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Ascension Dies and Channeling Lies

June 1, 2017

Maybe ascension isn’t what we thought.  Everyone was led to believe certain things in the years leading up to 2012.  Then nothing happened.  Some of us learned a lesson, and others did not.  You didn’t want to listen to the hard truth, and your friends at CITD don’t either.  I know conscious evolution to physical transformation is real, but it takes 40-60 million years just to get to the next level.  So keep living your lies and fantasies.  Michael Horn was right.  Billy Meier was right. I showed you truth and you chose entertainment.   By you, I mean any channeler, lightworker, blogger, paid speaker.  The UFO circuit is a business, not a means for education.  Except for Ban Srut BEAM.   The only person with more evidence and answers than all of you put together.


Michael Uyttebroek explains the three stages of consciousness evolution (ascension)




Ceres Bright Spots ID’d as E.T. research base

May 22, 2015

“There [on Ceres] is a research base of a race from Aldebarans which also decided to leave the base highlighted to disturb your scientists, like our Mantuk base on Pluto that will be highlighted as requested upon arrival of your probe there,…” -Mythi

ceres spots 5.21.15.jpg

Visible Light Spectrum from Alien Planet Measured for 1st Time

April 22, 2015

Astronomers have detected an exoplanet’s visible-light spectrum directly for the first time ever, a milestone that could help bring many other alien worlds into clearer focus down the road.

Wide-field view of the sky around the star 51 Pegasi

Image showing the sky around the star 51 Pegasi in the northern constellation of Pegasus. This image was created from photographic material forming part of the Digitized Sky Survey 2. Credit: ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2
(editor’s note: I believe the planet is to the left of the star in the center)

The scientists used the HARPS instrument on the European Southern Observatory’s 3.6-meter telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile to study the spectrum of visible light reflected off the exoplanet 51 Pegasi b, which lies about 50 light-years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus.

51 Pegasi b, a “hot Jupiter” gas giant that orbits close to its parent star, was spotted in 1995, when it became the first alien world ever discovered around a sunlike star. (The first exoplanets of any type were found in 1992 around a superdense, rotating stellar corpse called a pulsar.)

Researchers most often study exoplanet atmospheres by analyzing the starlight that passes through them when worlds cross their stars’ faces from Earth’s perspective. This method, known as transit spectroscopy, is restricted to use on systems in which the stars and planets align.


The new strategy used with 51 Pegasi b, on the other hand, does not depend on planetary transits and could thus find broader applicability, researchers said.

The technique offers other scientific advantages as well.

“This type of detection technique is of great scientific importance, as it allows us to measure the planet’s real mass and orbital inclination, which is essential to more fully understand the system,” study lead author Jorge Martins, of the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA) and the Universidade do Porto in Portugal, said in a statement.

“It also allows us to estimate the planet’s reflectivity, or albedo, which can be used to infer the composition of both the planet’s surface and atmosphere,” Martins added.

The new data suggest that 51 Pegasi b is highly reflective, a bit larger in diameter than Jupiter and about half as massive as our solar system’s biggest planet, researchers said.

The new observations by HARPS (which is short for High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) provide a vital proof of concept for the new technique, which could really come into its own when employed with instruments on bigger telescopes, such as the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), researchers said.

“We are now eagerly awaiting first light of the ESPRESSO spectrograph on the VLT so that we can do more detailed studies of this and other planetary systems,” said co-author Nuno Santos, also of the IA and Universidade do Porto.

The new study was published today (April 22) in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Are you Cereous? Ceres illuminations

March 1, 2015

ceres two reflections

Our Newly Discovered Responsibility

February 2, 2015

Allen Anderson on theyflyblog cropped


OK, so what does this comment mean?  Well, the biggest misunderstanding around the entire world has to do with religion and the interpretation of Jesus and the Bible.  What if the Talmud Jmmanuel was the only book written during his lifetime, and a copy of it later turned into the Gospel of Matthew?  This is what really happened.  It is so crystal clear when you read it, and even more clear when a biblical scholar James Deardorff spends his life verifying it’s authenticity.  This is why the translator and his family was machine-gunned to death.  We have gotten so far away from the original non-religious spiritual teaching that it’s going to take another 800 years to get back on track and re-learn our history. 

Lady Quan Yin- “The End of Illusion”

March 14, 2014

Kuan Yin of the Pink and Golden Ray of Light


Greetings dear ones I am Kuan Yin of the loving vibration of the pink and golden ray of light. I come to you with love in my heart and to hold humanity through these ever shifting and moving frequencies as the computation of love and fragmentation settle together in a heavenly array. You are dearer to us than you will ever understand at this time and we commend and revere you for bringing the light deep down into places that we could never go. Although much is changing, we say to you, be strong and hold the light in your bodies, for this is the magic of the mystics and the seers and it is so simple that many overlook it altogether. Use your imaginations, for they were given to you as such a beautiful gift to receive the inspirations of God and to co-create with God in all the infinite delights that the cosmic world has to offer. We come today to bring you wisdom and also the tools that you can use to assist you to bear the light where light is not a this current time. We want to help you to activate your higher chakras, to activate your DNA sequencing and to commune with your galactic and celestial brothers and sisters and also with the linages of your ancestors, for these beings are imparting knowledge and wisdom to yourselves all the time, if you but just learn to listen with your multidimensional selves. Become aware of the way in which your multidimensional selves operate and learn what it has to teach you. It is but another body in which you can interface with the world. The more you spend imagining and being this multidimensional self, the more that will be revealed to you. Serapis Bay would like to assist you with this as well at Jeshua and the Sananda energies, for he has walked this path to manifest those energies that you will need to tap into, to achieve this aim. This is the love he has for you and all beings.

