How do you tell someone their religion is a lie?

How do you tell someone their religion is a lie? As someone who was forcefully raised Roman Catholic before being old enough to decide for myself and yet successfully escaped the conscious enslavement and irrational teachings, I thought it was quite easy. So many things did not make sense. Then I learned how the church killed millions of people in the past, and how religious wars and fanatical believers still kill for their religion today. As a child, I concluded that if all religions said they were the only true and correct one, then all of them must be false. And they are. They are based on lies, manipulations, mistranslations, corruption, money, bribes, intrigues, coercion, brainwashing, human trafficking, guilt inducing teachings, the promise of being saved from nothing, the threat of imaginary demons, and the promise of a blissful afterlife, but only if you submit and give money and worship on your knees to your local spiritual charlatan.

Another nail in the coffin of religion came from my mom and my girlfriend’s mom who grew up in the church. My grandmother cooked for priests and my grandfather was custodian at a catholic school. My mother saw the priests do quite unholy things, such as drinking, swearing, and womanizing. My girlfriend’s mom still works for priests as a cleaning lady, and sees alcoholism, drug use, and theft. Any religion that does not allow women to serve in an equal position must be invalid. What drives the priests into such depressing and desperate acts? Perhaps they know they are living a lie.

Long ago I heard that there were many books and texts that did not make it into the Bible. Why? Why would they leave out information? Why did the Bible come together hundreds of years after the death of Jesus? Who would take obvious errors in the stories so literally? Only someone brainwashed by religious teachings that entrap and limit the consciousness of a person. When I saw people interpreting the Bible in very different ways, and having very different opinions about the same subjects, I knew something was wrong.

More recently I learned about a resin encrusted document that was found in a tomb in old Jerusalem. The document was written in Aramaic and the author was Judas Ischkerioth. The late professor James Deardorff, with a PhD in comparative religions studied the document in order to prove it invalid. He compared this document called the Teaching of Jmmanuel, or the “Talmud Jmmanuel” with the gospel of Matthew, and set each line side by side. After years and decades of studying and analyzing, the Talmud Jmmanuel proved to have been written first, was proven to be much more accurate, and was proven to be the only document written during the time when Jmmanuel (or Jesus Christ) lived. It cleared up hundreds of inconsistencies. And he was working with a primitive and earlier translation. Today, years after Prof. Deardorff has passed on, the document was translated more accurately, revealing even more truths and secrets.

One of the people who discovered this document is connected to a very important mission. The messages are that religions are preventing humans from becoming more intelligent, peaceful, knowing, and advanced. Each individual has the ability to think and act in the right and proper sense on his or her own, and they certainly don’t need a priest, rabbi, shaman, imam, guru, or self-appointed holy person to tell them what to think. The other message of the mission is that the world’s current population is now over 8.8 billion, and this growth is not sustainable. If the world’s population continues to more than double in everyone’s lifetime, then within a few generations the world’s ecosystems will collapse, and we are already seeing clear signs of that. We need to drop religions and stop having 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 babies per family now. This is common practice in many places in the world, especially where it’s already too crowded, and places where women have very few rights. It’s a very simple and natural solution, and one only needs to think logically about it.

If you ever come across someone who mentions Jesus, run in the opposite direction. Because there never was a man named Jesus Christ, but there was a man who was named Jmmanuel. Until the world knows the difference between the two, our civilization will stagnate, and get very badly out of control of the good human nature, which has been occurring for the past two thousand years.



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  1. Anne W Says:

    Very well written 🙂 Thank you!

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