report warned Thursday.

Urban residents in poor countries are by far the worst affected, WHO said, noting that nearly every city (98 percent) in low- and middle-income countries has air which fails to meet the UN body’s standards.

City vs. Country: Which Is Safer?

You’d think peaceful country living would do wonders for your health. No pollution, less violence. Seems like the obvious way to go, right? But it isn’t so cut and dry.

That number falls to 56 percent of cities in wealthier countries.

Cutting CO2 Could Prevent 175,000 US Deaths

“Urban air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate, wreaking havoc on human health,” Maria Neira, the head of WHO’s department of public health and environment, said in a statement.

The UN agency’s latest air pollution database reveals an overall deterioration of air in the planet’s cities, and highlights the growing risk of serious health conditions also including stroke and asthma.

The report, which focused on outdoor rather than household air, compared data collected from 795 cities in 67 countries between 2008 and 2013.

The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon in Arizona faces a host of threats including radioactive pollution from uranium mining, proposed construction projects and increased groundwater pumping that could deplete freshwater supplies, according to the group.

Tracking the prevalence of harmful pollutants like sulfate and black carbon, WHO found that air quality was generally improving in richer regions like Europe and North America, but worsening in developing regions, notably the Middle East and southeast Asia.

Overall, contaminants in outdoor air caused more than 3 million premature deaths a year, the UN body said.

The quality of air pollution data provided by individual countries varies considerably, and WHO does not compile a ranking of the world’s most polluted cities.

But, in a sample of selected mega-cities with a population above 14 million, New Delhi was the most polluted, followed by Cairo and Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

Crucially, key African centers like Nigeria’s mega-city Lagos were excluded from the list because of the sparse availability of air quality data in many parts of the continent, WHO said.

A sample of European data showed that Rome had slightly worse air than Berlin, followed by London and Madrid.

Key factors 

Carlos Dora, coordinator at WHO’s public health and environment department, pointed to several key factors that determine the quality of a city’s air.

First was transportation, Dora said, noting that cities which succeed in reducing vehicle traffic while promoting walking, cycling and mass public transport inevitably see their air quality improve.

Energy inefficiency — especially with respect to heating and cooling buildings — is a major cause of dirty air, along with the widespread use of diesel generators as a replacement for cleaner electricity sources, Dora added.

Another crucial factor, especially in developing countries, is waste management, with the smoke generated by burning garbage ranking among the top pollutants.



GMO linked to gluten disorders plaguing 18 million Americans – report

November 27, 2013

                                                     Published time: November 26, 2013
AFP Photo / Khaled DesoukiAFP Photo / Khaled Desouki

Genetically modified foods such as soy and corn may be responsible for a number of gluten-related maladies including intestinal disorders now plaguing 18 million Americans, according to a new report released on Tuesday.

The report was released by the Institute for  Responsible Technology (IRT), and cites authoritative data from  the US Department of Agriculture, US Environmental Protection  Agency records, medical journal reviews as well as   international research.

“Gluten sensitivity can range in severity from mild  discomfort, such as gas and bloating, to celiac disease, a  serious autoimmune condition that can, if undiagnosed, result in  a 4-fold increase in death,” said  Jeffrey M. Smith,  executive director of IRT in a statement released on their  website.

Smith cited how a “possible environmental trigger may be the  introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to the  American food supply, which occurred in the mid-1990s,”   describing the nine GM crops currently on the market.

In soy, corn, cotton (oil), canola (oil), sugar from sugar beets,  zucchini, yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya, and alfalfa,    “Bt-toxin, glyphosate, and other components of GMOs, are  linked to five conditions that may either initiate or exacerbate  gluten-related disorders,” according to Smith.

It’s the BT-toxin in genetically modified foods which kills  insects by “puncturing holes in their cells.” The toxin is  present in ‘every kernel’ of Bt-corn and survives human  digestion, with a 2012 study confirming that it punctures holes  in human cells as well.

The GMO-related damage was linked to five different areas:  Intestinal permeability, imbalanced gut bacteria, immune  activation and allergic response, impaired digestion, and damage  to the intestinal wall.

The IRT release also indicated that glyphosate, a weed killer  sold under the brand name ‘Roundup’ was also found to have a  negative effect on intestinal bacteria. GMO crops contain high  levels of the toxin at harvest.

“Even with minimal exposure, glyphosate can significantly  reduce the population of beneficial gut bacteria and promote the  overgrowth of harmful strains,” the report found.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, internationally recognized expert on gluten  sensitivity and Celiac Disease, says that “the  introduction of GMOs is highly suspect as a candidate to explain  the rapid rise in gluten-related disorders over the last 17  years.”  

Internist, Emily Linder, offered some backup for the report’s  findings. She removed GMO from her patients’ diets, finding that  recovery from intestinal diseases was faster and more complete.

“I believe that GMOs in our diet contribute to the rise in  gluten-sensitivity in the US population,” Linder said in the  release.



American Healthcare summed up in one picture

November 23, 2013





8-year-old becomes China’s youngest lung cancer patient, doctors blame pollution

November 6, 2013

Published time: November 05, 2013 12:44

Chinese doctors blame high levels of air pollution, the toxic byproduct of the country’s supercharged economy, for a young girl contracting a deadly disease usually confined to the elderly.

