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Oh My GOTT p.185

July 22, 2019

5:91) Truly, if you follow the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, then you will be without fear and dread (fright) and without too great sorrow when you are oppressed by terrible things or even by death, because truly, the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the teaching of the prophets, reveals to you everything required (necessary) for you to gain (manage) your existence in all situations.



July 11, 2018

“You will discover that there has only been one single teaching of the truth since the very beginning and continues to be only one, that was delivered to all peoples of Earth by various prophets again and again through all the world’s eons, and continues to be delivered by the current and last prophet of the new time, BEAM, from the true line of prophets. This consists of the prophets Henoch, Elia, Jeremja, Jesaja, Jmmanuel, Muhammad and BEAM, who all were and are bearers of Nokodemion’s spirit form. They all proclaimed and are proclaiming one and the same teaching of the Creation, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the love and teaching of the truth, which guarantees evolution in harmony with the Creation.

Whenever current human beings see the world harrowed by affliction, war, overpopulation and natural catastrophes, it becomes clear that neither a god, head of religion, ruler, mighty leader, wiseacre or other propagandist will be able to produce any improvement at any time. Only every individual human being is able to bring about a reversal by following the true teaching of the spirit. Solely the individual human being is responsible for this with his or her free will, thinking and actions and with what he or she makes of the truth.”

Karin Wallén, Switzerland

GOTT p.XLI (41)

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Oh My GOTT p.583

June 26, 2018

559) Consider, only when you joyfully, freely and consciously strive for the high culmination point of the truth-finding, direct yourselves towards this destination and thereby do not have your thoughts and feelings constantly directed only upon yourselves, can you advance and reach the high culmination-point of the truth-recognition and truth-following.

GOTT p.583

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Disclosure According to Stephen Bassett

February 25, 2017
Disclosure – the formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence by heads of state of nations – will bifurcate human history into the pre- and post-Disclosure world. It will be the doorway to a profound new era that transcends politics, religion, nationalism, ethnicity and race.. These divisions will remain, but tempered by a world view shift that permeates the entire human race.
At a time when academic and media professionals are declaring a post-truth, post-facts reality, Disclosure has the magnitude to reverse the people’s loss of trust in government and media. In fact, Disclosure could initiate an unprecedented, multi-institutional age of reform.
More immediate and pragmatic considerations include the likely revealing of sequestered extraterrestrial derived technologies with the potential to transform the human condition and the biosphere. These would include anti-gravitic propulsion and the energy systems powering extraterrestrial craft. Twenty-six years after the end of the Cold War, it is no longer appropriate to withhold these technologies for “national security reasons” in support of the truth embargo.
Disclosure is inevitable. What remains to be determined is when it takes place, which nation’s head of state goes first and how much damage is done during the interim by current geopolitical policies.
Stephen Bassett
February 22, 2017
Los Angeles, CA

GOTT p. LIX Over the course of time,

November 1, 2016

“Over the course of time, humanity and democratic societies have been achieved and implemented through the peaceful struggle of human beings in accordance with rationality and truth, just as many human rights and other values have been. These are palpable and recognizable results by human beings who have fought for them for millennia and continue to do so. And if earthly humanity is currently standing as if in mockery close to the abyss of the destruction of all things, then it is precisely in this current epoch that the opportunity for radical change and victory in the struggle presents itself, although this will require the human beings of Earth finally to decide for the good, the positive, for the things that make life worth living and for life itself. The truth is that the third millennium presents a new opportunity in the firmament of fate that will cast out the darkness of past millennia of war and can bathe the future in a brilliant light. To achieve this, it is only necessary to seize the opportunity to heed the teaching of the prophets, to live according to the ‹Goblet of the Truth› which even the Celtic druids called the ‹goblet of the life› and ‹cauldron of the life›.”   [The Holy Grail]


GOTT MOTT? p.489

May 15, 2016

62) You only have the choice to liberate yourselves out of your self-created entanglements and to follow the truth of the Creation as well as its laws and recommendations – or to go under.

