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SaLuSa 9 May 2014

May 9, 2014

 There are many ways that you can assist the desire to bring permanent peace to the world. As individuals you can spread your Light wherever you go, by focussing on all that is pure and wholesome. You can also send out your healing energies and love to uplift those who are in need of help. Your ability to do so goes far beyond your understanding, requiring immense faith on your part. Like attracts like and it is for this reason that healers present a monumental power for good. At this time the Earth is in need of immense healing to help the process to go forward, and it comes from many sources many of which are off Earth. Whilst the Earth may be of an insignificant size compared to other planets in your Solar System, you can be assured that in your Universe it holds the centre spot. It is because of its importance to the evolution of the Human Race that is due to evolve beyond the third dimension. If it does not it will affect and delay the progress of souls who exist in the higher ones. So as you can see, this stage in Human evolution is so important to the progress of other souls.

As we have previously mentioned, the opportunity to ascend is so important that if it is not taken it can actually set back your progress. However, do not be dismayed or affected by what we have told you, as you have many advanced civilisations that are giving you their full support. You do in fact have much more help than you imagine, and it is to give you every opportunity to achieve your goals. The immediate help you get is to ensure that your progress is in the right direction. We can influence your decisions but cannot impose our ideas upon you. However, the souls taking part in the end times are aware of their tasks, even if it is only at a subconscious level. All told we are confident that success will be achieved, but there is always that element of risk because of your freewill.

Anyone who has been following your spiritual progress, will certainly be able to look back and see a definite pattern. It shows an opening up of the Light that has grown at a rapid pace, so much so that it has brought about a more peaceful approach to life. We can assure you that it will continue to grow until it will be recognised that the Human Race is ready to ascend. However, there is still much work to do, but in the near future it will become apparent that the dark Ones are no longer able to influence the destiny of Mankind. We wait for our opportunity to meet you, but the circumstances must be such that peace has been established upon Earth. To that end we will take an active part so you can rest easy and know that you have chosen your path in the Light. The dark Ones will no longer be able to interfere with your progress, indeed they will have been removed and find themselves at a level that is consistent with their lower vibrations.

Dear friends we are of little difference to you except that we have journeyed further along the road of evolution. You have chosen a different path to us but nevertheless we all travel in the same direction, and for that reason we offer a helping hand to speed up your progress. The importance of the present time cannot be over emphasised, as it is the culmination of a period covering many years of evolutionary experience –a Solar Cycle of 26,500 years. Those of you who have evolved sufficiently will continue to rise up, as you experience in accordance with your goal to continue expanding within the Light.

Of necessity you are going to experience many changes which will propel you into the New Age. The old ways are no longer suitable or reflect the new energies that are streaming to Earth. We are pleased to tell you that once matters are moving forward, they will do so quite quickly as after all we have been preparing for this time for many years. You have as you might say “ now come of age” and your progress must be allowed to forge ahead. Clearly there will be some confusion where those who are unenlightened are concerned. We will however give you as much information as possible to ease your worries. Be assured that you will be advised as to exactly what to expect, and it will include many very acceptable surprises.

You will be surprised as to how quickly you will move forwards, and forget the earlier periods of difficulty. Bear in mind that you are experiencing the end times yet also the incoming energies that will lift you up. It will be an unusual experience yet uplifting because you will be able to appreciate the reason for the changes. Those of you in the know will be able to help those who will be confused and somewhat fearful of what the future holds for them. However, we intend to make sure that once we can present ourselves to you, that you are fully informed as to what is transpiring and what you can do to assist. Meantime the new energies will help you remain calm, and we will always be at the ready if circumstances call for our intervention.

Throughout the world weather changes are being experienced and in some areas they are already becoming quite extreme. These changes must take place as you move out of the extremely volatile weather extremes of the past. Matters will settle down and you are going to experience more acceptable conditions that will be to your liking. The extremes that you normally experience will slowly disappear, and ultimately your weather patterns will settle down. Do not expect too much too soon, as we are informing you of what to expect in the immediate future.

For your part you can help others to understand the necessity for world wide changes, and most importantly help them to understand the need to go along with them as they are for your benefit. The most striking changes will in our opinion be the result of cleansing the Earth of centuries of pollution and destruction. You will see immediate benefits and the beauty and cleanliness will be most striking. Pollution of the air, earth and seas will be removed quite quickly and all will eventually be returned to its pristine condition. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and excited at the prospect of helping you experience all of the wonders and beauty that are waiting to greet you. It is a wonderful time and soon you will see changes around you. Keep your hopes high and know that God has declared the end of the last cycle and so be it. As always I leave you with my love and blessings.

Thank you SaLuSa, Mike Quinsey.



SaLuSa 7 November 2013

December 7, 2013

7 December 2013



SaLuSa 7 November 2013.

