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Petition to Allow Witnesses to Testify Proof of E.T. Life- Sign It and Share It

January 8, 2015

The direct link to the petition is:

On 9/22/11 PRG petitioned the President to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The White House response on 11/4/11 from the Office of Science and Technology Policy stated, “The U.S. government has no evidence any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

There are scores of government/agency/political witnesses of rank and station prepared to testify under oath before congressional committees now about the evidence the White House states doesn’t exist. See:

Please sign the petition now. We need signatures as soon as possible for the petition to become visible on the White House website in concert with the national press release. The direct link to the petition is:

Once visible it will be up to the supporters of the truth advocacy process to utilize the social networks to create a viral interest in the petition. The more signatures, the more press attention. In the event 100,000 signatures are obtained within 30 days, the White House will be required to respond and the petition will remain on the White House website until the end of the President’s term in office.

prg disclosure vii

We petition the Obama administration to: support congressional hearings for government/ agency/ political witnesses to extraterrestrial related events and evidence.

Disclosure Petition VII – Congressional Hearings   by Paradigm Research Group

On 9/22/11 PRG petitioned the President to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The White House response on 11/4/11 from the Office of Science and Technology Policy stated, “The U.S. government has no evidence any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

There are scores of government/agency/political witnesses of rank and station prepared to testify under oath before congressional committees now about the evidence the White House states doesn’t exist. See:

Published Date: Jan 07, 2015

Sign it and share link to petition here:


Cosmic Love State of the Union Address

January 28, 2014

Jan 28 2014

Based on the more than 400 witnesses from Dr. Steven Greer and Stephen Bassett’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure who met publicly in May of last year here in Washington D.C., I am signing an executive order to release all classified documents pertaining to UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, technology, and artifacts.

This once hidden information will lead to the realization that throughout billions of years and billions of Earth sized planets, we are not alone, and we never have been.

Benevolent people from other star systems have a vast history as our ancestors, and we are literally considered family.  Humans from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda, Centaurus, and many other star nations are ready to assist us folks directly on Earth, as soon as we are willing to accept their assistance.   In time, our planet will become a fledgling member in the galactic community.

This means new technologies that will end pollution, crime, and the imbalances of society.  It means the end of poverty and child abuse.  It means a revolution in galactic trade and travel.    A renaissance of art and humanities….

It means, our history books will need to be rewritten!  (chuckle)

But I can assure you, our star family has been lovingly protecting our small blue planet from disaster for thousands of years, and they will continue to do so.    It was only just a generation ago that they saved our parents and grandparents from nuclear annihilation.   (pause, lower head)

We have come a long way, since world war, as we cautiously step into an era of world peace….

It is for this reason, and with great pleasure, that I Barack Obama announce that the human civilization of Earth has many, many human and non human relatives ready to re-engage and re-unite with the human race!  (cheers)

Now, please celebrate our new Golden Age safely.  You still have to go to work tomorrow.  Sasha, Malia, you still have to do your homework.  (chuckle)

It is our job, our responsibilities as humans, to repair our planet with the help of the benevolent E.T. races that will guide us.  They respect our free will, and we must respect them as well as our planet, our families, our communities, and ourselves.

Finally, I want to send out a big apology to all those people who tried to tell us about aliens and telepathic messages- it turns out you were right all along, and we thank you for preparing us for this immense truth.

Now without further adieu, I understand Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation would like to speak to the population of Earth, so he will now be broadcast to all electronic devices around the world in local languages…..please stand by… May God Bless our long lost brothers and sisters of the stars, and may God Bless America.

~Cosmic Love

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Turkey riots, NSA, CIA, and the failing illuminati

June 11, 2013

Matthew Ward 11/06/13

Suzanne Ward
Latest message from Matthew

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As we address the issues in which readers have expressed greatest interest, please keep in mind that the “negative” end of the duality spectrum is at its zenith; and that energy, once set in motion, must run its course. You are seeing the combination of individuals with violent tendencies following their intensified urge to commit violence—whether in random acts or leaders oppressing their peoples—and the playing out of energy in many diverse situations around your world.

