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Why are the E.T.’s hidden? explanation by Rhal Zahi

September 4, 2017

For more on the Billy Meier contacts, visit the BEAM of Light site here.


SpaceX Falcon 9 lands after CRS 12 resupply

August 14, 2017

spacex crs12 8.14.17 grid fins

Watch Replay of CRS 12 Launch

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

June 3, 2017

First re-used, re-furbished, cargo vessel deployed by re-used, re-flown, re-covered first stage rocket.

spacex 6.03.17

spacex 6.03.17.b




Reused Falcon 9 stage 1 landing (updated 4.5.17 with full video)

March 30, 2017

spacex ses 10 3.30.17

They said it couldn’t be done.  They were wrong.

Please don’t tip over Falcon 9!

April 8, 2016

Congratulations to SpaceX for a successful launch and landing of the Falcon 9!

4.18.16 spacex lands on water

Watch the recast at:


Some moon landings faked, some real. with VIDEO

February 1, 2016

This video is just great!

Other than the confession from Ernst Stuhlinger admitting the 1969 Apollo moon landing was a complete hoax, this 10 minute video is a nice compilation…   Ernst Stuhlinger begged his questioners not to reveal his confession until after he died.  Well, he ded.

Now why would an American Asstronaut design these two mission patches below, only to be quickly rejected by NASSholes?

Kind of makes you wonder if those Apollo 20 videos are real…

nasa apollo lies rejected mission patches


And on its 20th flight, the Falcon landed

December 22, 2015

t+ 21 falcon 20 12.21.15

t+1010 falcon 20 12.21.15


SpaceX Reusable F9R Test 4 times higher

May 4, 2014

In my opinion, this should be front page news, since SpaceX can eventually reduce the cost of using rockets by a factor of 100….

If you’re like me and want disclosure and contact with E.T.’s, then we should support SpaceX, because the faster, cheaper, safer, and more often we get to space, the sooner we will bump into our E.T. friends and neighbors.   The faster we get privately funded missions to the moon and Mars, the sooner the real evidence of E.T. structures will be exposed in a way that our governments cannot deny.

~Cosmic Love

Book Giveaway Contest and Review- The White Sands Incident

March 2, 2014





Book Giveaway Contest and Review of “The White Sands Incident” by  Daniel Fry

Dear Cosmic Love Readers:

The book I just finished reading was “The White Sands Incident”.   I heard about the author while studying the Billy Meier tapes on YouTube, from which there are about 20 hours of great material describing each of Billy Meier’s encounters with the Pleiadians and Temmers, word for word.

The Pleiadians Billy met with such as Ptah, Asket, and Semjase, said (30+ years ago,) that they rarely visit Earth humans and land their ships on the ground.  However they confirmed that Daniel Fry’s story was authentic, along with another case.

When I have a self-proclaimed E.T. confirm a different E.T. story or piece of evidence, the credibility goes WAY up in my book.   One example of this is Mythi, the alien from Andromeda videos 17-20 on YouTube, in which he confirms, identifies, and explains certain videos and pictures of UFOs and E.T.s sent in by the listeners.  Search my site for “Mythi Monday” to watch the videos.

In brief, Daniel Fry worked in the U.S. military on missile guidance systems at the White Sands range in the Southwestern U.S.   The Pleiadian visitor Ah-lahn, or Alan, was assigned a mission to warn Earth humans about the dangers of nuclear war and weapons.  Alan spent time learning English, and searching for the right candidate that would be open to the visit, who also had a good technical understanding of physics.

Well, Daniel Fry is visited and is taken for a ride in a saucer to New York and back!  He learns a lot in his conversations and also includes “An Extraterrestrial Statement” which is from another E.T.

The book is a very quick read!

To win the book and have it mailed to you free of charge, you must submit an original poem about E.T.s or anything having to do with ascension or the theme of the Cosmic Love blog.  The winner will have their poem published on our blog with permission, as well as any runner ups.  Send your poem to by Mar 5, 2014.  You will also receive 5D holographic stickers and a small double terminated quartz crystal.

Good luck!