Peoples patience with the current world situation wears thin, and it will not take much to push them over the edge. Your authorities paper over the cracks with their make-shift measures, but as the old breaks down you a free to recapture a sense of self-control to carve out your life path, thereby rising above the confused muddle. Vast pleasant changes are on there way to you, and when we can meet with you there will be celebrations with all types of music played to mark your diversion from the downward path, and up to greater light, love and oneness.

Dear Ones we congratulate you in taking your first tentative steps to reclaim your freedoms from the ridiculous, absurd and ubiquitous legal system. You are now humbly but forcefully calling for virtually all of your rights afforded to your ancestors, by using the legal tools at your disposal to fight for Liberty and Justice for all, and this will bring about the ending and completion phase the current unbalanced legal system.

On That many refuse to look at such things as legal remedies and instead prefer to curl up in the nest of the familiar no matter how bad the situation may get. But persevere as we can hint that you are on the right path, when completed you will have the pride of a free and sovereign people. We can see out in the future that these legal remedies will make much headway. Whatever happens don’t blame yourselves as you are working from a disability and have adapted what you can to make things workout. People are coming together that would not normally associate with each other in friendship and working to hastily bring about all the necessary changes.

You will be gifted with the psychic power of telekinesis and this may seem to make little difference per se, but rather has enormous value to reawaken and rebirth in you to the true nature of reality, which has been lost, thereby readjusting your perception.

Our Allies work to get the monies from the Saint Germain World Trust in your hands and when done will greatly enrich you. Then the regret of the past can be put away and you can give thanks for your new financial stability. People who favour uncompromising attitudes of an immoderate and excessive lifestyle will have important and perhaps difficult choices to make, as the previous chaotic unrestricted economic growth cycle of boom and bust gives way to a more sober and moderated cycle.


We ready and prepare ourselves to cross into becoming as one with you in a loving union, this needs much reflection. When we arrive we will show why your Political and Governmental systems have failed, and it is in part because of burying allot of resources in war. The Vatican looks to it’s future with concern as much of the negativity that it created comes back to bite. We would say that this cycle or phase of the Church is coming to an end in it’s current form and it is in line with the astrological influences, with the Stars lighting the way to a future of greatly expanded and diversified religious choices.

Much comes to light as people chatter, with a plausibility of different tones, nevertheless the weaving of illusions is being lit up like a neon sign as the light approaches. So we can see how the past is always interwoven with the future and how we are all connected and effect each other and a very deep level.  The often sensational News stories about people in prominent positions are caused by these same ones own deplorable actions, and this will all lead to less fraudulence and dishonestly in your institutions. It may seem that you are engulfed in scandal but you will learn to find your emotional balanced once again. We remind you to stay in your heart and continue to share your love and kindness with others as the revelations of wrong doing continue to come out.

With That the Dark are unnerved as they see the way the wind is blowing, in that more and more people are starting to awaken to the total scale of corruption involved, and want to institutionalize those arrogant master minds of the chaos.  Inadvertently they will be dealt with double on the same date. We are being cryptic here but you have to read between the lines as these ones are of a high order of contemptible persons. All are still loved even though some have lost their way.

People in positions of authority have discounted their sworn oaths to the people and need some help and advice regarding their untenable situation, as they are many times using their position to disenfranchise and take from those who they are sworn to serve, with the poorest suffering the most, those that do menial jobs, they are more often than not hiding how they feel from others and they do this to prevent themselves from being emotionally wounded, but it has the effect of shutting out help coming to them. Dear Ones the Divine Mother loves you deeply and wishes you to leave your safe shell and find the strength, speed, and endurance to take control over the direction of your lives, with determination to express your opinions and principals of living in total abundance. We have a specialized division of the Galactic Federation which are radiating Light to help empower your path. Be on the watch for the careless word that carriers a low vibration as even the smallest word will contain an increasing amount power as you raise up in vibration.

Dear Ones we are pleased Mike Quinsey has come out from retirement and has found a new charter. He will be the lead channel for SaLuSa messages from now on, this messenger has just been informed by coincidence at the time of channelling this message, and will now rest channelling future SaLuSa messages in order to not create conflict in the messages, and we give the green light and also give the energy to propel him forward. He has overcame with the help of his northwestern friends. *

What has been sealed away and completely isolated so long that it has become fabled will again be restored to mint condition, and you will be able to interact with it. This unknown or ‘Event’ (for lack of a better word), will pour away rebellion against the Father God, and will spread to all lighting the way, we are surveying you for the facilitation of this process. Those who will be chosen be given an etheric badge to indicate their choice to return home the the higher dimensions .

We have told the same story many times and we thank you from your persistent faith in us. Some information has been lost in translation to what the channellers regard as fashionable and contemporary, and has made it excessively burdensome to communicate with you, but these messages create rebirth of your imagination and perception nonetheless and we are happy people take to them with an insatiable appetite. Their real value is to throw pebbles into your lake of illusion to let you see your true self as an embodiment of God, and which same illusion dampens down.