Turmoil in Turkey, ostensibly to protect a park, was instigated by the CIA’s “black ops” to stoke the fire between the Sunnis and Shi’ites and lead to a blazing war. Just as all other countries in your world, Turkey has policies that are not satisfying every citizen, but it is economically sound and progressive—and that’s what the Illuminati want to destroy. Although their global network has come apart at the seams, a few peak individuals are stuck in their delusion that they will take over the entire Mideast and move on to control the rest of the world too. Most assuredly, that will not happen, and when the unrest in Turkey subsides, and it shall soon, some reforms will emerge and further strengthen the country’s progressive path.

In mid-eastern countries where the people have ousted despotic or dynastic rulers, freedom is new and it is natural that there is confusion about leadership and governance. Eventually a consensus will be reached in each country and the kind of democratic rule that best suits each will be instituted.

Syria is somewhat different because disparate groups are battling the Assad regime—their purpose is the same, but each group has its own agenda, so to say. When victory does come, there will be a time of severe dissension led by the most radical in the groups until common sense and wisdom prevail; then a coalition will be formed to move the country toward a peaceful stability.

China’s interest is not in “economically conquering the USA,” but in dealing with its serious internal issues. Among the world’s major nations economically speaking, China and the United States have the largest internal challenges. Due to its authoritarian nature tempered by clear vision, the Chinese government is working on solutions to its problem areas; due to democracy gone awry, action in the United States in regard to troublesome areas is comparatively at a standstill.

This is an appropriate place to address questions that many readers have asked: How can US President Obama defend the National Security Agency’s collection of data from citizens’ private telephone conversations and Internet records? Why did he sign the Monsanto Protection Act? Congressional actions are public knowledge, but what goes on behind closed doors is not known, and we shall tell you what is relevant to these two situations.

President Obama defended NSA’s data gathering, which was authorized in the Patriot Act passed during George W. Bush’s administration, on the authentic basis that it has led to discovering and thwarting numerous terrorist plans. What the president cannot say—and Bush never would—is that the most extensive terrorist acts that met failure and most of the lesser plots that also got shot down were those devised by the CIA faction under Illuminati control.

Neither can Obama disclose that ETs are working in the NSA and other agencies in that country and in several others. They are collecting and analyzing information on all Illuminati activities around the globe and using it to weaken their operations and obtain evidence for prosecution. When this has served its purpose—bringing to its final moment the Illuminati reign—the Patriot Act and also Homeland Security will come to an end.

As for the Monsanto Protection Act, Illuminati spokespersons told the president that if he vetoed it, Congress would override it. Furthermore, they would intensify their efforts to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act, block legislation that could relieve some immigration issues, and doom attempts to resolve international conflicts by rational discussions instead of belligerent confrontation.

That is the “down-to-Earth” reason, you could say, that Obama signed the bill, but there is another facet of this that the Illuminati bloc doesn’t know. Despite their threats, the president was not going to sign the Act—he did so because ETs close to him advised it. Their higher perspective was that citizens’ outrage at this insidious bill needs to motivate them to force its nullification. The people must exercise their right and responsibility to demand that their elected officials end stubborn partisanship, stop letting lobbyists’ money dictate their votes on legislation, and start serving the best interests of the country.

By no means does this apply only to the United States! Governments in every country must start serving the needs of their people because this goes to the very heart of Earth’s Golden Age and soul evolvement!

As mentioned in previous messages, Earth’s populace is in fourth density as far as location, but many have not yet reached this density consciously or spiritually. Just as Earth’s ascension was predestined, so was her Golden Age, but when that Age blooms in glorious fullness in your linear time depends upon the people’s collective thoughts, feelings and actions. We cannot emphasize too strongly how greatly your light is needed to help your society advance in conscious and spiritual awareness!

The universal law of attraction is an essential part of advancement. By concentrating on dissatisfaction with governing systems’ injustices and nefarious activities, the populace is sending forth energy that is prolonging situations they want to end! They need to know that by focusing instead on what they want, they generate the energy that will manifest it. They need to be discerning about information from all sources by asking within, where the truth is known as to whether something is fact or fiction, true or false.

