Oh My G.O.T.T. p.LV What was the Holy Grail really?

April 25, 2016

Oh My G.O.T.T. p. LV …    What was the Holy Grail really?   aka “Cauldron of the Life” aka….

The ‹Goblet of the Truth› which corresponds to the ‹teaching of the truth›, the ‹teaching of the spirit›, the ‹teaching of the life›, makes it clear what the true face of the Creation is with its laws and recommendations, giving rise to true love, peace, freedom and harmony. And the ‹teaching of the prophets›, from which the ‹Goblet of the Truth› results, provides information about the creational laws and recommendations which appear in various forms and show that false religions, sects, philosophies and ideologies amount to the most evil thing that could ever be concocted, come what may.

However, this malignance has been practiced since time immemorial and remains so in the present day, determining the might of religions, sects, ideologies, philosophies as well as politics, which – down the ages – have exerted huge constraints on human beings in order to control them. All in all, they have kept human beings in bondage to ensure their blind belief and obedience to the political, social, religious, sectarian, ideological and philosophical pressure that is exerted on them. In the final analysis, however, this represents the downfall of humanity, together with the cultivation of overpopulation, because truly the human beings of Earth in their teeming masses are only now individually capable of using and living their truthly and Creation-conditioned knowledge of the ‹teaching of the truth›, ‹teaching of the spirit›, ‹teaching of the life› and therefore also of the creational laws and recommendations in absolute, consciousness-based freedom.

Therefore, in order to avoid the downfall of humanity in the new millennium, in the third millennium, it is necessary to find the way back to creational truth and the creational laws and recommendations, to follow them and therefore to make everything new with regard to the learning and knowledge of the effective plan of the Creation.

However, this can only happen if the human beings of Earth once again find and follow the roots of creational truth, and therefore the creational laws and recommendations. The new time, the new Age of Aquarius, offers the opportunity of making a new start through the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, through the ‹teaching of the truth›, the ‹teaching of the spirit›, the ‹teaching of the life›, although this teaching, which has been kept in readiness since time immemorial by the true prophets, will by no means be exhausted, because beyond the known teaching it continues endlessly and will never run out for human beings.

For the human beings of Earth, everything has developed into a pure might-oriented thinking, intolerance and contempt for women as well as enmity to nature, denial of the truth of the creational laws and recommendations as well as to rampant overpopulation which is leading to the destruction of Earth’s climate and nature. Furthermore, the might-oriented thinking practiced by those in government and by the evil Gewalt (primal brute force) of religious belief of any kind has also resulted in a practically unoverlookable suppression of consciousness-based freedom. This manifests itself overall in an abysmal contempt for the natural as well as creational laws and recommendations as well as of the life and all existence.

This means the human beings of Earth – when we take a look at the current situation – have driven themselves to the edge of a global catastrophe and are now well on the way to maneuvering themselves definitively into it if overpopulation is not finally stopped and population is reduced to a reasonable level by birth control. The effective truth stands for the life-giving energy and for life itself, as is predefined in the womb of creational laws and recommendations. Life-affirming creational energy links human beings directly to the laws and recommendations of the comprehensive Creation, and its power fills the entire Earth and universe.

This is the same energy that wants to achieve harmonious concord with all life, with human beings, the planet and the universe. In this form, the life-affirming creational energy is an extraordinarily important criterion for the nature of effective creational truth and life itself. However, the untruth, the lie, is powerless and an enemy of the creational, and has nothing to do with the womb of the truth, consequently the lie and untruth only lead a fictional life. However, those human beings who are dependent on this false life have removed themselves from the truth and from the care of creational laws and recommendations, as well as from the mother Earth and the goodness of the universe. They are far from the truth, Earth and the creational, and are therefore beings of anti-truth; therefore they are also opponents of the creational warmth and care, because they can only assert themselves through evil, Gewalt, lying and deception as well as by exercising might and through everything that is ausgeartet (the very badly getting out of control of the good human nature).

All the catastrophes of all kinds triggered by the human beings of Earth and, in the final analysis, also by the vast and irresponsibly cultivated overpopulation, are casting the world and the entire population of Earth into the abyss, from which it will be very difficult for them to work themselves out. Also, all the global catastrophes triggered and induced by earthly humanity have only happened because of violations of the principle of the truth and therefore also of the creational laws and recommendations, instead of following the truly wise way of the effective truth and the teaching of the true prophets, which has been delivered as the spiritual teaching, i.e. as the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life from ancient times. And therefore this truth is also given in the book the entitled ‹Goblet of the Truth›, a first part of which, namely the teaching of Henoch, was also called the ‹Cauldron of the Life› by the druid prince Myrddin alias Merlin, and has nothing to do with the apparent ‹grail› of Christianity which is only based on lies and deception, never existed and therefore was not used by Joseph of Aramathea to collect the blood of Jmmanuel (Jesus) at his crucifixion.

