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My Billy Meier book reports: We can avoid 800 years of misery with 1 year of reading

November 15, 2014

Billy Meier book reports:

I think about thoughts. A lot. Now, we probably all think about our thoughts, but the Billy Meier material allows us to think in new and more effective ways.  If the Plejaran people are 3000-7000 years more advanced than us technologically, and 20 million years more advanced than us spiritually, it would be wise to study and learn from every piece of information they have to offer. Now what surprised me is that they see Billy Meier as a resource to them!   He supposedly has a spirit form that is 12 billion years old, so he has been there and done that. All of it. And he has written down his teachings for us and the Plejarans, and they are very thankful, while we still need 800 years to be able to appreciate the value of his works. Here are my personal opinions or analogies of some of the material:

The Goblet of The Truth: I like to refer to it as G.O.T.T., as in “Oh my Gott!”, or “Oh my Gob!” The GoTT is the complete teachings of all of the true seven prophets of the line of Nokodemion. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of them, either in this lifetime or another. They are Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Immanuel, Mohammed, and Billy. To me, the teachings are like a steamroller. A massive machine that slowly flattens out the bumps in the road ahead for all that follow. But only if you read the book and apply the teachings to your life!  Billy has lived for billions of years, and was able to recall his past wisdom stored in the memory banks and put it all into one clear, complete, comprehensive book. This book could and should eventually replace the Bible, Torah, Koran, and all spiritual texts.

The Might of The Thoughts: I like to refer to it as M.O.T.T. The might of our thoughts equates to the engine powering our vehicle. Do we have lots of horsepower? What about torque? How many cylinders are we running on? Do we have reliability issues? How many accidents have we had? Are we wasting gas? Spinning our wheels? Our thoughts are the most powerful thing that determine our destiny, and it is up to us to build this power up while minimizing the maintenance issues and problems that inevitably happen. Reading this book is like getting your engine overhauled, your oil changed, and perhaps even adding a turbo or supercharger. It’s like swapping a four cylinder for a V8.

The Contact Reports: The contact reports are like the scenery we drive by.  Sure, we drive every day, but do we really know what goes on in those buildings, or out in nature?  No, we are in such a hurry that we only see the surface or façade of things. Most of us were taught from outdated textbooks by old fashioned teachers.  If you read all of the contact reports that have been translated in to English so far, you will definitely look at the world differently, after learning the actual truth behind our past, our politicians, the history of our solar system, the effects of religion and overpopulation, and almost every other area of life. The contact reports explain what is really going on outside our vehicle.

The Psyche: Now I haven’t read The Psyche yet, but I will within the next few months. However, I’m going to take a crack at it anyways. The Psyche is the driver, but more specifically, our hands on the wheel and our feet on the pedals. We are all individuals, we are all unique, we were all raised slightly differently, and we all have different personalities. As a living created being of Creation, we have free will and make decisions and form our personality based on our thoughts, actions, and experiences. The Psyche will probably help us fine tune our skills, or as we drive through life, our steering, when we accelerate, brake, or if we turn on the cruise control. You are the driver, but how aware are you of your surroundings, your efficiency, and performance? Are you able to calmly anticipate what will happen ahead, or are you forced to react at the last second?  What is your ultimate destination, and do you prefer a Prius, a 4×4, a Porsche, or a moped? We are all different, but eventually we all end up back in the garage of Creation after 60 to 80 billion years of road tripping.

UPDATE:  The Way to Live:  TWTL is one of the best books in the world, and it is easy to read as each verse provides wisdom and knowledge.  I would say that it is the easiest of the Meier books to read.  It is one of my all time favorite books, and if I could only recommend 3 books to someone it would be 1. TWTL  2. MOTT  3. GOTT.

I started my research by reading the Contact Reports.  If you want to see my favorite excerpts, go here.

