Disclosure, Nesara, Debt Manipulation, and Hope



by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

Let us begin tonight with a love letter from Us to all of you who are “fighting the good fight” as you say. You may not be aware of it, those of you who are activists for justice, equality, fairness and children’s rights, for instance, that you are laying the groundwork for the new civilization to come. You, with your energy and conviction – your Heart – are creating the energy patterns, creating the framework for the social mores which will be the new social, legal, educational systems which will shape life in a completely new way. Your words and actions ring out far beyond your speeches, your testimonies, and your demonstrations. They are heard across the firmament, to rejoicing Star Brothers and Sisters’ delight. You are rising, lifting yourselves higher every day, and we all congratulate you one your courage and your wisdom.

You have heard much about the massive changes to expect – some disaster scenarios, some more moderate possible timelines. You may have also heard about the concept of “jumping timelines.” This occurs when all the possible variables stretching out from a current situation are projected forward, creating multiple possible outcomes. When the most probable outcome is passed over in favor of a much higher vibrational option, we call it “jumping timelines.” You might call it a quantum leap. Well, Dear Children, you are very close to jumping the timeline which would predict more of the same in favor of one which will take you directly toward the next phase of your Ascension to the 5th dimension.

You are already positioned to do this because so many of you took hold in the past few months and have made real efforts to change the way you live. You have been attentive to the needs of those around you, more patient when things do not go your way, and you have dedicated more of your energy to the important relationships in your life and less to “getting ahead” in your work when it means trading meaning for money. With these shifts in action and attitude, without your awareness you are acting as a counterbalance to the flagrant greed and violence that has filled the news – although it is a small minority of the population who are behaving so viciously. Unfortunately, it is the minority with all the money and all the power.

All around the world, the people are rising. News of financial chaos in the budget dealings of countries all over the world are finally revealing the secret behind the “sleeper cells” – the cabal which long ago established the lending practices which would end with this inevitable debacle. There is no real financial precipice over which an entire country can plunge. After all, the pieces of paper you call money has no inherent value. If all money were to suddenly disappear, life would go on. After a period of adjustment, you would establish a barter system, as was done in eons past, and the power would be returned to the people, where it rightfully belongs.

You have grown so used to the system in which you must work to earn money to pay for the things that rightfully belong to you and should be free – like the land, the water, the fruits of the fields and the resources from the Earth – that you cannot imagine a life without this slavery. You think that you are working for yourselves when you commute to your job, and work hundreds of hours of overtime without pay, giving your heart and soul to the company which earns $100 profit for every dollar they pay you. You believe you are living the American Dream when you sign for a house which is then owned by the bank for 30 years, while you work longer hours than anyone should ever need to in order to buy your freedom from interest-generated lifetime servitude. You have no way of knowing how pervasive this spider web of overlapping layers of trickery is until you experience a world without debt. then you will see how every morsel you eat, the clothes you wear and the furniture and cars you buy are taxed, controlled and manipulated, not by your government but by the financiers who might theoretically control and profit from every step in the process of making a shirt, for instance.

The cotton grower and the harvester probably both owe money for loans on their equipment. Next come the intermediaries who arrange for the sale of the cotton to weavers, then the weavers incorporate the textile designers and dyers to create the final cloth product before they can even address the sale to yet another company who has pledged himself to the banks. Transport, store fronts and ultimate customer – all have pledged themselves to the banks. So you see, the secret to making endless amounts of money without any effort at all is to be the lender!

Now, imagine the same scenario without the layers of debt-induced inflation. How hard do you suppose the buyer would have to work to to buy the said shirt, or any other product for that matter, if it weren’t for the layers upon layers of secret taxes, paid in the form of interest on loans? The clever bankers have found ways to tax everyone on everything, without your knowledge, and to profit regardless of whether the product ever sells or not! Imagine how different your life would look if everything you needed cost half or a quarter of what it costs now, while your ability to work to provide for yourself remained the same. The Earth is overflowing with abundance. There is no need for these layers and layers of money-skimming, debt-producing loan sharks who suck the blood of the world economies, all the way to the top, leaving little for anyone but themselves.

You see, freedom from the cabal will be freedom in more ways than you can even imagine – to say nothing of the impact on the environment of all the manufacturing of unnecessary products and mining and pumping of natural resources, which would all be made immediately extinct by free energy and a truly environmentally aware consciousness on Planet Earth.

We ask you now to begin looking around you, in your homes, your offices and schools. Evaluate how many of the objects, pieces of clothing, toys and objects which promise to bestow higher status upon the owner do you truly need? Start your new life for the new era by refusing to follow the bidding of advertising. Buy only what you absolutely need. Wear clothing that is comfortable and practical, and begin eating the freshest, most natural locally-grown organic foods you can find. We guarantee you will be healthier and wealthier!

And now an announcement about the Nesara funds and how they will be dispersed. Initially, the first influx of resources – we don’t even like the word “money” – will be discreetly used to fund worthy non-profits, as we have said. There is no need for grant-writing or requests from the directors and money-managers of those organizations. Everyone here in higher dimensions know who they are. The people who have protected and held sacred the trusts which were entrusted to them do not ask for recognition or thanks. They are the guardians of Earth and mankind. In many cases, the recipient of funding will have no idea where the influx of wealth came from. This is as it should be, for the destruction is simply a return to the people of the wealth that has been stolen from them and from the Earth herself, in the form of precious jewels and gold.

There have been many recent attempts to distribute the funds which have been ferociously blocked by the bank cartel. A recent ploy is to simply refuse to turn over funds to the owner of those funds, while threatening them with murder. The greedy banks do not want to return the deposited funds to their rightful owners when they can use those funds to loan out 9 times its actual worth and make money on it.

Your determined and fearless Lightworkers on the ground and above have been working relentlessly to put pressure on the criminal bankers to force them to abide by legally binding agreements. It may require intervention from people in high places, like your President and the new Pope, who now controls assets greater than the GDP of most of the countries of the world.

So you see, Dear Ones, the whole fabric of your culture is going to be unraveled, to be created anew. At each tiny step of the way, the Powers That Be have resisted with the worst retaliatory actions, using intimidation, and assassination wherever necessary to maintain their grip on all the world’s resources. We are now working behind the scenes to assure that these obstructors and manipulators will be removed. We will keep you informed of the progress. You who are working hard to raise your vibration deserve to know the results of your efforts. We beg your patience and your perseverance.

It will not be long now until the Disclosure Hearings, which we urge all of you to subscribe to and watch. Make sure your friends are aware of the proceedings. This is crucial to the awakening of many of those who remain reluctant to believe the message of joy and change. We are grateful for your participation.

We remain, Your Mother/Father God, working with Jesus and the Legions of Light.



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