Hi friends. In the conversation I had with Hollis days ago, we also talked about a random subject that I would like to share. I asked him how he was feeling on this observation mission here on the planet, and he explained that the team felt initially going back to the origins, had to take a long training to try to go unnoticed here. We are in a stage where their ancestors were many thousands of years, according to him a unique experience. Sometimes they would like to give some tips on how to easily solve serious problems that we have but can not interfere yet at this time by explicit CG standards. They see much good in our societies, but they are also horrified by the barbarisms that are happening on the planet today. He mentioned that the planet will be filtered in a short time so that the population of the planet becomes much more homogeneous and can finally receive teachings and guidelines for the good of all. This mission for him and his team is a great test of balance and great suffering for witnessing the neglect and suffering of human beings enslaved by the social conditions imposed by groups of psychopaths and degenerates. I asked him to accept my sincere displeasure for this unhealthy society on behalf of all those who are willing to fight for the welfare of all, and we ask that if they can help us hurry these finalizations to make room for peace to be instituted here finally. He replied that these times are coming for us and that we try to keep ourselves patient and attentive to these finalizations with faith in the CG decisions for our planet. Cheers for all!