Then I read the Goblet of Truth and Talmud of Jmmanuel.   UPDATE:  You must read the NEW translation of the TJ done by Billy with the help of the Plejarens and the high spirit levels.  The original translation done by Isa Rashid leaves out many sections, and several errors and mistakes exist in the old version.  I will say that the old version can be found for free online, but it is only about half accurate.  You will however get the idea, and it is at least more accurate than the Gospel of Matthew.

To order the Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

I even compiled my own book, which combines a little bit of everything. It’s called We Came From the Stars, And Then From Mars.

Finally, if you have no idea who I’m talking about, you can read a brief bio here.

You’re welcome!

P.S.  It takes about 6 months to get a good idea of the material, and a year or two to really

go through it all, as well as the German language texts.  That was my experience.

What do the Keshe Patents Look Like? Photo gallery

March 20, 2014

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Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

July 15, 2013

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council.
Channelled by Valerie Donner, July 10, 2013.

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working with full focus on the Earth Council.

As you can imagine we are quite busy overseeing the state of affairs on the Earth. It is an amazing experience to see the results of the major influx of Light that is coming to the planet. Every Light particle reflects off of something or someone. Some integrate and penetrate the Light beams back into the Earth and others are oblivious.

For the Lightworkers, the Ground Crew, we want you to know that we see how hard you are working. This is one of the reasons that many are feeling the need for extra sleep. These Light particles are powerfully strong. They can literally move mountains when set in the right direction.

One could say that there are energies on the Earth that need to be moved. It could seem as challenging as moving a mountain. Much has to do with the state of consciousness on the Earth. There is resistance to the Light yet many are beginning to feel it and this is not an ordinary experience for those who are recently awakening.

You will continue to see many stepping out of the shadows and speaking for the Light and the truth. It has already begun. These brave souls have contracted to be change agents for an awakening planet. Please let judgment aside as these brave Ones take on the task of drawing attention to themselves and the concomitant information that they feel compelled to share.

As Lightworkers you have been transmuting the darkness and holding a certain amount of Light throughout all of your incarnations and particularly this one. As your bodies become lighter you will be set to the task of blanketing the planet with even more Light. I suggest that you make that your intention on a regular basis for this is a catalyst for the events that are about to occur.

Your Space Family is eagerly awaiting our reunion. Much still remains to be resolved before this can occur but your Light and intention will set the energies to assist our coming. Towards this end these decisions will be made for the highest good of all. It is not our desire to put anyone in harm’s way. It will all be done in peace and harmony.

We are working behind the scenes to measure progress and direct help where it is needed. We work directly with the Lightworkers to uplift the consciousness and to assist with Light impressions that will come from the heart. The heart is the generator of the will of the Creator so the more that you follow what is in your heart the more that you will be doing your Light work and allowing the Light the full range of movement.

The heart is the leader of the new way of being on the Earth. We will discuss this in future messages. For now, we ask that you pay attention and implore you not to think that your brain has all of the answers.

We send our Love to you from the Earth Council as well as from the Pleiadian High Council. I am Mira.

Many people believe the Earth has a spirit

June 12, 2013

“Many people believe the Earth
has a spirit named Gaia.

What if we could classify
Earth as a legal entity, so

we could defend it in court?”


Ashtar on the global shift in consciousness happening now

May 29, 2013

Dear Loved Ones this is Ashtar speaking in the name of the Galactic Federation. I am assisting my beloved friend Master Juliano in his weekly message because we’re heading to an important moment in human revolution. We’re standing on the threshold of a global shift in consciousness. At this particular moment lots of people already feel the energy that’s moving them into the New Time: a time of abundance and endless possibilities. These people feel that within now and very soon there will be a BIG SHIFT. From our perspective, that’s in the NOW.

What is important my Beloved Lightworkers that you start to feel that it’s happening at this particular moment. Feel it in every cell of your body. Feel it in your heart space and start to share your feeling with others. You don’t have to shout it. Just radiate your energy and BE the portal for the people you are connected with.

