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The Silent Revolution of Truth grows louder

May 30, 2020

Gilbert Vega donated $10
we need to be more open to possibilities and not be so self absorbed

Ellen Gusukuma donated $100
Michael Horn’s immense work is deeply important for enlightening mankind and for saving the planet.

Christine Worthy donated $50
Our world NEEDS this information…. and they NEED to believe!

Xky Erra donated $5
because we need really help

Arnoud Schutte donated $30
It is not a hoax. It is the most important story in the history of mankind on earth

Tony Bodhran donated $25
The world needs to know.

Glen Ave donated $25
Billy Meier is the most important human of our time. The information provided by Billy and the Plejaren from Erra are invaluable for all human kind and the survival of our planet Earth. Keep up the great work Michael Horn.

Dale Coston donated $15
I love the truth.

disc horn

Short descriptions of 8 of Billy Meier’s books

Positive Balance in Daily Life

May 11, 2020

Oh My GOTT p.365

June 4, 2019

GOTT 19:64

64) The main recommendation is love, and included in this is the love for the truth of the primal power of the life (Creation), love for the laws and recommendations of the primal power (Creation) as well as love for your others (love for the next one), love for all kinds of life (life forms), love for the appearance (nature), love for the real truth and love for the life.

My Billy Meier book reports: We can avoid 800 years of misery with 1 year of reading

November 15, 2014

Billy Meier book reports:

We probably all think about our thoughts, but the Billy Meier material allows us to think in new and more effective ways.  If the Plejaran people are 3000-4000 years more advanced than us technologically, and 20 million years more advanced than us spiritually, it would be wise to study and learn from every piece of information they have to offer. Now what surprised me is that they see Billy Meier as a resource to them!   He supposedly has a spirit form that is 9.6 billion years old, so he has been there and done that. All of it. And he has written down his teachings for us and the Plejarans, and they are very thankful, while we still need 800 years to be able to appreciate the value of his works. Here are my personal opinions or analogies of some of the material:

The Goblet of The Truth: I like to refer to it as G.O.T.T., as in “Oh my Gott!”, or “Oh my Gob!” The GoTT is the complete teachings of all of the true seven prophets of the line of Nokodemion. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of them, either in this lifetime or another. They are Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Immanuel, Mohammed, and Billy. To me, the teachings are like a steamroller. A massive machine that slowly flattens out the bumps in the road ahead for all that follow. But only if you read the book and apply the teachings to your life!  Billy’s spirit form has lived for billions of years, and he was trained to recall his past wisdom stored in the memory storage banks and put it all into one clear, complete, comprehensive book. This book could and should eventually replace the Bible, Torah, Koran, and all spiritual texts.

The Might of The Thoughts: I like to refer to it as M.O.T.T. The might of our thoughts equates to the engine powering our vehicle. Do we have lots of horsepower? What about torque? How many cylinders are we running on? Do we have reliability issues? How many accidents have we had? Are we wasting gas? Spinning our wheels? Our thoughts are the most powerful thing that determine our destiny, and it is up to us to build this power up while minimizing the maintenance issues and problems that inevitably happen. Reading this book is like getting your engine overhauled, your oil changed, and perhaps even adding a turbo or supercharger. It’s like swapping a four cylinder for a V8.

The Contact Reports: The contact reports are like the scenery we drive by.  Sure, we drive every day, but do we really know what goes on in those buildings, or out in nature?  No, we are in such a hurry that we only see the surface or façade of things. Most of us were taught from outdated textbooks by old fashioned teachers.  If you read all of the contact reports that have been translated in to English so far, you will definitely look at the world differently, after learning the actual truth behind our past, our politicians, the history of our solar system, the effects of religion and overpopulation, and almost every other area of life. The contact reports explain what is really going on outside our vehicle.

The Psyche: Now I haven’t read The Psyche yet, but I will within the next few months. However, I’m going to take a crack at it anyways. The Psyche is the driver, but more specifically, our hands on the wheel and our feet on the pedals. We are all individuals, we are all unique, we were all raised slightly differently, and we all have different personalities. As a living created being of Creation, we have free will and make decisions and form our personality based on our thoughts, actions, and experiences. The Psyche will probably help us fine tune our skills, or as we drive through life, our steering, when we accelerate, brake, or if we turn on the cruise control. You are the driver, but how aware are you of your surroundings, your efficiency, and performance? Are you able to calmly anticipate what will happen ahead, or are you forced to react at the last second?  What is your ultimate destination, and do you prefer a Prius, a 4×4, a Porsche, or a moped? We are all different, but eventually we all end up back in the garage of Creation after 60 to 80 billion years of road tripping.