You will be given safe passage from childhood to full consciousness. You are learning self-responsibility for your actions, as you have had to endure endless maltreatment at the hands of the Astral parasite Archons, which have persuasively manipulated you into feeling negative emotions so they can feed off them, and you should be informed that they are planing fresh attacks on you, but we are bagging them up and putting them away in a secure storage place. You can help by energizing your Christed love light, this will send them away for good.

Many have become blasé about Walmart and other low income workers being hired without regard to their membership of a labour union, this was the bright idea of the directorship and it is very negative and decisive as a mainstay of their policy, this will soften and be lost with time. These companies claim virtue but demonstrate hypocrisy by their actions. In the future your society will nestle up to a more communal out look, where all are loved and their needs taken care of.

A storm of emotion gathers as the new higher energies of love and light meet what remains of fear and separation. This will bring a rebalancing and carve out a new flight path. You will be thenceforth well-off. You are being seeded with higher thought forms to expand your consciousness so you can uphold and carry the New-age. It is also detoxing the darkness from you. This was all seen long ago that you would fall then transition into higher consciousness, and if we allowed events to play out all of the changes would be of benefit.

If you can learn to become adept at mastering your emotions, thoughts and physical body there will be no need to partake of alcohol with no problems of dependency on it. This Christmas you can enjoy the festivities hugely and lovingly without taking a drop of alcohol and the desire will subside. This will save you from any mishaps concerning staying safe during the holidays as you will keep your wits about you at all times. At this time of year many opposites and contradictions that have been held back surface, and integrating them into one will take unbridled creativity and a bit of gusto as this will effect your standard of living. You can counter what is deemed trendy when you feel fenced in by social pressures, by which hostility is sent your way when not conforming, these behaviours proceed from the primitive brain.

You can cross the bridge into contacting us, which is done through a process of quantum entanglement, which connects us all. So you can feel confident you will get a return reply to a question. It will be slow at first and will be received inside you. Let the information pop into your head giving no time for preparation, and become receptive and allowing, then the information will flow. This process of entanglement your scientist have discovered, is really the force of immense unconditional love that binds us all together as one, and will cast light upon anything you wish to know.

Many Dear Souls have hit rock-bottom and then found the ability to renew, revitalize, and regenerate their physical and emotional self. By necessity the ordinary has had to disguised the extraordinary. Your eyes are now opened to new and unexpected opportunities around you. Your lower self or baser nature has found it’s limits as you rediscover your heart, which brings all the disparate parts of you together again and rolls them up into one. This allows for the examination of the past with distasteful feelings coming up so you can see what still serves you and then clean out your emotional house, which will make space for the new to come in. We tell you No matter how small your efforts are to create light and love it has a huge effect as you are reshaping all you see around you.

Those with Reptilian characteristics of treacherous and predatory behaviour toward others, will leave your plane of existence and will not be allowed to ever incarnate here again. Those who have made honest mistakes for lack of knowledge and always acted out of love for others to the best of their ability, will be free to live and flourish on this beautiful planet of yours. This will be encoded as an automatic behaviour of the space around your planet, they will be expelled and extruded in a very active and lively way. In this we act as emissary from the Creator to send the message that what has been done here is irreconcilable. Their seemingly carefree demeanour are only superficial.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and till we can meet with you keep up your spirits. We are aware of the chemtrails continuing to get worse and are moving to cleanse them and make them harmless. Your world will return to flourishing abundance and it will be just as you collectively deem it to be, when you return to being in alignment with the divine plan for you, and you will not need to look too hard to see as all will be covered.

Thank You SaLuSa.


My love and best wishes go out to Mike, and happy he is feeling better.

The Latest SaLuSa message through Mike Quinsey is here:

(*) SaLuSa has told me to take a break and give Mike some space. The messages are dowsed which takes a long time about 2-3 days and was already halfway through this weeks message when I found out about Michael coming out of retirement, also not to sure what ‘northwestern’ means? I think it’s Canada as it is mostly north west to the UK. I will still channel messages for those interested but just from other Star Beings.

Love and Light.

SaLuSa Dec 6 2013 by MADAD

December 6, 2013



SaLuSa 12.6.2013

There are so many questions within your mind right now, and we know you wish them to be   answered. The answers are already in your heart Dear Ones, all of them, and the moment when you will clearly hear them is quickly approaching with your finishing change. Remember no one can provide answers for you, we all can   only show you the way that leads to this knowing, because it is always you who decide when is the perfect moment for receiving the answer and with   acceptance of that experience of knowing you gain the most from the   understanding that is there, hidden within each experience. So when you still feel that your mind is occupied with so many questions, simply ask yourself   what do you need to do to be ready, to be prepared to move into the New and  with certainty the answer will come and leave you with no doubts about what   should be done. At that moment of your own realization, most of the answers   will be revealed through your heart, and you will be no longer held back and   when you decide to finish all that is necessary, it is always upon your free   will choice.

