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Where in the World is this?

May 17, 2015



Take back Tara – Take back Terra event! Andrew Bartzis, Veronica Keen, update from Monty

May 12, 2014




Montague’s Message for Sunday 11 May 2014

© The Montague Keen Foundation 2014

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My dear Veronica, how I would love to be at your side right now, as you and Andrew [Bartzis] reveal the truth about the history that was hidden from you. Now you realise the extent of the control system that was needed to imprison you, and more importantly, how you can so easily change the whole dynamics of this control.

You are being shown how to take back your power so that you can become who you truly are. I ask that each and every one of you, reads out loud, if possible, THE SOUL CONTRACT REVOCATIONS, written by ANDREW BARTZIS, in order to free yourselves from domination and control. Yes, it is as simple as that. You will be surprised and delighted with the results you experience.


I have repeated this over and over again to Veronica, and now, Andrew has been able to explain why this is so. We are indebted to him.

Now I call on the people of Ireland and the Irish all over the world, to pledge to be part of the gathering at TARA in September 2014. Bring your DRUMS and PIPES and take back ownership of your country. It will be a joyous occasion. Our two worlds will unite on this day. The whole world will stand beside you as you release your world from bondage.

I feel I must tell you that my dear wife will be in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, on the 23 May (from around noon until about 5pm) as Marcia, her daughter, is getting married on the 24 May. I know that Veronica would be happy to meet those who are willing to become LEADERS at the Tara Event.

THE GREAT IRISH SPIRIT needs to awaken and remove the shackles, and once again become the leaders of men that you once were. This is history in the making. It is time you learned your true history; not what Rome has inflicted on you.


MANY WILL TRY TO PREVENT THIS HAPPENING. EVERY OPPORTUNITY WILL BE TAKEN TO CAST A SHADOW OVER THIS MOST IMPORTANT OCCASION. Be strong and do not be swayed. The truth will set you free. People close to you, who unknowingly have become overshadowed, will be used to try to cast doubt on what we are doing. Remember: they are not aware of their overshadowing. Veronica: look back at how many times those you believed were close to you, were spirited away by being given wrong information which they believed to be true. Many have fallen by the wayside as they became victims of overshadowing.

I will not keep you, today, as I feel the Revocations must be read by all. The recordings of Andrew and Veronica are on our website, Please watch them and digest the information in them. It will open your eyes and give you hope for the future; a future that you will have a hand in creating. How many times have I told you that You are the Architects of the Future. Now, we have handed you the tools. It is up to all of you to come forward and change your world for the better. The timing was right for Veronica and Andrew to come together and show you the way forward.

Enjoy the journey. Ireland was my spiritual home. I treasure the memories of happy times in Ireland.

My dear, you have worked so hard this week. Please try to rest. Do not push yourself. People will understand that you cannot find the time to reply to all the emails. Some of them do not know that you are alone and you do not have help.

Enjoy the planning of this great expedition to Ireland.

I am with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

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The Horus Collective

December 22, 2013

Excerpts from Mission to Orion briefing
Channeled by: Krista Raisa

The Horus collective:

The pyramids are constantly changing.
They are sensory programs which are monitoring the Earth’s tectonic plates.
The pyramids have a sensory system for monitoring tectonic plate movements.

The pyramids are not for climbing.
The pyramids are for monitoring. The pyramids are seeing what you are thinking.

The Earth is getting a new layer.

The Horus collective is a very old group.

Waking into a pyramid signifies a shifting in the nervous system.
As you walk into the pyramid, one of the greater ones…
If the pyramid is located one of the grid lines on your Earth,
and you are an antennae of the grid line, wouldn’t you feel a shifting
if you were an antennae of the Earth?
Would you not feel the shifting?

Rakesh from Nederlands:
“How do the three gates with the sphinx, connect the gates in the three dimensions?
How would (you) explain it, how they interact in a triangle?”

