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SaLuSa 9 May 2014

May 9, 2014

 There are many ways that you can assist the desire to bring permanent peace to the world. As individuals you can spread your Light wherever you go, by focussing on all that is pure and wholesome. You can also send out your healing energies and love to uplift those who are in need of help. Your ability to do so goes far beyond your understanding, requiring immense faith on your part. Like attracts like and it is for this reason that healers present a monumental power for good. At this time the Earth is in need of immense healing to help the process to go forward, and it comes from many sources many of which are off Earth. Whilst the Earth may be of an insignificant size compared to other planets in your Solar System, you can be assured that in your Universe it holds the centre spot. It is because of its importance to the evolution of the Human Race that is due to evolve beyond the third dimension. If it does not it will affect and delay the progress of souls who exist in the higher ones. So as you can see, this stage in Human evolution is so important to the progress of other souls.

As we have previously mentioned, the opportunity to ascend is so important that if it is not taken it can actually set back your progress. However, do not be dismayed or affected by what we have told you, as you have many advanced civilisations that are giving you their full support. You do in fact have much more help than you imagine, and it is to give you every opportunity to achieve your goals. The immediate help you get is to ensure that your progress is in the right direction. We can influence your decisions but cannot impose our ideas upon you. However, the souls taking part in the end times are aware of their tasks, even if it is only at a subconscious level. All told we are confident that success will be achieved, but there is always that element of risk because of your freewill.

Anyone who has been following your spiritual progress, will certainly be able to look back and see a definite pattern. It shows an opening up of the Light that has grown at a rapid pace, so much so that it has brought about a more peaceful approach to life. We can assure you that it will continue to grow until it will be recognised that the Human Race is ready to ascend. However, there is still much work to do, but in the near future it will become apparent that the dark Ones are no longer able to influence the destiny of Mankind. We wait for our opportunity to meet you, but the circumstances must be such that peace has been established upon Earth. To that end we will take an active part so you can rest easy and know that you have chosen your path in the Light. The dark Ones will no longer be able to interfere with your progress, indeed they will have been removed and find themselves at a level that is consistent with their lower vibrations.

Dear friends we are of little difference to you except that we have journeyed further along the road of evolution. You have chosen a different path to us but nevertheless we all travel in the same direction, and for that reason we offer a helping hand to speed up your progress. The importance of the present time cannot be over emphasised, as it is the culmination of a period covering many years of evolutionary experience –a Solar Cycle of 26,500 years. Those of you who have evolved sufficiently will continue to rise up, as you experience in accordance with your goal to continue expanding within the Light.

Of necessity you are going to experience many changes which will propel you into the New Age. The old ways are no longer suitable or reflect the new energies that are streaming to Earth. We are pleased to tell you that once matters are moving forward, they will do so quite quickly as after all we have been preparing for this time for many years. You have as you might say “ now come of age” and your progress must be allowed to forge ahead. Clearly there will be some confusion where those who are unenlightened are concerned. We will however give you as much information as possible to ease your worries. Be assured that you will be advised as to exactly what to expect, and it will include many very acceptable surprises.

You will be surprised as to how quickly you will move forwards, and forget the earlier periods of difficulty. Bear in mind that you are experiencing the end times yet also the incoming energies that will lift you up. It will be an unusual experience yet uplifting because you will be able to appreciate the reason for the changes. Those of you in the know will be able to help those who will be confused and somewhat fearful of what the future holds for them. However, we intend to make sure that once we can present ourselves to you, that you are fully informed as to what is transpiring and what you can do to assist. Meantime the new energies will help you remain calm, and we will always be at the ready if circumstances call for our intervention.

Throughout the world weather changes are being experienced and in some areas they are already becoming quite extreme. These changes must take place as you move out of the extremely volatile weather extremes of the past. Matters will settle down and you are going to experience more acceptable conditions that will be to your liking. The extremes that you normally experience will slowly disappear, and ultimately your weather patterns will settle down. Do not expect too much too soon, as we are informing you of what to expect in the immediate future.

For your part you can help others to understand the necessity for world wide changes, and most importantly help them to understand the need to go along with them as they are for your benefit. The most striking changes will in our opinion be the result of cleansing the Earth of centuries of pollution and destruction. You will see immediate benefits and the beauty and cleanliness will be most striking. Pollution of the air, earth and seas will be removed quite quickly and all will eventually be returned to its pristine condition. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and excited at the prospect of helping you experience all of the wonders and beauty that are waiting to greet you. It is a wonderful time and soon you will see changes around you. Keep your hopes high and know that God has declared the end of the last cycle and so be it. As always I leave you with my love and blessings.

Thank you SaLuSa, Mike Quinsey.



Kryon on our Galactic Grandparents – Demystifying the New Age part 1

March 12, 2014


The Pleiadians are your parents. When their planet went into ascension and they had the full God within their DNA, they realized what they had gone through. They finally knew what they were there for, and they received a full pineal connection – 100 percent efficient DNA – but still remained in the physical [They remained in physical bodies.]. Do you know what that’s like? Don’t look for their 3D ships. These beautiful beings are entangled with you and they come and go as they wish. However, they do it by just “thinking” about it.

You [on Earth] were the next ones, and the only planet after them to be seeded. But did you know they had spiritual parents of their own, just like they are your spiritual parents? The names of their parents and the parents of their parents are Arcturian, those from Orion and from Sirius. All of these also had spiritual parents of their own, and they then had parents of their own. Listen: Every single one of these groups are part of your “creative source family group”. Some are your spiritual grandparents, and some are your great-grandparents. Some are even more than that. There are also ancients on your planet from other parts of the galaxy who are just “here to help”.


Beginning of article:

Demystifying The New Age – Part 1 a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

 12 March 2014


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Yet again, my partner steps aside and the purity of the message is enhanced. I say this, for even he is experiencing differences in the spiritual energy of what he has done for 23 years. The very process of channelling is also shifting.

If, indeed, channelling is an open message coming from the portal of the pineal and if, indeed, the energy of the planet is starting to support this, it means that the portal of communication is going to become larger. More is being transmitted in the third language than ever before, even to the listener after the fact [recordings] and even to the reader on the page. There is an energy that is multidimensional, which carries messages far beyond that which is verbal or written, and they ride along with this specific message as you hear it right now in this room. There is so much more at hand as we open this and begin to speak.

Each Human in the room and those reading or listening to this message has a life path that is totally unique. None of you are the same. You might think that this would be a very complex puzzle, yet for Spirit it’s not, for the wholenessof all of you together is combined into a oneness. It’s a puzzle where the attributes of one help the other in ways you’re not even familiar with. So it becomes complex for you to think about, but not for us. It is a sweet and benevolent energy, and it is on purpose.

So, dear healer, I know who is here and I know who is listening and reading. Even if you are experiencing problems or differences in communication with Spirit, now you know why. If the pipe becomes larger, the water pressure may go down, but the delivery of the amount of water remains the same.

The dynamics of what you are receiving as channelled information and healing energy may have to adjust in ways that you don’t expect. This is in order to get the same or even better results. Know this: The design is that nothing is going to get worse. Do you understand? That is the design. If you are receiving the same information through a larger portal, then it allows a purity that was not there before. Instead of being sprayed with fast, intuitive thought, it now slows down so you can see it and use it better.

2014 – A New Beginning 2014 is a new energy, and the beginning of the enhancement of the old soul’s ability to work on the planet far better than before. This is the energy that you’ve always expected as an old soul. It’s the beginning of your time but it’s going to take awhile, and some of you are not going to feel it yet because your senses are realigning. But, in general, there should be a feeling in all of you and those listening that this year is very different than last year. You ought to be able to take a deep breath and say, “I’m so glad it’s 2014 and I can feel the difference.” Don’t just echo what somebody has told you about it, but rather use your innate, the intuition that you have, to verify how this all feels.

So we begin a series of channellings, never telling my partner when they are going to occur, about demystifying the new age. In the process of this discussion, we have told you that some of this may very well be offensive. This is especially true for the teachers who have a mindset that is not easily changed. They’ve always taught a certain thing a certain way and it has worked for them. So why change it?

Let me address the teachers just for a moment: Dear ones, in the old energy, pre-2012, absolutely everything you received was pushed through a filter, a dark filter of old energy. So, much of what you had to work with were metaphors, not direct information. You then linearized it and delivered it the best you could. Nobody got it wrong.

You simply did the best you could with what you had. But now when you take the filter away, and you see what it is really about, it can be an “a ha” experience for you. Please understand that this communication is a gift and there’s no judgment involved. Instead, it’s just an invitation for you to open your eyes in a new, brighter room and say,”Ah, it’s different from what I’ve been teaching.” Celebrate the new clarity and then teach what you now see.

Some new information is going to start to clarify what you’ve been doing, and may very well shift a little bit of the paradigm you always thought you had control over. It’s going to be a little different. It’s like those who finally see the lyrics of a song in print and realize they have been singing the wrong words! The tune is the same, but the lyrics are now more accurate. It’s like that. So you might have been singing the song and teaching the song and enjoying the song, but when you open the liner notes and finally get to see the lyrics written down, you go, “Oops!” So take a deep breath for a moment. Say to yourself, “It’s OK, it’s OK, now I have more clarity, and I’ll teach it differently, and better!”

Quite often, Human Beings will take a situation like this and they’ll twist it to accommodate a self-worth bias, and they’ll look at their lives and say, “I’ve been doing it wrong and, therefore, I have failed.” Do you understand, dear ones, that this is old energy teaching? It’s one where an old energy consciousness gets in the way of giving “steering corrections” to teachers and intuitives. It’s perception – perception about your magnificence.

Get Out of Linearity The first thing we want to give you is an admonishment to try to desingularize things. Everything you have is linear, so everything must fit into your model. We have said this before: Human Beings live in 3D and, therefore, everything is perceived in 3D. In general, you always try to align everything so that it conforms to your perception of your own reality. You must be satisfied with the linearity and the compartmentalization of everything you work with.

Even though some concepts you receive from Spirit are obviously not linear, you still must realign them in a linear way to feel comfortable. An angel is ONE entity. God has ONE voice. There is ONE diet for all. There is ONE way to worship, to pray, and to see God. There is ONE right way. There is ONE of you, and it’s all contained in your brain. (This last one is really funny if you knew the truth.)