The experience of free will is maybe one of the last issues that your need to fully understand, and understanding always comes when you completely accept this experience as the one that is carrying valuable wisdom for you and do   not deny it for one, two or thousands reasons that could be attached to it, depending on your current mood, situation or on any other matter that   influence your state of mind. But once you have found out that acceptance of   each lesson is giving you the strength to forgive, forget and let go, there   is no reason why you should wait any longer to do the same with all   experiences that might still hold the wisdom inside, including the free will.   This choice of experiencing free will was among the main reasons for your   decision to be incarnated here on Mother Earth as most of you wished to   understand everything that is connected with it.

Throughout your awakening process, many of you saw and felt energy of some of   your prior life experiences, and these were all shown to you to accept them   as they were without feeling of hate, shame, quilt or judgment for yourself   or the others involved. And this is what you should do also with your current   life experience, because now the lesson of free will choice is intensified to   its maximum potential of learning for all of you. Are you ready to accept it   and move into the New and when your answer is YES, we are ready too.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I feel how you all are moving into that   acceptance and understanding of this lesson. Remember no guilt or shame   exists where Love and Light is present, there is only understanding of each   other being expressions of Creation with the right to choose which way to   follow. Those who chose to close their experiences of free will and duality   choices have already accepted this lesson while reading this message and are   ready to receive the wisdom that will carry them into the reality where there   is only one choice to follow.

Channeller: MADAD

SaLuSa 30 November 2013

November 30, 2013



SaLuSa 30 November 2013.

Your world today is undergoing slow growth and high unemployment with ironically rising prices, but this is malleable and easily put right by cutting short the underhanded and unseen economy. By this many have grown rich and taken their money off shore, but the fact is they will have to answer for their actions, as the truth is being spelled out. The decay of the past can then give way as you collectively learn to look below the surface façade to find what is actually on offer.  This can also be applied to the self, to love and value self for who you are on the inside, and not just for what appears to grace the surface.

Internet Bloggers are calling you to take note of chemicals put in the food you eat and environment as this has a chance to cause ill health. We feel your disappointment that it has come to light that heavy metals or nano-particles have been found in your food. You have the power to choose to stop supporting these companies financially, and it would leave them shocked and bewildered, and will spoil their gained wealth. They will then set a new path of being allot more cautious in their actions. Businesses should make profit but as in everything the lesson of a loving balance must be learnt.

It is the general fashion in the US to let the issue of medical care accumulate and pile-up till it is so big that your systems of coping are pushed to overcapacity, and this only exacerbates any problems. Both sides in this issue need to step back from what they perceive as losing their self interests and take a humble yet practical approach to solving these problems. Many are afraid to embark on innovative new endeavors and are perfectly comfortable remaining stationary. The revamp of the health system will bring beneficial change and positive well-being, and increase the wealth and prosperity of your country. The dark are the real schemers behind all of the confusion, but this is only a stand-in or surrogate for the greater changes which are on the way to you. Without unconditional love and light positive change will only be temporary.

Prosperity packages will aid in the ending of people being separated by class, race religion. The wall will come down and you will have much more freedom to interact with more people within wider limits. This will take some getting use to as the social norms hitherto have been warped and twisted to what they should be. The mass collective of humanity has been altered and worked into bypassing loving relationships with those around them and connecting with their spiritual family of light. They want you to have no intellectual and emotional interest or curiosity, and always try to get one up over one another, competing not cooperating.

The deception of the dark effects many and is held in place by inattention in matters of law. Their aim is your total enslavement. Much work has gone into excavating exploration caves and hollowing them out to put a great deal of gold and precious metals inside, they want this all to theirself with many members of public underrating the amounts. When our allies can get this money in your hands your life will be more energized, with increased opportunities to experience a variety of activities, and you will have greater possibility of mingling with a wide variety of people and environments. The wonder drugs that have been held back will cure many disorders.

Dear Ones that feeling of being emotionless or dead inside, in that you are just going through the motions, will change and give way to harmony, and new obligations and face a significant stage in life where you begin a new journey, the old way of life will come to a firm end. Your new life will settle down to a normal flow and with the new technologies your world will shrink down to be very small, cosy place where you will feel safe and secure. We have taking a list of the stubbornly hardhearted and are now sending love and light to them.

Many dear souls are sick of being engulfed by vanity and conceit as this pegs and pigeon holds people, and this mindset are now evaporating as you have observed the light of how divisive this can be to others, and are moving to treat people with love.

In this current time we have chosen to encode the information we send over the internet to squash any attempt by the dark to stop the onset of the Golden Age by tipping our hand. Nevertheless we continue to feed you information of what is going on.

Negligence has snowballed in the US and Britain, this includes allied country’s which collectively possess great power and authority and use their knowledge offensively to cleverly hack in to other countries computer systems and pillage their Data. This has being confirmed and is credible with Brazil taking notice and has sought to assert their sovereignty and freedom concerning information security with many measures, and are on the road to building their own internet network this will ensure that light can continue to spread.