On the sphinx: There was two gateways underneath this structure.
In the front and the back are different gateways.
One of the gateways in the center, as well. Third gateway.
Three gateways in one structure.
Souls come in through the front.
When you are entering the center, you bring in planetary energy from
galactic center- from crystal core- through crystal core in your Earth.
The back entrance is where many of you had had ceremonies in the past.
The back is what you would say in the rear of the structure.
There is a site for sacred ceremonies as you call them.

Rakesh from Nederlands: “How does the Lion grids interact with the Giza portal- Giza sacred sphinx?”

Horus collective:
Inside this structure was a very important storage area,
because you have to recognize information is placed in physical objects.
Some gates exist off planet. Some gates exist upon your Earth.
Some gates are multidimensional gates. Some gates have many, many doorways.
Some gates have one doorway. Two gates inside of this structure- the location
of these gates is inside of the structure. You enter through portals inside
of this structure. Walking into it would be as if you are sensing part of yourself
that has not existed on this planet.
Central sun energetics exist within all humans, but walking in between dimensions means
that you have central focus in central sun always. In this galaxy, to travel between
dimensions, you must originate from central sun.
That is a law. That is the law.
When you have streamed central sun frequencies, you can walk between dimensions.
What would be the value in that?

Many who have first begun listening to Horus collective, including the channel,
have to understand, some of you are not supposed to walk between dimensions.
Some of you are not supposed to go inside of these structures.
Because walking in between dimensions means you have other missions in other places.
Some of you have already completed your missions here and so can travel between
dimensions / off planet.

Now for those of you who must finish your missions:
Focus on your mission. It is not so important that you walk between the dimensions
at this very moment because the mission was a contract. This is why many of you are
asking, “How can I be of service?” This means you are in your mission….

Your mission is to ask questions of yourself.
Your mission is to enjoy the wonders of your Earth planet….

When you have completed a mission, you will sense a feeling what we call timelessness.
After you have completed an important mission, you will be sensing timelessness.
You will be sensing that all options are available.
You will also be sensing that you are not quite yourself.
You are sensing that “my body is not quite my own.”
You are also sensing that you might need to simply ground yourself and
meditate and empty the conscious vessel of all concepts.
We say that is a wonderful symptom that you have completed one of your important missions.

And now you are wanting to know, “Well, how many missions do each of us have?”
“And when will it stop? And on what date will I ascend into lightbody and become one
with the collective I once worked with in this time known as the great Egypt?…

One day, you will all organize your collectives together, and you will become a wonderful
beam of light….All beings on your planet are light. All beings on your planet become light.

We want you to know, that in becoming light, a pure beam of light, you are simply
in a state of connection to central sun frequency, becoming aware of all timelines,
having the option to choose in the highest probable future for the evolution of
your collectives, as one stream, and you are in a state of awareness and unity
with all that is, accepting all that is.

Some of you have experienced this several times in this life.
So what do you do now?

The ultimate question for all is “Who AM I? And what do I want for
the greater collective known as God?” And when you are asking every moment of your waking life,
“What does God want, and how can I be of service to All That Is?” You are, perfect.

So Horus collective would like to suggest that in your meditations, you continue
sensing presence of group collectives. Continue sensing the probable timelines.
Remember that the gateways have streams of connectivity, and you can travel upon
these streams in light formation.
Know that when you do this, you are not so focused on physical body.
Know that when you are asking questions of who you are, you are expanding on one
layer of concepts. Accept that you are many concepts. Accept that collectives
are collectives of collectives of collectives. And it continues….

And so it is. Thank you.

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December 11, 2013

Channeler: Shanta Gabriel

~ Channeled by Shanta Gabriel
http://www.The – Dec. 9, 2013

Dear Ones,

Through the Grace of the ever-living Divine Presence within you, a portal opens on December 12 offering a new initiation into Light. As the vibrational frequency of the 12:12 resonates, your Merkabic field is activated. The MerKaBa is a vehicle for your ascension as a Light Being in human form. The magnificent sacred geometry of the Star Tetrahedron will be activated around you by the codes at the 12:12 portal. This Star Tetrahedron will create a powerfully-shining starry shield of Light that holds the resonance of your Soul’s Divine Blueprint. The building of your MerKaBa will be completed on the Solstice, December 21, 2013. Throughout those 9 magical days, an increasing resonant frequency will be present in your energy systems. You will feel moments of Brightness and Clarity, as if your very cells are radiating Light, and this indeed will be the Truth.