Yes my Beloved Ones. The times ahead are more beautiful than you can imagine. On the other hand there is still work to do on earth: the dark forces will resist till the very end. Most important: KNOW that your power is unlimited and expect the unexpected. You’re the LIGHT.

In the Love and Light of Mother Gaia. Adonai.

Lord Ashtar & Galactic Federation

Channeling by SanLeoSol

You heal the world by healing yourself

May 21, 2013

21 May 2013
Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Everything on your life path supports your journey from pain to joy, from fear to love, from powerlessness to empowerment, and from limitation to limitlessness. There are no challenges in any aspect of your reality that do not support your evolution. Every trial and sorrow has embedded within it the spark of your Divine truth, which you can see and know when you seek the highest outcome.

That is why the brightest path is often the most challenging one because it represents your soul’s call to healing. It is not the path of highest vibration, greatest clarity, or the one that is the most joyful and peaceful for you. Very often it is the one that is the most challenging and that you find least desirable. Your soul lights this path so you will follow it and in doing so, create healing and transformation. This is your journey into Ascension and evolution.

The more you resist this bright path, the brighter it becomes. Your soul agreement is grounded in healing and you are the healer, as well as the healing. It all happens through you and while you have the ability to experience the pain, you also have the ability to take the journey through the pain to create joy. If you allow the pain to become the journey, you have lost sight of your soul’s healing commitment. The commitment you have with Source is to move from healing to evolution, from density to Light, and from fear to Love. Everything in your reality supports this journey. This is Ascension and it is your mission.

You are warriors of the Light and for the Light, and many of you are now completing this very long journey, whose beginning you do not remember as it began with your first incarnation. The veil between dimensions, frequencies and vibrations has been lifted, but it is one of several veils that are now clearing. When the veil is lifted, all that was hidden behind it is revealed and this includes the veils in your own lives.

Your power and true Light were hidden from you so you could fully experience the density of that which you came to heal. And this is what has become your brightest path so you can apply your power to its resolution. The time you have long awaited is now here, move forward to bring the Light of truth, peace, and love to the places you know need them the most, beginning with you and your healing journey. You heal the world by healing yourself.

If you resist the pain, you are resisting the expansion of your own Light. You created this path for yourselves so you could bring Light to the world. Resist the temptation to judge, as it limits your ability to understand the true nature of your experiences. Everything exists to support your transformation, evolution and Ascension.

The most difficult challenges can inspire you to take the greatest action and while fear can create powerful inertia, you use fear as a vehicle to move you from that which you fear the most into joy. How much easier could your journey be if you recognized that fear and its emotions indicated the presence of powerful healing opportunities?

Have the courage to step bravely into the most brightly lit path, the one you fear the most. Empower and encourage yourself with the Light, guidance and support that will help you transmute the fear into a greater expression and expansion of your Light. Be willing to go within and find the spark of Divine Light that is within everything and your boldness and courage will be rewarded with the guidance you need to take the next step, and each one after that.

Always ask to be shown the highest outcome, the most wonderful solution and the greatest peace, joy and love in every situation. Seek healing and wholeness, to be brought back to your Divine center of unlimited joy, peace and love, expect to be guided and supported in each step of this journey and you will be.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may translate, quote, and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-commercial sites only, as long as you include the author’s name and a working link back to this website. All other uses of this article and information are strictly prohibited.

Each of you are meeting an energetic marker

May 20, 2013

20 May 2013 – 4:20pm

Each of you are meeting an energetic marker which, once passed, will immensely assist you in your work.

We preface the explanation, the unwrapping of your gift, by asking for your participation.

We suggest that you choose and indoor or outdoor mall, making sure, of course, that you find the environment pleasing and the exercise a lark.

Walk in the mall, and do not go into stores. Walk close to the entrances, or in the middle is fine too, depending on your comfort and range. Now, walk past stores, and while doing so, feel your way into them.