63) The choice for all things of your existence is left to you, however consider that, whatever you decide, the consequences of your decision will determine your actions, indeed in the right and in the good as well as in the wrong and in the bad, because the causes that you create will give rise to the corresponding effects.

64) Only if you create the right causes will the effects also be right and valueful, out of which true love and harmony as well as peace and freedom will develop for you individuals and for your entire humankind, through which all evil, each war and terror as well as all other terrible things will be nipped in the bud.

65) The right causes for the right effects are things which you can however only create, if you go in conformity with the truth of all truth which you must experience and live in yourselves as certainty in recognition of the reality.


from “Goblet of The Truth” p.489

Michael Horn SLAMS SETI and Fake UFO Community

August 22, 2015

And I back up Michael Horn 110%!

GoTT, p. 533

August 12, 2015

246) “Truly, you human beings of Earth do not have the absolute right to the glory of the life, because the right solely consists in you earning it through the evolution of your consciousness by creating in you and around you true love, harmony, freedom and peace as well as knowledge and wisdom and leading your life rightfully in fairness, conscientiousness, righteousness and responsibility; and this also says that the whole of that which you assume in your incorrectly understood or conceived sense, namely that you are from the ground up true human beings, is entirely wrong, because you are true human beings only when you have developed into them.”

It continues…

269) In the Creation, in the Universal Consciousness, and in all its created creations and in everything existent that it has created, one wheel of the happening interlocks into the other; in strict logicalness one thing is the con- sequence of another thing and at the same time controllingly turns everything that is connected with it, through which no irregularity can occur; the whole is like a gigantic giant-wheelwork, in which from all sides the cogs of the wheels precisely and sharply interlock and incessantly move everything further and drive it for- wards to the development; and you human beings of Earth, you stand with the decision- and determination- power given to you through your free will in the middle of this immense machinery, equipped with an unmeasurable might which is given you and with which you are able to direct the big wheelwork of your own life and destiny in any direction that you choose, that is to your own prosperity or adversity, to your fortune or unfortune, to the negative, bad, evil, terrible or to the positive, good, depending on how you form and use your free will.

270) And truly, whatever you do in this respect you only do for yourselves, because you alone lead yourselves upwards or downwards, because for every cause and effect your free will is always the decisive factor, depending on how you form it through your own attitude, decision and determination.