I hear the heavens calling now, just tune into the sounds, the subtlest vibrations and frequencies are residing in an infinitesimal amount above your current level of hearing and understanding. Just expand your boundaries for hearing and sensing vibrations a tiny bit to encompass this new vibrational sound. Imagine now, your multidimensional, multi-bodied self grasping higher and higher energies, as for the first time. Such innocence. Such beauty in the freshness of the experience. Pull down these vibrations into your physical vehicle and command the physical body to assimilate these and to allow the body to change to be a more loving entity. So simple is the way of ascension that it actually eludes many of you, but alas, it is but a command to the cosmos, and the ability to receive the culminations of those commands that begins your ascension. Step by step, a process by which you drop that which doesn’t serve you and then take on more of the light and the beauty that God has to offer.

Dear ones, such is the amazing abilities your have at your disposal, to decide and create who you are in every moment of your being. So powerful you are, that you can manifest the world, expand and take in all things and be of all things until you are united in the will of God; and such you will be, a God in and of itself, through the ownership of these powers. We now ask that you command your DNA to activate those godlike qualities and to express the coding as a subtle multidimensional matrix around your bodies. A new level of vibrational form that can detect and receive beyond that which you have been currently able to receive. And to change the neural and cellular matrix of the biological being to accommodate this new influx of light and wisdom that you be receiving. You are becoming Gods, my friend. You are always changing, always growing, always moving toward and spiraling inwards into the hand of God, the driving light, the epiphany of love.

Please take this time to feel joy in your hearts. Sit and just imagine the joy as it enters you body at the crown area and travels down your spine and into your hearts. Let it fill up every cell in your body. Let it penetrate every nuclei, let it alter the DNA structure. Let there be light! You are the God that commands it to be so! Take your power, take your mantle, its yours by Divine right. Call to the higher beings in your energy field, those of the light and aligned with the light and command that they be a part of your ascension experience and your commands of light-working. These beings are here to assist you. They are you in another form, both part of you in spirit, but there they dwell in your field of awareness as proof to be of your experience and therefore you, sharing in the divine space and divine existence within your own consciousness. Welcome them. See them now. Who are they? See them, study them and know that these are a part of you and there to assist you. What gifts do they have? These gifts are yours. What powers do they have, these powers are now yours to use to do your bidding. What friends do they have, these are your friends. Align yourself with them, welcome them, make friends with them for they are you! Call these beings into your DNA, because this is where they have come from!! Your DNA is manifesting your experience for you all the time, projecting it out so you can see with your limited 3rd dimensional sight…. yes so you can interact with yourself and learn the secrets of the master, masters which are you, in ancient times and future times, where your have mastered everything. The outcome is already set, for all there really is is light. Such you have travelled through the sea of oblivion to experience the loss of yourself as an all encompassing experience because you can do anything! And everything! Even not know yourself! How amazing is that! You are able to experience this phenomenal delusion at the hands of your own intricate mastery. Congratulate yourself on your amazing ability to manifest what ever you want. So the time of delusions are coming to an end, what an enormously powerful game it really was? And you, a winner in every respect. And now we are journeying back to the light, back to Heaven, back to our own godlike selves, to reacquaint ourselves with an even wiser self. Yes we will be different when we get back to ourselves, having not known ourselves and having studied and understood ourselves on a newly and profound level. Oh what a paradox we have created for ourselves. A scrumptious, beautiful and interlacing design of our own making that literally dares to defy life itself, and in doing so, just merely affirms how sacred all things really are. Isn’t this what this dense world has taught us, that there is a new level of depth of the sacredness that has been reached. A new level of profundity. Oh what a beauty is the world to bequeath to us but a star filled dusty arena of light for poets and visionaries to breath life into the spirit of matter, to candalesque between the stars and the night and joyfully dance to the imaginary tunes of love, to speak to the fairies, to sing to the night, to become the queen of the Maker itself. How we float through the abyss, spangled in the light by the awareness of the gods, how we intermingle in the loving embrace of our many selves and project love to that depth of pools of life. Oh the irreversible joys of it, the reflecting magnificence, the adoration, the compelling brightness, the grand symphony and epiphany that is remembering your divine selves.

Note: (When we hear something that is new, that challenges our everything. We just allow it to be in our awareness. No need to think about it. It is doing it’s amazing work all by itself, no need to do anything more. Just allow all this information to be. As time progresses and you change too it will drop into the awareness as realisations and revelations, and then you will know and not a moment before.)

Extraterrestrial technology

November 17, 2013

17 November 2013
Channeler: Brian, the dragon

Hello everyone,

This is the dragon. We have covered before that what you may perceive when you see extra terrestrials isn’t exactly what they perceive. We have said before that you are spiritual beings experiencing what it is to be three dimensional beings. We have told you before that three dimensional beings aren’t exactly rare in what you call the Milky Way Galaxy, but they are less common than higher vibrational beings. If we were to put a number to that, it’d be something in the range of thousands to one, though many of those thousands are collected into group consciousnesses that speak as one.

We want to remind you that, although it’s not very consoling to beings in the “thick of it”, that all existence is really a game to experience what it is not to be God-all-that-is, that you are all-that-is experiencing an illusion of being a limited being. That no matter how high vibration a being is, it’s not any closer to all-that-is than you are. You are either experiencing all-that-is, or you aren’t. Higher vibrational beings are not necessarily beings that you should necessarily trust any more than another human, since there are malevolent and benevolent influences from your perspective at many of the vibrations simply based on what their chosen experience is and whether it coincides with your own or opposes it. So, discernment is always key.

However, what comes with certain vibrations of existence provides capabilities that aren’t readily available to beings such as yourselves toiling on the surface of your planet. You have come far with technology, yet there is technology much more advanced than your own. Many beings, however, don’t need technology like yours to achieve the kinds of things that you have achieved, or achieve things seeming like magic to some in your past. Or like amazing technology and scientific achievement to you as you currently perceive things. There are technical parallels of almost every spiritual capability, but it’s usually achieved with much less effort.