The true grail only existed as a holy place, and the composition was included in the ‹Cauldron of the Life›, a writing of the teaching of the true prophet Henoch from the series of seven of Nokodemion. The document was delivered to the druid Myrddin (The Laughing One), later known more generally as ‹Merlin›, as a transcription of the Plejara Keridwena (The Triple Goddess). Myrddin poured the transcription into the goblet, which was known as the ‹Cauldron of the Life›, and misused as the basis for fabricating the ‹grail› through Christian falsifications, which by no means can be brought into connection with this ‹Cauldron of the Life› because the ‹grail› was a place with a spring, surrounded by trees and plants, where the druids used to conduct their meditations.

This Christian grail falsification has been delivered down to the current time since its origination, however once again in a further vast falsification which maintains that it was the goblet, i.e. ‹grail› of Jmmanuel (Jesus) which Jmmanuel and his disciples drank from during the Last Supper and in which the blood of Jmmanuel was collected by Joseph of Arimathea at the crucifixion. This enormous lie and falsification of the truth also applies to the so-called ‹holy lance› with which it has been said that Jmmanuel (Jesus) was stabbed in the side by a Roman soldier in order to find out if he was dead. Since then, this lance has been regarded as holy and carrying enormous might within it, capable of turning those greedy for might into rulers, therefore it has been highly honored.

In truth, however, this lance never touched Jmmanuel’s side, because this is a Christian falsification manufactured only in the eighth century of the Common Era, therefore it was only made into a religious cult object because of the falsifications of Christian machinations, as is also the case with what is called the ‹Turin Shroud›, which is supposed to show a figure of Jmmanuel (Jesus) but is actually the death mask of an Italian merchant called Caesar Canova and was manufactured by his brother Luciano Canova, who was involved in alchemy.

Myrddin or Merlin attempted to pass on the teaching of Henoch through his influence on king Arthur, i.e. Artus, who was in his charge and his pupil, and amongst the heathen knights of the ‹Round Table›, but this resulted in a miserable failure because the fierce clan leader Artus and his heathen knights could not come to terms with the teaching. Therefore, Artus seized the sealed ‹Cauldron of the Life› and cast it into the sea with his own hands. Christianity has falsified the actual picture of the grail, i.e. the picture of the holy Celtic meditation site of the druids out of recognition. And the banal reason for doing this was the cowardly fear felt by Christian priests and believers in the face of the teachings of Celtic philosophy of belief.

Over two millennia, the whole thing has plunged millions upon millions of believers into a boundless loss of orientation in terms of knowledge and truth, resulting not only in many wars, Ausartungen and evil of all kinds, but also destroying millions of human lives, in many cases due to the delusion, the lies and the falsifications of Christianity and all other religions and sects.

All this taken together also resulted in a huge and deeply rooted life-angst that has been increased by the terrible obsessions related to the fear of death that have been brought about by Christianity and the other religions. The most insane of all religions is Christianity which goes so far as to claim that what it describes as the son of God, Jesus, will at some time be bodily reborn. In early Christianity, it was even claimed that this would take place very soon after Jesus’ death, which would apparently also have an impact on the dead who had believed in him. For this reason, in Antiquity, thousands upon thousands of rotting corpses were actually hoarded in the living areas of houses, which as could be expected, led to catastrophic plagues, as is known from ancient Rome in particular.

Later, Christian theologians proclaimed the second coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead on Doomsday at the ‹end of time›, and thereby shifted the fulfilment of the entire deception and absurdity to some imaginary day which will never come. However, this in turn had the effect that instead of hoarding corpses, other insane and abnormal aberrations came about such as the imbecilic and widespread cult of relics which swamps the whole of Christianity down to this day – as it does other religions and sects. This involves not only overwhelming the believers with apparently genuine, but in fact false, utensils of human beings who have been elevated to the status of founders of the religion, but also with purported body parts of obscure saints and martyrs.

This terrible state of affairs is also exacerbated by channelers, who, claiming to be chosen ones, talk to Christ, God, Mary the mother of Jesus, Joseph the father of Jesus, Pater Pio or any other dead saints and the like, claiming to be in contact with them and receiving messages. The entire imbecilic procedure is promoted further by the so-called ‹hallowed ones›, i.e. ‹chastened ones› who appeared and filled the heads of the believers full to the brim with nonsense by calling forth stigmata, i.e. the five wounds of Christ on their bodies as a result of their broken psyche or straightforward self-mutilation. This is however also the case with regard to apparent castings-out of devils and demons, i.e. evocations of the devil, i.e. exorcism by Catholic priests and other believers in devils and demons, as a result of which human beings with very serious psychical injuries and psychical- physical states of agitation were often maltreated, even unto death.