Meier Disclosure Manifesto- Existence of E.T.s Covered Up Since World War I

July 30, 2015
I am often asked whether then only the Pleadian/Plejaren come to Earth as extraterrestrials.
Naturally that is not the case, because there exists yet various other extraterrestrials, who fly into terrestrial airspace and can also often be observed.
They are, in part, members of the Pleadian/Plejaren federation, who cannot however be counted as foreigners who stem from planets and solar systems that have no state of affairs at all with the Pleiadian/Plejaren and their federation worlds.
These foreign extraterrestrials come from the most different star systems, which as a rule, belong to our galaxy, respectively, the Milky Way, whereby however exceptions also exist, however only very few, in which the extraterrestrials stem from foreign, and millions of lightyear-distant, galaxies.
There are, however, few like this to note, that they can only be spoken of as a rarity.
In every case caution is recommended in relation to the extraterrestrials and contact with them as well as in relation to the observed UFOs, because for a long time not all of that which was said and asserted in this regard was correct.
Deceptions can be present during the observations of UFOs, as well as the actual observation of extraterrestrial flying devices, etc.
Thus, where dealing with such an observation, it is often very difficult to clear up.
Yet it may be accepted that a certain small percentage of all observations actually lead back to extraterrestrial flying devices, which are seen in ever greater numbers around the world.
The majority of the observations do not, however, correspond to reality, rather touch upon imaginations and suchlike, that many times are only the consequence of certain science fiction films, etc., that would arouse the susceptible humans to fantasies through which they then see or experience imaginary things in the sky that have nothing to do with reality.
And just these imaginations, that often extend to Real Vision, are very plentiful, but this should not prejudice the facts, and mean that all observations are of this kind, because there actually are still enough cases of UFO observations that undoubtedly rest upon such really-occurring extraterrestrial, and partly also other-dimensional, flying devices which have nothing to do with the Plejadian/Plejaren, and their confederates, rather they belong to other worlds and civilizations.
Regarding the contacts with extraterrestrials, the circumstances are partly the same as with the UFO observations, in the form that a fantasy is called forth, because actually any contact with extraterrestrials occurs only in the most exceedingly rare cases, and as a rule also only in an unintended form.
Intentional extraterrestrial contact with Earth humans would normally be taken up only most rarely, whereby the so-called examination contacts predominate, whereby the Earth humans would be “abducted” for examinations, respectively, analyses, and hauled into spaceships.
However, those examination contacts have nothing to do with the mass hysteria of the alleged abductions, through which they would inflict pain or steal sperm or the fruit of the wombs from “abductees”, to breed a new species of human, etc.
Many times these mass hysterias rest upon certain phobias under which the allegedly abducted ones suffer, as well as sleep-paralysis visions and Real Vision, etc, that convey an impression to the beset humans that they have or have had an actual experience.
But there are still all of those who assert that they maintain physical or telepathic contact with extraterrestrials, mostly connected with religio-sectarian delusional teachings and assertions that withstand no reason.
But in this matter it is exactly these religious delusional teachings and assertions from which very many humans feel addressed and which these “contactees” believe, who in truth are either profit-obsessed deceivers, flipped-out sectarian fanatics or simple charlatans, who, altogether however, lead their believers around by the nose.
Thereby not to be forgotten at any rate are the chronically delusional who suffer from some form of schizophrenia or simply imagination.
Therefore the greatest caution is recommended with extraterrestrial contacts in the sky, because too much about this are lies, deception, swindle, charlatanism and speculation, etc., whereby also the truth-despising efforts and falsifications as well as disinformation machinations of the governments are implicated through the committal and establishment of unbelievable lies, slanders, falsifications and trickeries in the world to veil the truth, to contradict and to deny.
The Roswell UFO crash is just one of many inglorious examples.
Naturally not all terrestrial governments and military work in this slimy way, but there are many.
And they get ever more difficulty from those peoples who are really interested in the UFO clarification and the events connected therewith, as they turn the heat up under the governments, the military and the secret services.
The time namely presses ever more, because ever more UFO incidents take place and also pure UFO observations increase ever further.
So the responsible ones use their lies, defamation and denial ever less, whereby they apply a new obscuring technique to keep secret the actual existence of extraterrestrials, as well as their visits to Earth.
Their new method is to demonize everything that has to do with UFOs and extraterrestrials.