Many higher vibrational beings, including you in other experiences, can manifest great things by conscious thought. It’s not as much for them technology as just the way things are. Why you don’t come in contact with many of them, is that your planet in your current reality is not set up this way. So physical interaction with these kinds of beings is rare at your vibration. They interact with the higher vibrational aspects of your world that you do not see but that your souls can. So, when these beings travel through your space, they are usually invisible to your physical sight. Some individuals you call psychic or clairvoyant can see them, and of course every human has that capability, typically turned off. Some of you who have turned it on are reading this. You can interact with them, but typically at their vibrational level rather than their own, where you can manifest much like they do even if it seems less real to you. They are capable of entering your vibrational level, but typically choose not to.

When they do come in contact with your reality, you see what sometimes seems like strange and ridiculous things. So without further ado, we are going to discuss some of those things you may see and clarify what they are.

Flying saucers

Very few ships that come to Earth are built by beings such as yourselves. They are usually manifested by higher vibrational beings. You can call them extra-terrestrials, however it’s a bit of a misnomer because to many of them, there isn’t the separation between earth and other worlds. To many of them, there are portals, gateways, and different realms of differing experiences.

Now, we have said before that being higher vibration doesn’t make them any better or worse than you. So, we want to get that point across when we tell you that most ships you see are from higher vibrational beings and that most are higher vibration than your physical bodies are, but that doesn’t make them any better or worse than you. They just are. They are typically inter-dimensional as well. These are inter-dimensional beings that use the ships to travel inter-dimensionally, or are inherently capable of inter-dimensional travel and use the ships to keep it all together or because it’s fun, or comfortable, or for any other reason.

So, you have a perception that these ships can travel in ways that seem to defy physics or capabilities of human bodies, that they can cloak, that they can go very fast. That they can sometimes split into multiple craft or change shape. All of these observations are accurate from your perspective. However, these are not technical capabilities of ships from beings that are far more technologically advanced than you are. Instead, these capabilities are simply the very nature of the ships and how the species who operate them are set up. So, to them, it is no more high technology than what it is to us to walk with our legs. In fact, some of the beings operating the ships can’t manifest working legs that will function on Earth. Some of them would simply die or transform into physical beings not well-suited for Earth if they tried to spend too much time in your physical reality. So in some ways, you have higher “technology” than them, if you want to call it that, since you are adapted for existance on a very interesting natural planet.

There are all kinds of what you would call ships, and many of them operate on the concept of a merkabah. There are what you may call world ships which carry entire races. In physical 3d, they may seem very small, but they are in fact very large. Usually, they are manifested mentally, so they don’t have to be put together with the nuts and bolts that you would expect. Then there is the personal merkabah which are just naturally how beings fly through space and time, even if not typically thinking about it just as you don’t think about how you walk. Through the merkabah, they will visit your yard or house. This is done naturally without much effort on their part.

Most beings like to take their natural capabilities and simply manifest artificial devices for the “fun” of it. However, those are props they typically do not need.

Cloaking technology

Flying saucers with cloaking technology is a common fixation for people on your world. Interest in these things are so common, that it is not considered crazy to talk about them. There is a physical basis for this fixation. You are indeed being visited. Although in the past, there have been isolated cases of physical beings such as yourselves visiting, it is not usually what comes around. The beings that visit are typically higher vibrational.

So, when you see a ship cloaking, it’s simply out of phase with your physical reality. If it’s “partially cloaked” then it’s partially out of phase. That’s about as interesting to the beings operating them as you turning the keys on your automobile, and it’s a very large part of how they function.

Most of the time, ships would be what you call cloaked, simply because they are operating at their normal vibrational level. Usually, when they pierce into your vibrational level, it’s by accident, and they project somethign that makes sense from your vibrational level, even if it’s not how they perceive the ship. So you may see a metal object momentarily appear, then go transparent again. It’s simply returning to its vibration.

Gods and goddesses

This isn’t exactly technology, but from your perspective some beings had capabilities that seemed like advanced

technology to you, and magic to people in your past. These gods and goddesses were not God. They weren’t all-that-is, but often they played with human beings like ants and demanded worship, in some cases for their own amusement and in other cases to steal creative power from mankind.

A few of the more adventerous inter-dimensional types may stick around longer and do so in order to manifest their own bodies at your vibration and interact in a way where they have a richer physical experience. It’s risky, and dangerous for them since they can get trapped here, but many are decent at it. When they go through this transformation, they will experience time go from being non-linear to sequential and many other effects of delving into physicality. It becomes hard for them to remember their capabilities. Not as hard as it is for all of you at the mercy of society from birth as a seemingly helpless baby, but it takes practice. So these are the
most inter-dimensional of inter-dimensional beings, much like the capability your own civilization will achieve in time. Even then, there’s usually a time limit before they have to return or risk forgetting everything and getting trapped until they die (at which point, all beings can leave, human or not).

There are throughout history stories of beings doing this and interfering with courses of events on Earth. You heavily abhor these situations, but pass legends and stories around about them. It’s hard from our perspective to judge these occurrences as harshly as you may. To you, and rightly so, it may seem like a complete intrusion into your own free will. From our perspective, you simply left the door open and mischievous and benevolent ones came through to have a little fun at your expense, or to help you. In either case, it typically didn’t go well, largely because humans in the past loved to give their creative power away.

You have since mostly closed the door. Though that doesn’t keep them out one-hundred-percent and as you become more spiritually connected, this sort of interaction will result again. Hopefully, this time you are better prepared for it and can “play the game” on an equal footing. Many of those that came before are ready to also take it easier on you because they are also aware that the last time didn’t go so well.

Phasing devices

There are tales of extra terrestrials traveling through walls to enter peoples’ houses. This is a correct observation. In fact, at the present time, most of you have beings traveling through your walls, so-to-speak, since your world is crawling with higher vibrational beings that you typically do not see or feel, but that some of you do especially when your mind is quiet.

Just as higher vibrational beings can travel through your walls since they are simply not in phase with your physical reality, higher vibrational beings you may identify as Extra Terrestrial can travel through walls simply because their bodies aren’t in phase with your physical reality.

So, nothing special there. It is what it is. You see it as technology, and they see it as natural.