UPDATE:  The Way to Live:  TWTL is one of the best books in the world, and it is easy to read as each verse provides wisdom and knowledge.  I would say that it is the easiest of the Meier books to read.  It is one of my all time favorite books, and if I could only recommend 3 books to someone it would be 1. TWTL  2. MOTT  3. GOTT.

I started my research by reading the Contact Reports.  If you want to see my favorite excerpts, go here.

Then I read the Goblet of Truth and Talmud of Jmmanuel.   UPDATE:  You must read the NEW translation of the TJ done by Billy with the help of the Plejarens and the high spirit levels.  The original translation done by Isa Rashid leaves out many sections, and several errors and mistakes exist in the old version.  I will say that the old version can be found for free online, but it is only about half accurate.  You will however get the idea, and it is at least more accurate than the Gospel of Matthew.

To order the Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

I even compiled my own book, which combines a little bit of everything. It’s called We Came From the Stars, And Then From Mars.

Finally, if you have no idea who I’m talking about, you can read a brief bio here.

You’re welcome!

P.S.  It takes about 6 months to get a good idea of the material, and a year or two to really

go through it all, as well as the German language texts.  That was my experience.

The Three Most Important Books in the World

October 17, 2014


As of 2018, I now think that the three most important books in the world are:

  1. Talmud Jmmanuel
  2. Dodecalogue
  3. Goblet of the Truth

tj dodeca gott covers cropped

You can get GOTT for free here…


The Talmud Jmmanuel means “Teaching of Jmmanuel”.  It is the translation of a set of animal skin scrolls written in Aramaic.  The scrolls were discovered in a tomb in old Jerusalem in 1963.  A greek orthodox priest, Isa Rashid began to translate the scrolls from Aramaic into German.  His secret project was discovered and his village was attacked by Israeli forces.  He escaped with his life, but the original scrolls were lost.  Fortunately, he had translated about half of the scrolls, which he shipped to his friend, Billy Meier.  Isa Rashid was later hunted down and killed in Baghdad, Iraq.  However the translation spread around the world in various editions derived from the translation of Isa Rashid.

An American professor James Deardorff studied the translation for 20 years, and after comparing each line side by side, concluded that the scrolls were written before the Gospel of Matthew.  prof james deardorff

With the help of his friends, Billy Meier recently completed a final translation with many new explanations and corrections in 2015.

The stories in the TJ make sense.  Many things are discovered that clear up much of the confusion one gets from reading the Bible.  These scrolls were written by Judas Ischkerioth, the only disciple that had the ability to read and write.  If you come across a version of the TJ that spells the author’s name differently, that means it is an older translation, and not the most accurate or complete translation.  As far as we know, it is the only written account of the prophet Jmmanuel written during his very long life time.

The Decalogue/Dodecalogue contain the original 12 commandments, which are expanded upon in great detail.  This book is not very large, but contains tremendous wisdom and guidance.  In it, you will see how the original commandments or recommendations were twisted and manipulated by religion.

The Goblet of The Truth is the combined teachings of all seven prophets.  There are only seven true prophets, all who had contact with the Plejaren, in order to assist them in their mission of bringing the true spiritual teachings to humanity.  This is an epic work.  Part of FIGU’s job is to preserve the work, so that it remains unchanged for the next thousand years and beyond.

What does this all mean?  Why does this matter?  These three books easily replace all of the holy books in the world.  They clearly reveal the truth about religion and spiritual teachings.  They resolve all of the questions that religious and non-religious people ask.  They are the three most important books in the world.  Billy has written more than 50 books, but most of them have not been translated from German into other languages.  Fortunately, we have these three, which would easily bring about world peace and harmony, if only people knew they existed and studied them.  We are told that in about 800 years, most people will eventually catch on and start to adopt the information that is written in these books.  Why wait?  The sooner you learn, the better life will be for humanity.

beam of light download page

Original post (written before the Dodecalogue was translated into English):

Number 1 is the true teachings of the prophets.  Unedited, clear cut, complete.

Number 2 is 33% of the biography of who everyone mistakenly calls “Jesus Christ”.

Number 3 is the true galactic history of humans, and our genetic modifications.

If you read all three, you get to be among the very few who know the truth.

Many people believe the Earth has a spirit

June 12, 2013

“Many people believe the Earth
has a spirit named Gaia.

What if we could classify
Earth as a legal entity, so

we could defend it in court?”


