4000 exoplanets identified

July 17, 2019

And more to come!

Meier Corroboration #192

September 13, 2019


Oct 11, 2015


42. Then here’s what I want to say about neonicotinoids:
43. These are mainly used as seed dressings and for foliar and soil treatment, where they correspond to a group of highly effective insecticides, which all correspond to synthetically produced toxic substances and are fatal to all living beings depending on the amount, including humans.

44. The best known three neonicotinoids are called clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam.

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Sept 12, 2019


Controversial insecticides shown to threaten survival of wild birds

New research at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) shows how the world’s most widely used insecticides could be partly responsible for a dramatic decline in songbird populations.

A study published in the journal Science on Sept. 13 is the first experiment to track the effects of a neonicotinoid pesticide on birds in the wild.

The study found that white-crowned sparrows who consumed small doses of an insecticide called imidacloprid suffered weight loss and delays to their migration—effects that could severely harm the birds’ chances of surviving and reproducing.

“We saw these effects using doses well within the range of what a bird could realistically consume in the wild—equivalent to eating just a few treated seeds,” said Margaret Eng, a post-doctoral fellow in the USask Toxicology Centre and lead author on the study.

Although the toxic effects of neonicotinoids were once thought to affect only insects, most notably pollinators such as bees, there is growing evidence that birds are routinely exposed to the pesticides with significant negative consequences.

Our study shows that this is bigger than the bees—birds can also be harmed by modern neonicotinoid pesticides which should worry us all,” said Stutchbury.

22 million lbs of plastics dumped into Great Lakes annually

September 10, 2019

 September 9, 2019 by Tony Briscoe
lake michigan

A bit on the spirit realm – the beyond – the other world – the other side of life

September 5, 2019

GOTT   25:151-157

151) The realm of the other world is a spirit-energetical sphere that lies on another side of all your material recognition-capabilities, i.e. all of your material senses and all imaginations, but is nevertheless existent and connected with the material world, however, both spheres are differently dimensioned and nevertheless cannot be separated from each other.

152) There is thus no cleft between these two levels, rather a stepless going over, so both build a oneness, as does everything in the entire Creation.

153) The spiritual-creational energy and power of the Creation streams through both the realm of the material world of this world and the realm of the other world, so in both dimensions, i.e. levels everything is being pulsed through with the same life-stream and is connected with one another.

154) Nonetheless, it is wrong to assume that both levels would be integrated into the same laws, since in this regard there is a difference given between the realm of the material and the realm of the spiritual; the material realm can fall ill through all kinds of inequity and come to harm, whereas the purely spiritual realm, to which the realm of the other world also belongs, is taboo with regard to all inequity and harm.

155) Only the material realm of the existence, i.e. life can be befallen in a harming wise, not however the spirit-realm, and therefore also not the spirit, i.e. the spirit-form, because it cannot be attacked from out of the material realm and cannot be influenced negatively.

156) It must be understood that the spirit, i.e. the spirit-form of you human beings is not the factor out of which ideas and thoughts result, contrary to how the religious, psychological and philosophical irrational teachings explain, because ideas and thoughts come solely out of the energy and power of the consciousness, therefore there is no ‹spiritual property› for ideas and thoughts, but only a ‹consciousness-property›.

157) Therefore, out of this it follows, you humankind of Earth, that it is not your spirit, i.e. not your spirit-form that can fall ill, but solely and exclusively your consciousness, so there is no spirit-illness, but only a consciousness illness.

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The Creation described

September 3, 2019

9. The Creation is justice, love, strength, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, freedom, mercy, laws, directive, alliance, fulfillment, evolution, life, support, joy, beauty, peace, infallibility, equilibrium, spirit, forever, logic, growth, perfection, contentment, inexhaustibility, omnipotence, sweetness, infinity, solidarity, perception, harkening, elevation, the Sohar, gentleness, lucidity, purity, transformation, origin, future, power, reverence, allness and BEING.

13. The Creation is verity, the all-embracing, solace, comprehensiveness, guidance, equality, accuracy, cognition, empirical knowledge, admonition, discipline, recollection, revelation, praise, perfection, explanation and direction.