It’s more complex than that. Let me become more specific so that you know what I’m talking about. Spirit has always spoken to humanity in code. If you’ve read the books of prophecy in the Holy Bible, the verses are in code. Nostradamus wrote his quatrains in code so that his friends wouldn’t know what he was doing. But he also received his messages about the future in code from Spirit. True spiritual prophecy was always given in a seemingly metaphoric coding, even the most profound messages for the planet. The indigenous received it and delivered it the same way. It always came as metaphors – always metaphors.

How does a multidimensional God speak to a single-digit dimensional Human Being? The answer is through metaphors. The meaning of your word metaphorical is to use other words or situations, which would suggest a resemblance to the real meaning. This helps in clarity and understanding, especially when you don’t speak the same language. Have you ever had to communicate with someone who only spoke a few words of your language? You make motions, sounds and words they understand to convey the true meaning. This has always been the way Spirit has worked with you.

Yet some teachers, especially the ancient ones, have taken the metaphors literally and taught them as fact. After all, “God said it.” This is common and you all know this. The seven days it took to create the earth were not seven days. They were seven dispensations of benevolent grace where things were created in a way that made sense, and the result was the creation of a divine planet and the life upon it.

However, this is the example of what we’re speaking about. You now see the common sense of it, and you’ve figured out what Spirit really meant. So now it’s time to start applying this same common sense to some of the things that you hear daily in your spiritual lives or have been taught about within your metaphysics. This would include general things as well as the minutia. It’s the minutia that will get you in trouble, after all.

An Example Here is a small example. Anytime you see the word crystalline associated with anything spiritual, whether it’s a grid or a planet or an entity, understand that that is metaphorical. It means that which holds vibration or remembers.So, for instance, when you get a channelling that there is a crystal angel who is delivering messages, suddenly you may have a perception of an angel made of crystal. Then you give that rock-angel a name, and pretty soon somebody is worshipping it and you will get little crystals made that have wings and look like an angel.

Of course, then somebody will eventually start to channel the crystal angel, with crystals all over the stage. Do you see what I’m saying? The original message meant something else completely. I want you to start understanding that channelled messages, even including mine, are often metaphoric. They tell a far greater story than any linear message could ever do, since they “open up” the mind for comparison to many, many other attributes of truth. This is why we use so many parables.

A crystal angel is an angelic group (all angels are part of the “soup of God” and none are singular) who is charged with storing information or a vibration that “remembers” who you are and perhaps even your personal Akash. This angelic presence might then help you along the way to claim what you have learned in past incarnations. It’s a benevolent helper to work with your magnificence. Do you like that better than a rock with wings?

A crystal planet is not a planet at all. It would be a “storage place” for souls of all kinds, perhaps part of the system of incarnation and return. But it’s a metaphor for where multidimensional things are stored and remembered. The idea of “planet” is just for you, since you have no concept of the real multidimensional quantum storage attribute. Understand? It’s a metaphor.

The information that I am giving now, in this new energy, is given so that it will clear things, not make life more difficult. If you apply this rule of “look for the metaphors” to many of the things that don’t make sense, you may start to understand God much better. It will help demystify certain attributes of what you have been told in the past.

Yes, we have specifics – classic ones – but if we gave them, it might hurt the hearts of the ones who have been teaching differently, and we won’t do that. We won’t do that. Instead, we give you the ammunition to examine things for yourself and what you may be “clinging to” as doctrine or truth that might be far different than you thought.

That’s just one of many things we’re asking you to do. Common sense. Was there a Garden of Eden? Could it have been a metaphor for Gaia? Was there a talking snake? Could that have meant something else? Did you know that a serpent is a messenger of wisdom to certain indigenous peoples? When you begin to see the amazing truth in some of these ancient stories, you will see the love of God so much clearer, and it will begin to demystify the mythology around you.

Separation Stop separating things! We understand that it is absolutely normal behavior for Human Beings to separate things. You separate to survive and we have talked about this before. We have told you that the biggest difference between the old and new energy is that the old energy separated and survived because you walked in the dark.

The new energy has the light turned on and now you can see each other. There’s no reason to separate now, because there is no fear of others. You can see them now! So instead, come together. But that’s easier said than done. Old survival energy is going to be one of the hardest things to rewrite. Look at what old energy survival has in common. It fears putting Humans together in new ways. Do you recognize the phrases below?

The telephone is the devil’s tool. Television will corrupt the minds of children. The Internet is the beginning of the anti-Christ. Facebook is stealing the social skills of young people. Each of these is a social revolution, bringing the world closer together. But the old energy survival instinct is to fear them all.

I want you to start practicing coming together in ways that you don’t even expect. Here’s an example, without offending anyone, without hurting anybody’s heart. Example: You are a westerner. You meet a man and he’s wearing a head cover. Let’s discuss a common thinking process, based on survival.

SURVIVAL: Immediately the head cover would indicate his belief system, perhaps where he is from, the lineage of his culture, and perhaps the language he speaks. That also means to your perception, because you really don’t know much about it, that he’s probably not going to like you. After all, your head isn’t covered. So what do you do? Normally, you walk another way. Perhaps he’s from the Middle East? There are many in the Middle East who wear a head covering.

However, everything in your body, everything that your brain has been taught, will then separate him from you. Your brain will start to tick off the reasoning and the logic: You don’t have anything in common. If you get into a conversation, it will end poorly because he doesn’t believe what you believe. You also don’t believe what he believes, and he would not listen to you. He’s simply practicing the lineage of what he’s been taught.

You don’t know much about it, but you see him just following what he was told to do. You are free not to wear a covering, and he is not. You understand? Survival has separated you, justified it within your old perceptions, and caused you to act. You walk the other way. That is separation – that is survival. It’s going to take a lot of different thinking about the way things work for you to change that.

A NEW PARADIGM: Dear one, consider this: You meet a man with a head cover. Your mind is far from survival. Instead, it’s on alert to see if there is something you have in common. This is actually a “new survival” where you intuitively understand that you need to connect, not separate. Your intuition is working, and here’s what it tells you: It’s this man’s reality to wear a covering as his way of honoring the God inside him. It’s his culture, but he does it openly so you can know he believes in God. So do you! He honors his God so much he’s not afraid of what people will think about him wearing a head covering.

That’s a little like you, in that you’re not afraid of what you believe either. You’ve got something in common with this man, in that you both love the same God. Now here’s what happens next. Did you know that he expects you to walk away? He’s been wearing a head covering all his life and he’s walking around in a society that doesn’t. He knows what is common behavior, and he’s seen it over and over. So instead, what do you do? You shake his hand. You look in his eyes. You smile and greet the God in him and the God in you. You’ve got things in common. You don’t even have to talk about it. You don’t even have to make friends with him.

What do you think his reaction might be? He sees a balanced person who doesn’t care if he’s wearing a head covering. He’s not asking why, he just knows he met a sweet, balanced Human! Do you understand what just happened? Not only did you change your paradigm, you changed his!

Maybe he will go from that place less apt to think that those who say they’re esoteric are going to walk the other way. This is the beginning of a brand new set of rules, and we could extend these examples indefinitely. We could talk about countries and what they might do, which could bring them together using what they have in common instead of using an old history of separation.

The new paradigm is going to demand another kind of survival – benevolent survival. You may hear these things in this channel and you say, “Oh, how nice. It’s a nice concept, Kryon.” Then you go outside and you forget. What I’m asking you to do, New Ager, is to practice it. I dare you. How about that? The reason I know how profound it is is because I can see what’s going to happen. I can see it because I’ve seen it already in other places and other worlds.

The potential is so strong that it’s a certainty. It’s not fortune telling to know a potential is almost 100 percent. Is it fortune telling that when you leap into the air you are going to come down again? No, it’s the potential of knowing about how things work around you, like gravity.

As you begin a new perception of not separating others from you, watch what happens. It’s not just about a man with a head covering, it’s the neighbor who doesn’t believe what you believe. It’s the one you’ve avoided; it’s the one who perhaps even walks the other way when you come around. Perhaps you may get a chance to say “hello” to that person in a seemingly synchronistic meeting? Do something outrageous! Greet them sweetly, mean it, and move on. They’ll think about that for a long time. Is the God in you able to do that? The answer is yes.

Dear ones, this takes work. When you start changing who you are, how you behave and how you react to situations, you’re rewriting humanism, aren’t you? You’re rewriting your basic Human nature. That’s the invitation. Never before in the history of spiritual humanity, since the seeding of the planet took place, have the cells of your body been more receptive to the suggestion of change in behavior – what works and what does not work. I will say it again: The new balance on the planet is the paradigm of balanced survival. The balanced ones are the ones who are going to be seen as strong. These are the ones who are going to survive the chaos of change around them. These are the ones who will bring peace to the planet.

The New Balance In the past, it was the chaotic ones who attracted the most attention and got what they wanted. However, now these same ones will be seen as flailing children that are misbehaving badly. Humanity will see this and, instead, look for balance. Individuals, businesses and spiritual systems will seek a balance that makes spiritual sense and common sense.

The New Age is also called esoteric. There are places on the planet where the words New Age mean cult. It’s often, therefore, replaced by the word esoteric in my channelling. So I use both of these terms interchangeably. This is so that you will understand the meanings of what follows.

Benevolent Helpers There are many out there who are channelling beautiful, esoteric entity groups. Some of the names of the groups are very recognizable because Humans have been channelling them for a long time. I will go ahead and mention some of the groups that are represented in a moment.

I do this in full love, and never to offend anyone or to make any Human wrong. Instead, I do this to open up the possibilities that are grander even than what some of them teach. There are many groups being channelled and many books regarding these groups. We mention the Arcturians, those from Sirius, from Orion, and also we mention the Pleiadians. These are just four, and there are many more. But it’s confusing to many about who these are and what you should think about it all.

I know how Humans think. We live with you! We hold your hand through difficulties. We cry with you; we laugh, and we are your support. When a channeller comes along and the information resonates with you, you are interested! Perhaps it’s channelling those from Orion [for instance]. A Human may say, “These are my guys! I really love this information.” Then you cling to it and you put a box around it, and that is who you want to hear from. When somebody asks, “Well, what about the Arcturians?” You say, “Well, I don’t know about them. I never heard of them. I just heard about those from Orion and those are the real ones, because those are the ones I resonate with. They are helping me.”

This represents the Human at his/her 3D best. Do you see what you have done? You’ve excluded the others because ONE group was first or resonated with you. That’s what survival does. It separates and excludes. Organized religion has done this for years, bringing the planet to a place where there is ONE GOD with thousands of “boxes” of separation. It’s not common sense. I want to demystify the esoteric groups I have mentioned. It’s about time, esoteric Human, to see the beauty of the system, for the New Age has also compartmentalized itself and separated itself from the grandness of the truth.

All these who I have mentioned have a similarity, dear ones. I want to start at the beginning. I begin with the history of the galaxy and a beautiful story that you might have heard before from others or me. It is one of the most beautiful stories that we can tell.

The History of Your Galaxy Once upon a time, a galaxy was created that was filled with the love of God. The creative source that created it had a benevolent system billions of years old and more than enough time to develop millions of planets of all kinds. The physics of this galaxy was biased for completion, balance and life. It was not a random physics as you have presumed, but rather one that had benevolent purpose.

When the planets cooled and developed life, one planet at a time would have the choice to be seeded with spirituality. The Humans on each planet would have their DNA changed slightly, and a test lasting thousands of years would begin. The test would be to see if, in the process of living, they could discover the God inside – the benevolent creation system. If they did, they had permission to go into ascension status, where the physical actually melds into a multidimensional reality.

It takes many thousands of years to become an ascended planet. In the process, each civilization becomes very close to the creative source of all things. In the process, each are eventually asked to choose one other planet in the galaxy, far from theirs, and seed them with their sacred DNA. Are you following me? This is the system. With free choice, the Humans on the chosen planet are now intuitively seeded with the ability to carry a soul and become aware of dark and light – starting their puzzle of discovery, or not.

There are those who will say, “Well, Kryon, where did the first seeds come from?” They came from the center, the Great Central Sun, the core, that which you call God, the creative source that is everywhere. The minutia of this is not important. It’s far more important to find and breathe clean air than to spend your time instead asking where air came from [a metaphor].

What’s important for you to know is this: You have relatives in the galaxy! Number one, they look a lot like you. Number two, they have DNA much like yours. Let’s clarify this. I’m going to give you information that we’ve given before, but that you should hear again just so you won’t forget it. When you start discovering simple life forms in your solar system and beyond, you’re going to find that the structure of DNA-like molecules is common.

You’re going to find that your planet is not isolated from the galaxy in its processes of life development and creation. Indeed, planetary evolution treats things in a unique way because of the environment on different planets, but in basic terms, DNA is a natural-occurring evolution of complex life, and the biophysics of it is part of the way life evolves everywhere in the galaxy. It is not unique to Earth.

Your relatives on these other worlds are humanoid, and they look like you. Some are larger because of nutrition or gravitational attributes and some are smaller. But they’re not scary creatures with 14 eyes and three arms with shrieking voices. It’s going to be one of the biggest things you find out some day – that there is life like yours, everywhere. I’ll tell you, dear one, that when you find this out and realize what it means, you’ll understand all about intelligent design and you’ll know about a benevolence in the galaxy and your planet that has worked to make things the same, everywhere.

Can you imagine a beginning civilization billions of years ago? One planet, the first one, seeded with the knowledge of God? Can you imagine that a planet could do this? For now, it has no name, and the names of the citizens, race or whatever you want to call it also has no name. It was very long ago. It took millions of years, but they made it against all odds. It’s a story, by the way, that we all know and love.

That was the beginning, and what a story it is! It’s about what they went through and how they seeded another planet – only one in an infinite, starry sky, a beach of sand that goes as far as you can see and only one grain of sand gets selected [metaphor]. They found it, and they did it, and you don’t know about that world either, for it’s too long ago. That one didn’t make it, by the way, and so they seeded another. That one didn’t make it either, and they seeded another. That third one made it, and you don’t know their names either. It was too long ago.

On average, every single planet has to have approximately a million years from seeding to graduation. How does that make you feel? Let me ask you: In the scheme of spiritual development, what year do you think you are in? If I said year one, would that make sense? Well, you’ve got a long way to go!

But let me tell you something – you’ve crossed the marker of decision. That is a description of the point at which the Humans on a planet slowly begin to understand what they’re doing and what the goal is. It starts the clock. Don’t let this make you sad. “Well, Kryon, I thought it was going to happen in a few generations.” Really? You thought in a few generations you’ll all be walking around as light? A couple of generations? There are those who actually believe that. Start using common sense.

The good news, dear ones, is that everything you’ve been through for over 30,000 years on the planet – slogging through old energy – is over. Now is the opportunity you came for. This is why you arrived here and some more good news is this: It doesn’t matter how long it takes, you personally are going to participate in all of it! Yes! None of you are going to “miss the ending” of this wonderful play [metaphor]!

Every single lifetime from now on will be in this new energy. When you arrive as a new Human Being four lifetimes from now, let’s say in 300 years, you’re going to awaken [be born] differently. When you open your eyes, you’re not just going to recognize your mother, you’re going to recognize the earth! Within a few days, your mind will be saying welcome back!

The child that you are, as soon as your eyes are focusing, will remember, “That’s a cup. That’s food. Hey, that’s the creature who is married to mom.” You’ll have it figured out. Perhaps in a month or two, you’ll be walking – maybe sooner. You won’t have to learn to read (unless it’s a language you never learned). We’ve told you this before. Look for this. Doesn’t this make sense to you that you shouldn’t have to learn basic Human action over and over? Instead, it’s time to remember it!

This is what spiritual evolution is going to create. There’s going to be some fast-tracking going on, and we just haven’t told you about that yet. There are some masters coming back and you won’t see them as masters. You’ll see them as inventors. That’s OK and they won’t care, as they bring multidimensional inventions to the planet that allow you to understand the templates of matter. Now, this may mean nothing to you, but imagine with me. Do you understand that if you knew the template of matter, you could then design matter? If you had the technology to understand the template, by using it you could even alter the mass. Like stem cells of the body, matter has a template also.

Ask a physicist. Don’t take my word for this. Ask a physicist, “Would it be possible if you had the tools and understanding to replicate atomic structure?” Yes. I’m telling you what could be, and the reason that you’ll be able to do it is because you won’t be interrupted by war and horror and plague. Do you see how this works, dear one? It’s a new kind of survival. The more you cooperate with each other and try to see the others’ “God within”, the more you are given as a planet and the more you get along.

Billions of years ago, one planet led to another a million or so years at a time and a few revolutions around the galaxy. [Since all the planets and the stars go around the galaxy at the same speed, there’s a constant to measure time for all intelligent life in the galaxy. Every sun and every planet around every sun has the same time clock if you measure time in revs or partial revs around the middle of the galaxy. So planetary civilizations can relate to each other in this way. If you talk to someone from another planet about years, they’ll have no idea what you mean, for your years are not theirs.]

The Pleiadians are your parents. When their planet went into ascension and they had the full God within their DNA, they realized what they had gone through. They finally knew what they were there for, and they received a full pineal connection – 100 percent efficient DNA – but still remained in the physical [They remained in physical bodies.]. Do you know what that’s like? Don’t look for their 3D ships. These beautiful beings are entangled with you and they come and go as they wish. However, they do it by just “thinking” about it.

You [on Earth] were the next ones, and the only planet after them to be seeded. But did you know they had spiritual parents of their own, just like they are your spiritual parents? The names of their parents and the parents of their parents are Arcturian, those from Orion and from Sirius. All of these also had spiritual parents of their own, and they then had parents of their own. Listen: Every single one of these groups are part of your “creative source family group”. Some are your spiritual grandparents, and some are your great-grandparents. Some are even more than that. There are also ancients on your planet from other parts of the galaxy who are just “here to help”.

Let me ask you this: What do you know about the attributes of biological grandparents that your parents don’t have? How do you feel about your grandparents, living or dead? You look at them differently from your parents, don’t you? Your parents are hands-on, but your grandparents are not. Your grandparents are the ones who want to entertain you and help you and take you places. Mom and dad? They’re a little different. They are here to make certain you survive and give you the rules of life.

The Pleiadians seeded you and they’re the ones who are responsible for the information as you open the time capsules. They’re the ones who are putting you through all the tests of the Crystalline Grid and other systems they have created to interface with you for your spiritual awakening and survival. They’re the ones who are saying, “Come on, let’s go!” Ah, but the grandparents, they’re the ones giving the most gentle help, since they are more available and do not have the same kinds of responsibilities that the parents do. They also are a far more mature and ancient group than the parents.

Do you understand where this is going? The Arcturians and those from Orion and Sirius are in your DNA, because you have “galactic Akashic inheritance”. You know them, and they know you. They’re probably the most helpful groups on the planet. Don’t separate them out from the others, and don’t worship them. See the system, dear ones, for what it is. Absorb all of them and know that right now they are with us in this room, in this communication.

They love the fact that we are now helping to demystify who they are. Those who channel them may say they’re from here or there, but I want you to look for the metaphors within their information, for these metaphors will point to the truth. The reason these groups are here helping is that they are your spiritual grandparents and great-grandparents. That is why they feel so good to you, and that is why some of the channelling coming from them is so pure and so excellent. If the channeller is pure, you will see who they are. They love you and they know who you are.

It’s important that the old souls who sit in front of me are understanding what I’m saying and know that I’m not talking in code or in metaphors. Right now, I am talking about reality and spiritual common sense that is beautiful. This information is right from the creative source that you call God. God is bigger than anything that you’ve been told, dear one, and as you start to perceive this, I want you to remember one thing before we say goodbye. As you start to perceive the wonder of the creator, I want you to remember where it came from, for your Akashic lineage is God. Ponder it. It’s about time you picked yourself up, stood tall, and claimed this lineage. Say “hello” to your grandparents.

Perhaps they’ve been waiting a long time for this? Is this too spooky? For some, it is. For others, the truth rings like a bell of purity and answers the questions that they’ve been asking a long time. Dear ones, you’ve got help. Acknowledge it, work with it. Use it!

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.

Lee Carroll

Updates from Dr. Steven Greer and CSETI

February 6, 2014
The Sirius Disclosure/CSETI projects are 3 fold:
1) Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial presence visiting Earth,
2) Making contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence,
3) Disclosing and developing New Energy systems.
This article written by Dr. Greer published in  his book: ” Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications”  emphasizes the importance of our state of consciousness when attempting to make contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI).  This is the basis of the CE- 5 Initiative – human initiated contact with ETI.

The Imperative of Consciousness

Steven M. Greer, MD


When we speak of interacting with ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) , we are, after all, talking about reaching out to advanced conscious intelligent beings, and not the mere observation of some natural phenomenon or biological process.  For this reason, careful consideration must be given to not only our view of ETI’s intentions, but more importantly, to our own intentions and attitudes.  The human tendency – well evidenced by both military and civilian reactions to ETS (Extraterrestrial Spacecraft) – for xenophobic, violent and even paranoid reactions to the new and unknown must be addressed and rectified.  The human predisposition to view anything which we do not understand or control as intrinsically hostile and threatening must be overcome.  The blind quest for personal gain, profiteering and an inclination towards viewing ETS/ETI in predominantly ‘acquisition’ framework needs to be altered.  If we are motivated by a desire to ‘out-smart’ ETI and acquire their technology and energy source, then our efforts will fail.  If we approach ETI with greed, fear, assumed hostility and suspicion, then we shall expend our efforts in vain.

There is no doubt that we are dealing with beings who are capable of reading, by both telepathic and conventional means, our true intentions and motivations, and who can sense the “spirit of our endeavor”.  Success requires that the spirit of our endeavor be one of scientific openness, the search for truth, altruism, selflessness, harmlessness and non-covetousness.  A desire for the peaceful furtherance of the ETI- Human relationship is paramount.  For these reason, “purity of motive” on the part of human researchers and investigators is a primary requisite while specific skills, expertise and technology are important but secondary considerations.  The breadth and clarity of our consciousness is imperative and transcends all other considerations.  Our obsession with technology and outward things tends to obscure the Big Picture of the ETI/Human relationship, and all that it entails.  While competence and knowledge cannot be slighted, we must insist on the primary importance of consciousness.  In this regard, it is likely that a novice possessed of noble intentions and equipped with only a flashlight would meet (has met?) with greater success than a governmental agency motivated by lesser intentions, even though it has advanced technology, personnel and billions of dollars at its disposal.  Indeed, an aboriginal with only a bonfire may go further in the establishment of communication and the discovery of truth!

Of almost equal importance is the question of how we view ETI intentions and motives.  If the tabloids, sensationalist books and rumor mills are to be believed, ETI are all either guru-like space gods or Darth Vader space conquerors!  Our tendency to polarize on either side of this issue is both premature and unwarranted – and it is dangerous. It is unlikely that they are either perfect gods or evil empire operatives, yet these views of their motives have influenced and will continue to influence our attitudes and actions unless consciously addressed.  A review of the cases to date would indicate that while some actions are enigmatic and even disturbing to some human sensibilities, no evidence of net hostile intentions exists. Here, we must differentiate between our perceptions of actions and actual intentions or motives, since these are two separate considerations.  (For a more thorough treatment of this topic see “The Case of Non-Hostility).  A seemingly disturbing action may occur for a net neutral or even benevolent purpose.  Certainly as an Emergency and Trauma doctor, not a day goes by where a child or impaired adult victim of trauma could view my efforts to help him as painful and therefore motivated by a desire to do harm, even though my motives are just the opposite.  That a frightened child perceives my actions as hurtful or malevolent is a function of the child’s level of awareness and knowledge, and in no way reflects my true intentions.  Could not an analogous process be occurring with some ETI events which conventional wisdom has deemed hostile and therefore as evidence of malevolent intentions?

Certainly for CE-5 Initiative research it is important to give ETI the benefit of the doubt, and until proven otherwise, assume non-hostility.  An assumption of ETI hostility will poison the atmosphere of future bi-lateral contact and prevent the development of an ETI-Human relationship free of conflict. This is one time in human history where fortitude, trust and self-discipline are essential prerequisites to further progress.  The assumption of non-hostility does not equal either blind naivete or an assumption that ETI are perfect god-like saviors. But it does mean holding an open, non-suspicious and positive attitude towards ET beings.  To do otherwise is to create a reality based in conflict and hostility, a thorny path already well traveled by the human race.

Beyond the consciousness of actual researchers or those who have had close encounters is the importance of the background consciousness of humanity as a whole.  The type and quality of any further ETI-Human interactions – and therefore the specific results of any CE-5 Initiative efforts – will be in part dependent on and limited by the level of evolution in human society.  We should not be surprised if an ET civilization prefers to limit the degree of open contact with humans given the present preoccupation with militarism, conflict and violence.  As human society makes the necessary transition to world peace and cooperation, I believe we will see a concomitant increase in ETI openness and bilateral communication.  In this sense, the success of the CE-5 Initiative is directly dependent on the peace and unification of the human race.  World peace and world unity and cooperation then are the important determinants of future ETI-Human events.  The depth and quality of the CE-5 Initiative may prove to be modest, but these will increase as human society evolves towards peace and unity.

From: “Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications” by Steven M. Greer, MD p. 178 – 180

– See more at:


CE-5 Contact Expedition and Retreat in Arizona  
April 27 – May 3, 2014


A photo from the CE-5 Expedition at Mt. Shasta 2011



CE-5 Expeditions


Limited  to a small group the afternoon sessions include instruction in the CE-5  philosophy and protocols, remote viewing instruction, updates on  Disclosure, New Energy and more.  Evening sessions are 4 -5 hours under  the stars making Contact using the very effective CE-5 protocols.  An  extraordinary opportunity to learn from Dr. Greer in a small group setting of 20 – 25 people.

From Dr. Greer:

“I started this ET Contact process because I knew humanity needed a vanguard of people who were knowledgeable on the subject, wise in the cosmology, and skilled in the art of these techniques.  I knew we needed people who could step into this ability because the world needs interplanetary ambassadors who are deeply spiritual and deeply committed. There is an enormous vacuum of leadership in this area of knowledge and experience on our planet.  The lack of leadership is both dangerous and tragic.”

  From: “Contact: Countdown to Transformation” p. 349

 Join us for an retreat or use our app (for iphone or android) to form your own groups.

The apps have a whole course from Dr. Greer about how to make contact.

People have gone out, taught friends and had amazing experiences!

The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

December 15, 2013

14 December 2013
Channeler: Tazjima

The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

Out of the Womb of Creation comes the beginning of a new race, a composite race, the new HuMan. From many races came the seeds for your beginnings, nurtured deep in the breast of the Mother, you have remained in potential until now, as the increasing energies of the Cosmic Rays are triggering the etheric portions of your DNA, unleashing the codes within.

We are the Sirian emissaries and we come in peace, with words of remembrance, from those who are both kin and mentors. Among the many star races that have given birth to humanity, we are but one, but one with close ties to planet earth, for many of our finest chose to incarnate there in preparation for the coming harvest and beginnings of a new Cosmic race.

For those of you who are ever awakening to the shift in the energies, do you feel the subtle changes in your own feelings, about yourself and about the world around you? Like a stag lifting its head to sniff at the shifting wind, you can smell and sense a difference. For those who are sensitive, there has been a lessening of the burden that you have carried up until now, the emotions and beliefs of others. You are becoming aware that you are a sovereign being and that it is up to each individual to sort out what is theirs and what belongs to others. It is up to each to dissolve the base frequency that keeps them bound to repeating behaviors and negative belief programs, endlessly.

The Light tsunami that is about to hit the solar system, planet earth and you, will shatter the remaining debris and barriers of the old energy; it will not survive the increase of frequencies. You will survive for you were born to this time, this day when the birth of a new being was to occur. The planning and preparation for this time has taken many lifetimes, on many planets, in many dimensions. Each of you has been seeded with a unique blend of gifts and talents with which you have been endowed by Source, through your own efforts and by the fractals of your composite being.

Yet still we sense there are those among you who persist in denying their own power, who seek to lash out at others in a bid to gain some sort of protection for themselves by establishing as being authorities on any issue. This is an old game of the ego, desirous to protect its territory and to retain its rule over your future destiny. It is a game that the ego will not win, for the cycles have moved beyond the control of mind, ego and emotions to continue to limit humanity to the 3D belief system that was constructed specifically to control and suppress this very thing from happening – the birth of HuManity, into all its beauty and splendor.

For too long have you been denied your birthright, yet the struggle has won you much needed and valuable experience and insight about life on a physical planet, seemingly cut-off from Source, from the one you know as Mother-Father God, your parents, and from us, your kin. Truly you have never been separated but for the Veil of Forgetfulness that you took on as you entered this lifetime. These karmic veils were designed to make you believe that you were separate, but always there was an inner drive to discover a way to return to Wholeness. This drive emanated from deep within your etheric body, as a pink diamond, a sacred seed set there to be discovered by you and to thereby set into motion a complete transformation and return to full consciousness and more.

We applaud your efforts to get to know yourselves better and to connect with each other, but do not hang on the efforts of those that you might label as special or talented. All of you are co-creators and have tremendous potential and creativity to use for the good of the collective and so you shall, when you come into your full birthright as a Cosmic Being. You will not recognize yourself from your present human perspective, yet you will recognize Self as being what you are in Truth, a fully-fledged HuMan angel, a light being, a star seed, a composite being of many layers and much complexity, of great beauty and strength.

Seek within for your Truth and you will find it there, as you listen to the silent still voice that speaks to you in the darkest part of the morning, before the light of dawn illuminates the East. You are on the brink of becoming masters and it is up to you to take the last steps through the thorny forest of self-doubt and shadow. From the heart of darkness, from the dark womb of creation you will emerge, bright, glowing beings of great power and authority. And with your Coming, your world will change completely. No more will the problems that existed within the conflicting belief systems of 3D be an impediment to your progress in healing the earth. You will cut through the shattered remains of the old with your Sword of Truth and reveal the way forward like a clear beacon of light, for that is what you are, even now.

We stand with you, to guide and mentor, to point out your strengths, to give you encouragement, but you must do the work yourselves, and take the final steps through the gates that stand on the edge of the new world.

Into the new, leaving behind all of the old, you have been engaged in stripping away layers of conditioning, outmoded belief systems and thought forms that are not of your creation. What is left, as pristine as it is still does not represent the wholeness that you seek, but it is emerging even as we convey these words through our scribe. Feel the difference, sense the changes that are ongoing deep within your own bodies. Like the caterpillar locked deep in the embrace of its cocoon, the transformation that you are currently undergoing is profound and beyond the understanding of the old rational mind, but with patience and the spirit of self-discovery, you will discover a portion of your potential.

We hear the skepticism in your minds. You doubt our words perhaps? That is your prerogative; yet, in time you will see for yourselves what it is that we attempt to convey in these humble words. Honor yourselves and believe in your journey. Each and every one of you is important to the Whole, which includes us, your kin, and the entire Universe. The complexity of the mission that you are involved with will become apparent, but not quite yet, so we bid you to have a bit more patience, with these messages and those coming through other channels.

We realize that now there exist many detractors and those who would criticize the words that come through our various scribes, yet we remind each of you that you all have the ability to “hear” what is not seen. It is a gift and ability that is part and parcel of your multidimensional being and a sense that has been much maligned by those who would control you. You see, by hearing within, you are bypassing all control systems designed to cut you off from the source of your inner wisdom. If you doubt your intuition, you disempower the very source of your wisdom; you do, in fact, willingly act to cut off yourself from Source.

Also, you have the ability to discern whether or not a message resonates with you. If you have not yet attained the frequency level of the messenger, more likely the message will have little meaning for you, right now. That can and will change, but only you can determine what suits and what does not. It is up to you to decide to leave that behind which does not and leave others to their individual journeys. It does not matter that you do not understand the words or meaning for that is the habit of the rational mind, to seek to categorize, divide and conquer. It is the feeling behind and beneath the words that is important; if it is meant for you, your heart will understand, even if the message makes no sense to your waking mind.

There is no reason to fear that you will be taken over by a negative being, for you are a sovereign being; you have the right to command the spirits. They must obey Cosmic Law or suffer the consequences, as even now the erstwhile controllers are beginning to feel the loss of their control over humanity. It follows that what you focus on, returns to you in full measure. If you focus on controlling others, it is done out of fear of those who are “outside” of yourself, but in reality, it is done out of fear of Self.

Those who sought to control and suppress humanity knew that the end of their time would come and have done their utmost to slow down the process of awakening. Yet, humanity is waking up from its collective dream of despair, lack and fear… waking up to the realization that what it has been taught all these past centuries is not truth. What is Truth remains to be discovered by each individual; it is a part of the great adventure that still lies ahead.

Go forth into the light that beckons you onward, dear ones. You are not far from a profound signpost upon your journey. Remember the journey doesn’t end when you attain the frequency levels of 5D; it is only beginning. We will greet you in the light of the new dawn, as you emerge out of the heart of darkness, each and every one, as promised to the Creator in time outside of time.

May our blessings follow your footsteps as you go forth. Namasté.

Copyright© Elizabeth Ayres Escher – All Rights Reserved.


SaLuSa 30 November 2013

November 30, 2013



SaLuSa 30 November 2013.

Your world today is undergoing slow growth and high unemployment with ironically rising prices, but this is malleable and easily put right by cutting short the underhanded and unseen economy. By this many have grown rich and taken their money off shore, but the fact is they will have to answer for their actions, as the truth is being spelled out. The decay of the past can then give way as you collectively learn to look below the surface façade to find what is actually on offer.  This can also be applied to the self, to love and value self for who you are on the inside, and not just for what appears to grace the surface.

Internet Bloggers are calling you to take note of chemicals put in the food you eat and environment as this has a chance to cause ill health. We feel your disappointment that it has come to light that heavy metals or nano-particles have been found in your food. You have the power to choose to stop supporting these companies financially, and it would leave them shocked and bewildered, and will spoil their gained wealth. They will then set a new path of being allot more cautious in their actions. Businesses should make profit but as in everything the lesson of a loving balance must be learnt.

It is the general fashion in the US to let the issue of medical care accumulate and pile-up till it is so big that your systems of coping are pushed to overcapacity, and this only exacerbates any problems. Both sides in this issue need to step back from what they perceive as losing their self interests and take a humble yet practical approach to solving these problems. Many are afraid to embark on innovative new endeavors and are perfectly comfortable remaining stationary. The revamp of the health system will bring beneficial change and positive well-being, and increase the wealth and prosperity of your country. The dark are the real schemers behind all of the confusion, but this is only a stand-in or surrogate for the greater changes which are on the way to you. Without unconditional love and light positive change will only be temporary.

Prosperity packages will aid in the ending of people being separated by class, race religion. The wall will come down and you will have much more freedom to interact with more people within wider limits. This will take some getting use to as the social norms hitherto have been warped and twisted to what they should be. The mass collective of humanity has been altered and worked into bypassing loving relationships with those around them and connecting with their spiritual family of light. They want you to have no intellectual and emotional interest or curiosity, and always try to get one up over one another, competing not cooperating.

The deception of the dark effects many and is held in place by inattention in matters of law. Their aim is your total enslavement. Much work has gone into excavating exploration caves and hollowing them out to put a great deal of gold and precious metals inside, they want this all to theirself with many members of public underrating the amounts. When our allies can get this money in your hands your life will be more energized, with increased opportunities to experience a variety of activities, and you will have greater possibility of mingling with a wide variety of people and environments. The wonder drugs that have been held back will cure many disorders.

Dear Ones that feeling of being emotionless or dead inside, in that you are just going through the motions, will change and give way to harmony, and new obligations and face a significant stage in life where you begin a new journey, the old way of life will come to a firm end. Your new life will settle down to a normal flow and with the new technologies your world will shrink down to be very small, cosy place where you will feel safe and secure. We have taking a list of the stubbornly hardhearted and are now sending love and light to them.

Many dear souls are sick of being engulfed by vanity and conceit as this pegs and pigeon holds people, and this mindset are now evaporating as you have observed the light of how divisive this can be to others, and are moving to treat people with love.

In this current time we have chosen to encode the information we send over the internet to squash any attempt by the dark to stop the onset of the Golden Age by tipping our hand. Nevertheless we continue to feed you information of what is going on.

Negligence has snowballed in the US and Britain, this includes allied country’s which collectively possess great power and authority and use their knowledge offensively to cleverly hack in to other countries computer systems and pillage their Data. This has being confirmed and is credible with Brazil taking notice and has sought to assert their sovereignty and freedom concerning information security with many measures, and are on the road to building their own internet network this will ensure that light can continue to spread.

We love you all and you can consider us a friend from the stars. You can not see us and you have to listen to others talking for us, but soon you will have full contact with us, and when you feel our presence and our loving comforting vibrations you will know for certain that we are trustworthy beyond measure. The dark have diverted your attention by a long crusade of disinformation to make you fear us. The recipe to remedy this is to send out light and love to everyone you meet to gladden their hearts.

We repay the Great passion of Mike Quisney’s work of channelling SaLuSa messages over many years by celebrating and honouring him, and it is a myth that he has had his day.  He is taking a well deserved holiday, but is still a valued member of the Galactic Federation of light. We know that many are tempted to proofread these messages looking for slight discrepancies but that shows no feeling and is empty, as these messages are meant to shake you up to the love and light within you and take you out and away from the current way of doing things.

The illuminati push to advance their aims, but they have lost ground and will be arrested, their constancy and regularity has been their undoing. Grandfather sun are sending solar flares which upgrade your DNA and it brings with it higher vibrations of love-light that will burn up completely anything of the lower vibrations. The minions of the Dark will be re-tasked and adsorbed into the new system, but those responsible for the Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima will be placed firmly out of the way. We are working to nullify the radiation as if left unchecked would disassemble the flower of life, we are applying healing to any damage that has already occurred and restore your body to a holy place.

In meditation go inside and then go deeper and the immediacy of your God-selves will be patently obvious. Many clasp on to being practical and pragmatic but the void is the secret that ensures admission to the pathway to the Stars.

Carelessness has been applied to middle-east, with the Israeli Palestinian conflict at the brim of tolerance, this conflict has been seemingly endless and caused much fragmentation of different sides and also threatens to suck the whole world up in a spiral of conflict. For to long loving intentions have been stolen by traditions and authority but this is hollow, as only love is real, everything else is illusion.

A combination of powerful industries seek to stall growth in the Far East, they have sent tsunamis and then have attributed it to natural oscillations in the earth’s crust. The conspirators will be completely and totally removed from all office or position of power, and are now being watched closely as they are under suspicion. They have sunk to the lowest depths of human behaviour.

It will be invaluable when we can speak to you directly on your TV sets and explain our position to you. The Light can then spread over rapidly with an overwhelming majority of people excepting it. Christians by the multitude will adopt the new information with unmistakable clarity and includes the four other Great Religions. Mankind will pack away their weapons and Love and cooperation will be the new mascot and all will be conducted above board and upright.

Improvised Space defences designed to keep us from entering your atmosphere will be in effective as they are no match for our technology, and when we arrive it will be unexpected and unannounced, and we will rescue you by covering you in our cloak of protection, and when we have landed we can fill your cup with fortunate benefits. The goal of First Contact is firmly in sight and you are heading for it closer each day. Do not be fooled by the vast disinformation campaign designed to convince you otherwise. We will oversee the redistribution of wealth on your world and their will be a reapportionment of power and control allocated to certain regions the hitherto enjoyed much more say, to give all Nations a fair say in how your world is run. Naturally this will have to be ratified formally by all Nations, but if you can put away the prehistoric urge to compete with each other you can then cross into the initial introductory stages of the new system. Your world will then be peaceful and serene. We have Great Love for England but they will find the changes unfortunate and may experience some shortage and inadequacy, as without the Banking monies coming into London they will find themselves all thumbs, but we can comfort and reassure that you will undergo acclimatisation as you fully convert to the new monetary reforms.

A quick check on the health of the oceans find them in grave condition and this is a final Judgement on the modern lifestyle as it produces so much death and misery, this may surprise you, but it is all so sobering in that man’s once dutiful devotion to God he now partakes of the desecration of the earth.

The incomprehensible and mysterious has been walled off from you and it will now be unlocked and it will power your inner growth and development over and over again to ever greater heights of love and light.

You are being irrigated with living waters to clean your system out of all astral parasites and lower thought forms, whereby you will automatically trust us, for you will then know intuitively that we are your Grandfather Races. When we can meet with you there will be a Grand banquet with much food and drink served in honour of your correction and improvement of moving to the light and love and away from incorrectness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and await the formal change in the direction of your society, the Dark would like nothing more than to set your world alight with new World War but there is no way this will happen.

We applaud the many Lightworkers who speak their truth no matter how much it hurts, however you can learn to express your truth in a loving manner that heals, brings balance and opens others perception up while bringing liberation from negative and destructive feelings. Then you can analyze the situation to determine what needs attention.  Many wish to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown and are determined to climb up in consciousness for the answers they seek, it is a rough road at times but spiritual enlightenment is beyond and above comparison.

Thank You SaLuSa.


SaLuSa 29 October 2013

October 29, 2013

SaLuSa 29 October 2013.

Channeler:  Wally

Your world is covered in a thin layer of decay obscuring the precious beings of love you all are, and you can lay to rest any notion to the contrary, to trace out a new path of love for all, for you have ascertained the warning signs placed on your path, and feeling superior over others now smells slightly spoiled. But unlike you the old regime rigidly holds on to these ideas, and can add that in miraculous ways we are informing them of the light and love within.

The motor car of necessity must be replaced with free energy propulsion for your health as the existing vehicles cause pollution and effect your long term survival. This will make your lives a heavenly experience of pleasing light and on this you have the endorsement and material reward given for those helping this to unfold, of and by Prime Creator and you can presume this will proceed as divine intervention and intent, and this is staunch and steadfast and is overseen by The triad of Jesus/Sananda, Moses, and Elijah from their office of the Christ.

Favouritism can be an obsession for some, of what choice do you connect with and this can tie up your creativity in knots, but in this game of duality and separation all choices lead back to source. This is revealed in good time and will put all rebelliousness in check.

The chicanery of the Dark Ones is sticky, as they seek to take away any comforts you have, but the medicine is being given to balance the male and female energies upon the planet, this is pressing and of great significance, and will place you on an emotional journey where you can not know the outcome, and if not handled right could be harmful, but you have awoken to the truth seeded within you.

The Group of Starseeded young people who have come to earth will be crowned as peace makers, when they bridge the rift between the old world and the new one. Stored away in them is the higher light that will burn away the old. They walk the path of the spiral outward to greater harmony, and each awakened soul puts a small hole in the darkness allowing more light to peer in. They would appear to need high emotional maintenance or require special attention, but they are allot stronger than would appear.

The people are being denied their rights that have been sworn to them by the Founding Fathers in an unwavering way by the dark forces, with the people in the United States of America given a stand-in corporate Government, many have grasped and settled on this truth. The Dark want a new cycle of your total imprisonment, but the entry of Christ Consciousness is putting hot-water on all the illegally created laws.

Your ability to grow spiritually has been retarded by being excessively particular about details, with many clothing themselves in uncompromising and inflexible attitudes, and when their plans stall they become despondent and turn to the pharmaceutical companies for help, which blotches out their inner spark, and only outwardly shows a temporary improvement. Conversely by being detached will make you able to take swift action and be light on your feet, and a tool of warm and sensitive service to others.

The Pockets of male domination are being blocked which ride roughshod over Mother Earth, who Loves you immensely. She is birthing the new race of human and has had to endure much discomfort in this process.

A handful of scientist have caused much nuisance by giving access to technologies which eavesdrop on other peoples conversations, this is a sickness of the spirit, and has caused masses of people to fall into silence.

We are very hesitant to retaliate when we are fired upon by your military, and are completely opposed to any type of “showing our teeth”, as it were. In any case we are ever at the ready to take action should things take a turn for the worst, as the Dark seek only your enslavement and dumbing down, but our forthcoming flight to you is assured with a reception of thousands of ships, which will put an end to this.

The contemptible Dark Ones are the basis of obfuscating any attempt to forestall the recurring slump of your economy, and are stuck playing the same old tune of stimulus packages which does not change things one ounce and only widens the river flowing in to the sea of debt. A retraction of this must happen to stop your economy careening all over the place. Our allies have already factored this in and have the tools to carry on, and those with an ear to listen are rightly informed, and now come together to become a power source in their own right. We wait on the cross roads and ready ourselves to leap into action when the curtain falls on this current system, which many are now expressing hesitation in partaking of.

Our Motherships have everything you could need, and if you would come aboard would be taken care of very well and you would never have to as you say, “roll up your sleeves”. You will come to feel a repugnance for nationalist view points as you are one humanity, on one earth when seen from orbit. You have been socially programmed into thinking you need to work hard to pay a penance for some past sins, this is disinformation by the Dark Ones, as any delinquency in society are by design to paint over their failings and greed, which is the root cause.

Free yourselves from any concept of any possibility of failure, as this is unenlightened and unsound thinking. you should sing hymns praising God for all that happens to you, as even the bad things only help to wake you from your dormant sleep in lower consciousness. When the changes fully manifest they will have a fancy new name, but are simply a return of something very old and well worn, adding to that a growing apathy in many for the commercial lifestyle, in spite of that can not help but still be reliant on the current polluting system.

Many now become independent and free from external control and constraint, which are then regarded as disruptive and are despised by some, but the out pouring of the new energies is removing the pettiness and capriciousness as people are now taking a strong liking to make merry and coming together. You will be washed clean of the soot of industrial consumption and this will revitalize Europe.

Many are afraid as citizens and do not know how to respond to the endemic corruption that are publicized for your scrutiny, and feel invaded and wish to establish a boundary of your personal space and privacy, as to often your lives are becoming an exhibit on display. People are forming clubs to start a new beginning, which is at an intermediate stage of manifestation, we are specialist at helping to clear the way forward. After the battles are over you will experience an increased lucidity.

The practice of monogamy of all types of social relationships, whether in work or marriage has run it’s course and you will cross into more communal and transitory relationships, as you will be able to trust every one you meet and all your needs will be taken care of. This will act as a stimulant and boost for all types of human endeavour. And to facilitate this the astral thought forms are being demagnetize so you can recover your trust in the greater community, all signs show a sporting chance that this will adhere and hold fast any wobbliness to muddle in improper thoughts again.

We know many find their petty cash eliminated, but are finding fortuitous ways to circumvent this and get your ‘piece of the pie’. This is your inheritance as a Child of God. The human race is being put to the litmus test to see if they can disarm all weapons of war and give up any attempts to technologically enslave the poor. Things will be heating up as you approach the final lap.

Many Lightworkers have worn out their throat telling others their truth and this has offended the people closes to them. The Light is a sure-fire win, so you can keep unwarranted sharing in check and calm down, as many overwork themselves. We anonymously give you the help you need to survive the turbulence that threatens to capsize your Financial system in a energetic sell off.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have anticipated all possible actions by the Last Cabal and made plans to subdue any attempts to throw around nukes by those trigger happy cowboys. We may seem impersonal and remote and always speaking of pleasing sounding things, but that is incongruous and complete nonsense, we know these messages have been often repeated in many different ways and that has been to immunize you against the ubiquitous disinformation that seeks to infect your minds.

Thank You SaLuSa.


SaLuSa 21 October 2013

October 21, 2013

 21 October 2013


  SaLuSa 21 October 2013.   The Great Faiths of the world are now undergoing widespread picking up of grace and forgiveness bringing balance and harmony, and will leave many baffled and confused. This enfolds in rapid fire sequence, and leaves the furthest out as last to know, this may seem odd, with many reacting by becoming overly obsessed and fixated on this. Religious conflict has caused great pain all over the world, and has called for a healing that is being applied to your Government leaders, in the past all that was given was small crumbs that would slip through your fingers, but now the musicians play a song for brotherly love, as you are one multi-colored coat of humanity which has been hitherto forgotten to your detriment, like children that play with fire.

Many feel we are a fiction, like some stage managed production, and we respect and honor your right to disbelieve in us if you are unsure, but we continue to raise your vibration to advance your spiritual evolution, and when our allies fairly distribute the wealth of the world, it will leave many in astonishment and amazement, as you will see what we say is true. Others will find this disconcerting that people in their close circles who are subordinate to them, will become financially equal to them, but this thinking is out of date and obsolete, and was never meant to be permanent.

You are undergoing a spiritual cleansing in microcosm, that will remove the heartless grind of life, and is being burnt and purified, including that which was comfortable but not your true home. The existing paradigm is washing away incrementally, but ironically there are those that still look back on it with a sad nostalgia, but you have been given the magic seeds of light and love to start the new way of life in the mist of the worn out world.

Your high self-esteem is now a practice in this new time, and a defiance is budding in younger people to the old systems, the older generation are intimidated with loss of their retirement benefits and health care, as the dark seek to wash-out the free thinkers, but the divine feminine is taking the reigns and instituting new systems where quality is valued above quantity.

Earth is a ship that you are interned on, but all around you is an illusion and you are never in any real danger, and realising that becomes a gift, but you will not be left “to stew in your own juice” of that you can be certain, we must add that many don’t want anything spiritual in their lives, and this has been prepared by the Cabal, to spoil your hopes and then incorporate and integrate you into their systems.

The repaying of Karma for past wrongs is something many have an aversion to viewing and looking at, but you can navigate the karmic minefield safely if you realise that everything is interrelated and interconnected at a deep level, and antagonistic attitudes can be on the road to departure, as you are more often led by your head with it’s incessant focus on the self, and creates a temperament which puts you at odds with the people around you.

You are loved immensely and your future is bright and free of quarrel and disturbance, and we have seen your future and know it well and are giving you the support needed to buttress you though the time ahead, we are closely watching the latest leak at Japan’s Fukushima Plant as this raises concerns for fish and wildlife, and we are taking care to transmute and suspend the effects of radioactive contamination. Your News people will be retrained to Look pass just emphasizing observable facts and look to a more metaphysical explanation of the ultimate causes for things.

You are not out of the dark forest, which is trying to distract you from your path. You need to be a bit obstinate irrespective of what is on offer as it is the complete opposite way round to the actual reality. We have helped humanity in the past and the great pyramids and other impossibly large structures are a memorial to this, many are disrespectful of this, and focus only on what they can see and count, but minds once warped now soften.

As the changes come in, no one will suffer early death from being forgotten or left out ever again, we are making our voyage to you, but are hampered by hair-splitting red tape, as the divine will and also your freewill must be honored at all times, but till we can be with you, we can lightly suggest you look to Germany for the first mark of the new global currency reset, and as the changes are implemented the dull and oppressive atmosphere will be blown away in the wind. You can then put an end to soul killing capitalism, with a wave of selfless and big-hearted humanitarian projects to feed the poor, give medical treatment to those in need and shelter, paid for with a New Gold Backed Currency.

This time has been instructional on how to overcome the basic instincts, and now school is ending as you are realising you are God everywhere, your concept of “self alone” is diminishing as the opaque veil is thinning.

The aggressive rhetoric is being drowned out as the legal actions riffle through rapidly, in light of the inappropriate awarding of position and influence. You are more than capable of surmounting past failings that still stubbornly hold on, and we are now applying pressure to right these issues, including water supplies that are plummeting. Also vilifying aspersions about the Galactic federation that are thunderous and cloud the issue will be put to bed and find a frigid reception.

Those that yearn for their soul mate will find that special person by becoming broad-minded and flexible in their choice of a partner.

Restitution will be made for spilling noxious wastes which has been carried out with all enthusiasm by the dark ones, and we can instantly protect you from the negative effects, if you say the words, asking for our help and you will be wrapped in many layers of protection by us. The human race has been at a very low vibration, and as you raise higher in frequency your existence will start resembling the rich, abundant and lush lives you have always envisioned for yourselves.

Many seek Compatible people to interact with and throwaway the rest. This is now happening in Europe as Governments are throwing out certain people, and this effects some very distinctive immigrants which are caught up in it, but this is a miscalculation and is not efficient.

In the next three months check for big changes, the dark in their attempt to stop the changes have stolen a single small nuclear device, but our allies are now on the hunt to recover it. Their game is up but they are not inclined to surrender. All events are interrelated and the ball is in your court as the changes can not manifest without you okaying it. No matter what happens your immortality is assured, and we will provide new bodies for you should the worst happen. Make a study of our words and let them dissolve inside of you. Also we will also close down unlawful and false courts that do not follow the legal standards agreed to by the community, and give access to fair and just legal system.

You are being augmented and protected, and in a methodical manner you are transversing a time of troubles caused by recalcitrant dark ones, and when fully complete you will have monumentally generous gifts and favours bestowed to you, and you will be forgiven for all wrong doings and welcomed back to God. You will emit light and will work together with many uncountable souls in the Galactic Federation Of Light. When Home in the higher dimensions it will be an awkward interaction at first, then you will strengthen as we have interceded on your behalf to allow you a grace period. You are being given the codes to unlock your kundalini or coiled serpent, which will keep you calm and composed for the time ahead.

We have taken Full Account for the actions of the Dark ones and they will undergo a transformation and lose their current nature, for them it will be like waking from a dream.

It is Possible to foreshorten your path to the adept and expert stage of awareness by keeping from the downward path of losing hope and faith when you hear bad News. Those things are being fazed out as they only cause hardship and affliction. You are being sailed through stormy seas with our help, as your elevation to fully conscious beings from your long sleep in the lower dimensions is our foremost objective. For too long your Governments have deceived you about our presence but many now see the truth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I have been presiding over communication on your earth, and you will not be unaccompanied for too long, as we will arrive in great numbers, and we will bring you the sweetest benefits and clear the way for the winds of change that have been held back by the covetous Dark Ones.

Thank You,





SaLuSa 18.10.2013

October 18, 2013

SaLuSa 18.10.2013

The feelings of Oneness and blissful joy are surrounding you with such intensity never experienced before, and we are enjoying your amazement when they are entering your beings so powerfully, as your intentions and wishes are set very high and allowing you to experience ever deepening and more fulfilling feelings of Unity with All. The more you are aware of these energies, the more you want to be immersed in them, as they are of pure Love and Light and help you to clear yourselves completely from all of the old energy patterns. In this phase of your final clearing you might experience a sudden change in your mood and feelings due to some old issues being cleared away suddenly, without getting through the usual process that you all are very well aware of. This is because of your strong will, intent and choice that you have manifested this final clearing happening in such beautiful way, with feeling very strong presence of Angelic Realm and your Guides, and this is allowing us to share so very much more with all those of you who wish to experience our connection at this moment.

We feel this great change within you and we know that it is creating great influence on all others that are around you or meeting you, and many of them are realizing and sensing that there is so much more to the life they are experiencing. It is this awareness that will lead them to their own changes and to the collective change of all aspects of living on your planet. We are here to help you with this change and with our powerful connection with you, the awareness of our presence is also part of this influence, because you are sharing also our energy with your own and once there is the right moment to introduce ourselves openly with that very dearly expected moment of Disclosure, those unaware of our presence will feel this very energy and will accept our coming more easily, because this energy will be known to them. So be aware of the great power you are carrying within, as it is moving you towards the experience of your higher reality and adding more intensity to everything that you do.

Keep focusing on that what you desire to experience and watch how all is transforming and changing within you and around you in accordance with your wish. Right now it is the moment of your own great shift and we know that you feel it very intensively, and you are spreading your growing Light to all others as you are fully awakened to your desire to be of service to others, and your whole being is expressing this desire in communication and behavior towards all others. Know that they feel it although they might not speak about it, as you all were not used to express your true feelings and kept them hidden inside, but now they are free to flow from within you, unchanged with illusion that once surrounded you. Illusion is quickly disappearing from your collective consciousness and soon there will come that moment when you as society will be ready for another movement towards the new Golden Age for Earth Nation which shape and ideals just being formed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feeling your powerful upliftment and your joy of being aware that you truly raised yourselves above all the old and experiencing true understanding of Being and Oneness that is so powerfully flowing through your own energy and keeping you in a blissful state of mind for most of the time. Remember you do not need to hold onto anything that is not making you happy. You are free!

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

SaLuSa 4 October 2013

October 4, 2013


4 October 2013


SaLuSa 4-October 2013.  


The vast access to information technology you experience today, with all of your many tablets and hand-held devices is phenomenal. Unfortunately so many other advancements that would benefit you are still kept under wraps and the vast majority of the population are only slightly aware of this. This is a testament to the audacity of the Dark Ones, imagining that they would continue to keep these technologies from you forever. Many are now refusing to go along with that system, and are now learning important lessons about how power and profits have influenced your current technological status.   The current technologies in transportation are causing a massive pollution and deterioration of your environment, with massive harmful effects to all life forms, and Mother Earth calls for these non-polluting energy technologies. This may sound implausible but this will ensure her continued fertility, as you are a hairs breadth away from collapse of ocean biosphere, with even the most basic forms of life under threat.  

Many fear false imprisonment for taking a stand, or to be made an example of by supporting the necessary changes, some fear the fires of hell and being eternally dammed by god, if they support any thing that could be considered new-age or alternative, many have taken vows to be of a religious faith and feel uncomfortable in breaking them to become a lightworker, and still many are just tired and worn out with the Galactics and refuse to take any new actions.   When you choose to become lightworkers, and work to enlighten humanity and protect the earth you will be taken to our ships and altered to have special abilities far beyond normal so you can blossom in your tasks. Remember that you are just now entering the New Age of Aquarius after approximately 2,000 years in Pisces, so the new energies of this new age are supporting you, and giving you a sure-footing, and a graceful flexibility toward seeing out the desired outcome.  


Our allies push to access the Records of Atlantis in Egypt which is hidden in a tomb, which will not be easy with all the controversy and attention surrounding this, but the right set of sounds will open the hall of records, and then, only those identified as having pure intentions can cross the board and engage with the legacy of Atlantis.  


You will be engulfed in devaluation of your currencies as all the necessary changes are implemented, with scarcely leaving anyone untouched, and this will straddle both sides of the Atlantic. As Obama is helping to bring in the changes, the dark ones will leave no stone unturned to discredit him. This is possible because of the completely corrupt mass media, and when your media is freely able to report the news accurately your money markets will return to soundness and stability.  


On your way remember no man is an island, as everyone relies on others, so get to know the people around you, and find out who is reliable and who is not, to be ready if you should encounter a rough patch, and with the help of the Starseed young adults who have insight and awareness that far surpasses their age, will see you with an abundance of sound strategies and new abilities to draw on in this testing time. We disapprove of war and it will not continue to be permitted as the new age progresses, and have implored the Dark Ones to initiate a complete stop of efforts to contrive new conflicts as they are sorely trying our patience. Start as you mean to go on and in that lane, you can battle the dark forces by staying calm and composed as all around you looks as if it is collapsing, and in doing so setting a strong example for others to follow, with the result being that other people become serene and tranquil, improving the general mood of the people on your way.  


Dear Ones we love you all deeply and unconditionally, and you should not feel unworthy of our loving support if you could not keep up with the pace set by others spiritual growth, and instead slipped a bit, as all will ascend in right time, you have this memory deep within you. Precious ones your world has psychosis and is falling apart at the seams, as it can no longer be supported in these new higher energies of Loving harmony. Forgive and embrace the loving spirit for those who have caused you offence, and you will better and best your path toward ascension, especially where you disagree with another. As you raise your love vibration you will be less prone to pathogens. and as you let your love shine out it will show up those of the dark by contrast. Love and care for all including the dark ones, as they will receive their just deserts, and never out of hate but only because that is the energy that they are putting out, and like a boomerang same energy will come back to them full circle.  


We are watching to see if you can stay your path, as you are tempted and tantalized away from your progress into a more superficial and shallow road of illumination and enlightenment, for those who push on, wonders which surpass words can be yours. Nor get lost or misled by what you read on the internet or in books, as your inner knowingness is paramount to your life path, and no dusty book can tell you anything that you don’t already know, as you already have all knowledge deep within you. Realizing this will aid you on your path of transfiguration into a being of light.  


Our responsibilities stay the same as always, with the central focus on the Dark Ones and their plots and ploys. So for that reason reconcile yourselves to not succumb to despondency in your lives, as Father God loves you and only gives you what he knows you can handle, and with that, the dark have been hurt by the whistle-blowers maul, as the truth comes out into the public arena, and this only is right and proper. It would be recommended to pay more attention to such societal problems, and not leave them to languish unsolved or unsettled.   The people have smelt freedom and are awakening to the self-realization that it is theirs to reclaim. And all permission has been granted to manifest the changes, by the Lords of Light that have power over all of you. The changes will leave you breathless, and in the course of time totally transmute your world from one that has been technologically time locked to one of tremendous breakthroughs. No more the printing of money will be allowed that has no value, but alternatively only where it is secured by Gold and precious metals. In these dramatic times you are provided the opportunity to see reality in a new form, and thereby leave the
cycle of duality to become your Godself, In other lifetimes you have existed in extravagance and commanded much influence, but for a more rounded experience you have had to undergo everything.   The vast wealth that is in the hands of the few will be fairly distributed, so that every person shares in the abundance. Which will result in relations between people becoming close knit.

You will master space travel through changing your vibration to match that of where you wish to go, and then simply be there, and it will be quite widespread and a common occurrence. There are many sporty events just waiting in the wings, and will come to fruition, and with the Dark Ones down for the count, there will be no stopping the higher technology coming to you, and the manifestation of Cities of Light with their chambers of Light to fully rejuvenate and bliss you out, with many other wonderful advancements in technology.   You must not refuse the path of returning home to enlightenment and higher consciousness, as you can never extinguish the spark of Light inside. Many are confused and astounded by the prospect of ascending into the realms of light and leaving their long imprisonment in the lower dimensions, but you are being chased and pursued by circumstance and synchronicity to return to your true home in the higher dimensions. Your sovereignty is waiting for you, and of that you can be overconfident.   Until all of these things can manifest, you have to return to your daily lives with all of it’s imperfections and problems, and your metal will be tested by the dark energies, but we will be there in service to you, unseen and helping you out where needed, The disclosure project is applying pressure to officially recognize our ships and the Galactic Federation, and is ever soaring in intensity, and when the disclosure announcement is made it will wraparound your society in wind of love and light.


You are destined to take flight overcoming all your problems, and indeed we have been helping you the whole way through.   Our fates are entwined, as when you left the higher planes of existence long ago we were as one, you are our brothers and sisters and we love each and every one of you, including the Dark Ones, and if we did not rescue you from the spell of matter you would be lost forever surfing the rivers of time, as vassals of the last Cabal, lost in devotion and total emotional bondage to a group outside yourself.   The most generative time will come when we can intervene and directly help you, and our light chambers will save you from years of procrastinating over doing meditation to attain higher consciousness.  


On the road back to a civilization of light and love, you have been initiated by the darkness of being engrossed and given over to the animalistic aspect of self, and have learned so much noteworthy truths, and now must share these insights with others in the best way you can, as this will neuter any ability of your subjugation ever happening again, and together you will cross into that stage of once again merging with the One Source, each other, and your Star Families.   As the rain of now returns you to it, you are learning to master both your conscious and subconscious minds, and integrate the two together, in the forest of mind, to become whole and complete, and this will evoke a new acceptance of the Galactic Family, as we represent the subconscious, that which is just outside of view, like a bas-relief, impinging on your waking consciousness and asking you to interact with us. This is also why our reputation undergoes savage attacks, as these souls can not deal with that part of themselves that is infinite, unbounded and unclassifiable, but as people wax away from fearful stories of us, they can start to process their current lives with the life that exists outside of it, and come to terms with it, making it a part of their world view.  

On the surface, your journey would seem at end when the Dark Ones are put to rights and all the many changes are bought forward, but you can transfer to a great truth, of a transcendent realization that you simply are, and the “I’AM” inside of you is greater than what you have or don’t have, and ad nauseam teach and share your gained insights with others, helping them realize their importance and integrity, so they can overcome adversity involving relationships and dependency issues, to then start to slow down and take some time to unwind from the weight of life.  

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and love you all very much, more than you could ever know and look forward with longing to when we can again reunite with you, and the imbalance in your society will be corrected with the return of the Galactic Federation and then the changes will go online and be firmly fixed in place. Allow for this information to be carefully considered.  

Thank You SaLuSa.  



SaLuSa 28 September 2013

September 28, 2013

 28 September 2013



SaLuSa 28 September 2013.

A gorge and glut of legal actions is ready to rain down on the dark ones, and we have the Evidence to prove conclusively in a court of law of what crimes were committed and by who. This will just be the first deposit, which will involve many more to come till this is put right, and this action will include their many lost in logic despots in positions of power, which exercise their office in an unfair and cruel manner, and they will be re-tasked to support the seeds of a fertile future for mankind.

Dear ones it is your right and entitlement as an embodiment of the Great ‘I am’ to ascend and float up to the higher dimensions. Many perceive this as shrouded in mystery and fascination, and rightly so as it is covered in the dusty sands of time, but you are the ones who would brush off this thick layer of mystery and see a clear path to ascension, and in this many have unresolved or repressed negative feelings concerning the path of pilgrimage along the spiritual journey toward greater light and love, which will culminate in mass ascension into the higher Dimensions and union with the divine, and the brotherhoods of light. We sense that many feel this event is unattainable and far away and emotionally distant, because December 21st 2012 did not materialize as anticipated, Dear ones again renew your motion and movement, in doing so you will discover new abilities and opportunities and then you can enter into a road less travelled toward ever greater growth of spirituality and enlightenment.

Lose any morose mournfulness with a playful and light hearted humour, always keep an abundance of joy and fun in your lives as it brings you closer and cleans your emotional cup so you can glisten together, as we all have had situations in our lives where opportunities decayed from our reach, and to then be stricken and overwhelmed by intense emotions as a result, but out of this comes a new breath to blow out what is finished from your emotional field, clearing your head so you can take in new Prana.

Many feel laid bare and highly exposed to the legal authorities and enforcement agencies and it would seem inescapable and incontestable, but this is all relative, as all depends on how you relate and react to any legal issue, as legalese might seem to sound like gibberish, but if you listen more closely, and lose any illusory ideas of the law, you may then see a new description that may help you, and addressing that a new round of changes will remove all that no longer serves and sticks out for your attention in legal system and it will be clearly and precisely cut.

Do not be drawn off the safe path by the flickering phantoms set by the dark ones as your true safe way to salvation is within you, and remember below the crust of your lives you are at core a great being of love and light, all that the dark could ever do is to effect the outer layer.

As the higher energies come into your earth we sense a softening of attitude of those who are slow to grasp the immense benefits of the initiation and commencement of the first landings of our craft, but some will still harbour aggression against us and this will be quickly put to rest as the people have clearly chosen the reign of peace and love. Then your long estrangement and separation from the higher dimensions will end, as you were designed to inhabit these higher realms. So accept and receive them into your being and you will become as one with them, and we are anxiously awaiting this time, we will then together form a Divine Alliance with the most High Light, as we are sworn to safely set you and Gaia on this path.

Many of you have gone about living your daily life balancing and maintaining your family and work obligations, but have heard the call of spirit, and you have to be a bit zany to answer the call. Yet you did and your Light craft and lightwork is a wonder to behold, unique, personal and made with care and love, We know that the task of working to raise collective consciousness has been a long-winded and slow process, but will conclude in opening up your world to many new portholes and portals of information and knowledge.

With the higher energies coming in and baking all in the energies. Some are balking and pulling back and seeking to tie them up and limit their effect, while others are awestruck and are seeking to take them in and fully absorb them, in any event it is stirring up strife.

Religious practices where one is harmed or others with loss of life, including your own, are played around with in many cultures, and not the product of a considered clear minded strategy, as you need to give yourself time to circle the troubled waters of your life to see a clearer path, and these extreme acts are forbidden for one walking the path to the light.

Many are malnourished and have become apathetic and tired living bandied together in refugee camps were ironically they often under go starvation and the wealthier nations have the energy and resources to solve this. Allowing people to live like this is highly uncivilized as they can be given the knowledge and education they need to make a better life, and a say in how they are treated with a representative governance, and this would present no problems and is completely safe, and people all over the world are standing up for this, and is a long established custom and tradition for societies to have freedom, self-rule, and to prosper unhindered.

Politicians who lobby for special interests that only benefit a small group at the expense of the public good, will be sent back to school and work to etch a path more beneficial to all. Then the lost daughter of liberty can again be welcomed and invited back to a place of prominence.

The dark Ones are constantly trying to create disharmony and discord, ever seeking to separate and scatter you one from another and would see the total breakdown of your society, but you can conquer this with a graceful heart and self-discipline, with confidence in yourself and actions, and by your example set a sound course for others to contend with the dark forces of this world. You are not out of the woods yet, as our allies continue working to abolish the power and control of the last cabal, there by ensuring your freedom and sovereignty, and escorting the chaos and darkness to its final resting place. And this struggle and competition can be attributed and ascribed to the light and dark aspects of consciousness. This has been a process of enlightenment and you are nearing the end where you can take a break to refresh your energies, and we are taking steps so that you can all have direct communications with us and to each other, and to facilitate that, the dark energies have been ousted and expelled from the astral planes and this has caused new channels of information to flow.

This is harvest time, and those of the light are being bundled up together and taken to safety, and those who are not will be descending to a denser earth experience and this is according to Universal Law, and is not a judgment, as all are where they need be to advance their soul growth.  Your physical dimension will continue to undergo unusually rapid change, so you can expect some discomfort ahead, so take necessary action where you feel called to, and all of this will culminate in you becoming a power house which generates much warm and bright light and love .

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know that many of you wander many paths looking for opportunities, as a result of the heavy burden placed on you by the perfidy and corruption of the dark ones, in any event know that you will have a soft landing and we have far more personnel than necessary to complete our tasks in time, still many have lost all faith and given up believing that we can help or that we are coming, but the Galactic Federation operates on multiple dimensions and our capabilities are far beyond what can be imagined, so when we arrive we can very quickly put all right.

Thank you SaLuSa.