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The greatest photo of Jupiter … was taken with a 35mm camera

July 6, 2016

A message from Mercury

January 3, 2014

 3 January 2014


A message from Mercury Channeler:S-AEko/Saeko Morishiro (By multidimensional language) Translator:Nana Usami 2 Jan. 2014

With regard to social and psychological transformation and adjustment, We, Mercury has far bigger potential to cause effects and energy than you might embrace.

144000・・・144・・・14・・・2014 is a great numeral sequence possible to shift the social and human foundation. At the beginning of this year, 2014, of new changes, a rearrangement of the alignment of the 13 star elements, which is the result of addition of Pegasus star river and Phoenix galaxy to the 11 planets making a new Merkabah operate at the ascended world, has been implemented two and a half years after the former rearrangement by this channel who is a zero-point source energy being AE with a body on this ground. As a result of this rearrangement, Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune have become planets with water which are human habitable with water.

When a big change occurs in the planet arrangement by change of time and space, influence of Mercury is very big and the influence ranges far to the depth of the Universe.

The planet earth and her human inhabitants have huge influencing power to the whole Universe as well as Mercury. Accordingly, one of their roles is to make various systems and paradigms on the earth change by raising their frequency.

It is time to change the old past paradigms and social systems no longer functioning, largely.

According to these changes of which dear everybody has felt frustrated because these would not have been realized within the expected time, vectors of each human life will change as expected.

It is the very time for each human being of the earth to ride the wave of this large transformation with the changes of the social systems and paradigms realized depending upon their raised consciousness.

During the coming time, waves of changes of from each person’s microscopic psychological and physical structures up to macroscopic social and global, further cosmic scale wave of changes will be brought about. It is important to hold unfaltering will for the purpose of forming desired vector to proceed and to be conscious of the direction of the changes.

We celebrate reunion with you riding on this big wave of changes implemented beyond the eternal time and space.