We love you all and you can consider us a friend from the stars. You can not see us and you have to listen to others talking for us, but soon you will have full contact with us, and when you feel our presence and our loving comforting vibrations you will know for certain that we are trustworthy beyond measure. The dark have diverted your attention by a long crusade of disinformation to make you fear us. The recipe to remedy this is to send out light and love to everyone you meet to gladden their hearts.

We repay the Great passion of Mike Quisney’s work of channelling SaLuSa messages over many years by celebrating and honouring him, and it is a myth that he has had his day.  He is taking a well deserved holiday, but is still a valued member of the Galactic Federation of light. We know that many are tempted to proofread these messages looking for slight discrepancies but that shows no feeling and is empty, as these messages are meant to shake you up to the love and light within you and take you out and away from the current way of doing things.

The illuminati push to advance their aims, but they have lost ground and will be arrested, their constancy and regularity has been their undoing. Grandfather sun are sending solar flares which upgrade your DNA and it brings with it higher vibrations of love-light that will burn up completely anything of the lower vibrations. The minions of the Dark will be re-tasked and adsorbed into the new system, but those responsible for the Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima will be placed firmly out of the way. We are working to nullify the radiation as if left unchecked would disassemble the flower of life, we are applying healing to any damage that has already occurred and restore your body to a holy place.

In meditation go inside and then go deeper and the immediacy of your God-selves will be patently obvious. Many clasp on to being practical and pragmatic but the void is the secret that ensures admission to the pathway to the Stars.

Carelessness has been applied to middle-east, with the Israeli Palestinian conflict at the brim of tolerance, this conflict has been seemingly endless and caused much fragmentation of different sides and also threatens to suck the whole world up in a spiral of conflict. For to long loving intentions have been stolen by traditions and authority but this is hollow, as only love is real, everything else is illusion.

A combination of powerful industries seek to stall growth in the Far East, they have sent tsunamis and then have attributed it to natural oscillations in the earth’s crust. The conspirators will be completely and totally removed from all office or position of power, and are now being watched closely as they are under suspicion. They have sunk to the lowest depths of human behaviour.

It will be invaluable when we can speak to you directly on your TV sets and explain our position to you. The Light can then spread over rapidly with an overwhelming majority of people excepting it. Christians by the multitude will adopt the new information with unmistakable clarity and includes the four other Great Religions. Mankind will pack away their weapons and Love and cooperation will be the new mascot and all will be conducted above board and upright.

Improvised Space defences designed to keep us from entering your atmosphere will be in effective as they are no match for our technology, and when we arrive it will be unexpected and unannounced, and we will rescue you by covering you in our cloak of protection, and when we have landed we can fill your cup with fortunate benefits. The goal of First Contact is firmly in sight and you are heading for it closer each day. Do not be fooled by the vast disinformation campaign designed to convince you otherwise. We will oversee the redistribution of wealth on your world and their will be a reapportionment of power and control allocated to certain regions the hitherto enjoyed much more say, to give all Nations a fair say in how your world is run. Naturally this will have to be ratified formally by all Nations, but if you can put away the prehistoric urge to compete with each other you can then cross into the initial introductory stages of the new system. Your world will then be peaceful and serene. We have Great Love for England but they will find the changes unfortunate and may experience some shortage and inadequacy, as without the Banking monies coming into London they will find themselves all thumbs, but we can comfort and reassure that you will undergo acclimatisation as you fully convert to the new monetary reforms.

A quick check on the health of the oceans find them in grave condition and this is a final Judgement on the modern lifestyle as it produces so much death and misery, this may surprise you, but it is all so sobering in that man’s once dutiful devotion to God he now partakes of the desecration of the earth.

The incomprehensible and mysterious has been walled off from you and it will now be unlocked and it will power your inner growth and development over and over again to ever greater heights of love and light.

You are being irrigated with living waters to clean your system out of all astral parasites and lower thought forms, whereby you will automatically trust us, for you will then know intuitively that we are your Grandfather Races. When we can meet with you there will be a Grand banquet with much food and drink served in honour of your correction and improvement of moving to the light and love and away from incorrectness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and await the formal change in the direction of your society, the Dark would like nothing more than to set your world alight with new World War but there is no way this will happen.

We applaud the many Lightworkers who speak their truth no matter how much it hurts, however you can learn to express your truth in a loving manner that heals, brings balance and opens others perception up while bringing liberation from negative and destructive feelings. Then you can analyze the situation to determine what needs attention.  Many wish to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown and are determined to climb up in consciousness for the answers they seek, it is a rough road at times but spiritual enlightenment is beyond and above comparison.

Thank You SaLuSa.