We first spoke of Barack Obama prior to the 2008 primary election in the United States, when we stated that he would be elected president. We have spoken about him numerous times since then, including before the 2012 election when we said he would remain in office and why. After each of our many messages that mentioned Obama went out, my mother was inundated with emails: Advocates of the Republican party’s ideologies vehemently denounce what we tell you about him and his supporters want to know if he can surmount the formidable opposition he faces. Some ask: Is he still a light-filled being? YES, he is!

We shall add a bit to that, but first we say, it is politics that has subjected Earth’s successive generations to wars’ horrendous death tolls and destruction and has created an unconscionably lopsided distribution of your world’s vast riches. We are not overlooking the part that religions have played, but it is those who rule church and state who drive their followers onto the battlefield.

For long ages the foundation of your world’s political systems was the madness of conquest and bloodshed, corruption and deception. Eventually it created such a mass of negativity that Earth’s very life was at stake. Gaia, the soul that embodied as your planet, didn’t want her body and all of its life forms to die.

Thus, in accordance with Gaia’s request and God’s blessing, far distant civilizations infused the planet with life-saving light and the highest universal council created the master plan for a new era that became known as Earth’s Golden Age. They asked a soul from a highly advanced civilization to take on one of the most difficult tasks—presidency of the United States, a role that would transcend politics worldwide.

Yes, absolutely Barack Obama is as light-filled as when he agreed to accept the mission to right the wrongs in that country and be in the vanguard of world peace-bringers! Throughout his time in office, he has been diligently working behind the scenes to dismantle the network that enabled the Illuminati to control everything that impacts life in your world. Their power to stymie or completely derail his efforts has been formidable and largely successful, but when their influence within and beyond the Congress ends, you shall see the truth of our words about Obama.

Now let us put negativity into the context of weather and geophysical events, which you may not have considered as the evidence of change that they are. The intensive light that saved Earth’s life gave her the strength to start releasing negativity via powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe storms that resulted in massive death toll and destruction.

The last of the “old” negativity was eliminated about six months ago—that’s what enabled Earth to enter fourth density. “New” negativity caused by ongoing violence is being released through a series of earthquakes in areas where there is little, if any, loss of life or land destruction, and the same with volcanic eruptions. More is being dispersed via torrential rainstorms in some areas and wildfires in others—water and fire are Nature’s cleansing elements.

Never again will negativity amass on the planet and none of the predicted cataclysms will occur! The darkness that for long ages enshrouded Earth is gone, but “mopping up” what was left in its wake will continue until she reaches the planes where violence doesn’t exist. She won’t get there next week or next month, but aided by light forces within, on and beyond Earth, she is moving toward that space at a speed that is unique in this universe and all along the way, violence will lessen and so will storms, quakes and volcanic activity.

Moving on now to other matters readers are questioning, some time ago radioactive emissions from Japan’s damaged nuclear facility were neutralized to the extent that they posed no new health risks. Eventually all nuclear power plants, stored waste and other toxic pollution will be technologically dematerialized. In the meantime, crews in your skies are using technology aboard their ships to safeguard nuclear facilities that still are in use.

Concerns about countries with nuclear weapons acting rashly, other countries racing to develop or acquire those arms, and accidental launches are totally unnecessary. By Creator’s decree and God’s authorization, civilizations with the ability to prevent deliberate or accidental nuclear strikes will continue doing that.

During the Bilderberg conference, the Illuminati could scarcely disguise their deepening worries about how much longer they can control banking, lending and investing around the world—they have almost exhausted the means whereby they have been able to keep their fortunes intact. As mentioned earlier, individuals within and outside the NSA have been collecting evidence that the Illuminati acquired those fortunes illegally and unethically; however, until all documentation is presented in airtight cases to the various courts and then justly ruled upon, the funds will remain in Illuminati hands.

It was with joy that we heard about the Canadian Minister of Defense’s acknowledgement of the presence of other civilizations! It isn’t known yet how much this may affect the timing of landings and when ETs living among you will indentify themselves. Mother, please insert Hatonn’s reply to your question about this.