That, thereby, also serves to hinder the coming about of contact with extraterrestrials and civilians, because that can no longer be controlled and because, as a rule, civilians who are not bound by a military or secret service security status do not shy away from making such experiences and events openly known.
But such open information is exceedingly uncomfortable and even exceedingly dangerous for the governments as well as for the military and secret services, etc., as their power structures could become shaky.
Of this it was already clear to a whole line-up of authorities as well as their military and secret services in the First World War because, over the battlefields of Europe UFOs were observed whose appearance was however kept secret.
It went the same way in the Second World War, as the foo-fighters surfaced everywhere.
Indeed, it was already firmly established by the military and secret services and highest government positions by the First and Second World Wars that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin, yet the secrecy was still maintained.
The facts of the extraterrestrial origins of flying devices was recognized in America through the observation of a landing of such an object, where four unusually-clothed humanoid beings disembarked, collected some plants in the vicinity, re-entered their device and flew away.
The observers of these events were two members of the military who, co-incidentally, were in just that area while on vacation.
Both reported the event to the nearest military facility, allowing the secret investigations and clarifications to proceed, as had already happened in other similar cases that preceded, and also subsequently occurred even more.
But everything happened under the strictest nondisclosure, as the Plejadian/Plejaren have affirmed, so the public received no knowledge about these incidents whatsoever, as neither did the main body of the governments, the military and the secret services.
It was always only the very highest positions and officials who were privy to the secrets.
And it was also these people who even then concerned themselves with, and worked out, concealment tactics to deceive most of their subordinates and the entire population.
It was to be avoided that on one hand everything would be known, and on the other hand that those not in the know and not sworn to secrecy, or even civilian personnel, could have contact with extraterrestrials.
Therefore a possibility was sought to place fear in humans in relation to the extraterrestrials so that no contact would result from a possible landing or from a crash of extraterrestrial projectiles.
Naturally already in those times there were civilian observers of UFOs, but if this was to be avoided, there would still be fundamentally nothing given recognition in the open media.
They also led the population to believe that these strange flying devices were their own secret flying machines, which were just then undergoing initial testing.
Therefore the people already at that time were knowingly being led into the dark.
Silence was maintained regarding what the UFOs effectively were, namely extraterrestrial, and partly foreign-dimensional, interplanetary flying devices controlled by crews foreign to Earth.
Naturally in those days the flying devices were not yet called UFOs, but were given other names.
But that doesn’t diminish the fact that already after the outbreak of the First World War, in 1915, the American President Woodrow Wilson ordered a nondisclosure in respect of extraterrestrial flying objects, and decreed measures to cover himself with what had been written.
The consequences of this unofficial, secret edict of which also US Presidents Warren G. Harding as well as Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, whereby especially Roosevelt, were finally the driving power, was that the angst for extraterrestrial conquerors would be incited to panic, and indeed through a perfidious machination, together with the secret service, through which book authors would be threatened with death in order to start an extremely effective horror scenario.
US President Harry Truman was then also later drawn into the conspiracy, because he even cooperated as the highest-placed observer of UFO crash sites.
However, things of this kind were not only happening in America, because also in Russia – as also in other countries – one was becoming attentive to the UFOs and secretly held the view that it must concern extraterrestrial flying devices – even when, always again, meanwhile, voices from the uninitiated grew loud in Russia as well as in America that these thereby dealt with new kinds of enemy aircraft.
Party leader and dictator Josef W. Stalin was, for example, like various US presidents, at different times an observer of UFOs, from which he was quickly convinced, despite the angst for the new flying machines of the Americans, that it dealt with intelligences foreign to Earth.
One fact that he, however, never made openly known, as also happened with the fact that practically every UFO observation in the Soviet Union fell under secrecy provisions.
The darkening, slandering and obscuring machinations of many governments, militaries and secret services, etc., of different countries, began therefore already very early, and indeed much earlier than would be generally accepted by the real UFO researchers.
According to the explanation of the Plejadian/Plejaren, however, especially the Americans were leading in this respect, whereby these were also those who held the proof of the existence of extraterrestrial flying objects tight in their hands already early, and indeed not first since the Roswell case.