SaLuSa 21 October 2013

October 21, 2013

 21 October 2013


  SaLuSa 21 October 2013.   The Great Faiths of the world are now undergoing widespread picking up of grace and forgiveness bringing balance and harmony, and will leave many baffled and confused. This enfolds in rapid fire sequence, and leaves the furthest out as last to know, this may seem odd, with many reacting by becoming overly obsessed and fixated on this. Religious conflict has caused great pain all over the world, and has called for a healing that is being applied to your Government leaders, in the past all that was given was small crumbs that would slip through your fingers, but now the musicians play a song for brotherly love, as you are one multi-colored coat of humanity which has been hitherto forgotten to your detriment, like children that play with fire.

Many feel we are a fiction, like some stage managed production, and we respect and honor your right to disbelieve in us if you are unsure, but we continue to raise your vibration to advance your spiritual evolution, and when our allies fairly distribute the wealth of the world, it will leave many in astonishment and amazement, as you will see what we say is true. Others will find this disconcerting that people in their close circles who are subordinate to them, will become financially equal to them, but this thinking is out of date and obsolete, and was never meant to be permanent.

You are undergoing a spiritual cleansing in microcosm, that will remove the heartless grind of life, and is being burnt and purified, including that which was comfortable but not your true home. The existing paradigm is washing away incrementally, but ironically there are those that still look back on it with a sad nostalgia, but you have been given the magic seeds of light and love to start the new way of life in the mist of the worn out world.

Your high self-esteem is now a practice in this new time, and a defiance is budding in younger people to the old systems, the older generation are intimidated with loss of their retirement benefits and health care, as the dark seek to wash-out the free thinkers, but the divine feminine is taking the reigns and instituting new systems where quality is valued above quantity.

Earth is a ship that you are interned on, but all around you is an illusion and you are never in any real danger, and realising that becomes a gift, but you will not be left “to stew in your own juice” of that you can be certain, we must add that many don’t want anything spiritual in their lives, and this has been prepared by the Cabal, to spoil your hopes and then incorporate and integrate you into their systems.

The repaying of Karma for past wrongs is something many have an aversion to viewing and looking at, but you can navigate the karmic minefield safely if you realise that everything is interrelated and interconnected at a deep level, and antagonistic attitudes can be on the road to departure, as you are more often led by your head with it’s incessant focus on the self, and creates a temperament which puts you at odds with the people around you.

You are loved immensely and your future is bright and free of quarrel and disturbance, and we have seen your future and know it well and are giving you the support needed to buttress you though the time ahead, we are closely watching the latest leak at Japan’s Fukushima Plant as this raises concerns for fish and wildlife, and we are taking care to transmute and suspend the effects of radioactive contamination. Your News people will be retrained to Look pass just emphasizing observable facts and look to a more metaphysical explanation of the ultimate causes for things.

You are not out of the dark forest, which is trying to distract you from your path. You need to be a bit obstinate irrespective of what is on offer as it is the complete opposite way round to the actual reality. We have helped humanity in the past and the great pyramids and other impossibly large structures are a memorial to this, many are disrespectful of this, and focus only on what they can see and count, but minds once warped now soften.

As the changes come in, no one will suffer early death from being forgotten or left out ever again, we are making our voyage to you, but are hampered by hair-splitting red tape, as the divine will and also your freewill must be honored at all times, but till we can be with you, we can lightly suggest you look to Germany for the first mark of the new global currency reset, and as the changes are implemented the dull and oppressive atmosphere will be blown away in the wind. You can then put an end to soul killing capitalism, with a wave of selfless and big-hearted humanitarian projects to feed the poor, give medical treatment to those in need and shelter, paid for with a New Gold Backed Currency.

This time has been instructional on how to overcome the basic instincts, and now school is ending as you are realising you are God everywhere, your concept of “self alone” is diminishing as the opaque veil is thinning.

The aggressive rhetoric is being drowned out as the legal actions riffle through rapidly, in light of the inappropriate awarding of position and influence. You are more than capable of surmounting past failings that still stubbornly hold on, and we are now applying pressure to right these issues, including water supplies that are plummeting. Also vilifying aspersions about the Galactic federation that are thunderous and cloud the issue will be put to bed and find a frigid reception.

Those that yearn for their soul mate will find that special person by becoming broad-minded and flexible in their choice of a partner.

Restitution will be made for spilling noxious wastes which has been carried out with all enthusiasm by the dark ones, and we can instantly protect you from the negative effects, if you say the words, asking for our help and you will be wrapped in many layers of protection by us. The human race has been at a very low vibration, and as you raise higher in frequency your existence will start resembling the rich, abundant and lush lives you have always envisioned for yourselves.

Many seek Compatible people to interact with and throwaway the rest. This is now happening in Europe as Governments are throwing out certain people, and this effects some very distinctive immigrants which are caught up in it, but this is a miscalculation and is not efficient.

In the next three months check for big changes, the dark in their attempt to stop the changes have stolen a single small nuclear device, but our allies are now on the hunt to recover it. Their game is up but they are not inclined to surrender. All events are interrelated and the ball is in your court as the changes can not manifest without you okaying it. No matter what happens your immortality is assured, and we will provide new bodies for you should the worst happen. Make a study of our words and let them dissolve inside of you. Also we will also close down unlawful and false courts that do not follow the legal standards agreed to by the community, and give access to fair and just legal system.