14. The Creation is the path of life; it is nature, light, fire and contemplation; The Creation is consciousness, and it is omnipresent.

an excerpt from: https://ca.figu.org/what-is-the-creation-.html

That’s One small Hop for Man

August 27, 2019

one Giant Hop for Marskind!


Think For Yourself 2019 FIGU film

August 25, 2019

We are all climbing the mountain of truth

August 25, 2019

Trying to reach the culmination of understanding is like trying to climb a mountain from the base to the peak.  We all start at the bottom and want to get to the top.  But since we all have different upbringings, we all must find our own way to get there.  Imagine a large mountain like Chimborazo.  Some of us start on one side, some on the other (beliefs).  Along the way we may slip or stumble, but eventually we continue (learning from mistakes).  Some people are better equipped than others (education).  Some have more determination (confidence) than others.  Some take their time (take pictures of themselves to share on social media), while others race upwards with little rest.  Perhaps we meet people along the way, and gain information on how to climb more efficiently, or learn a better route.  Or perhaps not.  Maybe you might see some people doing stupid things on the mountain that you would never do (bad habits). Some people have safety equipment.  Others may fall and bump their head as they tumble.  The way to the top is a struggle, but the higher you go, the cleaner the air, the better the view, and the less people there are.

Chimborazo peak, Ecuador: the closest place to space on ...

Excerpt from- Everyday life

August 19, 2019

“…Every human being must find a consensus, i.e. a concordance with every other human being, in order to live with him/her in love, peace, freedom and harmony. In doing so, there must be no resentment, as also no hatred, no jealousy, no egotism, no anger and no rage, no unhonesty and also nothing else that could affect the relationship in any form. There must also be no falseness and no despondency, to the contrary, however, refreshing humor, human warmth, sincere friendliness and true kindheartedness. Personal deep blows of fate suffered in the life of the human being must not play any role in this, rather it must be learned to laugh in the face of this, because it is only in this wise that the inner peace and the inner freedom and harmony can be found and maintained. And all of this includes also the many and varied questions of the everyday life, of life in and of itself, of the dying and the death as well as of the life-formation, which must be satisfactorily answered in order to understand everything and also in this respect to find the inner peace and inner calm and to be without anxiousness/fear. Also, all sorts of suddenly arising situations, happenings and difficulties must be mastered, which often require an in-depth consideration. In addition, the “teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life” also helps in many things, which invite learning, pausing and dwelling (consideration). This teaching brings many inspirations in times of uncertainty, as well as giving impulses for the thoughts and feelings as well as for the conduct, when the human being delves into the teaching and concerns himself/herself with it in his/her daily life in his/her world of thoughts and feelings.

It is the individual human being who can make a difference, by which a better world-picture arises for him/her and the humankind. Even the slightest ideas, thoughts as well as feelings can set powerful things in motion and bring about changes to the better. A good impulse of an individual can already effectuate a quite valueful change of consciousness to the good in many human beings. And this is not only possible in the realm of simple educated human beings, but also in the case of scholars, with the poor and with the rich as well as in society, just as in families and circles of friends.”

SSSC, January 21, 2010, 12:49 am Billy

source: http://beam2eng.blogspot.com/2018/12/everyday-life.html

and  http://beam.figu.org/artikel/1527700591/lebensalltag

Earthquakes in Kansas

August 18, 2019


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You’ve Already Been Biochipped

August 18, 2019

I’ve just received my new card in the mail.  It must be better because they are telling me it’s better (even though it only does the exact same thing as my current card).  Back in the stone age, a few years ago, you actually had to swipe your debit or credit card though a little slot in order to use it.  Then they chipped almost all the cards, so now you have to stick it in a little pocket and wait an eternity for the transaction to process.  But no more!  Without me even asking for it, the company who owns Marshall’s / TJ Maxx, sent me a “contactless” card.  All you have to do is wave it like a magic wand, and you get a bill in the mail a few weeks later.  The weird thing is, I don’t want anything to do with wireless devices or radio waves near my body.  Another thing that struck me as odd:  My current card doesn’t expire for more than 2 years from now.  So I cut up the new card and they can track where my plastic garbage goes.  Maybe it will end up here.  Make no mistake.  We’ve already been biochipped, just on the outside.

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