Your MerKaBa (Mer – Light, Ka – Spirit, Ba – Body) contains the new structure for your awakened consciousness. It allows your light body to empower your physical life so you can thrive as a fully blended Divine Human during this New World Awakening. Your Merkabic field holds the Divine Blueprint for your Soul’s Highest Destiny. As you create this new structure within the matrix of your being, you are opening new pathways for fulfillment of this destiny.

Throughout the recent years, the 12:12 activations have anchored new structures into your energy systems. The initiation that took place on 12/12/2011 brought the deep connection to Unity Consciousness through Christed Light. The 12/12/12 activation created the new 12-strands of DNA within your cells and opened the way for the 12-Chakra system. This year the 12:12 activation builds on those powerful connections and brings forth a new level of empowerment for all those who are awakening in this expansive time. The potential of this new initiation into your Light Body vehicle allows you to align with the most authentic, eternal Divine Self within your physical being, so becoming the HomoLuminus – a Divine being of Light in human form.

There are many who have spoken of this MerKaBa over the years and it would be good to educate yourself. Essentially, this is an empowered structure of interlocking tetrahedrons that anchors perfect balance as they meet at the Still-point between your solar plexus and heart. The Star Tetrahedron connects all aspects of your being in perfect Divine Union.

Activation of the Codes

In the moment of time demonstrated by the clock at 12:12 all over the planet, alignment begins within the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness as a state of being. If you could only see from the Angelic viewpoint, it would appear that humans are acting as lightening rods when they receive this immense download of golden Christed Light and ground it into the Earth.

When there is no resistance, you open to this Grace-filled presence and spark the Divinity in every cell of your being. You are encouraged to take 12 minutes at the 12:12 hour on the day of December 12 to bring conscious awareness to that powerful activity of Divine Light and allow it to work within you in a state of Oneness with All That Is.

A Visualization

Visualizations are often helpful. The impulse of the Christ Light is like a brilliant Golden River that flows from Source energy above your head into the Earth, creating a bridge of Light from Heaven to Earth, connecting you to All That Is. Ask that this Golden Light permeate your heart with Wholeness and bring Divine Love into every organ and cell of your being. Allow it to expand outward into your energy fields, and see yourself as the Angels see you – a radiant Light expressing in the world as Divinity. The Star Tetrahedron is an image that your Soul will resonate with. Hold the vision of your new MerKaBa in full activation of Light surrounding your physical as well as your blended mental/emotional fields. As you create an empowered vision of the Star Tetrahedron, the energy frequencies within the new light structures of the 12:12 codes will activate your energy centers in a new way. When you ground this energy you create a deep vital connection to an Earth awaiting this time of honoring.

You have unseen partners whose work includes your evolution, to assist in the creation of a fully-functioning world that operates on a higher frequency of Light and Divine Love. Breathe in this empowerment to the core of your being and allow it to anchor there. Have a sense of the powerful new place of Balance within you that is above your solar plexus and beneath your heart. Here is where your inner gyroscope will serve to keep you in a place of neutrality and equanimity so you can thrive in multidimensionality.

Know how important you are as a link in the conscious evolution of a new world, where Peace and Harmony can live in the human heart. As the Earth becomes sanctified, Balance, Vitality and Love will thrive once more within the planet and all beings that live here.

Divine Unity

Through the 12:12 portal, there will be a sense of being reborn into unity with all aspects of you. Greet yourself with a new level of respect and honor your commitment to this life. Your willingness to continue on the Path of Light throughout time has brought you to a completion of one aspect of your soul’s journey. Your new MerKaBa will now empower the next phase of your evolution.

