Why is every depiction of a UFO a Plejaren Beamship? Why? Why? Why?

June 5, 2021

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UPDATE Aug 2, 2021:

GOTT on Overpopulation Part B

July 29, 2021

GOTT 7:61

61) But also be concerned that you do not have to suffer the misery of hunger (famine) if you breed a superfluity
of descendants, therefore you shall not multiply like vermin; if you do however breed too many descendants
then you are evidently acting in a mistaken wise because by doing so you invoke a calamity in great measure
on yourselves, for your wellbeing (health) as well as for your world; and truly it is through your excessive de –
scendants that you bring about great and worldwide battles (wars) and destruction, as well as hardship, misery,
calamity and cataclysms in the extent of huge collapses (catastrophes) which you cannot set anything against,
so you are helpless.

Are you a Pleiadian starseed?

July 27, 2021

No, you are not.

Because first of all, there are no Pleiadians.

And second of all, no Plejaren has ever died on Earth:

All right, then a question that you have already answered sufficiently and which must therefore seem illogical to you: Have some of you incarnated on the Earth?

78. You know that this is impossible because none of us died on the Earth, so you ask very illogically.

excerpt from Contact Report 57, June 23rd, 1976

Right Whales Killed by Speeding Ships

July 22, 2021

North Atlantic right whales were named for being the “right” kind of whale to hunt— because they were found close to shore, swim slowly and float when dead.

They once numbered up to 21,000 but were hunted close to extinction in the early 20th century, with only around 100 remaining by the 1920s.

Whaling North Atlantic right whales was banned in 1935, leading their numbers to bounce back to as many as 483, but the progress has since been reversed.

Entanglement in fishing gear used to catch crab and fish is the other leading cause of North Atlantic right whale death.

Most vessels are exceeding speed limits in areas designated to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales, of which only around 360 remain, a report said Wednesday.

Collisions with vessels are one of two leading causes of injury and death for North Atlantic right whales, with research showing that slowing vessel speeds to 10 knots (11.5 mph, 18.5 kph) reduces the risk of death by 80 to 90 percent.

“Vessels are speeding, North Atlantic right whales are dying, and there’s not enough accountability,” said Whitney Webber, campaign director at Oceana.

Full article: https://phys.org/news/2021-07-ships-endangered-atlantic-whales.html


July 19, 2021

What is religion? What is relegeon?

July 16, 2021

To define the difference between religion and relegeon, the spirit plane ARAHAT ATHERSATA has disclosed the following:

Chapter IV, Evolution, Verses 75-80

75. Only relegeon must be used for evolution – never religion as implemented according to your current concepts on Earth.

76. In order to experience evolution, the truth, wisdom, mastery, knowledge, love and others must be gathered and united once again from currently existing principles.

77. Yet, a religious-type format, that is, a reverse link, destroys relegeon already in its basic substance and prevents it from ever finding fertile ground.

78. A relegeon format alone is capable of inducing profound successes – religious formats can never accomplish this.

79. From relegeon originates effective knowledge, which results in further wisdom and knowledge.

80. These, in turn, ensure that the path of evolution may be entered into through both forms.

Relegeon is the factor leading back toward the Creative Truth, toward the Ur-Truth of all Creative growth.

Expressed in a religious sense, religion implies a polarity reverse-bond to a God or Creator, within the constraints of religions, to whom man must subordinate himself / herself.

Religion (from the Latin; re ligare) as the epitome of what binds us back to some God or Creator is synonymous with stagnation, inhibition of progress, restriction, constriction and adherence to prescribed ways of thinking and false philosophies, ideologies, beliefs and other churchy and faith teachings and other methods of losing their way. Likewise, religious and sectarian doctrines of faith forbid and deprive human beings of their inherent right to explore and fathom creative-natural-laws and various universal contexts, based on his / her own work and intellectual merit.

