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Mysterious Tweet- Can you decode it?

November 28, 2017


— GalacticIntel(@GalacticIntel) November 28, 2017

If you need a Prayer to Pray…

October 28, 2014

Seventh spirit-teaching-prayer by Nokodemion

(A speaking to oneself – created by the last Henok)

  1. By means of the power of my consciousness – with my intellect and with my rationality alone – I exercise the all-mightiness over my knowledge, the truth, my ability, my love and truthliness.
  2. Only my might spreads itself in me, however, no other might, thus I am always conscious of my own thoughts and feelings and I unfold and use my knowledge, my wisdom and my ability, and with this I lead everything to the true love, freedom, harmony and to the peace in me.
  3. The power of my consciousness is a distinctness to me, so I use it to my own well-being for my thoughts and feelings and the psyche as well as for my body.
  4. Daily I unfold and use my consciousness-power, so it is constantly working in me and allows me to face my unknowledge, whereby I nourish my knowledge and my wisdom with love, feeling for others, as well as with understanding and rationality.
  5. Through the power of my consciousness I myself recognize my errors and resolve them and avoid committing new ones, so no errors can hinder me anymore in my development and advancement.
  6. The power of my consciousness allows me to recognize and avoid false teachings, wrong modes of thinking and all dangers of belief-dependency, as well as harmful material and worldly things.
  7. Through my consciousness-power I myself am in control of my intellect and my rationality, and through the all-mightiness of my consciousness I am, at all times, conscious of my power, my ability, my peace and knowledge, as well as my wisdom, love and harmony and control everything.


Short version from the Talmud Jmmanuel, 6:12-18, p.124:

TJ 6:12-18

12. “My spirit (consciousness), you exist within almightiness.

13. May your name be holy (name=spiritual and consciousness-based power; be holy = being controlled, venerated).

14. May your realm be born and awaken within me.

15. May your power unfold itself within me, on Earth and in the firmaments (in all consciousness-levels).

16. Give me today my daily bread, so that I recognize my guilt, and I recognize the truth.

17. And lead me not into confusion and delusion, but deliver me from erroneous assumption.

18. For yours is the realm within me, as well as the power and the knowledge in eternity.  Amen.”


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