Faster-than-light travel

Again, this is simply an aspect of how things work. Light is no barrier for higher-vibrational beings. They move at the speed of consciousness. Scientists have gotten hold of a few ships that have accidentally manifested into physicality and get trapped. There was, therefore, a physical form that manifested. And that form was something as close in your physical reality to how those ships would work if they were physical. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them functional, to the great frustration of a few scientists. Nevertheless, it did yield some clues on how to make physical ships inter-dimensional, leaving still a huge gap to fill.

Element 115 and alchemy

Higher vibrational beings can manifest their own physical experiences. They don’t need a concept of atoms or even atoms to be manifest in their reality. Their manifestations are typically “ideal” manifestations and will work from a high level as they intend without worrying about the details. So, alchemy is just a natural state for higher vibrational beings.

But what happens when their “ideal” manifestations come in contact with your physical reality that does have these rules? Say, a ship “falling” into your vibrational level.

You have independently arrived at the idea of an “island of stability” in your science textbooks. We can tell you that this island exists, and you are finding elements on the shores of the island. Yet, even in this island of stability, there is no 100% stable element. Yet there are some that can survive for seconds or longer, which is amazing considering how unstable elements around them are. There are artificial fields that can stabilize these atoms.

When your scientists found a ship, they discovered the signature of such an element. They couldn’t “see” this element since it had to be kept in its containment field which was luckily still functioning.

However, again, like before, this element was not part of how the ship functioned in higher vibration. It was simply an artifact that arrived when the ship “fell” into your vibration and got stuck. If you ask the question of “how does anti-gravity work”? Then the universe provides an answer. One of those answers, not the only one, is element 115. Whether or not you independently can produce element 115 and use it is another question, and it’s not really that important since you’ll side-step the need.

However, we do want to leave you with one tiny anecdote: Your scientists have already produced element 115, but it sadly isn’t the right isotope. They know the equations to produce the right ones, but it’s easier said than done.

Telepathy and collective conscious

Would it surprise you if we told you that telepathy is the most common form of communication in your galaxy? It is more natural than verbal or written communication. So what you see as the technology of telepathy, is simply a natural ability. Some of you are showing that because you are developing your own natural telepathic ability. Others are augmenting it with the technology of mobile devices and the internet, simply a primitive telepathic network within the primitive collective of physical collective of mankind. By the way, there is a higher vibrational collective of mankind your souls are tapped into, as are a few individuals on your world. You just haven’t figured out how to make it as ubiquitous for your lives as the internet is. That will change and the two will merge.


Higher vibrational beings can typically move around by what you would call teleportation. Not all of them, and some do need the ships to make certain types of movements. However, most don’t. So why the ships? We never said every being is logical.

So, teleportation is just a natural capability many beings have. You may see this and think they have some form of technology because in your 3d experience it is technology. However, to them, it’s not.

Mind control

We decided to cover some extra-terrestrial technologies that we haven’t seen penetrate your reality in the way you may have imagined it. One of which is that it is fabled there is some mind control device that is used to manipulate mankind.

Interestingly, there is such a device so-to-speak, however it is not either man-made or extra-terrestrial in origin. It is actually by nature what you call the veil. Everything on your side of the veil is limited in the types of energy that can pierce through, and socially you work as a civilization largely to uphold the veil instead of working harder to pierce the veil – which isn’t much work at all, but a change in belief.

So, as a society that often likes to give away your creative power, you once again have found a way to give away your own ability to eliminate the effects of the veil by blaming it on anything but yourselves. It can feel cozy inside your comfortable reality where everything is controlled and logical – or seemingly so – but you miss out on so much and feel so isolated by maintaining the veil in its present form.

Now, this has been enhanced by the ability in some cases – for self-preservation – that extra terrestrials have been able to temporarily paralyze human beings through telepathic thought. However, those are two separate things. You will learn that well enough when you can do the same thing, for instance, to temporarily demobolize an attacking lion long enough to talk it out of attacking you.

Experimentation and cattle mutilation

Cattle mutilation is undergone by clandestine aspects of your own government to study the effects of nuclear radiation caused by nuclear testing. As the data starts to finalize, you should see a natural drop-off in that.

Additionally, we are not aware of any experimentation being undergone on people. Hysteria can cause people to create in their mind certain experiences. Such mind creations can even manifest physical signs, just as people can do to themselves sometimes when being “possessed”. So in some sense, this hysteria can be a modern form of possession. What we do see, quite often, is that while people are asleep or in a higher vibrational state, they are picked up by ships or travel to the ships themselves and do interact. These ships are sometimes what you’d call extra terrestrial and are sometimes manifested by groups of humans. In either case, that’s as far as it goes, and we aren’t aware of any experimentation happening. In some cases, when people are confronted with the idea of experimentation, it transforms in their own mind what actually occurred.

That is called a distortion. And such distortions are typically only temporary and the shadow is eventually lifted.


We want to follow-up that last part saying that in fact there have been hybrids created. You may consider this invasive, especially when it’s your genetic material being used. As we’ve said in other channelings, we can’t judge hybrids because in many way this is simply a beautiful exercise of creational abilities. Furthermore, your souls have agreed to this, as has the earth. When a being isn’t well-suited for life on Earth, and wants to interact with mankind, it can simply wait until mankind has a high enough vibration to interact. Since these beings exist outside of linear time, it’s not such a big deal anyway. They just find the version of humanity they are interested in and interact with that one. However, some find it interesting to interact with the current state of mankind. Those indvidiausl can shift their vibration and descend to Earth through a very risky step that we discussed earlier about so-called Gods and goddesses. Or, they can do something a little safer and create hybrids that contain their own uniqueness entwined with beings that are capable of survival on planet Earth, if not quite so well since some of these hybrids can be fragile.

In fact, there is already a hybrid on your world with over seven billion members! It is called the human being. The breeding program for your species was intensive, and it took many tries and much cross-breeding to get it right. So, we suggest before judging hybrids, remember that mankind is in fact a hybrid.