There is only one way to the knowledge of the truth: The evolutive ascent of humankind, evolution, the only possible way; it consists of thinking thoroughly and honestly about everything ever read, ever heard and even experienced, and with this necessary healthy critical ability, along with reasoning and understanding, one may in order thereby attain in oneself the clarity about the real connections and in turn to acquire the necessary knowledge oneself.


Religion = backward binding

Relegeon = joining together again

Billybooks Peace Meditation Pyramid with laser etched bamboo box

July 14, 2021

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Pesticide caused kids’ brain damage, California lawsuits say

July 13, 2021


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Lawsuits filed Monday in California seek potential class-action damages from Dow Chemical and its successor company over a widely used bug killer linked to brain damage in children.

Chlorpyrifos is approved for use on more than 80 crops, including oranges, berries, grapes, soybeans, almonds and walnuts, though California banned sales of the pesticide last year and spraying of it this year. Some other states, including New York, have moved to ban it.

FILE - In this May 13, 2004, file photo, a foreman watches workers pick fruit in an orchard in Arvin, Calif. On Monday, July 12, 2021 lawsuits were filed in four California counties seeking potential class-action damages from Dow Chemical and its successor company over a widely used bug killer containing Chlorpyrifos that has been linked to brain damage in children. Chlorpyrifos is approved for use on more than 80 food crops, including oranges, berries, grapes, soybeans almonds and walnuts, though California banned the sales of the pesticide last year and ended spraying this year.(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

1 of 3FILE – In this May 13, 2004, file photo, a foreman watches workers pick fruit in an orchard in Arvin, Calif. On Monday, July 12, 2021 lawsuits were filed in four California counties seeking potential class-action damages from Dow Chemical and its successor company over a widely used bug killer containing Chlorpyrifos that has been linked to brain damage in children. Chlorpyrifos is approved for use on more than 80 food crops, including oranges, berries, grapes, soybeans almonds and walnuts, though California banned the sales of the pesticide last year and ended spraying this year.(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

Stuart Calwell, lead attorney in the lawsuits, argued that its effects linger in Central Valley agricultural communities contaminated by chlorpyrifos during decades of use, with measurable levels still found in his clients’ homes.

Lawyers project that at least 100,000 homes in the nation’s largest agricultural state may need to dispose of most of their belongings because they are contaminated with the pesticide.

“We have found it in the houses, we have found it in carpet, in upholstered furniture, we found it in a teddy bear, and we found it on the walls and surfaces,” Calwell said. “Then a little child picks up a teddy bear and holds on to it.”

All that needs to be cleaned up, he says, because “it’s not going away on its own.”

State records show 61 million pounds of the pesticide were applied from 1974 through 2017 in four counties where the lawsuits were filed, Calwell said.

Officials with Dow and its affiliated Corteva Inc. did not immediately respond to telephone and email requests seeking comment.

Corteva stopped producing the pesticide last year. The Delaware-based company was created after a merger of Dow Chemical and Dupont and had been the world’s largest manufacturer of chlorpyrifos. The company has said it believes the product is safe and said it stopped production because of declining sales.

Scientific studies have shown that chlorpyrifos damages the brains of fetuses and children. It was first used in 1965 but was banned for household use in 2001.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is weighing whether to ban the product or declare it safe, including for infants and children.

the article continues…

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Public Comment to Justin Deschumps at Stillnessinthebrain

July 11, 2021

comment posted here

I really wish you guys would cover what Billy Meier shared about the coronavirus, publicly since February 25th 2020. Since then he has shared 47 memos. His information given to him by advanced human extraterrestrials, has beaten all world sources of news including the CDC and WHO by weeks, months, and sometimes, years.
That is just one of more than 4 dozen contact reports that explain details about covid.

He also warned about this upcoming pandemic at least 3 times before it occured:
(Note: Bernadette Brand: ‘Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports’, Volume 6, 230th Contact of 11.10.1989, page 101; Volume 7, 251st contact of 3.2.1995, page 334 and Volume 9, 341st Contact of 2.4.2003, page 6)

It turns out that Meier also knew the pandemic would happen when he was a little boy, when he was shown various things through time travel with his first mentor, Sfath.