“As encouraging as that acknowledgement is, it’s not enough for landings tomorrow. The word we got is, you have to put your house in better order first. No one expects you to do it by yourselves—that’s why we’re here!

“Suzy, my friend, you know we aren’t going to take over your world but most people don’t. They are curious about us but not convinced that if we landed, it would be to help. They don’t have a clue about what we’ve been doing for Earth for centuries—they’re more like, Why would ETs be interested in us?

“When they see things moving in good directions and feel more confident about what’s changing, they may not be so leery about strangers dropping in. But, that Illuminati propaganda about ‘ETs may seem friendly but they’re going to enslave you’ is still making Internet rounds.

“Anyway, the bottom line is, God’s in charge. He will know when you’re ready to welcome us and then give the council the GO sign. We’re even more eager for that than you are, Suzy!”

Thank you, Mother, and please copy the link to the short video that also adds energy to speeding the day when you will meet your “space benefactors.” We hope you will feel inspired to support this group’s efforts to spread the word.

Our beloved Earth family, billions of souls want the same as you, to live in a peaceful world where everyone’s needs are plentifully met, where all leaders are wise and honorable and life is in harmony with Nature. But they don’t know how to help make the world that way and you do—you are there to be the way-showers!

By living from your heart, you are exemplifying to everyone around you that LOVE is the way to create the world that they, and you, want. Remember, in the continuum the era of world peace, joy, beauty, kindness, mutual respect, abundance and marvelous adventure already is!


Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

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$150 bn lost in tax havens enough to end extreme poverty twice over

May 23, 2013

The Largest Crowd Funded movie just released

April 23, 2013


Sirius is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques – See more at:


This is a MUST SEE!


JP Morgan Chase and Jamie Dimond in hot water

March 16, 2013

Part 130, Financial, Social and Political Secrets Beginning to be Unveiled

16 March 2013 – 5:31pm |  Pegalys


by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 03/16/13

“Wait until you hear what we have to tell you tonight, Beloveds. The Earth herself is trembling with joy and laughter. It is a time of such behind-the-scenes change that it is going to be like a roller coaster ride to keep up with it.

“First, the financial arena. As you may have heard, JPMorgan Chase is in very hot water, and the ongoing investigations of the London trades that lost billions are revealing what really happened. Jamie Dimond is not going to be able to cover with his glib and off-hand reassurances that “everything is just fine, everybody. Don’t look behind the curtain.” We want to remind you here that Jamie is one of our own, even though he has been so misdirected. We will forgive him when he comes Home, and we hope you will too. Do not lower your vibration to feel anger or despair. All is going according to plan, and Mr. Dimond and many others will be facing some serious criminal charges. It will restore the hope for many of the 99%, as you call yourselves, to see the big manipulators displaced.

“Next, on the social front. Let’s see – how shall we say this – the plight of women is going to improve measurably because of new laws being presented in state legislatures. Of course, there are still the Southern Baptist misogynists who are trying to restrict abortion, birth control, and keep women barefoot and pregnant, as you say. They will not be able to succeed to any large degree. The restrictive laws that have already been passed will be easily overturned in the near future.

“There are new forms of contraception which will make present means archaic, and abortion will no longer be necessary in most cases. Of course it has never been anything but a last-ditch emergency procedure in our eyes, acceptable as many surgeries are, to preserve the well-being of the woman in the exercise of her free will. We support the feelings of our children when they feel they are not ready to care for a child because they do not have the emotional, physical and financial resources to do it well.

“Our primary concern is always to support the means of preventing unnecessary suffering when it does not interfere with the general conditions which make it possible for our children to learn necessary lessons in their life journeys on Gaia. You see, our idea of “life” is not simply embodiment in the present body. We see you embarking on this brief trip to Gaia as a tiny part of the life you have lived and will live with Us – some of you have already lived many thousands of years, most of them somewhere other than in Earth bodies. You have been taught to fear “death” even though there is no such thing. Please remember, Dear Ones, that your departure from the human body is simply a transition back to your light bodies.