With love,
The dragon

The Path Of Ascension Is The Path To Freedom ~ AA Michael

August 30, 2013

The Path Of Ascension Is The Path To Freedom ~ AA Michael
30 August 2013

Channeler: Ronna Herman

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-09-2013

Beloved masters, after you came into your individualized consciousness, realizing that you were a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, the ALL THAT IS, you were programmed with the knowledge that you were predestined to journey forth into the great unmanifested void as an emissary of Light. Your Divine Mission was encoded deep within your Immortal Soul-self, as well as within your Sacred Heart Seed Atom. You, along with all the other “awakened Sparks of Self-awareness,” were destined to experience all the wondrous diversity of creation for the Creator, our Father/Mother God, and all the great Beings of Light, whose predetermined mission mandated that they would remain in the higher, rarified realms of Light.

We tell you this because we wish to impress upon you how ancient and complex you are. You came into this lifetime with a wealth of knowledge and a rich, composite lineage encoded within your DNA, your cellular structure, your mental and emotional bodies, as well as an extensive chakra system of virtues, qualities and talents. You may have wondered why the members of some families can be so different physically, mentally and emotionally when, from an earthly point-of-view, they came from the same parents and lineage. The lineage of your physical family in this lifetime is only a minuscule portion of your vast history and priceless heritage–of who you truly are.

You have separated your consciousness or fragmented yourself millions of times in order to experience the great diversity of Creation, and you have also reunited with many of the multiple facets of yourself more times than you can count. Each time you did so, you added more complex information and unique experiences to your memory bank. The farther you moved away from the perfection of the Supreme Creator, and the deeper you moved into multi-dimensionality, the denser and less perfect your creations became, for you had less pure Light substance to work with. Therefore, there is no blame and there should be no feelings of guilt and failure, for each lifetime was designed as a carefully planned learning experience. However, this round of Cosmic Creative Expansion is now coming to a close. It is now time for you to reclaim your Self-mastery and the ability to create things of beauty and harmony in accordance with the original, higher-level Divine plan.

Now that you are aware that you have the power to tap into an unlimited supply of pure Cosmic Life Substance–the Love/Light of all Creation–what are you waiting for? The rejection of your Divine birthright is a travesty, and your Higher Self will not relent in its nudgings to help you awaken and reclaim your royal heritage. You, the Star Seed Souls, who are leading the way in the ascension process have reached the furthermost point in your journey of separation, and once more you are deeply immersed in the process of reunion with and integration of the many facets of your Divine Self which are scattered throughout this Sub-universe.

When you begin to comprehend the true process of creation, your reality immediately expands into a broader perspective. As a master-becoming, you will learn to become non-judgmental as you endeavor to develop silent detachment. Over time, you will develop a feeling of being disconnected from everyday drama and events. A master speaks less, listens more carefully, and maintains a detached attitude from what is occurring around him/her. You are to seek the serenity within the Sacred Heart. Therein resides your center of Power and Divine Will.

No matter what station, circumstances, or level of awareness you incarnated with in this lifetime, deep within your Soul-self there has always been a burning desire to integrate the many facets of your Beingness, even those facets that resonate to lower frequencies than those you carry in your current earthly vessel and within your auric field. These are the addictions, false truths and concepts that you have accepted as your own, along with various deep-seated feelings of dislike, vengeance or judgment that you have created in your many earthly experiences. However, they must first be healed and harmonized so that they can be filled with Light. In this way, you will not have to experience the discomfort, the challenges or the karmic interactions of these past third/fourth-dimensional experiences, for that is the old way.

As you allow your Divine Self to OverLight and guide you, more and more inspired thought will come to you. There are many ways to allow Spirit to manifest through you; just let it happen naturally, dear ones. What makes your heart smile and your Soul sing? What brings you a deep sense of inner satisfaction? How do you wish to serve? There are many ways, and you have many talents (more than you will acknowledge); however, the choice is always yours as to whether or not you wish to develop and make use of the latent gifts with which you have been endowed.

It is imperative that there be Masters of Light / Warriors of Spirit ready to step into leadership roles–those who are willing to boldly lead the way into the new realms of existence that have been prepared for ascending humanity. Are you willing to step to the fore? Are you among those who are ready and willing to guide and direct, to steadfastly hold the focus of the new vision–the new Divine Blueprint for Heaven and Earth–and then to see that it is manifested for the highest good of all?

Remember, my brave ones, you must draw your cloak of invincibility around you; you must strengthen your resolve and raise your consciousness above the barbs, seeds of doubt and criticism that will be projected toward you. The masses are still bound by the repressive world of duality and the physical form. As their Souls begin to stir and nudge them to awaken, the chasm between the third-, fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness will widen. As a result, the energies of resistance, resentment, and rebellion will be spewed forth by those still firmly in the grip of lower frequencies of negativity, limitation and a sense of helplessness. They will experience great fear of the changes taking place. They will resent being pushed out of their comfort zone, even if it is a reality of restriction and suffering. They will attempt to discredit and malign you, but you must not waver.

You must stand firm in your integrity, not judging, but radiating loving energy toward all, and taking the stance of a master by blessing them, and then moving on to more fertile fields. Be aware that changes are occurring at the deepest cellular level in every species on the Earth plane–no one or no thing is immune to the higher frequencies of Creator Light that are bombarding and penetrating into the deepest core of every person, the Earth and all creation.

While in a human form, you do not leave the first four dimensions: mineral, vegetable, animal and human planes of consciousness. You must balance and harmonize them back into the designated frequencies of harmony and balance in order to tap into the higher planes of Light. The universal laws of manifestation will only allow you to integrate the energetic vibrations of higher dimensions as each lower sub-dimension is returned to the appropriate, harmonious, frequency patterns. Learning to live consciously will require much discipline in the beginning phase; however, as time passes, you will find that your mind-set has expanded into a more in-depth awareness of what is going on around you and within as well.