Michael Horn has made it easy for anyone to see who published facts about covid first here:

The UFO community is actually responsible for deaths of Americans, by suppressing this information. People like David Wilcock (if you watched him live on YouTube like I did) said that COVID “would completely disappear within a few weeks”, back in the summer of 2020, more than a year ago.

Where is the accountability?

Of course, David Wilcock’s blog actively censors any attempts to mention Meier’s information on his blog, which I have screenshots of and screenshots of a conversation with me and one of his forum’s moderators, who admitted to me that he knows Meier’s contacts are real, but Wilcock will not allow mention of it on his forum.

When no one in the world knew what was going on with Covid in early 2020, I watched and read each update come out, that Meier was the #1 source in the world, being by far the most accurate and all of his predictions came true. I watched it all unfold in real time, from now until then. And more is coming, because COVID is not going away for a long time.
Many of his memos can be found here:

Thanks for listening, I hope.

A photo taken by Billy Meier is highlighted with the red arrow, used on David Wilcock’s website
Another rambling David Wilcock blog post needs one of Billy Meier’s photographs to attract eyeballs

Meier Corroboration #212 A- harmful LED lights

July 11, 2021

July 9th, 2021

Blue light creates negative physiological changes during sleep

by University of Tsukuba source: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-07-blue-negative-physiological.html

Extended exposure to light during nighttime can have negative consequences for human health. But now, researchers from Japan have identified a new type of light with reduced consequences for physiological changes during sleep.

In a study published this month in Scientific Reports, researchers from University of Tsukuba compared the effects of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which have been widely adopted for their energy-saving properties, with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on physical processes that occur during sleep.

Polychromatic white LEDs emit a large amount of blue light, which has been linked with many negative health effects, including metabolic health. In contrast, OLEDs emit polychromatic white light that contains less blue light. However, the impact of LED and OLED exposure at night has not been compared in terms of changes in energy metabolism during sleep, something the researchers at University of Tsukuba aimed to address.

“Energy metabolism is an important physiological process that is altered by light exposure,” says senior author of the study Professor Kumpei Tokuyama. “We hypothesized that compared with LEDs, OLED exposure would have a reduced effect on sleep architecture and energy metabolism, similar to that of dim light.”

To test this hypothesis, the researchers exposed 10 male participants to LED, OLED, or dim light for four hours before they slept in a metabolic chamber. The researchers then measured energy expenditure, core body temperature, fat oxidation, and 6-sulfatoxymelatonin—which is a measure of melatonin levels—during sleep. The participants had not recently traveled or participated in shift work.

“The results confirmed part of our hypothesis,” explains Professor Tokuyama. “Although no effect on sleep architecture was observed, energy expenditure and core body temperature during sleep were significantly decreased after OLED exposure. Furthermore, fat oxidation during sleep was significantly lower after exposure to LED compared with OLED.”

In addition, fat oxidation during sleep was positively correlated with 6-sulfatoxymelatonin levels following exposure to OLED, suggesting that the effect of melatonin activity on energy metabolism varies depending on the type of light exposure.

“Thus, light exposure at night is related to fat oxidation and body temperature during sleep. Our findings suggest that specific types of light exposure may influence weight gain, along with other physiological changes,” says Professor Tokuyama.

Many occupations and activities involve exposure to artificial light before sleep. New information about the effects of different kinds of light on physical processes may facilitate the selection of alternative light sources to mitigate the negative consequences of light exposure at night. Furthermore, these findings advance our knowledge regarding the role of light in energy metabolism during sleep.

March 8th, 2019

CR 716


1.According to our research results, human beings on Earth, precisely those who frequently come into contact with LED light, will have to reckon with increased eye problems in the future because the LED light passes through the cornea unhindered and attacks the densely populated colour-sensitive sensory cells in the macula or in the area of the retina.