“Sprites of Light”

April 14, 2013

Light Connections among 100th monkey Hue-persons have strengthened and are increasingly connecting with all of “non-enLightened” humanity. These connections appear as “Sprites of Light” to those with 5-7D eyes to see.

“Sprites of Light” pass from one human to another, even those in “non-enLightened” state.

This is a Gaia-directed channeling of the Higher D Light whose strength (intensity) has multiplied 10-fold as a result of recent Solar activity. Each human entity has become sufficiently Light-aware (even though often un-consciously) to permit this means of Light transmission within Gaia.

“Sprites of Light”.

Big News Update on World Events

April 13, 2013

Clearing Dark Energies to Make Way for the Celebration

                        12 April 2013 – 11:48am |  Pegalys


Kathryn E. May

by Kathryn E. May,   PsyD

Tonight let’s talk   about what is going on in the rest of the world. The U.S. media is so   incurious about anything beyond your own shores that it is extremely   difficult to get a sense of the state of the planet. We can fill you in   there, as can our dear Tara and Rama, who report the world news on their own   website and on the website.

First, let’s start   with North Korea. We want to reassure you again: There will be no nuclear   strikes, no more World Wars, and no more nuclear testing on Planet Earth. The   nuclear weapons have all been defused, which all would discover were anyone   to try to use them. You are also under the care of the Galactic Fleet, which   will not allow any mass attack of any kind to disturb Gaia at this time.

There will still need   to be massive disposal of the old weapons, but you will get assistance from   the Galactic Fleet to help deactivate and reprocess the nuclear waste. In   addition, the nuclear power plants will be dismantled and neutralized since   they will no longer be needed as soon as the Disclosure Hearings make it   clear to everyone on the planet that there is no need at all for petroleum or   nuclear based fuel sources.

Kim Jung Un is feeling   the desperation of a man who is clinging to the belief in 3D threats and   violence to keep the people from revolting against him, knowing how young and   green he really is. He is proving his “strength” as a leader by beating his   chest. It is more about his fear of being deposed by his own generals than it   is about any conflict with other countries. He is very insecure, and very   immature – a spoiled child being asked to lead a suffering country on the   verge of rebellion against the oppression of its leaders. It is no accident   he chose South Korea and the U.S. to aim his alleged missiles at. These two   countries are the biggest threat to his being able to control his people   through propaganda. It is becoming more apparent to everyone that they are   being used as slave labor, while so many go hungry in the presence of   abundance.

It is becoming ever   more difficult for despots and tyrants to keep their people ignorant of the   truth of their existence – that others around the globe do not suffer as they   do. This is especially glaring with their sister across the border, South   Korea, which has mimicked the U.S. in fast-paced growth and dedication to   material expansion.

Meanwhile, in the   Middle East and elsewhere on the planet, stunning archaeological finds reveal   that the arguments about who owns the land and who can claim sovereignty   sound trivial when ancient civilizations as far back as Lemuria and Atlantis   are being discovered and uncovered. Does it really make sense for countries   to squabble about who claims ownership to anything when it is wondrously   clear that so many others have “owned” the land and thrived on the same soil   eons ago?

The real news appears   on the internet. There will come a time soon when the major news outlets will   find their news by reading twitter posts and taking them seriously. It will   be the end of “entertainment news” about wardrobe malfunctions, insult wars,   Hollywood “baby bumps” and Kardashian behinds. This enthusiastically ignorant   trivia-news is a throwback to lower 3D energies, but it will not succeed in   dragging the population back into willfully dumbed-down state. These   obscenely voyeuristic and sensational stories are simply a distraction from   the developing bank scandals and political charades.

We are so delighted   and eager to see the response to Dr. Steven Greer’s efforts, in concert with   many others, to open up the Pandora’s box of evidence that the Dark Hats have   managed to hide and destroy technology which would have changed the world,   stopped the wars, and provided a clean and healthy planet for everyone. The   proof will become even more evident when those technologies are rapidly put   into place, and everyone from every walk of life suddenly discovers that life   can be truly easy and pleasant for everyone.

Now we ask you again:   Practice patience and forgiveness, because you are going to need it very   soon. Do not permit yourselves to focus on the unspeakable greed you will see   revealed. Inhumanity is not a new phenomenon on your planet. You will begin   to see the players and the plans which created one of the most pervasive   manmade holocausts in the history of the Universe – the rape of Planet Earth   and all its people. It is then that you will be tested to the limits of your   patience and your comprehension.