Leaving the old world behind can be bitter sweet. Remember, you are not coming to a dead end–you are stepping through a portal into a new beginning. You must decide what you wish to take with you into your new world, and you must discern lovingly, but firmly, what you must leave behind. As you expand your consciousness and tap into the wisdom of your Sacred Mind, where the higher frequencies of God-consciousness are stored, your reality will change very quickly. The vital concepts of the ascension process are what we have been explaining to you over these many past years as we gradually conveyed to you the various teachings and techniques of Self-mastery.

As many of you who have faithfully followed our teachings are aware, each dimensional environment resonates to a specific range of frequency patterns, with each higher dimension vibrating within a more refined octave range. As you made your journey into the void of outer space and into the lower dimensions, to some degree, each level resulted in a separation of consciousness from your Higher Self. In other words, within your mental body, the frequency patterns for each level of consciousness (or dimension) were stored in what we have termed Light packets of wisdom. These were encased in membranes of Light or a veil which restricted access to the various higher dimensional awareness levels until you were, once again, resonating to that level of consciousness. It is time for the veils of unconsciousness to be lifted, beloveds, so that you can remember the vastness of who you are, the grand experiences you have had, and the bright future that is before you.

Consciousness/creation/manifestation in the higher realms are fluid and malleable, and are redefined and reconstructed at each higher-dimensional level in order to be compatible with the vibrational patterns of that reality. This is the process that is taking place on Earth, and within and around each human Being on the earthly plane at this time. The more rigid, fearful and resistant to change a person is, the more difficult the transition process will be for him/her.

Beloveds, you must be willing to let go of those things in your life, which include relationships as well as material things that are no longer compatible with your new State of Being. You will find, as you move swiftly forward and upward on the path of ascension, that whatever you are leaving behind will be replaced with people and things of a more refined level, which will be much more meaningful and important in your future existence.

It is important that you have a good understanding of these advanced concepts, what they mean and how they affect all Creation in this Sub-universal experience. It behooves you to seek out and study this information until it is firmly imprinted upon your mind. As you return to Self-mastery and, once more, fully assume your role as cocreators of a new galactic experience, it is vital that you have a comprehensive understanding of the universal laws and how to effectively use your allotment of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. As you release the imbalanced, restrictive life patterns, thoughts and actions of the lower densities, your journey into the higher realms of Light will automatically accelerate.

You can monitor and determine what kind of thought forms you are radiating forth from you by the people you draw into your awareness. Are you experiencing a lot of negative feedback or interaction with those around you? Are you still allowing people to take advantage of you in order to feel worthy? When you share your gifts of abundance and awareness with others, how often do you feel harmonious and loving afterward? How often do you feel resentful or exploited? We have stressed many times before, “It would be better to not do something for another person than to do it for the wrong reason.”

Remember, it is the vibrational patterns that you are projecting that determine the rightness of an action, not the action itself. In the process of returning to balance and harmony, there must be a balance in everything. There is an energy exchange in every thought you have and everything you do. If you constantly give to another person without receiving some kind of positive energy exchange in return, an imbalance develops which soon manifests as resentment or guilt, and often a sense of superiority or inferiority. It becomes impossible to radiate unconditional love to another person under such conditions.

You must learn to enter the silence of Self in order to connect with Spirit. Your Higher Self and God Self are waiting for you to tap into the magical Light stream of Divine consciousness. We sense the yearnings of so many millions of dear Souls who wish to communicate with their Higher Self and with us. We tell you it is not nearly as difficult as most of you believe. All you have to do is state your intention and then practice going into the silence and stillness within so we can clear the pathways and strengthen the connection that is already there–a connection which has atrophied from mis-use or non-use.

We often give you new information that must be accepted or rejected via your gift of discernment. If it is to be accepted as your truth, it must be fully understood and assimilated in order to become a part of your philosophy of life, and then it must be put into practice. It is also important that we convey to you the practical applications of our wisdom teachings so that you will have a good understanding of the cause and effect situations that can arise as you strive to integrate each new level of awareness. Never forget, the mind can be a competent servant, but without its connection to the Sacred Heart, it can be a controlling and destructive master. That is why it is imperative that you gain access to, activate and empower both the Sacred Heart and the Sacred Mind.

We have taught you how to pray without words by radiating unconditional love to humanity, the world and all creation, and when you add to that thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you, you are praying in the most effective way possible. As your Sacred Heart comes to life again, it will become more sensitized to the Adamantine Particles flowing into and from your Solar Power center.

You cannot know or feel our Father/Mother God or the Creator through an idea or a nebulous thought or theory. It isn’t enough to just know or think about God, you must feel the Essence, the overwhelming love of the Creator within your Sacred Heart Center. Then there is no doubt within your mind that you have reconnected with your God-Self and the Oneness of all Creation.

These are times of great change, beloveds, and you are in the midst of an accelerated process of joining with and integrating the many facets of your Divine Self. Know that the challenges, tests and opportunities before you will bring rewards beyond anything you can imagine, and so do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone as you reach for the stars. Accept your cloak of radiant Light, for you have earned it. Follow your own path and do not fear being different from those around you.

Call on us and we will guide and assist you in every way possible. Be bold and steadfast, my brave warriors of peace. Know that I am with you always and you are loved profoundly.


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Today is the day that all the Dark Entities are being told they must leave now

August 23, 2013

Chapter Nine, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/22/13

There is a momentous event taking place on Planet Earth this day, August 22, 2013. You may not be aware of it, but that does not make it any less historic. Today is the day that all the Dark Entities which have been hiding inside human hosts are being told they must leave now, and in doing that they must choose to either give themselves up and go to the Light, or be dissolved back into the pool of molecules, as required by Prime Creator. There will be no exceptions. Any who refuse to leave, but insist on remaining with the host will be slowly dissolved by the action of the Light energy within the host. The higher the vibration, the faster the dissolution will take place.