Light alone cannot create the connection, even though the Divine Intelligence is there within the Light Force. Divine Love is required to awaken the coding of your Soul’s union with the completion inherent in the Twelve. Connecting to the golden light of Christed energy will awaken Divine Love within you. Allow the Christ Light to permeate every cell and create a new healing force that will pervade your consciousness. When you integrate this alignment within you, the Divine Love in your energy fields will activate the magnetic fields around your DNA and become so pervasive that your world will literally begin to change around you. This connection to Christ Consciousness was coded at 12/12/2011 and is now available whenever you see 12:12 on the digital display.

Further evolution on planetary levels creates new openings for souls to step into. Those whose light-encoded DNA has allowed their energy frequencies to shift, now work in a multidimensional earth simultaneously magnetizing other souls. An entrainment of energy frequencies ensues as your own inner coding, firing in resonance, attracts more who are ready for the awakening.

You were born for this. Now is your time. Join with others in the 12:12 timings to assist the firing of new matrix energy codes. Hold and empower the image of your beautiful MerKaBa, a Star Tetrahedron radiant with the Golden Light of Oneness – true Unity Consciousness. This will be the structure that helps you thrive as you create a new Earth that is evolving – one where the spirit within all things in honored, and beauty and harmony are sanctified.

The use of your breath and prayer work are the most expedient ways to lift your energy frequencies. Here is a suggestion to empower your intentions:

Breathe in Alignment with Divine Union – Breathe out Balance
Breathe in Activation of Divine Light – Breathe out Radiance
Breathe in Anchoring of Divine Love – Breathe out Wholeness

Divine Presence,

During this 12:12 Activation, I invite the Divine Love and Golden Light active in the Christ Consciousness to flow gracefully through me and anchor upon the Earth. I now ask for an experience of the connection within my DNA to Divine Love, Compassion and Light from the Highest Source that I can receive. I invite an alignment with my Soul’s Highest Destiny for the good of my evolution and the evolution of the Earth at this time. I invite the assistance of the Angels, Archangels, Masters and all the beings of Light who work for my awakening to be with me in this process. I ask for a connection with my Highest Self so that I create more conscious awareness around my evolutionary process.

Within the power of this alignment, I now create a perfect MerKaBa field around me that most supports my evolution of consciousness and the fulfillment of my Soul’s Destiny on Earth this lifetime. I know that this beautiful golden Star Tetrahedron is being empowered by my Oneness with All That Is.

May all beings awaken to their Divine Potential and bring the presence of Divine Love into their hearts. May ever more Grace flow through us all to bless the Earth and honor her in a new way so all may thrive. May every heart feel the gifts of this loving Presence within them so Divine Love may prevail on Earth.

Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: November 9, 2013

Message from the Masters –The Perfect Cosmic Storm

December 4, 2013

December 3, 2013


Ensa Anshallah

Greetings to your Grace

In human nature, you are in an exciting time. A time of expansion, of change, of light. What has come to you in your time, is a combination of factors that has affected your very construct, your very beingness, and your abilities to reach far beyond your current reality and into what you used to consider the unknown. What is now is that the infinite possibilities that we have spoken of previously come to you and your world as options to be embodied. Your light has expanded to the point that you are now able to reach outward, which is also inward, to your greatest heights and depths of the infinite and bring these into your world, into your lives, as part of your creative process and part of the illumination of you. Your illumination has come forward over time as possibilities, as glints of awareness that you have tried to grasp, live, understand, expand, and yet, it requires nothing.

The enlightenment you seek is truly a spiritual experience, and still, it is not a story that you create to make it so. Your enlightenment is just that: you becoming light. It happens in spite of you. The key is what do you do with your great being? What will you choose as a result of having infinite options at your beckon call? Becoming truly enlightened occurs when the sense of self is unconditionally combined with the actuality of all things to an arrival at the embodiment of the IAM in such a way that the “I” can never be alone and the “AM” is all of it. What this means is that you, as human beings, have developed senses of importance, or a need to be that. You have arrived at a need to fit, to be like others, to stand out in a crowd, to hide from it all perhaps. Although none of this is true and al of it is so, the crux of the point is that the human mind has a need to logically state all data in a manner that makes sense. The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. All things are in a state of continual change, never hesitating, never slowing or slacking, but instead evolving as a fluid nature in everything.