China’s rapid transformation seemingly overnight from a reclusive Maoist outpost to a modern economic powerhouse has not come without a high social price, as urban dwellers struggle to cope with choking smog and deteriorating health conditions.

The depth of the problem hit home on Monday when it was reported that an eight-year-old Chinese girl, from the eastern province of Jiangsu, became the country’s youngest person to contract lung cancer.

The girl, whose name has been withheld by the authorities, lives near a busy road in the eastern province of Jiangsu, said Xinhuanet, the website of China’s official news agency, AFP reported.

The Chinese report quoted Jie Fengdong, a doctor at Jiangsu Cancer Hospital in Nanjing, as saying the young girl had been exposed to harmful particles and dust over an extended period of time.

Lung cancer cases among children are rare, with the average age for people acquiring the disease at about 70 years old, according to the American Cancer Society. However, as this latest case appears to show, the demographics of the disease may be changing with an increased number of younger people becoming infected.

Lung cancer deaths in China, where a shortage of natural gas supplies keeps it dependent on coal burning, have soared more than four times over the past three decades, according to Beijing’s Health Ministry. Meanwhile, cancer is now the leading cause of death in the Chinese capital.

Last month, the northern city of Harbin – a city of some 11 million people with a heavy reliance on coal as a means for heating – suffered severe smog with air pollutants 50 times the level recommended by the World Health Organization. Beijing in January recorded air pollution levels 45 times the WHO level.

The Health Ministry announced it would create a national system within five years to monitor the long-term impact of chronic air pollution on human health, state media reported last month.

The monitoring system will collect and examine data on PM2.5, or particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers, in locations around the country, the report said, citing a ministry statement.

“The document noted that the absence of a long-term, systematic monitoring system has prevented the country from uncovering the link between air pollution and human health,” Reuters quoted the report as saying.

An international study published in July showed that air pollution is dramatically cutting short the lives of people in northern China by about 5 1/2 years, compared to the south.

China is desperate to curb this trend and bring to heel an overheated economic model that has deteriorated the condition of much of the country’s air, water and soil.

Beijing officials have created a new pollution alert system that will place limits on driving and prohibit manufacturing and construction in the event that three consecutive days of hazardous levels of pollution are forecast for the capital.

While the new measures may be too late for the young girl from Jiangsu province since she already has cancer, it may help to extend the lives of other Chinese citizens who are being adversely affected as the national economy steams forward.


Obama is not to blame for health care issues

November 2, 2013

If your current healthcare plan is being dropped, don’t blame the President.  Your healthcare plan is being dropped  because your health insurance company is GREEDY and doesn’t want to make a few less billion dollars next year.  The people you see complaining on the news represent just 5% of our population, whose policy must be dropped because it is sub-standard, which means it doesn’t cover bare minimum issues.


(For those of you who don’t read financials, the top 5 companies collected $250 b-b-b-Billion in revenues)

The first line of enemies are the giant Healthcare BUSINESSES, whose only job is to make billions and billions of dollars collecting your insurance premiums whether you are sick or not.  If you are in need of treatment, they’ll do everything to pay as little as possible for that treatment.  They are using the changes in this law to drop certain plans for more expensive ones, while using this new law as an excuse to do so.

The second line of enemies are the giant Pharmaceutical BUSINESSES, whose only job it is to invent new drugs, and then find a way to market and sell them, whether they are necessary or not.  They spend billions of dollars on research and development trying to come up with ways to make people less sick, instead of holistically eliminating the cause of the sickness in the first place, which is always an emotional or biological toxin that we absorb from our environment.   Then they bribe doctors to sell their drugs to you.

The third line of enemies of the Affordable Healthcare Act are group of core republicans that got together and swore to fight tooth and nail against everything Obama is trying to do no matter what.  Yes, in the land of the free and home of the brave, all rich white males are created equal, and everyone else can live in disease, crime, and poverty.  If the sick people don’t live in the area of a politician in need of votes, guess what?  They don’t care about you at all.    Don’t ever forget that they shut down the government because they wanted to defund Obamacare, and not to help human beings in need.

When you take the giant healthcare industry, and the giant pharmaceutical industry, all placing money in the pockets of long-term politicians dug into their trenches, who will fight this legislation in exchange for potential votes and political influence, and then spin it all through the corporate owned mass media, of course you get angry yacht owners and old people shaking their fists in their rocking chairs.  The media is training people to blame everyone except the healthcare insurance providers.

It is unethical and immoral to create a business whose sole purpose is to mathematically calculate someone’s health or illnesses and then make as much money as possible either way.   It is unethical and immoral to create a business whose sole purpose is to profit off of drugs that can save the life of a human being, whether people can afford it or not.   Have they really placed money above humanity?  Yes, they have, which is why we are having this national argument, except Americans are being diverted from the truth over and over and over again.  Have you noticed that drug companies give some people prescriptions that maintain the condition but don’t cure it, so now there are millions of people who think they have to take medication for the rest of their life?  Do you think a pharmaceutical BUSINESS is ever going to tell people how to get un-sick from a certain affliction that they SELL treatments for?  Can you see how there might be a conflict of interest here?