Truly, already earlier the Americans had parts of wreckage from crashed extraterrestrial flying devices fall into their hands, as well as mutilated extraterrestrial corpses, which, however, fell under the strictest nondisclosure and whereby, as the Plejadian/Plejaren explained, also undesired UFO crash and UFO recovery observers, as well as recovery workers were “erased” or forced into silence under the gravest threats.
But that was not enough by far, because the longer the UFO appearances in the new age were observed, the more secretively these were dealt with, and indeed not the least on that account, because the arrival of the extraterrestrials, and the enslavement of the terrestrial humanity through the invaders was feared by the American government and their military as well as secret services.
And (so) that the population should be left in ignorance about the truth of the existence of extraterrestrials, nevertheless, however (that) fear must be developed in the peoples against the extraterrestrials, out of which a far-reaching hate must be established against the invaders, and, thereby, once again a defensive rage steered by hate should result, the US presidency, as well as the leading officers of the military and the secret services, etc., came upon a psychologically sophisticated idea to work out a horror scenario in extraterrestrial matters and to start it in such a way that not only America would be seized by it, rather also great parts of the rest of the world.
This scenario should be configured in such a way, that once angst and panic should first break out regarding Extraterrestrial invaders, thereafter they then spread further fear and hate far, and could spread it over the world, and indeed also then, when it would be officially recognized, that it all only dealt with fiction and therefore a poor utopian piece of work.
Thereby the psychological trick would be established, that when once fear is sown then from that yet greater fear and finally also panic and hate must develop, that follows itself further, always spreading out farther.
A fact that was already know then and also today, yet would be practiced again and again over the whole world in different relationships.
And exactly angst and terror were necessary, according to the view of the responsible ones, to incite the population against the extraterrestrials, and to prevent them from coming into contact with them if the opportunity should present itself.
Through this perfidious and fully-thought-out psychological machination of the highest government authorities as well as the military and secret services, it also should be avoided that at any time, any one of the people would gain admission to the extraterrestrials if the opportunity offered itself.
The responsible ones not only had fear of a peaceful extraterrestrial official, or unofficial, landing and contact initiative, but they also feared an invasion.
And because an official or unofficial extraterrestrial appearance and effect on the Earth was not compatible with the religious philosophies, since 1915, Pope Benedict XV, (1914-1922) as well as Pius XI. (1922-1939) and Pius XII. (1939-1958) would also be drawn into the entire conspiracy.
Also certain Jewish dignitaries were enlisted in this, who even at that time in America had quite a bit to say and had a voice.
In the most secret of missions, it was therefore resolved to create a horror scenario which would agitate the population on one hand, who, however, should be left in ignorance of the truth of the existence of the extraterrestrials who already maneuvered in terrestrial air space and also landed sporadically on the Earth, as it has been established from secure sources, and through that, on the other hand, that fear and hate be sown against the strangers from other worlds.
The mean and slimy trick was in and of itself simple: a radio broadcast should be transmitted, that on one hand spreads angst and terror of the extraterrestrials, and on the other hand, should also strike very far, and as much as possible, worldwide circles.
To this end, through American secret service agents, as well as through the responsible superiors of these positions of duty, as well as the government and militarily, suitable authors and works were sought, which could be exploited and used for the perfidious machination.
It was US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (President, March 4th, 1933 – April 12th, 1945) who quite personally, however, sought out the science fiction work of Englishman Herbert George Wells, who as an author, in 1898, brought out a work under the title “War of the Worlds”.
In this episode American secret service agents made contact with Wells and beseeched him coercively to adapt his work to a radio play.
But the man himself did not feel in a position to do this, so he suggested chartering a young American author of his acquaintance, Orson Welles, who would certainly be suitable.
Under threats of death, H.G. Wells was obliged to lifelong silence, after which, then in America, the still young Orson Welles would be coerced by the secret service people to refashion H.G. Wells’s work, “War of the Worlds” into a realistic-seeming horror radio play.
Out of the science fiction novel Wells wrote in 1897 and published in 1898, such a work that broadcast on the radio, would release wild panic and angst as well as hate for the extraterrestrials.