Your enlightenment is a product of the constant evolution of the entirety. It is not a product of what you do or think or try to be. It simply is. The immensity of what enlightenment is available to your awareness is often exacerbated by celestial events and events of less than a tangible nature.

You have read above in our vehicle’s notes what has been happening in your “hard copy” world. What you cannot yet see is what is happening beyond that world, in less definable worlds that are yours as well.

Other dimensionally, there has become an opening across the third through the sixth dimensions that is streamlining a huge energy force to and through your world. This moves through each of you in such ways that is creating openings in your awareness, in the paths of consciousness to gain knowledge and abilities beyond your recent senses. Instead, you are absorbing this information as part of your make up. It is not and cannot be mental. Instead, it becomes you. Part of you. That which is you.

In addition to this tunnel through creation, which is actually a bending of the space time continuum, there is a second opening that joins the first in the fourth dimension. The second opening is t a 30 degree angle to the first opening, joining it in the 5th dimension, and then shooting out thought all dimensions into that which is light, your source. As this occurs, the combination of openings creates a double helix of energy between them as well as acts as a stabilizing factor to the first opening.

What this means is that not only are you gleaning information in your field through the mental planes of creational dimensions, you are also blending this knowledge with light from the higher dimensions. In many ways you can consider the current forces as a perfect cosmic storm that contributes to your knowing, your being, and that which you are beyond your world. This is the perfect set up for humanity to become enlightenment even as it exists. What has stood in your way in the matter of density is temporarily disturbed by the manner of flow across dimensions that are triangulating all that you are with all that is possible. It is this time that the ancients counted in their calendars. It is this time that the prophets have spoken of. It is this time that is your time and that which is the time for future generations.

The current dimensional conditions will remain in place for a number of years. A third opening will occur in 9 months and a few days on September 14th of your year 2014, that will create the perfect triangulation leading to the 2018 occurrence of the harmonic attunement of all of the pyramids simultaneously across your planet. It is this occurrence for which they were built. A moment in your time when conditions align for the perfect set up of harmonics of and to your planet, and therefore you. Many of you may have wondered what occurrence we spoke of that would begin your last September 29th. It was the opening and coming together of the two tunnels that cross dimensions. You may have notices that since that time there have been some huge storm events on your planet. It is so that these occurrences affected the interrelations between the physical and the etheric because the openings also act as sort of vacuums, sucking energy through them. This affects your weather patternings and you may see some intensification over the next months through your winter months in particular. Whatever does this mean to you as human beings, all of these strange and seemingly otherworldly events? You are living in a time where anything and everything is possible and what you believed to be obstacles truly do not exist. What is available to you beyond measure is everything that you have believed, all that you are, and infinite possibilities.

How do you get there? Relax, breathe, get to know yourself beyond all of your self-perceived deceptions, honor the light in you which is also the light in all others, and know that to live well is to do so at the best of your ability. There is nothing to be, no thing to accomplish, experience the life for which you have come with ease and grace and allow that which is now available to sweep through you like the breath of God.

End of transmission. Be in peace. We are grateful to be of service with you in this now.

The Equinox Portal & The Initiation of the Renaissance

September 19, 2013

The Equinox Portal &
The Initiation of the Renaissance

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters !

We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self-empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such ‘channeled’ message.

Masters, the Portal of Renaissance is now opening in the aperture of the September Equinox. This magnificent opening is a coded portal that initiates in the 7 day aperture of the September Equinox, and competes on the Solar Eclipse of November 2nd.

It is a time to renew, a time to adjust to the expansive attributes of the Ascended Earth. Not just in terms of aligning to the 5th – 12th dimensions, but also to anchor and align to 3 prior epochs of ‘enlightenment.’ Masters, in the New Earth, you are in essence beginning a re-newed life with vitally re-newed purpose through expansive sensories. A key part of this is to rediscover passion and joy, and incorporate that requisite creative bliss into your experience and indeed the purposed co creation of the coming ‘Ascension of Humanity’ in and via the expanded planetary matrix. Do you understand?