You are being augmented and protected, and in a methodical manner you are transversing a time of troubles caused by recalcitrant dark ones, and when fully complete you will have monumentally generous gifts and favours bestowed to you, and you will be forgiven for all wrong doings and welcomed back to God. You will emit light and will work together with many uncountable souls in the Galactic Federation Of Light. When Home in the higher dimensions it will be an awkward interaction at first, then you will strengthen as we have interceded on your behalf to allow you a grace period. You are being given the codes to unlock your kundalini or coiled serpent, which will keep you calm and composed for the time ahead.

We have taken Full Account for the actions of the Dark ones and they will undergo a transformation and lose their current nature, for them it will be like waking from a dream.

It is Possible to foreshorten your path to the adept and expert stage of awareness by keeping from the downward path of losing hope and faith when you hear bad News. Those things are being fazed out as they only cause hardship and affliction. You are being sailed through stormy seas with our help, as your elevation to fully conscious beings from your long sleep in the lower dimensions is our foremost objective. For too long your Governments have deceived you about our presence but many now see the truth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I have been presiding over communication on your earth, and you will not be unaccompanied for too long, as we will arrive in great numbers, and we will bring you the sweetest benefits and clear the way for the winds of change that have been held back by the covetous Dark Ones.

Thank You,





SaLuSa 18.10.2013

October 18, 2013

SaLuSa 18.10.2013

The feelings of Oneness and blissful joy are surrounding you with such intensity never experienced before, and we are enjoying your amazement when they are entering your beings so powerfully, as your intentions and wishes are set very high and allowing you to experience ever deepening and more fulfilling feelings of Unity with All. The more you are aware of these energies, the more you want to be immersed in them, as they are of pure Love and Light and help you to clear yourselves completely from all of the old energy patterns. In this phase of your final clearing you might experience a sudden change in your mood and feelings due to some old issues being cleared away suddenly, without getting through the usual process that you all are very well aware of. This is because of your strong will, intent and choice that you have manifested this final clearing happening in such beautiful way, with feeling very strong presence of Angelic Realm and your Guides, and this is allowing us to share so very much more with all those of you who wish to experience our connection at this moment.

We feel this great change within you and we know that it is creating great influence on all others that are around you or meeting you, and many of them are realizing and sensing that there is so much more to the life they are experiencing. It is this awareness that will lead them to their own changes and to the collective change of all aspects of living on your planet. We are here to help you with this change and with our powerful connection with you, the awareness of our presence is also part of this influence, because you are sharing also our energy with your own and once there is the right moment to introduce ourselves openly with that very dearly expected moment of Disclosure, those unaware of our presence will feel this very energy and will accept our coming more easily, because this energy will be known to them. So be aware of the great power you are carrying within, as it is moving you towards the experience of your higher reality and adding more intensity to everything that you do.

Keep focusing on that what you desire to experience and watch how all is transforming and changing within you and around you in accordance with your wish. Right now it is the moment of your own great shift and we know that you feel it very intensively, and you are spreading your growing Light to all others as you are fully awakened to your desire to be of service to others, and your whole being is expressing this desire in communication and behavior towards all others. Know that they feel it although they might not speak about it, as you all were not used to express your true feelings and kept them hidden inside, but now they are free to flow from within you, unchanged with illusion that once surrounded you. Illusion is quickly disappearing from your collective consciousness and soon there will come that moment when you as society will be ready for another movement towards the new Golden Age for Earth Nation which shape and ideals just being formed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feeling your powerful upliftment and your joy of being aware that you truly raised yourselves above all the old and experiencing true understanding of Being and Oneness that is so powerfully flowing through your own energy and keeping you in a blissful state of mind for most of the time. Remember you do not need to hold onto anything that is not making you happy. You are free!

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

SaLuSa 28 September 2013

September 28, 2013

 28 September 2013



SaLuSa 28 September 2013.

A gorge and glut of legal actions is ready to rain down on the dark ones, and we have the Evidence to prove conclusively in a court of law of what crimes were committed and by who. This will just be the first deposit, which will involve many more to come till this is put right, and this action will include their many lost in logic despots in positions of power, which exercise their office in an unfair and cruel manner, and they will be re-tasked to support the seeds of a fertile future for mankind.

Dear ones it is your right and entitlement as an embodiment of the Great ‘I am’ to ascend and float up to the higher dimensions. Many perceive this as shrouded in mystery and fascination, and rightly so as it is covered in the dusty sands of time, but you are the ones who would brush off this thick layer of mystery and see a clear path to ascension, and in this many have unresolved or repressed negative feelings concerning the path of pilgrimage along the spiritual journey toward greater light and love, which will culminate in mass ascension into the higher Dimensions and union with the divine, and the brotherhoods of light. We sense that many feel this event is unattainable and far away and emotionally distant, because December 21st 2012 did not materialize as anticipated, Dear ones again renew your motion and movement, in doing so you will discover new abilities and opportunities and then you can enter into a road less travelled toward ever greater growth of spirituality and enlightenment.