The work, in which extraterrestrials, formed unlike humans, and of monstrous and evil-nature, land on the Earth and cause trouble and destruction, was exactly that which had been hoped for by the responsible ones of governments, the military and the secret services.
It’s no wonder that as a result of panic breaking out there was quite a number of dead.
The goal of the government, the military and the secret services was achieved with the broadcast of the radio play (War of the Worlds), because from then on fear, and also a certain hate, ruled against the extraterrestrials, of the kind and form, as well as the sense, that was also always desired.
And exactly that has remained that way until today and even still spreads out, because fear and hate would again always be newly stirred up, and the American secret service powers, etc., are especially proficient in doing exactly that.
Were that not enough, that they – and certain also determined government and military powers – financially support and demand contra films against the extraterrestrials, no, they do not shy from simulating all kinds of horror-events, like, for example, abductions by extraterrestrials, as well as human and animal mutilations and so on and so forth.
They are also not inactive in matters relating to the falsification of crop circles, and indeed in the most differing countries.
Naturally, in respect of all these things there are also charlatans, deceivers and swindlers and every other sort, yet the secret service machinations are probably indeed the worst, because it is precisely through these that disinformation is established, through which the genuine and actual events in this regard are bedeviled and made laughable.
Scarcely anything is known about exactly this, as everything runs so secretly as it always has, and as does the actual story of the radio play of “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles.
And the danger exists that something could not be held secret, then the responsible ones of the government and military as well as the secret services do not shy away from bringing the witnesses to silence under death threats or through an otherwise erasing, like, for example, through elimination or through a consciousness-stupefying brain wash and psycho-terror and so forth.
Herbert George Wells, who died on the 13th August 1946, also knew that, as did Orson Welles who departed this life on October 10th, 1985.
Neither left behind any indications about the true incidents regarding the radio play, as they correctly feared that their families, friends and acquaintances after their demise also could be vengefully persecuted by the secret service people and the responsible ones of the government and military.
And that I now do not hold my tongue about that which the Plejadian/Plejaren explained to me in regard to this … what comes of that remains to be seen…
The nasty machinations of the government, military and secret service people in respect of the demonizing of extraterrestrials have increased ever more since 1938 – indeed slowly and successively, thus, however all the more incessantly and expansively, until in the eighties, essentially, the greatest machination for the bedevilment of extraterrestrials began – through a shifty structure in the fashion of the secret service, as well as miscellaneous UFO and extraterrestrial enemies.
Stories came about like the ghastly human and animal mutilations, the theft of human babies and the impregnating of terrestrial women through foreign visitors out of outer space.
Horror stories were also disseminated about subterranean laboratories and the inhuman experiments taking place there.
Were that still not enough, because the angst of the extraterrestrials wreaked even worse blooms, like, for example, it would be asserted that women impregnated by aliens would, after some months, have the baby growing in the womb snatched out to be allowed to finally grow further in a fluid-filled incubator, etc., in order to breed up a new humanity, etc. using these hybrid children.
A further horror story was that the earth humans would be abducted, in order to take their genetic material that would be necessary for the extraterrestrials’ further breeding of humans, who would serve as, so to say, nourishment providers, because the evil foreigners out of the depths of outer space supposedly nourish themselves on human blood.
Similarly, it would also be asserted in respect to the animal mutilations in America, whereby the related far-fetched feeblemindedness that namely beef blood demonstrates a genetic relationship with human blood, therefore the mutilated cattle would have their blood sucked out to store in the blood banks for crisis times – naturally through the evil extraterrestrials.
Yet even that is not enough, because still many other assertions, slanderings and lies, and clearly to be recognized as feebleminded, are put about, through which the humans are led into error and would be shifted into angst and terror, as has had manifold success, and certain mass hysteria has been released by a worldwide group of certain earth humans, which also leads to feelings of hate, etc.
What there is yet to say to the government, military and secret service people and already on nonsense bordering on idiocy, and out of the sight of the rational human understanding of everything, may be said with the words of renowned and experienced UFO researcher and <Magazine 2000> commentator, Michael Hesemann, who, together with Ingrid Schlotterbeck, in <Magazine 2000> Editorial No. 6/1996, Oct/Nov. writes the following:
The US Government, so asserts for example the ex-Marine officer William Cooper, has made an evil bargain with the extraterrestrials: space technology in exchange for land and humans.