~Cosmic Love

SaLuSa 30 November 2013

November 30, 2013



SaLuSa 30 November 2013.

Your world today is undergoing slow growth and high unemployment with ironically rising prices, but this is malleable and easily put right by cutting short the underhanded and unseen economy. By this many have grown rich and taken their money off shore, but the fact is they will have to answer for their actions, as the truth is being spelled out. The decay of the past can then give way as you collectively learn to look below the surface façade to find what is actually on offer.  This can also be applied to the self, to love and value self for who you are on the inside, and not just for what appears to grace the surface.

Internet Bloggers are calling you to take note of chemicals put in the food you eat and environment as this has a chance to cause ill health. We feel your disappointment that it has come to light that heavy metals or nano-particles have been found in your food. You have the power to choose to stop supporting these companies financially, and it would leave them shocked and bewildered, and will spoil their gained wealth. They will then set a new path of being allot more cautious in their actions. Businesses should make profit but as in everything the lesson of a loving balance must be learnt.

It is the general fashion in the US to let the issue of medical care accumulate and pile-up till it is so big that your systems of coping are pushed to overcapacity, and this only exacerbates any problems. Both sides in this issue need to step back from what they perceive as losing their self interests and take a humble yet practical approach to solving these problems. Many are afraid to embark on innovative new endeavors and are perfectly comfortable remaining stationary. The revamp of the health system will bring beneficial change and positive well-being, and increase the wealth and prosperity of your country. The dark are the real schemers behind all of the confusion, but this is only a stand-in or surrogate for the greater changes which are on the way to you. Without unconditional love and light positive change will only be temporary.

Prosperity packages will aid in the ending of people being separated by class, race religion. The wall will come down and you will have much more freedom to interact with more people within wider limits. This will take some getting use to as the social norms hitherto have been warped and twisted to what they should be. The mass collective of humanity has been altered and worked into bypassing loving relationships with those around them and connecting with their spiritual family of light. They want you to have no intellectual and emotional interest or curiosity, and always try to get one up over one another, competing not cooperating.

The deception of the dark effects many and is held in place by inattention in matters of law. Their aim is your total enslavement. Much work has gone into excavating exploration caves and hollowing them out to put a great deal of gold and precious metals inside, they want this all to theirself with many members of public underrating the amounts. When our allies can get this money in your hands your life will be more energized, with increased opportunities to experience a variety of activities, and you will have greater possibility of mingling with a wide variety of people and environments. The wonder drugs that have been held back will cure many disorders.

Dear Ones that feeling of being emotionless or dead inside, in that you are just going through the motions, will change and give way to harmony, and new obligations and face a significant stage in life where you begin a new journey, the old way of life will come to a firm end. Your new life will settle down to a normal flow and with the new technologies your world will shrink down to be very small, cosy place where you will feel safe and secure. We have taking a list of the stubbornly hardhearted and are now sending love and light to them.

Many dear souls are sick of being engulfed by vanity and conceit as this pegs and pigeon holds people, and this mindset are now evaporating as you have observed the light of how divisive this can be to others, and are moving to treat people with love.

In this current time we have chosen to encode the information we send over the internet to squash any attempt by the dark to stop the onset of the Golden Age by tipping our hand. Nevertheless we continue to feed you information of what is going on.

Negligence has snowballed in the US and Britain, this includes allied country’s which collectively possess great power and authority and use their knowledge offensively to cleverly hack in to other countries computer systems and pillage their Data. This has being confirmed and is credible with Brazil taking notice and has sought to assert their sovereignty and freedom concerning information security with many measures, and are on the road to building their own internet network this will ensure that light can continue to spread.

We love you all and you can consider us a friend from the stars. You can not see us and you have to listen to others talking for us, but soon you will have full contact with us, and when you feel our presence and our loving comforting vibrations you will know for certain that we are trustworthy beyond measure. The dark have diverted your attention by a long crusade of disinformation to make you fear us. The recipe to remedy this is to send out light and love to everyone you meet to gladden their hearts.