Sense what it FEELS LIKE to be an employee, a manager, a janitor in this store. Feel the stories, the general sense. And you do this from the outside. Do not touch merchandise, that sort of thing, Just feel.

Do this enough, and we suggest that you will begin to notice that each little shop has a signature.

For the esoterically minded, you will note that the positioning of the stores has an effect on the expression or experience of the neighboring stores.

Do you see why we ask you to participate in such an experiment?

It is to get your antennae up.

We wish to sing a song for you, our lovely awakening friends. These things you feel and know are real. They cannot be proven as humans think something is to be proven, and that is really all there is to that. There is evidence of the greater reality, what is really going on, literally littering your fields. Explanations, connections, solutions. Yes. There they are.

Your frequency has changed. You may feel it initially as something quite unpleasant, a new sensation or thought that is hard to shake.

Remember, loved ones, this is the time of YOUR miracles.

We know very well that all of you do this mall exercise every minute of your day, that many of you are indeed adept at reading fields. We ask you to give yourself a little credit, and to praise yourselves for something that others will come to envy, something others have, up until now, made justifiable fun, and even shut you down for, all due to these “unprovable” abilities.

Others could always sense your depth, your abilities, could they not?

We tell you, our family that the doors you have encountered slamming in your face, day after day, energetically, have all been unlocked and left cracked overnight.

See how clever we are? The group, you, have all given permission for a good will and love, brotherhood and answers, ease and warmth. These are such beautiful prayers. And we wish to say to each of you now, here we are right in your ear, and oh we hold your heart, we see your blazing love, a love so unexpressed, so denied, and we are here to tell you, the wait is over.

Overnight, yes, you received help, but now, so have the others.

There has been a density bridged, a breach on the flow, we are saying, which is finally allowing this steady stream of cosmic love to enter into hearts of ALL in a more functional way.

What you say will melt people’s hearts. How you have always conducted yourselves so beautifully, our brave and beautiful saviors, our loving and kind guardians, and this is how it is now for you: you are welcome, seen, and noticed in brand new, surprising ways.

You have held up this light without help, without much good will given toward you. Some feel the respect due them, but it is a different sort of respect than can what now can be achieved by anyone, and somehow now, the only recognition that will make any difference to any of your hearts is that in the moment. We say to you that the crowds will come to you soon, but they will not be crowds to you. It will be a sea of compelling, their raising stories, a sea of individuals, watch in tune with their own Akash, their own DNA, their own reincarnational path..

Teachers in the old energy are needing to recalibrate, because the others, the very ones they wish to affect, have changed, overnight, we say.

Is this a bad thing?

How bad could it be, if now, when you smile at a stranger, they wave to you? If when you offer a word of encouragement, you are handed a bouquet of flowers.

Consider this is what is now happening, and before, the flowers and gifts and honor were always there, but just never taken down, lovingly readied, and then handed to you.

Was this because you had done something wrong?

Was this because you are irrevocably difficult?

Was this because you had misunderstood?

Perhaps it was because you are not enough advanced soulically?


No, each and every loved one reading, no.

You never got through before because you were not heard.

Consider the simple radio analogy that many new agers use, very very effectively, we might add. Here it is: There is music being broadcast right now, and it is a broadcast that you love, it is one you have forgotten, and oh! How it will please you to hear it. Hearing it will help you to remember home, how things once were, how you once were, and how the others around you once were.

This music is sweet and true, and it sets everything right. And there it is, in the ethers, and it is the balm for you, it makes everything just better, you know that this is the case with music. It sets the mood, the tone, and actually, sort of sets what can and cannot be accomplished in any given space.

You yourself are in the thralls of symphony after symphony, many of you, now. You are plugged into the music, and, then, you become the music, and become that resonance!

And the receiver, the radio, that everyone has been walking around with, they were replaced overnight.

The new radios get better reception, and many folks with their new radios are noticing that even the old broadcasts which they were tuning to out of stupid habit, they are hearing something within the transmission that is actually making them want to fiddle with the dial. Maybe they’ve not listened to anything but this favorite, habitual program for 80 years. And yet today, why not, I think I’ll take a look around.