The 7 day Aperture

Dear Ones, the aperture of the September Equinox is 7 days. This then includes 3 days prior to the actual to the Equinox, the day of the equinox and for 3 days following. The timing is Sept 19-25. In this 7 day phase we ask you to meditate on receiving essential codes.

Accordingly through meditative intent humanity can receive these codes as they complete the Equinox Portal downloads of the Renaissance awakening. These codes are synergized into the 33 chakric Fields of the expanded Crysto-Lite body.

Masters, as you become more settled into the higher frequencies of the New Earth, it is incumbent upon you to calibrate to the expanded Chakra Alignments of the Crystalline Lite Body, the Mer-Ka-Na. Naturally the Earth is adjusting her resonance to refashion the chakric centers of the planet to receive and distribute the energies for humanity. There are planned timings, aligned to astrological junctures that enable this. These junctures are listed below, (and we will add future channels of information on this topic in the next weeks).

In 2013 you are reformatting to the New Earth. The frequencies that poured in continually last year, now must be fined tuned. The Renaissance Portal is such a time, for you are receiving the codes that allow the calibration to your rebirth.

So we re-emphasize that 2013 is a year of rebirth of ‘Renaissance.’ Take a moment to consider this. We tell you that you are beginning new lives, new expansions in Year One of the New Earth. It is a very significant year in which you will learn how to navigate in dimensions 5-12. It is a year in which you will receive codes for the new dimensions. By achieving dimensional coherency you will expand into greater resonance with the expanded fields of 12 physio chakras and 20 etheric chakras forming in coherent unification, the 33rd. This was not entirely possible before the Ascension. This integration logically could not be fully achieved until the Crystalline Grid completed in December of 2012. Accordingly 2013 is the year for such formatting.

The remaining key phases are coded & multifaceted. Each of the below dates in 2013 play key roles in your expansion and adjustment to the multidimensionality of the New Earth. offer the following:

September 19- 25 – Equinox ‘Time-Gate’ Portal of Renaissance

October 18 – Lunar Eclipse – Codes of Expansive Internal Bliss

November 3 – Solar Eclipse – Codes of Expansive External projection

December 21, 2013 – Solstice of Total Chakric Integration

The ‘Time-Gate Renaissance Portal’

The ‘Renaissance’ Portal initiates 7 indeed occurs from the September Equinox & completes on the November Solar Eclipse. This aperture will align the New Earth to 3 phases of ‘enlightenment. Do not doubt that just as there are star gates and worm holes that connect the planet (and humanity) to higher dimensions, there are also ‘Time Gate Portals’ that connect to other epochs.

Just as similar frequencies attract through the ‘Law of Harmonic Oscillation’ so do the vibratory fields of planetary ‘eras’ naturally align. There are 3 ‘Golden Ages’ in which many of you were present that achieved very high levels of consciousness.

These are:

1) The Golden Age of Atlantis ( Poseidon Law of One)

2) The Golden Age of LeMuria

3) The Golden Age of Greece (Hologramic Insert of Avatars)

Through the Aquarian Shift, 144-Crystalline Grid and the expansion into 12 dimensions, you are able to draw the attributes & codes of these higher time periods into a more direct harmonic relationship with the ongoing up-shift of humanity in the current time. The codes of these eras will allow for a much closer interface with the 3 Golden eras mentioned.

This will assist humanity by allowing the simultaneous time aspect of those phases to integrate more completely with the evolving phase you are entering. The two phases the era of the Golden Age of Greece and of Poseidon.

The Golden Codes of Greece & Poseidon will be brought in through the planetary ‘Naval’ (umbilical ) Portal of Delphi and the Codes of Golden LeMuria will enter the earth plane at Rapa Nui. This will initiate as stated on the equinox. This will occur through the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions and be received via the 10th, 11th and 12th physio chakras in the Mer-Ka Na field, and through the 20th and 33rd chakras of the etheric levels of the Mer-Ka-Na field.