At the start of the seventies one first comprehended just how devilish the “visitors” really are – and only since Ronald Reagan, would one react, building the “Star Wars” system, as defense for Earth and humanity against sinister extraterrestrials.
A clear message lies behind it: how good that we have the military which is powerfully armed to defy the evil aliens.
So the arms race towards the end of the Cold War still had its sense and purpose … and even this message is conveyed by a film that explodes all box office records.
The already now most successful film of all time is called Independence Day, the alien apocalypse of the Schwab [south-west German] Roland Emmerich.
And it concerns itself naturally with the salvation of the best of all possible worlds, the USA, which is threatened by the space devils.
But all these horror scenarios have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with reality.
One almost attempts to establish an AADL, an “Alien Anti Defamation League“.
Because in the annals of UFO research there has not been one authentic (that means thoroughly investigated and determined to be genuine) case* that points to an aggressive behavior or hostile intentions of extraterrestrials, so to go straight to the most frequent objection: Yes, the “abductions” are perceived as traumatic by many “victims”.
That has different reasons: The entire situation is frightening, the fear of the unknown, medical procedures that are sometimes also painful, the complete lack of emotions of the “visitor”, the feeling of being helplessly extradited, their utter alien-ness that is often interpreted as “ugliness”.
We do not know why the “abductions” take place, whether out of scientific curiosity or, as many “victims” would explain, in order to establish a “data bank” of humanity, in case we destroy the Earth.
Now medical examinations on the Earth are also often painful.
Many “abductees” have the feeling they are unconscious or are “called to duty” in a previous life and draw use out of this expansion of their consciousness.
Clearly, the “abductors” are therefore in no way “negative”.
Yes, airplanes have crashed that have chased UFOs.
But that has various reasons.
One pilot hunted after a UFO so long that he ran out of fuel.
Another attained too great an altitude, becoming unconsciousness.
Again, in other cases the interceptor received an “order to fire”, but its automatic weaponry seized.
In one case already-defused rockets exploded when still in the jet, the aggressor was killed by his own weapons, but not by the “visitor“.
There was a case in Brazil in which a farmer shot at a landed UFO – he was struck by a ray which paralyzed him – for an hour.
He could subsequently move normally.
Yes, there are humans who have come very close to UFOs and have suffered radiation damage.
But those are cases that can clearly be classified as accidents.
On the other hand, terrestrial militaries have fired on UFO’s all too often, and in some cases even shot them down.
There never was an “act of retaliation”, as is usual on Earth.
Just compare the “ghastliest” descriptions of alleged UFO witnesses with that which we do to other creatures or even our fellow humans.
How have we, as we landed in America, behaved with the technologically inferior Indians?
How many Africans did we drag off into lifelong slavery?
Didn’t the Bosnians previously reciprocally massacre their own next-door neighbors?
To which blood bath does a tribal feud lead in Rwanda?
Or think of the acts of horror in the Soviet gulag or in Red China.
Who now says, they are merely “the others“, then be asked: was not the death factory of Auschwitz a German invention?
And exactly that indicates which mechanism stands behind the alien panic: we measure them with our rulers.
We project our behaviour pattern onto them.
We fear that they will deal in precisely the same way that we would deal with technologically inferior peoples and other living beings.
They are our projection screen, our mirror image …
If extraterrestrials wanted to rule earth they would have long since done so.
They certainly would not have waited until we improved our defense systems.
In reality we are the aggressors, those who greet the friendly visitors with hunter-interceptors and our xenophobia (fear of strangers) through putting out exo-rascist propaganda films, like “Independence Day”, as the expression imparts, (Note from Billy: the question about these demonizing efforts against the extraterrestrials is, whether the American government, military and secret service-type machinations are behind it, as with “War of the Worlds” from Orson Welles, in order to newly stir up, and this time in a worldwide mass, angst, panic and hate in respect of the visitors from foreign worlds.)
And their answer: messages of concern about our behavior, thereover, that we destroy our unique home planets.
According to the ethical measures of Buddhism, the Bodhisattva qualities apply to today.
A Bodhisattva is one who has long achieved enlightenment, but has sworn to reincarnate until the last living being is redeemed.
One recognizes two qualities in him: wisdom and empathy.
And thereby, that he lives “ahimsa”, non-violence.
That means that he has renounced the practice of retribution.
115. Your article is good and all clarifications conform to the truth.
116. The explanations from Michael Hesemann and Ingrid Schlotterbeck are also to the point.
Do you therefore mean that I can publish the article like that?
117. That is my meaning, yes.