6. As far as ultra-blue light is concerned, this damages the pigment cells, which is as yet unknown in earthly research circles, as is also the fact that in LED light, in addition to blue light, there is also as yet undiscovered ultra-blue light, which is harmful to eyesight.

13. The negative effect of blue light and ultra-blue light of LED light in the dark is particularly harmful, because in the dark not only the eyes are damaged, but also the so-called inner hrs falls out of sync, because blue and ultra-blue light cause sleep disturbances.

14. If blue or ultra-blue light falls on the eyes, even for a short time, melatonin production inevitably stops, disrupting the sleep rhythm and causing sleep disturbance.

15. Possible consequences are not only these disturbances, but also diabetes in the long term.

16. Just as every light in the darkness stimulates the smallest molecular structures of the body to produce melatonin, resulting in drowsiness, the LED light, through the ultra-blue light radiation, has the opposite effect, causing the body to become susceptible to sleep disturbances, as well as to a vegetative change, dystonia.

17. This corresponds to a series of different symptoms which are connected with a malfunction of the vegetative nervous system and thus of those nerves which cannot be controlled at will.

18. This results in symptoms such as cramps and cardiovascular problems, nervousness and sleep disorders, as well as obesity with the metabolic syndrome diabetes mellitus, so a higher blood sugar level and therefore also sugar in the urine.

February 3rd, 2020

CR 731


98. So bright and high LED blue light is mainly harmful to both younger and older human beings.

99. The LED blue light influence on the internal clock of the human being suppresses the hormonal clock generator for the day-night rhythm, namely the release of melatonin – an important hormone for cell regeneration.

100. The concentration normally increases tenfold at night, but this is greatly reduced under the influence of LED blue light and the increase is smaller, thus hormonally putting the human beings less into sleep mode.

101. The result is that the quality of sleep deteriorates, which also disturbs the metabolism and creates a susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases and also damage to the retina.

102. Furthermore, the LED blue light also attacks the cells there not only directly but also indirectly, which greatly reduces their regeneration.

Other Corroborations:


Methane in the plumes of Saturn’s moon Enceladus

July 8, 2021

An unknown methane-producing process is likely at work in the hidden ocean beneath the icy shell of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, suggests a new study published in Nature Astronomy by scientists at the University of Arizona and Paris Sciences & Lettres University.

Giant water plumes erupting from Enceladus have long fascinated scientists and the public alike, inspiring research and speculation about the vast ocean that is believed to be sandwiched between the moon’s rocky core and its icy shell. Flying through the plumes and sampling their chemical makeup, the Cassini spacecraft detected a relatively high concentration of certain molecules associated with hydrothermal vents on the bottom of Earth’s oceans, specifically dihydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. The amount of methane found in the plumes was particularly unexpected.

“We wanted to know: Could Earthlike microbes that ‘eat’ the dihydrogen and produce methane explain the surprisingly large amount of methane detected by Cassini?” said Regis Ferriere, an associate professor in the University of Arizona Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and one of the study’s two lead authors. “Searching for such microbes, known as methanogens, at Enceladus’ seafloor would require extremely challenging deep-dive missions that are not in sight for several decades.”

Ferriere and his team took a different, easier route: They constructed mathematical models to calculate the probability that different processes, including biological methanogenesis, might explain the Cassini data.

The authors applied new mathematical models that combine geochemistry and microbial ecology to analyze Cassini plume data and model the possible processes that would best explain the observations. They conclude that Cassini’s data are consistent either with microbial hydrothermal vent activity, or with processes that don’t involve life forms but are different from the ones known to occur on Earth.

source: https://phys.org/news/2021-07-methane-plumes-saturn-moon-enceladus.html

see also: https://gregdougall.wordpress.com/2020/09/17/meier-corroboration-204/

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