“Now, for the news on the religious front. You are aware of the PopeAvatar switch we were able to manage as the new Pope began his reign. It is with great glee that we anticipate the coming tricks to be played with great humor and aplomb by our wonderful Master who has taken on the challenge of playing Pope while also preparing to light a fire under the Vatican! But do not expect sudden changes. He has learned well the niceties and formalities of Popeness in order to lull the opposition into believing he is in league with them – otherwise he might be deposed before he could do any good. Now, in answer to some of the rather angry questions Kathryn has received about previous messages, we will take full responsibility for the form and tone of the writings, and will explain something the readers are not aware of. Just as the new Pope has been advised to stay under cover, in a similar way, we have advised our dear Obama to work behind the scenes, even if his own supporters believed he was doing nothing he had promised.

“It takes real fortitude to make your moves slowly, strategically, without fanfare, but he has succeeded admirably in keeping the opposition puzzled by his fast footwork. It was crucial that he not dismantle the entire structure of intertwined financial, government and military power and cause the whole world to grind to a halt. Even the discontinuance of war has been carefully calibrated to not throw thousands of veterans out of work during the recession and with poor medical care.

“You have no real knowledge – because it has been hidden from you for more than a hundred years – of what really goes on in the offices of real power in the world. It is not your “government” who runs your country, the United States. In fact, since the 80’s, most of the representatives you think you elect have actually been placed in their seats by commercial interests, to do their bidding. It has always been so to some degree, but as the flow of money was purposely directed to the few wealthiest families, via laws and mandates you have no knowledge of, your Constitution has been systematically decimated or simply disregarded. The worst of these maneuvers were accomplished during the Reagan and Bush eras, although none of the recent administrations previous this one were free from manipulation by the Powers That Be.

“Yes, we are telling you that your Obama, who has been so hated by his opponents, is finding such violent resistance because of what he has done for the greater good, and for no other reason. Yes, they hate to be led by a Black man, but they could tolerate that if he would roll over the way most of the Congress has. There is a small minority left who have integrity and concern for the people, and those brave souls are fighting hard to preserve the programs and stability which have kept the poor of this nation from falling into abject misery.

“It is a cruel society which holds their poor in contempt rather than seeing how deliberately they have been kept down, through psychological propaganda, discriminatory laws and crooked dealings at all levels of education and government. The ship of state is beginning to right itself, and a dignified tone of compassion and genuine concern is ringing true to enlightened ears, but selfishness is still a serious problem across the world and at home.

“The propaganda which convinced everyone to believe in the feeling of want and deprivation, as if everyone were on the verge of starvation at all times (while everyone is obsessed with being overweight), has created the competition between immigrant and citizen, Black and White, young and old, rich and poor, when no such angry struggles should have been ignited at all, given the riches available. Greed is touted as success, and selfishness honored as hard work when souls forget their responsibility for one another, their connection to each other and to Us, who see you all as equals, regardless of outward appearances which, we assure you, can be misleading.

“Dear Ones, do not allow yourselves to be seduced into clinging to the heavy vibration of the material conditions you had become used to in 3D. Imagine your emotional yardstick where all the Dark feelings are at one end and the Light ones at the other, and choose Who You Are by choosing which feelings you will feel. Dedicate yourselves now to being aware and conscious, every millisecond of every day. Do not allow yourself to fall into resentment, hostility or paranoia, especially when you are presented with ideas which do not match what you have been taught. It will be a challenge for all to do this, even the most advanced Lightworkers. Reach for your best. Imagine the impossible – no more anxiety, no more down days.

“Lighten your vibration by opening your Hearts and allowing our Unconditional Love to pour down through your Crown Chakra, through your center Light Channel where your inner strength resides. This strength is greater than any thought or idea you can have, because it comes from your eternal soul. Anchor the Light in your solar plexus, then let it pour down through your lower body, down your legs and deep into the Earth, grounding yourself in the heart of Gaia. Keep that hold, on Us, and on Mother Earth, while you serve as the conduit for Love and Light. That is your Place, your gift, and your destiny, our Beloved Human Ones.

“We love you beyond measure, Your Mother/Father God