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The UFO Cover-up Is Over

January 1, 2020

UPDATE: Jan. 20, 2020

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via The UFO Cover-up Is Over

The ongoing authenticated UFO contacts with an advanced ET race freely offer humankind specific solutions to environmental destruction, energy needs, asteroid protection, wars, terrorism, cancer and more.

The rest is up to us.

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Cosmic fraud David W. uses Meier UFO photo again

July 8, 2019

For at least the second time this year, the disinformation and misinformation charlatan David W. is using a real pre-digital photographic image of a Plejaren beamship- without credit, acknowledgement, or mention of the photographer.  The photo was then digitized and memed over.  Why does David W. need to use someone else’s crystal clear photographic proof of extraterrestrial contact, but he never talks about what it is?  Why does he censor the Meier material from his message boards, but still uses Meier’s photos in his blogs?

david w blog 7.8.19

You can add NEONREVOLT to the long list of ignoramuses who use Meier’s authentic beamship photos to catch the eyes and attention of their gullible readers.  Because THEY HAVE NO NEW INFORMATION ABOUT E.T.s OR UFOS, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BEING CONTACTED, NOR DO THEY KNOW ANYONE IN CONTACT WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS!


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Alien UFO disclosure in under 15 minutes

June 2, 2019

Be sure to turn on the Closed Captioning (CC) if it is not on.

Disclosure is waiting for you whenever you are ready.



U.S. NAVY accepting internal UFO reports

April 24, 2019

Luis Elizondo, the former Pentagon official who ran the AATIP office is in the news again, with his limited hangout soft disclosure drips….  But we already know the truth.

navy rules reporting ufos


RIP Lt. Col. Anthony Shine




AIR HORN Billy Meier Prophecies Sedona LIVE 2019 video 1:37:04

February 18, 2019

This could be the best presentation on the Meier contacts thus far!





David Wilcock uses Meier’s real (ET) UFO photos, but never talks about case

January 10, 2019

The fraud (or at the very least, false info pusher) David Wilcock hasn’t come out with anything new in 10 years.  But he will certainly sell you his bags of feathers.  His blogs go on and on with no real information or discoveries to offer.  Why?  Because he has ZERO valuable information for you.

Case in point:  In early 2019 he rehashes something about Bob Lazar, 30 years after the info comes out.  Talking about antigravity and the sport model Bob Lazar talked about.  Now this is a tactic that all the UFO speakers use, because they have NO NEW INFO, because there are NO new undeniable SIGHTINGS, and there are NO other ET CONTACTEES, as far as we can prove with evidence.  So all they do is talk about the same old cases every few years, and get all excited when a new corroboration is discovered for a 30 or 50 year old dead case.  Meanwhile, the Billy Meier case has new corroborations every month, or nearly every week, and no one bats an eye.

So in typical David W. style, he makes an announcement about some big anouncement coming soon.  Then he says how many differenct big things he is working on.  Finally, he comes out with an extremely long article, that mainly talks about his feelings and opinions, but never contains any new provable information about extraterrestrials presently visiting the Earth and meeting with an Earthling.  And what does he use as a graphic in his long, boring article?  Billy Meier’s photo of Semjase’s beamship.  You could call that an IFO or ETFO.

He also uses Wendelle Steven’s drawings / diagrams of three Plejaren craft.

Do you think after the decades of research and hundreds of books he allegedly has read, he might catch on that the Meier case is authentic?  Other frauds like to use Meier’s photos, but no one writes about Meier himself.  The fraud Cobra uses Meier’s photos.  The fraud Tom Delonge uses Meier’s photos.  Heck, even the X-Files TV show used Meier’s photos and films (twice).

If you try to politely point this out on his forum, the moderators will censor the information.  That’s right, I had a moderator on his forum tell me that he thinks the Billy Meier case is authentic, but the giant forehead will not allow anyone to post that information on his forum.

Why?  Because he is a fraud.  How does ANY UFO researcher not see that the Bob Lazar “sport model” and Semjase’s beamship ARE THE EXACT SAME type of craft?  No one has ever made that connection public?

If Bob Lazar is so famous with zero photographs of what he has seen in those hangars, how is Billy Meier shunned with HUNDREDS of clear photos of beamships and DOZENS of clear photos of a sport-model-type craft?

No, Wilcock and friends will sell you a ton of feathers, when all you want is a pound of gold.  Forget frauds like Wilcock.  Go directly to the source.

The Guardian Of The Treasure.

From Wilcock’s latest fluff piece:

david w blog 1.7.19

From Cosmic Love’s photo collection:

20170916_213855 landed semjase beamship

From REAL researcher and investigator, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens:

stevens beamship 2


X Files 2016 premiere has 2 E.T. craft beamship photographs

October 1, 2017

A tacit endorsement of the best documented E.T. contact case (still ongoing) in the world


See also:


September 17, 2017

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 out of 1,476 photographs from just one UFO case

August 27, 2016

bemship super close and just off ground



Hassenbol underside shot


This is one out of 1,476 photographs in total taken by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg above Fischenthal, Switzerland on the 29th of March 1976. It is photo number 157 and it shows the underside of a Pleiadian/Plejaran space craft 7 meter or 23 feet in diameter. The craft is being piloted by Semjase and she is doing a demonstration flight.

See 40 more photos in a slideshow:


See a giant UFO mothership (“great spacer”)  parked in front of Jupiter:


About the photographer:




Beamship photographs

March 10, 2016


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