The receivers have been better tuned.

Everyone can hear you better now, do you see? They hear YOUR SONG OF HOME just by being in the same room, or talking with them on the phone.

The switching on that many of you have already been managing, has begun to happen to everyone else, is what we say to you now.

So you will act as the videos and books and groups and channelings which helped you, each of you, stay true to this ascension process, through 2012.

You are now broadcasting the satisfying song of home, and, loved ones, rejoice and celebrate, from this time forward, others will be able to hear you better! They, with their new sets, they will be able to feel impacted, changed, by having heard your music.

Do you see?

You must know how to work with this new ability.

Understand that everyone is going to have a bias toward love now, and this means, dear ones, they will have a bias toward you.

You may notice it in little ways, and much of this is determined by your previous abilities to break free from the stickiness binding you together, allowing you to get to snarling at each other.

There is more light, a little more freedom, and you will be accommodated better than you have come to expect.

So we wish you to hold no fear through these changes.

Understand that the ones who have rejected you are now going to feel a new willingness to hear you.

You need have nothing planned, and each situation is an open ended gift.

We ask you to not expect troubles, do not expect doors to keep closing on your face. No. those days are over.

Do you hear what we tell you, and can you really imagine the possibilities?

If everyone around you is functioning with just a bit more love, more willingness, imagine the possibilities.

You have heard all along that your job was to hold high light, high love, high intent, for the others. To love all, everything, even if it hurt or was sad or made no sense.

We tell you that from this day forward, you will see in big and small ways how the crowds begin to part. They feel your light and want it. They will come to recognize, to their surprise, that they NEED that light, that song you seem to emanate. See how they gather. See how they smile. See the love radiating from all your hearts, all your lives, all your days.

We wish to address the issue of spiritual competition here, because this is now what you will be breaking from.

Consider an awakening individual, someone who has diligently worked, and is now beginning to feel better, but whose body is now, in this energy, failing.

What Sister/Brother Kryon says is indeed true: Reincarnating on Earth will now be less of the misery it was. The bias is now toward empowerment, truth and love. What has been learned in any incarnation which speaks to the divinity of self and love of God, this will stay in your fields, whole and intact, for you to access from here on out.

As such, many of the ones who struggled very valiantly in the old energy have tired and wish to depart. You must not see death as an indictment of spiritual ineffectiveness. Many will have an issue with the last sentence, and what we find so wonderful is that there are many different mindsets from which that sentence makes no sense, or is offensive, but we assure you it is the truth.

We tell you a story to close.

There once was an old woman. She had a difficult and conflicted life, one rife with highs and lows. She was at peace with her understanding of her God, and she felt her life was somehow complete. She went to the doctor and has learned she had six months to live.

She takes this news in, and sits with it. Six months to live. Christmas.

And then she decides she must think about this thing properly.

She finds herself in a failing body. The body has a sense that the mind, in amnesia, doesn’t. She knows, deep within, that this is a good thing, and after the tears of shock and sadness are shed, she takes to her task with great vigor.

She think of all the places she has been in the world, and all those she still longs to experience. She remembers her happy months in Africa with the Peace Corps, so long ago. She thinks on many things, as she dines and bathes and sleeps with her mortality.

And then she makes some decisions.

She decides to trust that her body is taking her on the next leg of a very good adventure.

She decides to believe that everything she’s learned, and all the love she;s managed to create from the messes she made in her messy life, well, she knows a thing or two now about herself and God that she is happy to have figured out. She knows down deep that these are understandings that can never be unlearned. She smiles,

And she knows that next time, she will remember more readily.

And why is that?

She knows that next time she comes back, others will have no interest in removing her truths from her, and the agreement will not be there for her to comply. There will be less fear and shame in the hearts of those who will be sent to her to learn and grow and laugh and love.