We repay the Great passion of Mike Quisney’s work of channelling SaLuSa messages over many years by celebrating and honouring him, and it is a myth that he has had his day.  He is taking a well deserved holiday, but is still a valued member of the Galactic Federation of light. We know that many are tempted to proofread these messages looking for slight discrepancies but that shows no feeling and is empty, as these messages are meant to shake you up to the love and light within you and take you out and away from the current way of doing things.

The illuminati push to advance their aims, but they have lost ground and will be arrested, their constancy and regularity has been their undoing. Grandfather sun are sending solar flares which upgrade your DNA and it brings with it higher vibrations of love-light that will burn up completely anything of the lower vibrations. The minions of the Dark will be re-tasked and adsorbed into the new system, but those responsible for the Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima will be placed firmly out of the way. We are working to nullify the radiation as if left unchecked would disassemble the flower of life, we are applying healing to any damage that has already occurred and restore your body to a holy place.

In meditation go inside and then go deeper and the immediacy of your God-selves will be patently obvious. Many clasp on to being practical and pragmatic but the void is the secret that ensures admission to the pathway to the Stars.

Carelessness has been applied to middle-east, with the Israeli Palestinian conflict at the brim of tolerance, this conflict has been seemingly endless and caused much fragmentation of different sides and also threatens to suck the whole world up in a spiral of conflict. For to long loving intentions have been stolen by traditions and authority but this is hollow, as only love is real, everything else is illusion.

A combination of powerful industries seek to stall growth in the Far East, they have sent tsunamis and then have attributed it to natural oscillations in the earth’s crust. The conspirators will be completely and totally removed from all office or position of power, and are now being watched closely as they are under suspicion. They have sunk to the lowest depths of human behaviour.

It will be invaluable when we can speak to you directly on your TV sets and explain our position to you. The Light can then spread over rapidly with an overwhelming majority of people excepting it. Christians by the multitude will adopt the new information with unmistakable clarity and includes the four other Great Religions. Mankind will pack away their weapons and Love and cooperation will be the new mascot and all will be conducted above board and upright.

Improvised Space defences designed to keep us from entering your atmosphere will be in effective as they are no match for our technology, and when we arrive it will be unexpected and unannounced, and we will rescue you by covering you in our cloak of protection, and when we have landed we can fill your cup with fortunate benefits. The goal of First Contact is firmly in sight and you are heading for it closer each day. Do not be fooled by the vast disinformation campaign designed to convince you otherwise. We will oversee the redistribution of wealth on your world and their will be a reapportionment of power and control allocated to certain regions the hitherto enjoyed much more say, to give all Nations a fair say in how your world is run. Naturally this will have to be ratified formally by all Nations, but if you can put away the prehistoric urge to compete with each other you can then cross into the initial introductory stages of the new system. Your world will then be peaceful and serene. We have Great Love for England but they will find the changes unfortunate and may experience some shortage and inadequacy, as without the Banking monies coming into London they will find themselves all thumbs, but we can comfort and reassure that you will undergo acclimatisation as you fully convert to the new monetary reforms.

A quick check on the health of the oceans find them in grave condition and this is a final Judgement on the modern lifestyle as it produces so much death and misery, this may surprise you, but it is all so sobering in that man’s once dutiful devotion to God he now partakes of the desecration of the earth.

The incomprehensible and mysterious has been walled off from you and it will now be unlocked and it will power your inner growth and development over and over again to ever greater heights of love and light.

You are being irrigated with living waters to clean your system out of all astral parasites and lower thought forms, whereby you will automatically trust us, for you will then know intuitively that we are your Grandfather Races. When we can meet with you there will be a Grand banquet with much food and drink served in honour of your correction and improvement of moving to the light and love and away from incorrectness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and await the formal change in the direction of your society, the Dark would like nothing more than to set your world alight with new World War but there is no way this will happen.

We applaud the many Lightworkers who speak their truth no matter how much it hurts, however you can learn to express your truth in a loving manner that heals, brings balance and opens others perception up while bringing liberation from negative and destructive feelings. Then you can analyze the situation to determine what needs attention.  Many wish to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown and are determined to climb up in consciousness for the answers they seek, it is a rough road at times but spiritual enlightenment is beyond and above comparison.

Thank You SaLuSa.