Lose any morose mournfulness with a playful and light hearted humour, always keep an abundance of joy and fun in your lives as it brings you closer and cleans your emotional cup so you can glisten together, as we all have had situations in our lives where opportunities decayed from our reach, and to then be stricken and overwhelmed by intense emotions as a result, but out of this comes a new breath to blow out what is finished from your emotional field, clearing your head so you can take in new Prana.

Many feel laid bare and highly exposed to the legal authorities and enforcement agencies and it would seem inescapable and incontestable, but this is all relative, as all depends on how you relate and react to any legal issue, as legalese might seem to sound like gibberish, but if you listen more closely, and lose any illusory ideas of the law, you may then see a new description that may help you, and addressing that a new round of changes will remove all that no longer serves and sticks out for your attention in legal system and it will be clearly and precisely cut.

Do not be drawn off the safe path by the flickering phantoms set by the dark ones as your true safe way to salvation is within you, and remember below the crust of your lives you are at core a great being of love and light, all that the dark could ever do is to effect the outer layer.

As the higher energies come into your earth we sense a softening of attitude of those who are slow to grasp the immense benefits of the initiation and commencement of the first landings of our craft, but some will still harbour aggression against us and this will be quickly put to rest as the people have clearly chosen the reign of peace and love. Then your long estrangement and separation from the higher dimensions will end, as you were designed to inhabit these higher realms. So accept and receive them into your being and you will become as one with them, and we are anxiously awaiting this time, we will then together form a Divine Alliance with the most High Light, as we are sworn to safely set you and Gaia on this path.

Many of you have gone about living your daily life balancing and maintaining your family and work obligations, but have heard the call of spirit, and you have to be a bit zany to answer the call. Yet you did and your Light craft and lightwork is a wonder to behold, unique, personal and made with care and love, We know that the task of working to raise collective consciousness has been a long-winded and slow process, but will conclude in opening up your world to many new portholes and portals of information and knowledge.

With the higher energies coming in and baking all in the energies. Some are balking and pulling back and seeking to tie them up and limit their effect, while others are awestruck and are seeking to take them in and fully absorb them, in any event it is stirring up strife.

Religious practices where one is harmed or others with loss of life, including your own, are played around with in many cultures, and not the product of a considered clear minded strategy, as you need to give yourself time to circle the troubled waters of your life to see a clearer path, and these extreme acts are forbidden for one walking the path to the light.

Many are malnourished and have become apathetic and tired living bandied together in refugee camps were ironically they often under go starvation and the wealthier nations have the energy and resources to solve this. Allowing people to live like this is highly uncivilized as they can be given the knowledge and education they need to make a better life, and a say in how they are treated with a representative governance, and this would present no problems and is completely safe, and people all over the world are standing up for this, and is a long established custom and tradition for societies to have freedom, self-rule, and to prosper unhindered.

Politicians who lobby for special interests that only benefit a small group at the expense of the public good, will be sent back to school and work to etch a path more beneficial to all. Then the lost daughter of liberty can again be welcomed and invited back to a place of prominence.

The dark Ones are constantly trying to create disharmony and discord, ever seeking to separate and scatter you one from another and would see the total breakdown of your society, but you can conquer this with a graceful heart and self-discipline, with confidence in yourself and actions, and by your example set a sound course for others to contend with the dark forces of this world. You are not out of the woods yet, as our allies continue working to abolish the power and control of the last cabal, there by ensuring your freedom and sovereignty, and escorting the chaos and darkness to its final resting place. And this struggle and competition can be attributed and ascribed to the light and dark aspects of consciousness. This has been a process of enlightenment and you are nearing the end where you can take a break to refresh your energies, and we are taking steps so that you can all have direct communications with us and to each other, and to facilitate that, the dark energies have been ousted and expelled from the astral planes and this has caused new channels of information to flow.

This is harvest time, and those of the light are being bundled up together and taken to safety, and those who are not will be descending to a denser earth experience and this is according to Universal Law, and is not a judgment, as all are where they need be to advance their soul growth.  Your physical dimension will continue to undergo unusually rapid change, so you can expect some discomfort ahead, so take necessary action where you feel called to, and all of this will culminate in you becoming a power house which generates much warm and bright light and love .

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know that many of you wander many paths looking for opportunities, as a result of the heavy burden placed on you by the perfidy and corruption of the dark ones, in any event know that you will have a soft landing and we have far more personnel than necessary to complete our tasks in time, still many have lost all faith and given up believing that we can help or that we are coming, but the Galactic Federation operates on multiple dimensions and our capabilities are far beyond what can be imagined, so when we arrive we can very quickly put all right.

Thank you SaLuSa.