Christianity also intervened in life after death, as a result of which believers have lapsed into horrendous obsessions ever since the existence of the Catholic church. This involves a strict denial of the rebirth of the spirit-form, and representing the other world as a kind of limbo named purgatory and as the actual hell. In opposition to this, heaven was invented with, apparently, a god in residence to welcome all those into his kingdom who piously danced according to his tune. And with regard to this psychotic fantasy, the Christian religion – as well as sects and certain other religions – maintain that heaven is something like the ultimate destination of human life. However, anyone who fundamentally sins against the Christian belief and everything connected with it would be doomed to an eternity in hell, to undergo endless and terrible agonies of torture there. On the other hand, all human beings who die – except for the saints – are not able to enter heaven directly, because each must first be purified in purgatory, a process taking millions of years, in order to be refined through agonies less intense than those of hell in order to become worthy for heaven and to obtain heavenly purity. If one takes a look at this entire Christian religious nonsense, it is apparent that the entire thing reveals itself to be nothing more than an extraordinarily underdeveloped consciousness-attitude, something which only a sick human brain could have developed.

Any human being who looks at the relevant religious writings of Christianity and of the other religions and sects having an equivalent or similar stance will undoubtedly recognize, providing he or she bears clear rationality and intellect and is capable of understanding that the authors and proponents of all this senselessness are and were out-and-out psychopaths who transferred their own irrational fears and delusions into their pathologically dumb and primitive, wrong, idiotic and false teachings that are not logically followable.

Seen in their entirety in this wise, the religious and sectarian teachings of the life and of the last things of all existence are not only one great erroneous assumption, but also an all-embracing, evil lie that is leading humanity into confusion, has resulted in innumerable human beings straying into confusion and far from truth, vegetating in their unknowledge of untruth. This is because the false teachings of religions and sects, of philosophies and ideologies have given them a completely incorrect and fearful attitude to life and the effective truth, as well as to the real creational laws and recommendations. And thus all religions and sects, all philosophies and ideologies as well as all human beings who depend on them have simply failed to understand the truthly sense of the truth.

Get the full text (and original teachings of Merlin) here.. https://billymeier.wordpress.com/downloads/

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The closest inhabited planet from Earth Is called Planet AKART. It is one out of several inhabited planets in a star system about 5 light years from Earth. Planet AKART is located in Alpha Centauri in another Space-time-Configuration. It is therefore not possible to see the planet since it is not located in our dimension. The humans living there are a few years ahead of us in their evolution. That goes both for the consciousness evolution as well as technical evolution. In sum one of the races there are about 217 years ahead of us in their overall evolution. They have reached a stage where they are able to undertake basic space flights, and they also visit Earth. Their space flights however have limitation in that it is…

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April 8, 2016

Congratulations to SpaceX for a successful launch and landing of the Falcon 9!

4.18.16 spacex lands on water

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update from Captain Bill

April 3, 2016

Featured Comment

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    Hi friends, Arthur was allocated back in Taus to give logistical support to the groups who are acting here, but he introduced me to another contact who has to answer for it with the same number of communication. This contact uses the codename Hollis and is a little more pragmatic than our friend Arthur. He made it clear that we should be on guard for important events are coming ahead. I’ll try to get him to give more details as soon as possible. Cheers! CB

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Disclosure and revaluation possible

April 2, 2016

“So here we have the CIA partially confirming what Russian sources are saying and that is that Pope Francis is going to make some sort of big announcement and retire soon.

We are hoping the announcement will be of a jubilee (world debt write-off), asset redistribution and a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

There are also a lot of people who want to hear disclosures about UFOs and off world life. The people at the P2 lodge, who sit above the Vatican, claim they have been in regular touch with off world entities for thousands of years. If so, then let us all have a chance to see them, hear about them and possibly even meet them.

We can also reveal here that the Chinese, through the Dragon families, also claim extra-terrestrial contact going back thousands of years. Perhaps they will also start telling the world public more on that subject.”

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“Meanwhile, the combination of climate warming and El Nino has triggered severe bleaching of parts of the iconic Great Barrier Reef, and the threat of rising seas — the major concern of the bloc of small island nations that drove urgency in the Paris agreement — looks a lot worse in a new computer modeling study. The research found that with unchecked emissions, Antarctica could double currently expected sea level rise by 2100, from around 1 meter at the high end to closer to 2 (over 6 feet).”

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Gott Mott? p.182

March 23, 2016

“Without an appropriate quantity of error-making there can therefore be no progress and no achievement.  But the recognition and resolution of immoderateness and selfishness, and various other things of a negative-bad type, is connected with making errors and the resolution of errors.  The result of that is that every success, whether it has a worldly nature or personality-related nature, grows in proportion to the degree to which selfish, egocentric, imperious, egotistical, overbearing and arrogant, as well as excessive – and other – habits, qualities, fads, and characteristics, and so forth are overcome.  Thereby, the powers of the consciousness, and therefore, the thoughts, must be concentrated on the development of the grasped Ziel-setting and plans, and one’s power of decision and self-confidence must be strengthened.  The higher the human being raises his/her positive, healthy, good, creative and constructive thoughts, and tends and nurtures them in an equalised form, the more successful, upright, progressive and righteous he/she becomes.  Thereby, the good, positive and idealistic values and endeavors which are worth bringing to fruition also increase, from which, finally, success is also achieved as well as lasting accomplishments.”

from M.O.T.T., p.182

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