You will observe the   extent to which free will can be misused, and the way fallen angels can   seduce and manipulate those who feel insecure and vulnerable. It will be a   profound turning point for everyone – one which separates the wheat from the   chaff, as you say. Your hard work to elevate your energies into the 5th   dimension will stand you in good stead if you remember always that Light   overcomes Darkness; kindness and forgiveness lead to peace. Vengeance must be   avoided at all costs, for it would plunge all of you back into the 3D misery   you have worked so hard to leave behind.

The perpetrators will   be brought to justice, we can assure you of that. There will be trials and   incarcerations, and where the criminals have managed to leave the planet to   try to hide again in the 4th dimension, it will not be possible, because the   plane of existence around Gaia which was once their arena of operations will   collapse into non-existence. There will be nowhere for them to go, since   their low vibrational level does not allow them to ascend into the 5th, and   Gaia will no longer exist in the 3rd dimension. Those who persist in their   Dark ways will be captured removed, to begin their rounds of incarnation as   souls on the path of learning Love and Compassion, or they will not be   allowed to continue as souls, as we have told you previously. And so, the   evil you have known on Gaia for all these millennia will be no longer.

Once the perpetrators   of the evil ideas, thoughts and feelings are removed, it will still remain   for all of you to cleanse yourselves and your planet of the residue of Dark   energies, for there will be those Wannabes among you who will cling to the   old ideas and selfish ways for a time, if only as an echo of the former toxic   practices. This is where your powers of healing will come to the fore.   Lightworkers everywhere across the globe will come forward to offer their   services to their fellow humans.

Every form of mind and   body energy work you have developed so far, and many powerful techniques you   will be taught by your Star Brothers and Sisters will be needed, for anyone   who is continuing to rise in their vibratory energy will be sickened by   left-over old Dark beliefs and actions. This is of course why we have urged   you to spend the last months and years clearing yourselves of this “baggage.”   Those who have done the work will sail along into the New Golden Age with   their powers increased, their intelligence expanded and their hearts filled   with joy. So, trim your psychological sails, Dear Ones, and be ready to be   carried along effortlessly.

You will be needed, as   many of you have hoped you would be, to serve your fellow humans as guides,   healers, and leaders of The True Way, free from dogma, intellectual argument   and inner conflict. The qualities you have cultivated – Compassion, Empathy,   Honesty and Kindness – which were so devalued in your 3D culture, will become   the new “currency” – the medium of exchange by which you all manage your lives.   Your natural inclination toward generosity and concern for others will guide   you toward positions of leadership where your talents will be valued and your   contributions celebrated.

Go in peace, Dear   Ones. Know that your energies have been well spent, and prepare yourselves   now for a squeaky-clean transition which will leave you brightly beaming your   precious Light for all to see and bask in. Forgive your enemies, yourselves,   and yes, Us, for the injustices you have felt were unnecessarily imposed on innocent   humans and the members of all the other Kingdoms. You will see, once you have   arrived fully in the higher dimensions, how it all has fit together to allow   for the greatest arena of soul development every experienced in the Universe.   You, Beloved Ones, have learned, have triumphed, and have led the way, and   now it is time for Cosmic Change.

You have heard that as   you ascend, so do others. For instance, your dear neighbors in Inner Earth   have already ascended into the 6th dimension – a triumph they have   anticipated and prepared for over thousands of years. The same is true across   the Universe. It is a glorious time of movement upward, a joyous uplifting of   souls everywhere. In spite of the apparent suffering you still see, the Shift   is marching triumphantly forward. Do not focus on the suffering and pain, but   look beyond it to the freedom and abundance you wish for all your fellow   travelers. Do not weep for their imprisonment but concentrate all your might   toward freeing them, as you would wish to be freed in their place.

We have given you   suggestions in past posts of ways you can take part in the Light Revolution.   Lift your voices, in whatever arena you happen to inhabit. Reach out to   everyone you encounter to bring the message to them: Prepare, fellow Gaians,   not for Armageddon but for Peace! Stretch your mental muscles to envision a   life of equality, abundance and Brotherhood! It will then manifest in your   own lives, and you will be the glowing example of what Faith and a life of   service can bring to all.

We love you eternally,   and will be always at your side. Listen to the trumpet of Archangel   Gabrielle. She leads you forward into a glorious New Day. Put on your Glad   Rags and your dancing shoes, and begin the celebration. This will usher in   the next phase of freedom for everyone on Planet Earth, in the well-earned   Ascension of all the souls who have contributed in their own way to this   momentous moment in history.

We are your   Mother/Father God.


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