You see, they are being given a choice whether to continue their lives as a soul or be discontinued. This is more than fair, as you might say. Should they decide to turn toward the Light, they will be escorted gently by a guide who respects their individuality and their choice. The ones who are taken to the Light will be forgiven and welcomed back, for it is not the past that matters in one’s soul development. It is the state of your soul, your attitude, your intention and your Light at this very moment which matters. Nothing else. Anyone can be restored; everyone can be forgiven.

As we write this, our dear Lady Portia who is transcribing my words is feeling the intense energy. It is filled with feeling: anxiety, fear, confusion, conflict, like a drop of water on a hot skillet, as she describes it. It is difficult to manage for those of you who are empathic, especially if you are not aware of the source. This high intensity will continue until after the healing radio show in which the Dark Entities are taken to the Light by Archangels Gabrielle and Lucifer. They have taken on the responsibility of calling in and receiving all those who were lost, and all those who were conscripted into the Legions of Satan, under the incorrect impression that their leader was Lucifer.

Lucifer was not ever evil, nor was he the Satan, nor was he the leader of any dark organization or gang. He was and will always be our dear brother whose name means Light, and who has lived an exemplary series of lives in the service of humankind. His intention was to teach humans to learn to love themselves, and by doing that he believed they would find their connection to God. Although we do not generally talk about our earth incarnations, I will give you an idea of the kind of work Lucifer did in his lives. One recent incarnation was as Abraham Maslow, the brilliant psychologist who developed the concept of “peak performance.” It inspired many to reach for what is best in themselves. You have also heard of his work as one of Ancient Greece’s most well-known philosophers.

Lucifer and Gabrielle are continuing their work to protect and free humankind from the Dark Ones who came here to Planet Earth to dominate all. They are finishing that arduous task by clearing the entire planet of the minions who were seduced into the order of evil-doers by those who believed that they could defeat God. As you can see, they did not, and they never will. It is now time for them to be permanently removed, from within your bodies, and from the surface of Planet Earth. They cannot survive in the higher dimensions without being restored to heart feeling, so they are not a threat to other 5th dimensional planets or any beings of high vibration.

Now let us turn our attention to the monumental events of today, Thursday, August 22, 2013 by your Earth Calendar. This evening, at 8 pm Eastern Time, (New York time), there will be an event which will be recorded in the history of the planet as a turning point, the beginning of a new era. We will conduct a healing session of monumental proportions, in which all the Dark Entities still hiding on Planet Earth will be called to come forward to be taken to the Light. The one we are calling Prince Reginald will cooperate with Gabrielle, who will sound her trumpet. This sound will reverberate into every part of the planet, to those who are being harbored by human hosts and to those who are hiding inside the Earth’s crust, and those who have been flushed out of their base on the far side of the Moon.

No Reptilian entity will be permitted to remain to harass or compromise the happiness and full functioning of any being on Earth. There will be no exceptions. Any human who refuses to relinquish their hold on a Dark Entity within them will find that they cannot maintain that hold. Although they may hang on for a matter of hours, the Light which is pouring forth from the Central Sun, and the outpouring of Love from the healers and Masters who are taking part in this Healing Event will overcome the Darkness once and for all, and those hangers-on will be dissolved into molecules and dispersed.

I repeat this command: No Dark Entities will remain on Planet Earth. There will be no exceptions. Anyone who insists they are still being plagued by Darkness will need to look into their own ideas and convictions to discover why they have pledged their allegiance to pain and misery. What will remain for those who have been invaded by these invaders will be the healing from having adapted to feeling lack, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, self-hatred and confusion. This will require determination and dedication to rebuilding their own inner connections to their Higher Self and to God.

We will provide encouragement and instruction in these messages from me, and from Mother/Father God to help you rebalance your energies to fulfill the promise of your brilliant Creator selves, strong, confident and filled with the great Light of Heaven. Never again will the people of Planet Earth be plagued by interference within themselves, imposed on them from without by those who wished to harm and control them. You will now be free to breathe, take command of your own thoughts and feelings, and begin manifesting the Dream we all came here to build.

Only now will the true nature of humankind be visible to all, for you have been profoundly suppressed by these Dark Entities, of whom there are millions. They have particularly attacked the Lightworkers of great power, to hold them back from fulfilling the wondrous accomplishments of which they are capable. You will now see a flowering, a New Golden Age of creativity and good will, as all the energies of Light are released, allowing these talented and dedicated Beings to rise to their full potential.

It is truly a new day, Beloved Ones. We now are able to arrange this mass healing and removal of the Dark Ones in such a way that you can all witness the event yourselves, no matter where on the planet you live. Any place where a computer is available with an internet connection, there will be access to this great event. It will be recorded for posterity, and copies of the recording made available on and on Youtube to be copied and distributed across the planet. Everyone will eventually know of this clearing, and will know of the reason for the wondrous lightness they will feel tomorrow. Everyone will see and feel the change, even if they are not aware of the cause.

Mark this day on your timeline, Dear Ones. This is the day all the mental hospitals will be made useless, all the hospitals will empty out, all the prisons will become antiquated houses of horror, never to be inhabited again. As the souls across the world awaken to their new inner peace, soldiers will lose their interest in fighting, despots will retire from wanting to control their people, and armies will turn their attention to rebuilding, restoring and helping people to live more comfortably.

All weapons will take on a distasteful aura, as they come to be seen as the instruments of torture and destruction they really are. No one will want to be known as someone who is attracted to violence and death; those titillations will be known as the misguided thinking of ones who were under the influence of the Dark invaders, those inferior lifeforms who could not feel or think truly.

They were not able to think truly because of their neurological defect, caused by their unfortunate decision to manipulate their own DNA, to suppress their heart/mind. It changed them, thousands of years ago, into beings without compassion, without a connection to Love, and without a connection to God.

As a collective, they were the expression of evil. They were known as the Reptilians, the faction of Dark Beings from the Orion star system. Those who initiated this project professed to have a leader of great power, Satan, who was Lucifer, God’s son. The story was told so often and with such conviction that the minions of Reptilians under the command of the original Dark Ones were convinced they were the army of Lucifer.