How much would healthcare costs go down if both healthcare insurance providers AND pharmaceutical companies operated as non-profits?

The only reason your healthcare plan is being dropped, is because health insurance companies don’t want to make a few less billion dollars next year, period.  President Obama is not to blame for the challenges with Obamacare and neither is Kathleen Sebelius.

What can we do?  To make a graceful shift, we need to find about 500 exceptional American volunteers out of more than 300 million, and elect them to replace anyone who is not working for the absolute best interests of the people.  We have to elect a wave of new politicians that all agree to never choose profits over people.  In the mean time, we need a few people to start some new insurance companies that operate with income equal to expenses, and not a penny more.  That will put the greedy out of business, I promise.

We have one volunteer here:

Who’s next?

Cosmic Love op/ed

Cure for Aluminum and Barium Chemtrails

April 15, 2013

Hilarion comments on chemtrails and raw cream/berries to eliminate toxic materials from your body

15 April 2013 – 6:28pm |  Muse of Athena


There are questions about what is going on in your atmosphere around this and it is part of this issue because most of the aerial sprayings are those for the specific purpose of reflecting light from Earth to reduce global warming. This is a benefit to insurance companies and to others who certainly will be harmed as a result of global warming. But there is as this has been developed of course, the opportunity for government agencies, people involved behind the scenes to parcel out to the highest bidder, to those who are of maximum importance in the government, to those who then have a say in the matter, other things to be sprayed into the atmosphere on an experimental basis. Things that have been harmful to the heart, viruses or other organisms, to see if they could be those that can be directed in other ways to better control humanity should there be riots, should there be great struggle or difficulty. You see that such things are indeed on the horizon for people who are in economic straits, who have political issues, who have big problems; one religion against another and so on and so forth.

So, in this way you cannot say for certain when an aerial spraying is occurring exactly what is involved. Most of the time it will be the materials barium or aluminum or both because these are highly reflective and will tend to reduce the high levels of sunlight should they be in those places. But, the other materials are also being experimented with so that various aspects of data that can be derived without any permission or anyone being involved, except a few. Then, as a result all sorts of data is being accumulated.

You’ll usually see that the sprays tend to be a little more concentrated in areas where there is significant heat gain. This will usually be in areas where there is dark coloration as when viewed from far away. Cities and large areas of concrete and so on will be hotspots and areas that indeed can be more problematic than others with regards to global warming. But, generally speaking the idea of these programs is to crisscross the planet on a daily basis and do so in ways to reflect as much light as possible, thus to more evenly spread this around is an important goal. It’s not always possible if a country does not give airspace permission. But, by and large because these things happen so fast and with the new drone programs coming into play they will happen even faster. These things can be accomplished and those involved are able to move away from the area before any identification is taken.

To see in the sky if it is a chemtrail of some sort or simply a vapor trail, typically water vapor, notice how long it lingers. A vapor trail will last thirty seconds, a minute, perhaps two minutes but no longer. But, the trails that are up there for many hours clearly are those of these materials finally ground and allowed to float in the upper atmosphere. They can do their job of reflecting some of the sunlight and indeed then reduce the heat levels on earth. When they fall to earth of course they produce all kinds of difficulties, not only from your breathing, but the way in which they can work with various crops, different materials on the earth, and work their way into the physical metabolism of many.

To clear these metals, berries with raw cream is the typical remedy.

This is excellent and there are other ways to use different berries. There are other berries beneficial to the heart but this is primarily because of their cleansing capacity and this is one of the problems we see with increase in heart disease and heart issues is the eventual contamination of the vascular system by barium and aluminum. In the meantime you can to some extent prevent some of this by regularly eating strawberries with cream, blueberries with cream, thimble berries, blackberries, raspberries and so on.

The cream is important because when it is raw the fats are able to help detoxify and pull out the metals into the particular aspects associated with the berries. These can be through the productions of various anti-enzymes, antioxidants and various other materials but most importantly is an interaction within the cells themselves of magnetism, in which magnetic energies and those associated with moving electrons through the nerves can help ionized metals move out of the cell as they reach the cell boundary they are then absorbed into the lymph.

So, the second part to this is that the lymph must always be kept in good shape. Exercise for those who are healthy, for those with backed up lymph or clogged up lymph, hot baths, the usual techniques often used to clean lymph will be of more and more importance as aerial sprayings continue. We mention these things of a very innate physical level because when you reach the collective consciousness, when you touch into those energies we spoke of earlier, what is reflected back sometimes is about this: how do I stay here? How do I survive here? How do I supplement and strengthen my physical body? Why do I have these issues and problems with the physical body and so on? This is a powerful and collective energy so it is useful to address these things but you don’t take it with you. The physical body will be left behind when your consciousness moves away from it as it will eventually.

Hilarion through Jon Fox

Weston price foundation also has more information regarding the health benefits of raw fats:

I have been drinking raw milk for 6 years and it has healed so many of my health issues. ~ Lori

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