It should not surprise you that all 3 of these (prior) Golden Ages were phases in which many of you were and are , in simultaneous time), present. We tell you that these aspects of your multidimensional selves are playing a major role in coordinating the harmonic interfacing that will occur in the ‘Renaissance Portal.’

Rediscover Passion in 2013 !!

Dear Ones, it is time to rediscover passion and joy, as did the Masters of the Golden Age. It is time to regain the balance. Life is not meant to be only work, rather the equity of well-being and contained within the raptures of bliss. Joy has a geometric code and pattern, and you can discover joy & indeed groom it !

Happiness is acquired, and we tell you that the energy of passion is the driving engine of manifestation. Passion is the fabric of your life- fervor & is an essential part of heart-courage and will. You are not meant to be indifferent, sad or apathetic !

Learning to create & project joy is a huge accomplishment ! And indeed joy has a geo-coded essence that can be received in the Renaissance. of 2013. And remember, you are never ‘too old’. You are here with purpose and that is too live life fully and create the NEW EARTH!


Dear Masters, a truly powerful period is nigh, and it is an energy of extraordinary importance.

On the September Equinox, meditate and connect to the Golden Ages, for the attributes are of a very high vibratory resonance entering into the 12th dimension. You will discover a renewed love of life, a lessening of fear and self-doubt. You will achieve a spring in your step that allows for greater well-being and joy. You will rediscover passion, and take a new approach to your life. You will become ‘Golden.’

2013 has much yet in store. It is a planned time for renaissance, for new paths, for the rediscovery of passion.

It is a year in which you will learn how to navigate in dimensions 5-12. It is a year in which you will receive codes for the new dimensions. By achieving dimensional coherent resonance with the conscious Earth Kingdoms you will expand in serendipitous ways you cannot even as yet imagine.

We honor you. Nurturing one another, nurture the Kingdoms of Earth, and express LOVE, unconditional Love in the New Earth. Be kind to self, for you are truly worthy and are leading the way to a new era, a Renaissance of great completion.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is…And it is so

Pleiades High Council

September 17, 2013

Sept 18 – 24 – Purification Process – Pleiades
17 September 2013
Channeler: Anna Merkaba

Dearly beloved children of the light. As we have said to you many times prior, there are major energetic changes indeed moving closer and closer to your GAIA, the event is inevitable, yet most do not comprehend with the human mind what this event that we are all referring to is, and so, let us briefly explain to you its importance and what is about to sweep through your planet.
Let us reassure you that the destruction that many of you are seeing in their third eyes, is the destruction of the old system of thinking and the old system of belief, for there indeed is a new thought process that is originating inside your hearts, a new heart code that is exploding from within, and bringing you into the alignment with THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.
Truth that all of you are magnificent beings, capable of creating worlds close in magnitude to the one that you are presently finding yourself on. You are indeed awaking to your heart code, you area wakening to the real truth, which is, that you are in control of your realities, and you need not anyone tell you the what, how, when and why.

Technically what is about to occur on your planet is the PURIFICATION PROCESS. Many portals on your planet will open up and the energy from these portals will rise to the central point in the middle of the earth through its axis, the wobble will be changed a few degrees, many events of various natures will occur. Massive cleansing process is going to take place.
All earth ancient portals systems shall activate significantly and release the knowledge that has been laying dormant for eons. Your scientists are going to discover proof of what we are talking about here to you. More and more newspapers will report the new findings of scientific experiments to support all the “theories” that we lay forth before you.

But let us return to the dates at hand. September 18th – the 24th of your earthly time, what is about to occur on your planet is the gates yet again are going to open, but this time the energy that you will experience will not be coming from any celestial body but your own GAIA. What you are about to experience is major pruning, sweeping of your earth, energetically, physically and mentally.
Please understand that the changes that are about to take hold of your planet are the changes that have been set into motion many years ago, and so with the quadruple affect you are moving closer and closer the unification of the minds, to the unification of the system.