Only when Lucifer announced his return on a radio show with Kathryn and Ann DeHart on July 27, recorded on did the dark factions discover the lie they had lived by for eons. It caused havoc in the ranks of entities who had been carrying out their assigned duties of making trouble for humankind, individually and as a group.

They knew they had been betrayed, lied to, manipulated. They also now knew that Lucifer was a true leader, and they began to learn that they had a choice. As the energies on the planet rose, and the Lighworkers they were trying to keep in darkness began to raise their vibration, the DNA of the Dark Ones began to be reactivated, just as it was happening with humankind. They listened to the voices of Lucifer and Gabriella, who were calling them Home, inviting them to come to the Light to be forgiven and returned to their rightful place with God.

When Prince Reginald, the current leader of the Reptilians, heard of Lucifer’s return, he made the decision to vacate the body of the powerful Lightworker he had been inhabiting. He left during the night, in order to escape and to go to Lady Portia in order to ask for safe passage. He was able to raise his vibration because of the time spent in his host’s aura, and lodged himself in our dear Lady Master’s throat. He welcomed the invitation to leave, surrounded by the healing team of which I was a member. He turned himself in, asking to be allowed to lead all the members of his species to the Light.

Reginald has been forgiven, and is being encouraged to raise his Light further in order to eliminate all residue of thought patterns leading to Dark actions. He has been taken to the Light, offered a pardon by God, and has been given healing treatments himself to prepare him for the work of leading his people to the Light. He will be accompanied by Lucifer, whom he now sees as his rightful leader, Gabrielle, whose powerful beacon of Light will beckon them Home, and the Legions of Light – those in spirit and those incarnated now.

All the returning Beings will be escorted, one by one, with the help of millions of mentors, who will escort them on their return Home. There they will be welcomed, enfolded in the Love of All That Is, and taken to the healing Light Chambers to be restored to the whole beings they were originally created to be. They will no longer continue as Dark Ones, but will be restored to live out their birthright, the mission of doing God’s work, bringing Love and Light to the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Rejoice with us in this historic Day of Freedom, Beloved Ones. You have triumphed over Darkness by raising your own vibrations, by doing your own Lightwork, and by remaining in Faith during these difficult long centuries of pain and struggle. You have risen above the challenges, and you will be rewarded with the joy of knowing you have accomplished this wondrous Shift which allowed for the defeat of Darkness across your entire planet.

As Father God is fond of saying, “It is done. It is finished.” Before the sun has set on the Americas this day, all Dark Entities will have joined the great procession of souls moving into the Light. Tears of joy will wash away the years of pain, and all will celebrate by dancing, singing and hugging each other in the streets. Watch as the realization spreads, as people awaken to the truth. It will not happen in a single moment, but it will take hold in the hearts and minds of all humankind, in this year of our magnificent Ascension to the Light.

I am Sananda, the one you have known as Jesus.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 22, 2013, 2 pm.

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The Grand Sextile-Aug 25- by Anna Merkaba

August 21, 2013

The Grand Sextile-Aug 25- by Anna Merkaba
20 August 2013
Channeler: Anna Merkaba

The Grand Sextile – August 25th – The Solomon ’s seal – Theme – TRANSFORMATION – Pleiades


In the next few days of your earthly time, there will once again occur a grand celestial event in your skies as major celestial bodies move into place to form a six pointed star. Another portal will once again open and bring with it a strong infusion of light onto this planet. This is the time that all of you will be able to fully, consciously and collectively connect yet again to the divine. Coupled with the energies that all of you have collected and have hibernated within your vessels for the last few weeks, the energy that will be unleashed onto GAIA will have tremendous power to break down the old systems and to transform all that stands in its way.

And so we ask that all of you, with all of you might and desire for change, connect to the divine and allow your bodies to become light anchors, pillars of light, through which the pure cosmic energies of love, peace, serenity, tranquility and understanding can pass through and into the very depths of your planet.

We ask that as this energy passes through you, for you to completely merge with the energies and to monitor your thoughts continuously for 3 days. One day prior to the portal, during the portal and the next day after the closing of the gates.

You shall become PURE channels of this energy, for all the darkness shall be transformed to light, doubts and fears into confidence and peace. Bear in mind that as this energy passes through you, and cleanses your very being, you may experience various energy fluctuations throughout the 3 day cycle. Please understand that this shall be a natural state, for your bodies will be transformed FOR THE DURATION OF 3 DAYS (22-24) – YOU SHALL BECOME PURE PILLARS OF LIGHT. Your senses will heighten. Your vision will sharpen. Your hearing will significantly improve. Each word you utter will carry tremendous power within. Your thoughts will quickly manifest into your reality and so we ask all of you to be increasingly aware of these processes and to carefully monitor each and every thought, word and action, for you must think love, breathe love, BE LOVE. You must completely transform yourselves into pure VIOLET FLAME.

Allow the energies to permeate through your body and if you begin to feel anything but love, peace, tranquility and joy, simply shift your focus back to love and light. Remember to keep your thoughts positive, do not allow any negativity to seep through. Simply shift your focus and know that for these 3 days you are an immensely powerful being, carrying pure, crystalline consciousness of the universal truth within your vessel and delivering it to mother GAIA.

And so on the 25th of your August you are to sit in a meditative state and imagine and see and feel and sense yourself to be a pure, pillar of violet flame. See yourself connecting with your crown chakra to the Source. Be sure to “imagine” that your link to The Source is completely protected in golden light as it travels down from The Source into your Crown chakra, going all the way down the center of your body and exiting your body through your base chakra and going all the way down to the very core of the earth. Sit still and breathe deeply in and out. With every breath that you take pull more and more violet flame through your crown chakra, down your body and out of your base chakra into the heart of the earth, from where it shall envelope the whole planet and be distributed to each and every soul that dwells therein. All the while feeling LOVE, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, PURITY, TRUTH, JOY, CONFIDENCE, AND ETERNAL BLISS.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –