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Space friends Adjusting Venus orbit- UPDATED

September 6, 2016
Update: 4/2/2017
posted here October 12th:
FULL: Venus UFO Watch 8/02/16 10/09/16 #13

Published on Sep 4, 2016

Some time ago our good Space Friends told us they would be adjusting the orbit of Venus soon. As far as I can tell, this is them doing just that. I will keep doing updates every few days until the data stops or our friends have finished their operation. I hope the images keep coming, the last 2 frames today were extremely overexposed and useless….it’s interesting to watch the progress our friends are making up there.



Taus or Lens Flare?

August 28, 2016

update from Captain Bill

April 3, 2016

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    Hi friends, Arthur was allocated back in Taus to give logistical support to the groups who are acting here, but he introduced me to another contact who has to answer for it with the same number of communication. This contact uses the codename Hollis and is a little more pragmatic than our friend Arthur. He made it clear that we should be on guard for important events are coming ahead. I’ll try to get him to give more details as soon as possible. Cheers! CB


Mythi update 127

December 27, 2014

Captain Bill- Mythi from Andromeda’s contact

December 7, 2013


Sorry for the blurriness.  Guess I could just give you the link!

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