She knows she is free to create the next lifetime, and thinks this is a fine pastime, now that her body has decided to say its goodbyes.

In her state, it comes to her as a comforting and true knowing, that when she comes back, she can incarnate into any sort of situation she thinks might be enjoyable.

She knows the planning is already underway, and that all she need do is trust. She knows she is participating when she sleeps at night, and now, with this news, she decides it’;s time to really consider what she’d like to do, if she had another whole shot at it… how would she like to plan it out so that the next lifetime is an awesome one, one where she can really really blossom into her full knowledge.

And so she lives her life in joy and peace, in balance and harmony, without resentment and without fear, smiling at things others would have trouble with, knowing that she is already on to other things.

And she is honored for her deep understanding.

And when she comes back, she’ll be able to remember all of her great truths more easily, and the whole thing will be an exercise in recognition and celebration.

The energy around you, expressed as you and as your loved ones and environment, is more open to you, and we tell you that when she returns to once again take on duality, she will come in more awake, and the things she places in her path to help her remember will trigger massive understandings, massive revelation. They will trigger huge releases, because that is what she is capable of.

Is this coming together for you now? For what one is capable of is simply in direct proportion to how much love she contained “last time”

What we are getting at, very difficultly we might add, is that we wish for you, each of you, to be very kind to yourselves in the days ahead.

The energy is sweeter, more buoyant now, springier, and more workable. And what comes next are the triggers which assist you in remember the rest.

Consider this lady and how she is positioned. She might, in her next incarnation, choose to encode a music box with a conglomerate of memories, so to say, which will spark her download for power, or her first car is the symbol she has chosen for sexual union in divine sanctity, or what have you. A bowl of oatmeal might trigger the recall of her most important truth.

This is also true for you. How can one honestly compare a bowl of oatmeal to a new car? Each trigger is individual, written in stardust. Those with more understanding just came in with perhaps a bit more experience. When everyone is having psychedelic breakfasts, no one will wish to compare, only to share, share, share and share some more!

You, many of you, have used your realities to teach you great truths.

Many have denigrated this function of yours, and we tell you this is a function which folks will one day travel to be around.

We ask you allow yourselves to be triggered. We implore with you to allow yourselves to hold no fear in the coming days. Expansions are being triggered, and there are changes afoot, but the changes are answers to prayers.

Do not balk, we know you don’t and we thank you for this, just let the next bit present itself organically. You may find that there are a couple of gifts in the next little bit. Consider a gift something which puts a spring in your step, someone going out of their way to give to you because they just really will want to.

We ask you to stand back and allow yourselves to inhabit the authority you have indeed earned.

You are perhaps dazed, and we appreciate that there are actually relatively few who truly comprehend our words, quite yet. We know this is the case with you, dear friend. We are are, on a personal note to the scribe, that we find it amusing that you are upset you cannot tolerate re-reading these transmissions. That is purposeful. You are to be writing, dear one, not re-reading this.

We ask, please, that you to give it a week and then return with your complaints.

Just give it a week.

Are You Open to Change?

April 22, 2013

Are you Open to Change? – A Message from the Angels




Are you open to   Change?

The rumbles of change,   internal and external are currently reverberating across the face of the   planet. Are you open to change happening in your life?

We are the angelic   legions of the Divine Mother and speak as a collective. We are One with the   Mother / Father God, one with Creator. We are one with you, also.

We come to you today   to speak of the necessity of letting go of expectation and even of disappointment.   Things have a way of working out when you least expect it, if you are willing   to forgo the need to control the world outside yourself.

You have been told   that the Universe loves you. It loves you so much that those things you place   your attention upon will visit you, sometimes repeatedly, until you realize   that, yes, you are the creator of your own world. It is how you choose to   apply your attention that determines what you will experience.

Science is discovering   that each person is a focus of intention and attention. The observer will   always affect the outcome of an experiment. The observer is both the observed   and the act of observing. It is a loop of intention, attention and playing   out of experience.

As a being with free   will, it is your responsibility, then, to determine what you wish to   experience in life.

Not many people are   ready or willing to accept such a responsibility, but those who are intent on   attaining ascension in this lifetime or the next, must make this intention in   order to master their creations.

The tools needed to   attain ascension are simple. The application and daily usage of these tools   takes determination, focus and a willingness to release judgment, of self and   others. It also takes a willingness to live in joy and wonder, even while the   world around you implodes with violence and chaos.

The events of the past   week have challenged the emotional bodies of many. Some are seeking security   through outer measures, whether by moving from the affected areas,   simplifying their lives, living closer to the earth, buying guns and   supplies. We do not recommend any choice over another. It is up to each   individual to follow the guidance of their inner being and heart center. We   will caution you, however; if you are determined to react in fear, fearful   events may come upon you.

It is very important   to review the simple tools of meditation, grounding, centering, going to the   higher mind, uniting with the soul in the heart center and so on. Learn how   to use these tools and methods and then live them.

Whatever choices you   make now will determine what you are to experience in the remainder of the   intense period of transition as the various timelines or “worlds” begin to   separate out.

When we say “worlds”   we mean an expression of frequency. Each individual will find their level as   a result of their intention and attention, in accordance with the raising up   of their frequency levels or the lowering of them due to reacting through   fear. And even though you may not be personally affected by lower frequencies,   you will observe them as you are not going anywhere.
Life is happening here on planet Earth. You can choose to step out of the   drama currently being played out or to remain in it. You can choose to live   in hell or to be one of those who are bringing heaven to earth.

Before 12/12/12, many   lightworkers were seeking to be brought magically into a new world without   effort on their part. Where is the mastery in this? You are all masters,   every one of you who now walks upon the face of the planet. It is up to you   to determine in what manner you wish to demonstrate that mastery and at what   pace.

We do not seek to   judge whatever an individual chooses as their experience. Each soul has   placed its soul extensions here, during these extraordinary times, as a means   of learning more about itself. The learning curve is very steep and intense,   but meeting the challenge of the times will be extremely rewarding in terms   of self-knowledge and wisdom.

Understand that you   will not be magically translated physically to another world. Neither will   you experience those other planes of existence spiritually unless you work on   connecting through the inner planes and even then you will continue to   observe the events of the world around you. How you choose to react or not to   those events is how your mastery is tested. This kind of mastery cannot be   accomplished by one who will not let go of the prevailing mores of society   and the constructs of fear and control of the departing paradigm. In short,   if you choose to act as victim or abuser, scenarios related to these roles   will continue to play out in your life. Be the observer and let go of   judgment. Be love and you will see love reflected in the faces of those who   surround you. Allow others to play in their own creations if they choose not   to play in yours.

Change must come from   within the individual before it is reflected in the outer world. If you wish   to see change in your world, be that change, from inside. Learn to work with   the soul, with the archangels, the animal and mineral kingdoms from the   inside; join with your monad. Do the individual work and return to the state   of living master of your own world. Since you are the observer, the observed   and the act of observing, change will be reflected in your daily activities.

Although you may be   willing to accept change into your life, understand that many individuals are   not. They have and will continue to choose to play in the wake of the   departing paradigm, even as it crashes to the ground. Therefore, it is   necessary to release judgment and to forgive yourself for any lapses that you   might experience, as well, as the waves of emotional and mental turmoil roil   through the atmosphere.

As you develop your   inner senses you will find yourself both more sensitive to the existence of   thought-forms and how they can impact your behavior and emotions. You can   choose to detach from self-judgment and judgment of others as you are   momentarily overtaken by the surprise wave of emotion as a thought or old   memory enters your mind.

Realize that these old   memories and thoughts are coming up for release. Choose to detach and let   them flow through you, disconnecting from the energy of the emotion attached   to the thought. Much of what you experience in this subtle fashion is not   “yours” but belongs to those who have chosen to run your life for you before   you chose the path of self-mastery, whether they be your erst-while   controllers or those whom you have loved, parents, children, friends, work   associates and neighbors.

Understand dear ones   that humanity is in the process of reopening into a unified field of   consciousness. You are a collective, yet each individual will experience   today and in the days to come different things depending on where their   attention is placed. Each member of humanity, as cells of the collective body   of humanity, will experience their own scenario and yet be influenced by what   goes on in the life of others. As an individual and as a collective, the   miscreations of humanity are being cleared; just how difficult that clearing   may be, is up to the choices made by each member of the collective.

As wayshowers and   leaders of humanity, chosen to guide the lost and sleeping masses into a new   age, into a higher frequency and manner of living, it is up to you to choose,   or not, to attain your own self-mastery so your manner of being will shine   out as an example to the ones who live and work around you. Each of you has   the opportunity to be a shining light, perhaps living quietly at first, but   as your mastery increases perhaps becoming that teacher or guide who is just   the one needed to bring calm and loving change into the world of those they   love.

If you are unsure that   you have the needed wisdom and knowledge to obtain mastery, know now that   what you need is within. Discover a way to connect with your soul and monad   and you will have access to all that you require to re-member what you chose   to forget upon coming here. The veils of forgetfulness are being lifted for   each person. Just how fast you are able to assimilate the “new” knowledge and   knowingness will be dependent on your willingness to detach from the   expectations of others and from your own self-judgment.

Learn to like   yourself. Learn to love yourself for your life and experience starts from the   center of your being, from the heart, and flows out into the world that you   see around you. That world is a reflection of your consciousness and will   undergo transformation even as you are willing to accept the mastery you left   behind in the higher worlds.

Understand that you   cannot force change onto another for that is a violation of free will. Each   individual has their own speed as to how they will allow change to affect   their lives, but change is inevitable as the sun rising and setting. It will   come, whether in the form of revolution or evolution. It is your choice. Your   response to this change, whether to react or act or simply be, will determine   the course of your life in the years to come.

There is an old   expression in parts of your world, “He had a change of heart…” that is used   to explain sudden turn-a-rounds in the actions of an individual reflected   through the choice to open his /her heart to those who are around them. It is   not so much as a change of heart but the fact that the individual somehow connected   with the wisdom of the heart and so changed the manner of his / her reaction   or not to the world around them. You can experience change, the change you   want to experience, by choosing to connect with your heart, the avenue for   connecting with the higher worlds.

By connecting with   your heart center, you can be the change you want to see and experience in   your world. It must start from the center and move out as a wave into the   world. Be a part of that wave of love that is engulfing the world, driving   out the darkness and shining light upon long hidden secrets, both dark and   terrible and light and loving. You are love and you are loved, whatever you   choose to do.

You have been taught   to look outside of yourself for salvation, whether through another individual,   your church, the government, your family or spouse, a business associate or   others. In these energies, however, it is necessary to turn away from seeking   outside to seeking within. When you make the connection you will know. Fear   will dissipate and reveal itself as an illusion spun out of a desire to   control and dominate. You will know what to do as you learn to tune into your   inner guidance and wisdom.

One who walked among   you as a Teacher once said, “Seek the Kingdom of God within.” The kingdom of   which this one spoke is your connection with your soul and monad through your   own heart center. In coming to center, you are returning Home, no matter what   circumstances are reflected in your outer life.

Go with our blessings,   beloveds, for you are loved by us and by your Mother / Father God. If you   need assistance or guidance, call upon us and we will be there. We are one   with you in the eternal Now.

Thank you, beloved   Angels.

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My first channeling with Krista and the Orion Council

November 18, 2012

So amazing! I learn about ascension, pyramids, past lives, the Earth spirit Gaia, crystals, healing, our higher purpose, everything! Please watch my two videos on my first channeling and give them thumbs up and positive comments! Share with other lightworkers too! Thanks, ~Greg