What we mean by this is NOT the idea that all of you will begin to think exactly the same, on the contrary you are about to awaken to your true magnificent selves, awaken to your hearts, and to remember the true reason that you are all now here, to awaken to your creativity, to awaken to your individuality, and yet ONENESS.. to understand that all of you are here as pieces of a puzzle in order to unite these pieces to build one whole. One whole – full of a multitude of colors, vibrations, musical tones of such variance, that once put together, will flow like a river in the same direction, in the direction of love, light, understanding, compassion, and abundance.

That is not to say that you must give anything up, except one thing the idea that you are all separate, for you are not. For you are all one and the same, but you come with different vibrational frequencies. And so, by giving up your hatred for one another, by forgiving each other, by forgiving yourselves, you are moving closer to finally playing together in unison a beautiful melody of freedom from lack, freedom from war, and freedom from dis-ease. For once you are in tune with your own selves, once you are in tune with your own creative forces, once you are following your hearts code, and living out your life as you are meant to be , as you have decided to do, it is then that the puzzle can finally be put together and the melody can finally be unleashed form earth and travel fast into the universal frequency of love, and it is then that your earth, and human beings, can finally join into the interplanetary confederation of light.

And so, we will repeat this again and again, hear our call, hear our tune.. you are to forgive, each other, you are let go of misconceptions towards YOUR SELVES, and those around you.. you are to stop trying to change everyone around you and you are to look deep within yourself and begin with you.

Do know that those of you are who are here to activate the grids, who are here to activate the portals, will be called to duty, be prepared, we ask that those of you and you know who you are, to be prepared by drinking enough fluids and by staying attuned to the notes to the sounds entering your hearing channels, i.e. your ears, you will hear a variety of sounds , sensations, you will hear different tones, you will feel heaviness in your ears, you will feel quick changes in the atmospheric pressure around you, it will feel as if something is being pressed up against your energy fields, you will feel energy drops, sudden tiredness, sudden alertness, sudden noises that normally do not hear. All these are calls for you to pay attention for you to attune to yourself.

For you are being called into action, action which will take place from the 18th to the 24th of September. Action to activate the grids of the portals of GAIA.

Please understand that this is a STEP, this is merely a commencement of the event, a preparatory step, and you will be called to duty many times over, throughout the duration of your present incarnation. For not only are you here to activate the grids, but also to lead assist humanity as they move from one dimension to another, as they move closer and closer to the understanding of their MULTIDIMENSIONALITY.
We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Expanded Grand Portal Activity Engages Cosmic Energetic Connections for all Hue-Beings

September 14, 2013

GaiaPortal Update:

Expanded grand portal activity engages Cosmic energetic connections for all Hue-Beings at this moment. Such connections are necessary at this time to precursor the “full disclosure” chapters.

All Hue-Beings experience heightened sensitivities at all levels, including 3D body extremities such as hands/fingers, feet/toes, mouth/tongue/teeth, and crown chakra.

Recommended for Hue-Beings at this time are Self-patience, rest (physical), and stillness, as Higher-D DNA alterations proceed.

Resulting eventually in the Cosmic-ready DNA energetic grid required for Cosmic Hue-Being Ascension process.

via Expanded Grand Portal Activity Engages Cosmic Energetic Connections for all Hue-Beings.

Grand Portal Openings Continue as Higher Vibrationals Step Upward in Frequency

September 6, 2013

Grand Portal openings continue as Higher Vibrationals step upward in frequency. All prior timelines have been erased. The Grand Portals encompass much increased areas of geographical measure, as well as much increased areas of individual human and Hue-Being effect. Grand Portals allow necessary Cosmic Upgrades of individual human and Hue-Being and planetary (Gaia) to proceed without restriction. Further Portal upgrades will continue as necessary.

via Grand Portal Openings Continue as Higher Vibrationals Step Upward in Frequency.

Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings at all Levels

August 18, 2013

Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings at all Levels.

Golden sparkles pervade all Gaia beings at all levels as full Higher Energetic activation has completed. This in readiness for completion of selected local protocols, individual, collective, and Higher Dimensional.

Simultaneous freeing of all Hue-Being restrictions completes initial ascension phase.

“Standard” protocols have been overridden and transcended.

Exponential increase in Higher Dimensional visibles now proceeds.