Date/time of contact: 3rd February 1997, 12:03AM

A Plejaran explains the Billy Meier UFO Anomalies

March 31, 2015

Contact Report 251/700


You must continue to keep this secret; do not speak about it under any circumstances. We are only permitted to elaborate to the point as our withdrawal from Earth is linked with the immediate future and related events, in which we are not allowed to interfere in any form so that we may protect and keep close reigns on the secret regarding our own culture and region where we live.

This is tied in also with the fact that some matters are impending. On one hand, we were able to foresee them but, on the other hand, they are the reason for our withdrawal, while events that have been unfolding on Earth for several decades now were part of our assignments. We have fulfilled this task, along with the many others we were obligated to look after, and you have played a very important role in this scenario of making public, worldwide, the so-called UFO phenomenon, as terrestrials have labeled it.

You alone made it possible to promulgate this subject matter worldwide and provoke the controversy to the extent that it is not only religious and pseudo-esoteric sectarians, fanatics, gullible individuals, madmen, etc., who preoccupy themselves with the subject. Finally, for some time now, a great variety of scientists, governmental agencies, military services and governments have also begun to seriously preoccupy themselves with this subject, a fact that could not have been accomplished without your help and great resulting effort.

Actually, alone through your efforts was this successful launching of the worldwide UFO controversy possible, for which we all express our appreciation to you – a recognition you had to really struggle for, when I think of all the harm that came crashing down upon you. And it is irrelevant whether they were health related or associated with the defamations, abusive language, assassination attempts, diatribes of hatred and other things to which we, unfortunately, had to contribute our share, as you know. Had it not been for these occurrences, the UFO controversy would never have come about and scientists, as well as the military and governments, among others, would not have become seriously interested in it.

In your defense I am permitted today to speak officially about these matters and the fact that we used special techniques to analyze and evaluate in great detail the movie and photo montages, along with the movie trick photography used by all those bogus and deceitful, purported contactees or UFO observers. We found that their falsified movie and photo material appealed to terrestrial humans, particularly to those so-called UFO experts who call themselves ufologists and the like, and this even includes some well-respected scientists. The absurdity of the falsifications, and the people who believed them, is stunning yet extremely effective.

For this reason, we executed maneuvers with our genuinely existing flying objects, e.g., jerky pendulum movements and certain skipping and floating movements, which ordinarily are not a part of our flying objects’ normal movements and flight techniques. Instead, they appeared like those ridiculous, abrupt pendulum and strange swaying movements of the manipulated movies and photos by the UFO swindlers, liars and charlatans. The fact that we chose to execute these movement types is based on the reasoning that they, in particular, would result in the worldwide, fierce UFO controversy which resulted in many hardships for you, of course.

You were accused of fraud, deceit, charlatanry and, indeed, dishonesty. You were further charged with constructing models and then photographing and filming them. Often we felt very sorry for you, but were unable to change any of this.

Only by executing certain flight maneuvers, which you then were able to film, photograph and disseminate throughout the globe, was the worldwide UFO controversy ensured that led to the previously mentioned outcome. In the future, they will also bring about additional and by now urgently needed results.

It may be some consolation to you now to know that everything has occurred with the desired and intended outcome, and that you are now the most important person in matters related to contacts with extraterrestrials and UFO affairs – you probably are the most famous personality worldwide in these matters. Of c…

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